Pregnant ‘Little Women: LA’ Star Briana Manson Hospitalized, Family Reportedly Banned From Visiting Her

"I'll try to hold this baby in for a few more months!"
“I’ll try to hold this baby in for a few more months!”

Briana Renee Manson, pregnant star of the hit show Little Women: LA, was rushed to the hospital in premature labor earlier this week. This is a very scary situation because the reality star is only six months pregnant! According to TMZ, Briana, who is due in July, was taken to the hospital after feeling contractions on Monday night.

“There’s a serious concern because premature births are typically far more risky for little people,” TMZ reported. “Doctors have Briana on round-the-clock bed rest, and medication to slow the contractions because it is just too soon.”

According to People, Briana is “being held [at the hospital] until doctors can slow down her contractions, minimize her pain and/or she goes in to labor.”

The magazine’s source said the doctors are very focused on preventing the baby from being born prematurely.

“[Briana] is being closely monitored right now,” the magazine’s source added.

"Me? A wacko? No way!"
“Me? A wacko? No way!”

According to Briana’s family, however, Briana is being monitored a little too closely—by her husband Matt Ericson! Briana’s father, Robert Kealiher told Radar Online today that Matt has not let any of Briana’s family visit or talk to her on the phone since she was hospitalized.

“Nobody has been able to contact her,” Robert told the site. “Matt doesn’t let us speak to her. This guy has control of her phone and he answers her texts.”

Briana’s marriage has been controversial from the beginning, with many of Briana’s friends and family stating that they were against the marriage, due to their dislike of Matt.

“This guy has isolated everyone around her,” Robert told Radar of Matt. “I haven’t talked to her in a year. Everyone says he’s not a nice guy. He’s a wacko!”

‘Little Women: LA’ fans seem to share Robert’s dislike of Matt, especially after the most-recent season finale in which Matt confessed to having had online affairs, even while Briana has been pregnant

The cheating scandal will be the focus of a two-hour special called “Little Women: LA: Matt & Briana Ride or Die.’ The special is set to air Wednesday, May 11 on Lifetime.

Unfortunately for fans, the drama surrounding Briana’s hospitalization will probably not be part of the upcoming season of ‘Little Women: LA,’ as TMZ reports that TV cameras have been banned from filming Briana at the hospital.

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9 Responses

  1. I heard Matt say he was “tired of all you Oomps”.
    Did he almost call the ladies Oompha Loomphas?
    No one seemed to notice this slip of the tongue but I was appalled.

  2. I don’t care for this show at all. But, this happened due to all of the stress she is going through. I know she has a rocky past with her family and maybe she is having Matt deal with them. Maybe she thinks that having no contact with them is going to reduce her stress level. I am not saying that he is “husband of the year” but maybe that is what she wants. Like I said maybe this is the way she feels that it will prevent her from being stressed out. Plus, too her dad selling his story to a tabloid site while she is going to through this is kind of disrespectful. That would add stress to her/ But, she needs to learn how to deal with it when you choose to share your life with the world you are going to get backlash.

  3. Brianna seems like she has no confidence or self esteem and I think she was exactly the type that Matt was looking for to continue his abusive controlling ways. People like Matt purposely try to separate their victims from their loved ones in a way to better control their victim so that she feels like she can only depend on Matt. It’s sad that she can’t see it and now she’s letting this happen to her innocent children. Your family and friends aren’t doing this because they don’t want you to be happy they are doing it because they love you and they aren’t blinded by “love” but Brianna is just too dumb or naïve to see it! Sad

  4. Maybe IF she would have had a FAMILY that showed an interest in her, she wouldn’t have felt so needy and desperate. Her and Christy were/are the two most needy (for men) women I’ve ever seen.

  5. Matt is flippin loser. He was a liar from the very start. He isn’t even from Seattle! He’s from a little town two hours South of Seattle called Tumwater. When they showed the two of them at the cornmaze together in Washington it was the Rutledge Cornmaze in TUMWATER. Not sure if Briana is not smart enough to figure out that she wasn’t in Seattle, or if maybe she thought that he just preferred to hang out in crappy little Tumwater instead of his “hometown”? His ex-wife lives in Tumwater too. And he was a huge piece of crap to her, which fully explains why he is divorced. His domestic violence arrest stemmed from a situation involving his ex-wife, and SURPRISE SURPRISE, he cheated on her with a crap ton of women too. He is pretty well-known and not very well-liked around Tumwater. It isn’t a big town. Nobody who knows him is in the least bit surprised that he found a woman with money or that he found a way to get on TV for even more money that he doesn’t have to work for. He’s gross.

  6. She’s hideous. Obviously she doesn’t want to talk to her family or whatever because otherwise she would call them. Who would want cameras at the hospital when they are dealing with something like this? Kind of sick to say it’s “unfortunate” this “drama” won’t be on that show, isn’t it?

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