What’s it Like to Date ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Barbara Evans? One of “Bab’s Baes” Speaks Out (EXCLUSIVE)

"I'll date ya!"
“I’ll date ya!”

Last week, MTV answered our prayers and released a special video series featuring Teen Mom 2 star Barbara Evans. The series, called “A Bae for Babs” followed Jenelle Evans‘ mother as she went on four blind dates. The series gave ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans a chance to see Barb in a new light– doing something other than fighting with her daughter or caring for her grandson, Jace.

In an exclusive interview with The Ashley, one of Barbara’s four dates is speaking out about his experience filming the video, and revealing what Babs is really like in person. Gerald Jackson, the buffed country boy that took Barbara to a winery during Episode 3, says that Barb is “a great lady!”

Gerald, who is a part-time actor, said he first found out about the web series when he saw a casting notice posted online.

“I sent in my resume and profile and guess what–I got a call that I was one of four guys selected for the date!” Gerald told The Ashley. “[There was] no audition, just an interview by telephone. [The producers] wanted someone that had a good personality and someone who wasn’t shy. That fit me perfectly!”

Although Babs has a huge following thanks to her appearances on ‘Teen Mom 2,’ Gerald said he knew very little about her before going on the date.

“I only knew what they told me–[that she is] Jenelle’s mother on ‘Teen Mom 2’ and she’s on the show. They told me her age and that she’s very funny with a Boston accent!” he said.

"I'll be your bae, Babs!"
“I’ll be your bae, Babs!”

According to Gerald, the filming process took much longer than what you’d expect for a short video.

“The filming was awesome, I enjoyed our date,” he said. “We started filming about 1 p.m. [and filmed] until about 6 p.m., with a few breaks in between filming. The producer did not tell us what to say, only that this would be unscripted and to be ourselves, just like if there weren’t any cameras filming us. There were no lines to learn.”

At the end of their date, Barb rated the experience an 8 out of 10. Gerald said that he, too, enjoyed the date and is eager to take Barb out again. (Perhaps out for dancing? This guy had some mad skills on the dance floor, as we saw on the video!)

“Would I date Barbara again? Yes!” Gerald told The Ashley. “MTV did not give me her contact info, but she did tell me where she worked. I didn’t ask for her telephone number but I should have. I would love to see her again and I would love to appear on ‘Teen Mom 2!'”

Our gal Babs seemed to make quite an impression on Gerald.

“I have to say my date with Barbara Evans was one of the best I’ve had!” he said.

If you missed ‘A Bae for Babs,’ you can click here to watch the videos and read The Ashley’s recap of each date! Or, watch the episode containing Barb and Gerald’s date below!

(Photos: MTV.com, courtesy of Gerald Jackson)

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  1. Mtv don’t let this creep, mess babs life up, don’t let him take her for a ride, if you producers have an ounce of morals in you, you’ll step in and tell this creep to do one.

    Babs is getting on in years and needs a nice guy to love and take care of her, she doesn’t need to be scammed at her time in life.

    Babra if you read this, please don’t be a fool, there are plenty more fish in the sea, and you will find a man who wants you and will love you.

    I do believe you and Jenelle have a terrible toxic relationship and you both rub each other up the wrong way, Jenelle should get supervised visitation with Jace, away from your home.

    Keep jennelle away from your house and meet a nice guy and live in peace and not in Jenelles mad world, you both shout and argue Infont of poor Jace, that’s not fair, he didn’t ask to be born in to your daughters craziness, and your a better care giver when Jenelle isn’t around.
    I do wish the best for you, but no decent man will want to come in to this toxic environment, supervised access in a centre would be the best for Jace or no access with Jenelle at all.

    You both are not good around each other, for jace’s sake and your sanity you need to stop her coming to your home .

  2. I like this, it means Babs is getting more MTV $$$, which she definitely deserves since she’s the only real parent in Jenelle’s story line. I hate that she is probably on her feet all day long working at a Walmart Deli and raises Jace while Jenelle goes on vacations, gets high and drunk, and sits on her couch all day neglecting the Kaiser, who by some miracle hasn’t been taken away by child services yet.

  3. Run, Babs! As soon as the “part-time actor” says, “I would love to see her again and I WOULD LOVE TO APPEAR ON TEEN MOM 2,” run faster than Leah after a bottle of Xanax! And that head shot – oy vey!

    1. Right?!! Then he said he didn’t even ask for her number but he knows where she works! I get the “run fast” vibe too! Lol

  4. I missed The Ashley’s prior article about this series, but upon reading the above article, I feel in two minds about this.

    On one hand I do love me some Babs airtime, especially when she gets a moment to let her personality shine and it isn’t just a conversation with Jenelle about her mess of a life. On the other hand I see this as another way for MTV to exploit with no genuine intentions, and it’s no surprise there is a part-time actor (means he’s a wannabe who can barely make it work) who probably only wants to know Babs, not because of how fab we know she is, but because he wants to get on TV to gain opportunities. Instead of doing casting notices to attract over-the-hill TV wannabes, could they not have strictly sourced from credible over-50 dating services?

    Babs deserves so much goodness in her life for what she’s put up with and how hard she works to keep things together – she needs someone to care about her as a person instead of just draining her for what they want, like Jenelle does. I kind of want her to have nothing to do with this and find a nice genuine suitor the old fashioned way, who wants his privacy and isn’t trying to get on the show. And as I’m outside of the USA, I don’t get to enjoy any extra Babs time anyway ?

    1. It’s sad that Barbra probably pays for most of Jace’s necessities when Jenelle is getting the big pay checks for the show. I bet Jenelle pays for toys every now and then at most. Jenelle has had 6 years to get her sh** together and be Jace’s full time mother and care giver yet she still just acts like his estranged much older sister if anything. So proud of Barbra for what she has done for Jace. I really hope Jace grows up acknowledging everything Bab’s has done for him and shows respect and love! She deserves it!

  5. I’ve worked with Gerald and consider him a friend – a true Southern gentleman. Way to go Barbara! Have fun dating and making new friends!

  6. He is a part time actor, would LOVE to be on Teen Mom & would LOVE to take her out again…hopefully he would love to take her out & date her even without the cameras.

    You mess with our babs & your in for a world of hurt…she deals with enough crap just look at her daughter.

  7. I want to watch this so badly! Hope it’ll come online soon for everyone, not just USA viewers! Loved your recap on Bae for Babs, by the way!

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