Show Sources Say ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans is Pregnant Again! (Exclusive Details)

"Um, maybe nobody will notice..."
“Um, maybe nobody will notice…”





Teen Mom 2 fans have been speculating for weeks that Jenelle Evans is pregnant. The Ashley has reached out to her ‘Teen Mom 2’ sources on the subject, and all of them are stating that Jenelle is, indeed, pregnant with her third child.

Fans first started suspecting that Jenelle was “with child” around the time of the Season 7 reunion taping. One audience member told The Ashley that Jenelle looked heavier in the midsection during the filming. In photos posted from the reunion taping, Jenelle did, indeed, look fuller in the middle than usual.

According to one crew member present that day, there was a lot of talk on-set of Jenelle being pregnant. The crew member said that the show’s producers “are freaking out” about Jenelle being pregnant again.

(Also– for the fans that continue to believe that the girls are given some sort of “pregnancy bonus” for having more kids, The Ashley can tell you this is totally false. It’s been floating around for years, and all of The Ashley’s sources have told her that it’s simply not true.)

Update: Jenelle continues to adamantly deny that she is pregnant. MTV has yet to confirm the pregnancy, and we may have to wait a while for that to happen. (For the record, though, if The Ashley is ever wrong, she will always retract the story.)

However, all of The Ashley’s show sources are telling her that Jenelle is pregnant.

In the meantime, though… let’s look at the facts:

A photo that surfaced on Friday seems to show Jenelle with a full-on baby bump. (You can check out the photo here.) The photo was taken by a fan on Friday who spotted Jenelle and David at the Target store in Wilmington, North Carolina.

This is not the first time Jenelle has denied a pregnancy rumor. When she was pregnant with her son Kaiser in 2013, she continued to deny she was pregnant up until the day before MTV confirmed the pregnancy.

The Ashley has no additional details (i.e. how far along Jenelle is in her pregnancy, etc.) but she can confirm that the show’s producers are not happy about it. As far as the other rumor floating around that Jenelle is engaged, The Ashley does not have confirmation one way or another on that.

Jenelle’s manager, Johnny Donovan, also denies that Jenelle is pregnant. The Ashley has reached out to him for additional comments.

The Ashley will continue to update this story as more information comes in.

(Photo: MTV)


  1. Sooooo… Jenelle posted a before-and-after pic of one of her flatbelly-products. One of the pictures is obviously a pregnant stomach. Guess she’s pregnant after all!

    (and what is also interesting, is dat the hilaious babsevenstagram parody-account also posted the pictures, but they are now removed….)

  2. Barbara's Home for Abandoned children created with soulmate of the day #justlikethenotebook says:

    So when is The Ashley going to retract this story? Clearly Juhnelle is not pregnant or (no longer) pregnant (what 2 or 3rd abortion?)

  3. Never pro create….. u are by far the most selfish! Uglish,person… your mother is taking care of your kid.. Grow up.. All u care about is partying…. u r such trash… U should thank u r mother.. Please, never have another baby.. u r by far the worst person ever!!

  4. I’m convinced she’s had another abortion to counter the backlash she’s been receiving about being knocked up yet again and this is why:

    1. She’s notorious for posting selfies, but stopped just before people started speculating about her pregnancy. The only time women gain weight as quickly as Juh-Nell has is if they are with child. She works out like a beast and was super tiny one week, then looking much fuller three weeks later? That’s a result of hormones, not too many hotdogs and cokes.

    2. I’ve watched all of the TM2 “after shows” and in each one she’s seen covering her stomach and a usually talkative Juh-Nell is silent throughout most of the conversation.

    3. On one of the after shows, she admits when asked about birth control, that she had her implant removed. The same implant she showed Dr. Drew last season when he was questioning the girls about their birth control. There’s only one reason a woman removes a semi-permanent birth control implant. Recall Leah’s removal of her IUD right after she got with Jermy? Of course, someone is likely to argue with me and say that maybe Juh-Nell had a bad reaction to it, but given that it’s her preferred form of birth control, I don’t see why she would remove it a full two years before it needs to be replaced?

    4. Her weight gain, and no I’m not being mean. Rapid weight gain usually accompanies pregnancy AND following an abortion.

    5. She’s not above getting abortions if a child would cramp her style. If you recall, she aborted her ex-husband’s baby one week and was trying to get knocked up by Nathan within weeks of her abortion.

  5. She is posting pictures of herself in bikinis again, looking heavier than usual, but not pregnant.

    ……Did she get another abortion?

  6. Alright, now I’ve seen two pictures where I think she’s just gained weight. One was a mostly-naked shot where she’s obviously sucking in, but even then, you can tell she’s gained a decent amount of weight. As a woman who’s not happy with her body and would be humiliated if people were calling me five months pregnant, and my only recourse were a mostly naked selfie… I’m having a moment of pity for her.

  7. Is it possible the thing people were saying happens at the reunion that makes us hate jenelle more is that she announced her pregnancy or intent to get pregnant?

  8. I am ashamned about how obsessed I am with finding a current picture of Jenelle. I saw she had some sort of Tantini (sp?) event yesterday. Are there any full body pictures of her? How does a crazy person find these things?

    1. Me too! She covers her stomach for all pictures and videos. She deleted one she posted last night of her, “Uncle Dave” and two other people sitting at a table where she was obviously covering up with a jacket. I also heard that it was in her contract that people were not allowed to take pictures of her. She can’t hide that belly forever. I keep checking back to see if the Ashley adds anymore additional information to this article.

    2. Join the facebook group “The Teen Mom Fix”. It is the absolute best TM group on Favebook. Even “The Ashley” is a member. It is not a fan page, we judge and hate on these girls on the regular, lol. The Teen Mom Fix posts pics and screenshots from all the girls personal Twitter, IG, Snapchat and Facebook accounts and we are always digging up dirt and busting them on their BS and lies. It’s a great group if you wanna be kept up to date and anead of the show. Hope to see you there!

  9. That picture that goes with the continued to deny link doesn’t prove that she was denying she was pregnant. She was simply saying that MTV did not confirm that she was pregnant. But nowhere in THAT tweet did she deny that she was pregnant.

  10. Janelle, is a pathetic person. This is 4 pregnancies, she is a bed hopper. Trash. Why when your life is so pathetically awful, would you bring another child into this world? For you to hold up in your bedroom, while the kids play outside alone. Come on Jenelle! Grow the hell up. You try to act like you are all proper when they do the after shows. NO! Are nothing more than a loose ass.

  11. That time when chinelle, was wit keeeeefffffaaaaaaa, and she had taken heroin, maybe it would have been better she had died, Sorry I sound bad now, but for everyone sakes her own included it would have been better, than the Russian roulette life she’s leading, bringing kids in to the world that she uses like ammunition.
    This is 3 ( if she is preggers) little lives screwed up because their mother is so messed up nasty aggressive and volatile towards almost everyone she comes in to contact with, better she was not in these kids lives at all than to confuse them ignore them and treat them like garbage.

    She’s evil personified

    1. Omg imagine if he knocked her up!!! Who’d get custody of that poor little mite?

  12. Wow that girl should be ashamed of herself this is gonna make daddy number 3 and she’s never been married plus she’s a recovering drug addict that still drinks which I always heard that it was a no no to drink even if it was drugs that ur addicted to mtv should given these girls all this money for this show it says slot about how they are in it for money so they want to stay on the show so they keep having babies so sick they take the money and spend it on cars all decked out

  13. Jenelle is ONE HORRIBLE DAUGHTER AND MOTHER!! She is a discrace to all mankind!! Someone needs to give her a GOOD a** kicking!! Too bad the girl she assulted didn’t do it!! I DETEST the fact that JUST BECAUSE of her “fame” on MTV she got out of jail time, on MANY NEEDED ACCOUNTS . (oh and WITH A LITTLE BIT OF FAKE TEARS!!)! I think she LIKES the negative role she plays and think it makes her cool and tough!! NOT!! I wish they would cancel this show with ALL THE GIRLS & air something that’s WORTH AIRING!! Something with MATURE people who DOESN’T use their kids as pawns and CARES for their well being instead of fame! Barbara NEEDS to just write Jennelle off… Yes as a parent we love our kids and MOST would do ANYTHING for their kids, but as a parent we DO NOT HAVE to put up with the HATEFUL DISRESPECT AND ABUSE such as what Jenelle displays to her Mom! Would ANY of these IMMATURE GIRLS even be in the show if they DIDN’T get paid?!? My guess is NO, and they’d either live like the average other young kids who became or has become teen mom’s, STRUGGLING to survive!! Or LIVE OFF MOMMY AND DADDY!! Move along to BIGGER AND BETTER SHOWS MTV!!!! Tired of these UNGREATFUL MANIPULATING GIRLS OF TEEN MOM 2 AND THE SHOWS LIKE THIS…. GETTING BORED!!

  14. Janelle is my oldest daughter made over, they have these children (that r blessings), but they r doing it for the wrong reasons, #1. the r trying to hang onto a man, any man will do & #2. they want a man to take care on them, so they don’t have to do anything, it’s ridiculous, I had my 1st 2 children very young too, but I grew up fast & I knew “I had made my bed & I had to lye in it”, my oldest (well, as I said above, she & Jenelle r just alike) & my 2nd child is awesome, we shall see how this last 1 turns out…I love my children with ALL my heart & I’m sure Barbara feels the same way, but my oldest has treated me horrible, called the law on me & drug me through court for over 6 months, bad mouthed me, even when I’m helping here, finally, I just started ignoring text & calls, I did that for a long time, needless to say, she got the hint I was donever with her disrespect & nongratefulness, we get along pretty good now, Barbara may want to try that with Jenelle…

    1. Can the Ashley either confirm or deny that the town Janelle lives in is building a parking garage next to Janelle’s house for the upcoming Father’s Day Celebration

    2. You are rude. Jenelle is looking for love, period. It’s that simple. My goodness…she feels LOVED in the bedroom. The babies will all be fed and taken care of with the MTV money. Your comment is saddening…feel sorry for YOUR daughters.

      1. Yeah, she felt LOVED when she was on a date with Nathan while getting an abortion. Don’t you feel the LOVE?!?

  15. Jenelle is so dumb, she doesn’t realize or care she is being used.
    These guys tell her she needs custody of Jace, then talk her into having a baby why?
    Because he will fill the street with uppercut if he doesnt get a check everytime his kid is on MTV

    1. Oh my gosh, every time I read the phrase “fill the street with uppercut” I laugh out loud!

    2. She plays these men like a pro, she’s *not* being used in the least. No one has to convince her of anything, in fact she doesn’t even allow anyone to convince her of jack.

  16. I have no respect for people like her she thinks she can hit and talk to people like they are trash in expect nothing to happen maybe if she had her life together opinions would be different she choose to be in the spotlight for money so she deserve ever bit of backlash she gets she a horrible mother and person

  17. She doesn’t need to be pregnant again, 3 kids , 3 different dads, come on ladies, what stability, ? Let these kids have a normal life, not your messed up lives

  18. I can’t stop thinking she’s waiting to figure out the sex of the baby before deciding what to do. Tell me there’s no way. Kaiser’s sweet baby face makes me so sad. And thinking directly about the long-term impact of neglect makes me more sad.

  19. Jesus God Janelle! So THIS is how she was able to have those assault charges magically dropped. I figured this would happen when the reasoning behind her mysterious illness was due to her “no longer taking her birth control” (conveniently right before her court hearing). As illogical as Jenelle is, I think she planned this whole thing. Nothing like using your babies to get you out jail time. She is going to be so aggravated and overwhelmed now, dude.

    1. I don’t think she is, but I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that in the near future!!!!

      Easy cash for them, (Mtv rewards) and not having to work for their money, like a normal person.

      Mtv made a huge mistake here, I have not seen this as a prevention from teen pregnancys, I’ve only seen it enable lazy ass baby machines, dr Drew is to easy on them and covers up their useless parenting skills and drug use.

      About time this Crap was shelved

  20. If Jenelle had brains she’d be dangerous.
    What a waste of space she is.
    Those 2 boys she bore are of no concern to her, and God help if this one is a girl, she will end up a teen mom too.

    Sickening, all Jenelle sees are $$??

  21. This is so disappointing. I think im one of the few viewers that actually really wants to see all of them do well. But this is just another very poor decision among many, and it makes me sad for everyone involved.

    1. Why do you have 16 down votes for that comment? I’m starting to think people are trolling The Ashley and downing as many comments as possible.

        1. Didn’t know she had that many fans, worrying to think there are that many people out there as messed up as Jenelle

          1. Lol

            How ever many she has they must all have the same mental issues as Jenelle.

            Only an idiot would be a fan of hers

        2. I’m not a Jenelle fan, and I down voted everyone in this comment too. You think you’re above getting down voted for some reason?

          1. Maybe…but it was good enough to get you to comment about my childish comment. So mission accomplished I guess.

      1. Samesies. The massive down voting seems to have started last week? Maybe two weeks ago? The Haters finally infiltrated, I guess. Boo.

          1. It’s actually a lot more funny that you guys seem to take getting down voted so personally. Does it really matter? Why does it bother you so much??

            I’m pretty sure that no one who down votes thinks that down voting a comment will stop that person from continuing to make comments.

          2. Oh no, I’ve been down voted so many times! Boo hoo, boo hoo hoo! Waah waah waah!! I better go cry myself to sleep tonight. How will my life go on with all of these down votes on my comment about a meaningless article? Waah waah waah!

    2. I WANTED to see them do well.
      The first episode i really wanted the best for them, after the first season i felt sorry for them just hoped for the best.
      By now, we have our fan favorites, i dont wish Jenelle bad but she is just such a mess, she gets ever break & just keeps doing the wrong thing. People must be tired of praying for her

  22. Legit question… I can think of a number of reasons why the producers aren’t happy, but can you specify what they were? I can’t tell if they would think this is good or bad for ratings, so that’s why I’m curious.

    1. I guess they feel like it would be bad press another mom from the show had another kid without being married & since its Jenelle its like a pattern.
      In 2 years she will have a new guy a month later gets pregnant

      1. Why would MTV care about a girl having another kid without being married? I’m pretty sure producers don’t care about that aspect of it at all.
        They are probably more upset with the fact that they market this show as something that is supposed to help spread the message about preventing teen pregnancies. And although these girls aren’t teens anymore, they continue to have unprotected sex leading to them popping out more babies, and they seem to have all these kids with lots of different baby daddies, so it kind of takes away from that message.

  23. Im sure Leah Messer, Simms, Calvert will be announcing a pregnancy of her own soon. These bimbos have no concept of motherhood.

  24. I believe she planned this baby only because she is thinking of it as some sort of revenge kid to use against Nathan. She doesnt give a flying fuck about her other 2 and she wont give a flying fuck about this child either. All her babies have been simply tools and weapons in her boyfriend games- the only thing in life she has any interest in. She makes me want to throw up. I actually can say I hate her at this point. She is pure evil.

  25. This is just sick. I don’t know how Jenelle can treat Jace and Kaiser in such a horrible manner and still live with herself. Having a third innocent child to hurt and neglect on top of it is so fucked up. As a mother, just the thought of any child being treated the way Jenelle has treated her children makes me want to cry.

  26. Did anyone see that photo of her shopping at Target with David? She definitely looks preggers to me.

  27. Smh…i will giver her this credit, at least that loser Keiffer didnt knock her up. Either way, she needs to get on some form of bc, or tubes tied. Just another bum to hit up for child support that will pay for daycare while she’s working somewhere in the ‘medical field’, like anyone will hire her. She digusts me. At least Jace has somewhat of a chance since Babs is raising him. Jenelle should only get supervised visits. That poor kid is gonna get pushed to the side yet again for yet another loser guy. Idk if Kai has a chance with 2 deadbeat parents. So sad. Disgusting!

  28. It’s very sad she continually brings children into the world by these unfit miscreants. These poor innocent kids who didn’t ask for the life they have been dropped into. Steralize this bish

  29. Her next voice over:
    Well now I’m pregnant, Me and Dave are so happy, and we never ever fight, except for the time the police came (forshadowing) but we talked it out. There is just too much going on to get Jace back now I’m so stressed out, and what’s-his-name the short guy who’s been living here, and now I can’t go to school… But I love Dave so much

  30. Can you imagine what it will be like for Jace, Kaiser and the new baby to watch their train wreck of a mother lon Netflix when they get older?

  31. OMG when dumb gets dumber ?
    She done let Lurch fill her skreet with upper cut, ya’ll…eww.

    There was pretty much zero hope left for her before this news, but now this just absolutely seals her fate; she is done, case closed, not even a TM2 miracle fairy can alter her path. She is going to keep going from new soulmate to preggo to domestic disturbance to lawyer’s office to meltdown while driving, and then onto another new soulmate, forevermore. There will always be a baby to keep whichever cretin she can’t live without, but probably never more than one with the same guy, because even cretins can’t suffer her for long.

  32. Poor poor kids

    From the very first time chinelle was on our tv screens, I took an instant dislike to her, now I can’t fucking stand her, she’s an utter disaster, a useless nasty violent unpredictable drugged up easy lay.
    And wtf has she done to her face???

    She has no self control her behavior is erratic and her temper is and should be a CPS concern.

    Didn’t she abort a baby ?

    Do this would be a 4th pregnancy!!!!
    Get this bitch fixed it shouldn’t be allowed to breed

    1. She definitely had an abortion, but she also said she had a miscarriage before that, so this would be pregnancy 5.

    2. Yeppers, when she got pregnant with Kaiser she told Nathan “the test says positive but it might just be from the abortion I just had”
      She PURPOSELY got pregnant with Nathan after having an abortion with… Courtland? I can’t even…

  33. and what else is sad is that she’s procreating with these complete blockheads! Andrew (Jace’s dad) would constantly lie about how he was “too over qualified to work at McDonalds” because he was a “model” ?, a slug is more intelligent than the Nathan, and Dave just constantly gives off this woman/child beater vibe…and Jenelle is birthing out these terrible peoples children…None of these kids will ever have a constant good role model in their lives…I just HOPE that they turn out more productive to society then their fathers and mother.

    1. *male role model….Babs should try and get custody of all Jenelle’s kids, because neither her, Nathan or Dave are fit parents

        1. I know babs has a toxic relationship with jenelle, but your right poor babs, should be living her life not rearing her grandchild.

        2. I think both Mom and daughter need serious therapy,they are toxic everytime they are together,those 2 boys are going to be so screwed up it’s just sad, now she may be preggers with #3,when will she learn and why aren’t these guys being responsible and use protection!!

        3. Babs taking Jace was what was best for him at the time, but now,I don’t think she is up to taking all 3,(if Janelle is preggers),to raise,if she quit her job and got money from the state to raise them she probably could, we will have to see how this latest story unfolds!!

    2. I think Jace might be the only one who possibly has a chance to be successful in life. You can tell from the show he needs help, perhaps with some counseling he’ll be ok. Due to Babs. She’s not the greatest, but wayyyy better than his actual mother. Hes gonna get pushed aside yet again. Poor kid.

  34. Jenelle is totally bitching out David in that photo from Target. And Kaiser is once again being ignored (sigh….)

    1. It sure paints a thousand words, and total sign of things to come…
      Give it 6-9 months, no more than a year; she’ll be screaming at him, he’ll be filling the house with his upper cut saying ‘David no happy, David fight’, Kaiser will be hitch-hiking to Babs’ house unnoticed, and the new baby will be slumped in a highchair thinking ‘dude, what did I do in my past life to deserve this?!’

    2. Kaiser is trying to figure out how to get out of the cart and make a run for it when mommy dearest isn’t looking.

  35. Jenelle Evans is obviously nuts. She can’t even care for the first two properly. Jenelle, a child is NOT a pawn to let you hold over someone’s head. Do everyone a HUGE favor….. Opt for

    1. Tubal ligations can fail. Someone needs to remove her ovaries, shove a stick of dynamite up her vagina, and sew it shut. It’s the only way.

  36. Shame on her for having another with an abusive POS with 9 rain cells! This girl contributes nothing to society.

  37. I’m just sitting here with a bowl of popcorn waiting for Farrah to give her nonsensical opinion on this situation.

      1. Well on the upside at least Janelle isn’t a racist like Farrah. Sophia will probably be more terrible than all three.

    1. Oh that Bitch is just as bad if not worse then Janelle, I despise how she behaves and brings her daughter into all her attention seeking drama,poor little girl is already screwed up!!

    2. Farrah, Janelle, and Leah. 3 of the worst role models for young females/mothers in the US. Gosh I hope my daughter does not some day watch this.

  38. This is great, showing the young girls that every guy they go out with they have babies with, these girls should try to keep their legs closed!! And stop getting pregnant with every Tom, Dick and Harry they meet, it’s sickening and disgusting.

  39. I fully trust and believe JENELLE EVANS that she is not pregnant and just getting fatter from pigging out because she feels comfortable in her life to eat more…….. said no one ever lol

  40. The Producers are NOT Happy LOL…… Learn to Deal With It Janelle Has Been doing Good For Herself …. People do GET PREGNANT…. Relax Geez Its Not Ur Baby Producers Its Janelles & Her Boyfriend Davids Baby … Say CONGRATS or Move On Babies Bring Joy there a Gift From GOD!!! congratulations Janelle & David… Don’t Worry about the Haters …

    1. Are you smoking a crack pipe???

      Gotta be chinelle, uncle Dave, or tori.
      As only a complete waste of space would write shit like you just wrote

      Stupid fkn idiot

    2. OK Janelle! Seriously though, no one should be congratulating them. This isn’t a good thing. She doesn’t even care for the children she has. She doesn’t even have custody of Jace and will probably lose Kaiser to Nate, but sure it’s awesome she’s having another. Let’s congratulate her on bringing another unwanted child into the world.

    3. Babies are a gift from God?
      Yes Jace was a gift from God to Barbara.

      Jenelle is doing good now?
      Thats why she has custody of Jace, And how many mug shots does she have? She has custody of 1 son & its obvious she cant handle it, she couldnt handle 2 dogs but yeah 2 babies will be easier.

  41. Wouldn’t this be 5th pregnancy. Jace, “miscarriage” at Gary’s, abortion, Kai and now this one.

    1. God, I don’t even remember Gary (there have been so many men!), but your count sounds spot-on.

  42. WHY is it so hard for any of these girls to use birth control successfully? I’ve been using it for 13 years (I’m 31) and haven’t had a slip up ONCE. Not once. It isn’t rocket science, what the eff.

    1. But that would mean being responsible and that isn’t in their tiny pea brained heads

    1. Ditto the other reply – your name is brilliant!
      Barbara’s Home for Abandoned Children to accept its next intake in 5 – 4 – 3 – 2…
      There will be Jace, Kaiser, Addie (on her next escape out the trash lair), the rest of Leah’s litter (at least for some lunchables), Isaac might come hang out voluntarily just to avoid the impending divorce drama, and perhaps Catelynn and Maci will make enquiries with Babs about short-term drop offs for 3-10 days at a time.

  43. 4th pregnancy remember she killed her 2nd unborn baby

    This bitch needs her tubes tied

  44. Why does MTV keep her in the show they are supposed to be preventing teen pregenacy and Jenelle now has 3kids with 3different men that’s very trashy specially to be on tv where young girls watch it. I for one WILL NOT be watching the show anymore they way half of the girls act it a disgrace. I’m sorry MTV should do better let’s see U have Jenelle who can’t keep stop getting in trouble n now has 3baby daddies.
    Leah who shouldn’t be a mom every episode she is seen texting n driving her house looks like a disaster I have kids and my place stays clean not like she has a job.
    Chelsea is a good Mom but she spends her time downing Adam it makes her look like she still wants him (desperate )
    And kailyn who only cares about air time she adds solo much drama to her like on social media how bout you worry bout ur kids stop having plastic surgery n butt lifts U can fix your body your U will always have a Fu**ed up personality.
    Mtv must put anyone on tv for a show

      1. Seems Chelsea, randy, and mama Mary are on here lol

        So sad, but so true she still loves Adam, her only story line on the show is bad mouthing him( and within reason sometimes) without slating Adam she’d have no reason to be on teen mom 2.
        She life is normal compared to the others, so she should be removed from the show, or is papa randy getting broke from funding Chelsea’s life style? Filming her is such a waste, boring and I skip past her segments now as that baby voice is fucking annoying, grow up woman

  45. So does she need to have the baby of everyone of her soulmates?#justlikethenotebook

  46. Meeting a guy on a dating app + moving him in within the next two seconds + popping out another baby when you can’t even cope at times with the one you already have = DING! DING! DING! DUDE, THIS GUY’S GONNA LOVE ME FOREVER!

    Sure he will, Jenelle.

    Just ask Nathan how that works.

    Let the cop calling and custody begin….

  47. I really thought that she was gonna be okay….finally. Poor Baaaaabra…gonna have to raise them all. Juh’nel can’t, and won’t!

  48. Good freaking lord. This poor child. Maybe we can convince Brandon and Theresa to adopt this one. Heck, I’ll adopt the kid to keep him or her away from it’s dead beat parents.

    I definitely think it’s a bump in the fan photo. She’s even got the pregnant lady back arch going on. It’s telling that she’s denying it. She knows people are going to jump all over her for this.

    1. Absolutely! I noticed that back arch in the photo too, there is no use denying it. This girl should have a thick skin by now considering the public backlash she has gotten over the years.

  49. I think many of you are forgetting that mulitiparous women “show” much sooner. I had a visible baby bump early in my first trimester with my second pregnancy.

    This is at least jenelles fourth pregnancy. She could realistically be in her first trimester and look that pregnant. I’m going to wager she’s about 15 weeks or so though.

  50. Wtf, she can’t even take care of the two she has!! This ought to be called 20 something and still not any smarter!! And as for David, he’s a psyco in the making! We are goina be reading headlines about this dude! He seriously gives me the creeps.

  51. Fire this trashy, useless, animal abusing, child neglecting, fecal stain on the butt of humanity ASAP, MTV. Can we not watch this POS churn one out every other season for some random she just met and tossed a mercy phuck that ends up in either an abortion or a kid she really doesn’t want but uses as a living ball and chain to keep that man around a little longer so she has someone to call the police on all the time.

    Fire her.

    1. Oops sorry I accidentally down voted, didn’t mean to do that…I totally agree with you 100%!! Actually those are my sentiments exactly! Couldn’t have said that better myself..

    2. Absolutely top comment
      I agree with you a million percent, if I could thumbs up a million times I would.

      Well said and true

    3. If this turns out to be true (and I absolutely believe it is- Ash is one of the only legit sources on TM news – I don’t know if Jenelle is denying it because MTV told her to for the time being while they figure out a PR crisis plan or if ..hate to say it.. she’s going to terminate after seeing all the backlash), I really hope people will band together and publicly boycott. There’s an awesome comment on Reddit that sums it up perfectly, but this has gone too far. She cannot even handle one, she’s abusive and neglectful…and someone is going to end up getting hurt. I’ll gladly make a webpage and petition if people are willing to stick together and put pressure on MTV to remove her from the show. I have the WORST feeling that something really, really bad is going to happen…

      1. I wondered why she would bother to deny it until I read your post. And abortion would definitely be something Jenelle would consider again. In that photo she looks like she is far enough along to be right at or past the gestation limit for a legal abortion. Given this girl’s track record of poor choices though, who knows what she would do.

        1. I think she’s too far along for a termination. She got pregnant on purpose again; this was no accident.

          1. mmhmm and she’s going to use this baby as another “pawn” to torture big head dave once they break up…just like she’s using Kaiser against the Nathan.

      2. Twittafame,

        Unfortunately, the more buzz this gets, the more MTV digs it, IMO. The girls are shit-shows for sure, but MTV is the King High Poobah of Upper Buttcrack of Shit-Shows, what, with Dr. Drew and his mad skillz, shows such as Date My Mom (ugh..)and anything featuring Tila Tequila, they’ll showcase a monkey flinging poo at an industrial fan if they think they’ll get ratings from it.

        Remember, these are the people who sit by and watch Leah drive wasted with her kids in the car (while texting) and watched Jenelle abuse those dogs and neglect those kids, but they sure as shit called the fuzz when they thought Nathan was hitting Jenelle. Why? He is a side-show and disposable. Can’t call the police or CPS on their main meal tickets though, that just wouldn’t do.

        These people are scum, they’re crap. The best we could all do is tune out when it’s time for Teen Mom 2 to air. When their ratings plummet, their interest in what we’re saying will peak.

        1. Tabloids won’t pay KK big bucks for pics of Saint, do no fukka will give this heroine addicted slut a penny

    4. I cannot stop laughing, Bruja. Omg too freegin funny. I agree 100%. No truer words have ever been written about Janelle, ever.

      1. She is a mess, ain’t she?

        Just think, there is hope that as phucked up as Nathan is, he might actually care enough to get Kaiser away from ‘Spread ’em Wide Jenelley’ cause if he doesn’t, I see 8 more half siblings or almost half siblings, looming in his future,and I don’t put it past Jenelle to put 4 kids in 1 crib, the way she shoved 2 dogs in 1 crate. If those kids fit, she’ll say, “duuude, that is the shit!”

        Yup. Hot phucking mess. Nathan better get a plan together. Quick.

    5. 3 idiots down voted this comment? Wtf is wrong with those 3 people??

      Unless it’s chinelle,David and the druggy scoreY, I mean tori

      1. There’s nothing wrong with me. I just like some good entertainment on my TV. Not like that boooorrinnngg Chelsea. Bring on the bad parenting, bad relationships, and horrible life choices. If your on my TV, then you are solely there to entertain me, nothing more. If you don’t want to solely be entertainment, then don’t be on my TV.

  52. I like Jenilee but she needs to stop having kids!! New guy, new baby! We’ve already seen how stressed she gets w/Baby #2 anyway. let’s add a 3rd?!?

    1. Didn’t she tell dr drew she had the implant???

      So if that’s the case she must have had it removed

    1. Heck, her uterus should be in a jar on her dresser. She can look at it and miss it… but lets just name that bitch ‘Abby Normal’ and move on.

      She failed at whatever experiment she was working on..motherhood, I think they call it? Yeah.

      No further need for that pesky uterus. She outta just have it removed.

        1. hehe! Your name is brilliant, so many hilarious names here! LOL! My greedy ass cats would eat the shit out of Lunchables, if they could get to them.

          Spoiled Savannah bratty kitties..if they ever try those Lunchables, I’d have addicts on my hands for sure, lol!

          1. If there’s one thing that pisses me off, it’s child and animal cruelty,

            I prefer animals to most humans.

            My dogs wouldn’t touch those lunchables crisp either, mind you I care and look after my pets

          2. So does it bother you when like, a hyena rips the head off another baby animal, like a lion cub or something? Because that’s both animal and child cruelty at the same time. Man, you must really hate hyenas.

  53. Jenelle has no motherly instinct. She does not show her kids affection. They are more like siblings to her than children.

    1. The poor roll spends more time in his crib, alone, with the light off, than with his mother. She is nasty.

    2. Except most people treat their siblings better and watch out for them. I took my step-sister to her first day of school every single year throughout elementary school – I got to miss my first day because there was no one else to take her, but I loved doing it and was still there even when her mom was (sorry high school). Bet Jenelle can’t say the same for just the few years Jace has been in school. She legit doesn’t give a shit, has no protective instincts as a sibling, never mind a maternal bond.

  54. What is this idiot going to do with three kids, no real education, and no career, when the MTV paychecks come to an end (let’s hpoe it’s sooner, rather than later, at this point)?

    I feel so sorry for any kid born to these irresponsible morons.

    1. 2 kids,hey mom has custody of the first, she may have given birth to poor Jace, but this drain of oxygen doesn’t support or care for him and his needs, her mom does all of that

      1. Sorry accidentally down voted you.

        Yeah, I know Barb is Jace’s real mother, but I didn’t want to ignore him. Like Jenelle does.

        1. She’s the poster child for idiot, irresponsible, uncaring, lazy motherhood. To her s child is just a pawn to try to keep a bounty on some dude’s head.

  55. I don’t think Jenelle has any idea just how much harder she has made her life. She has made 3 innocent children and still has no job, no direction, and ZERO COMMON SENSE.! She will end up living off of state aid (you and me) and any man she can get her hands on. I feel so sorry for these children. SMH.

  56. she absolutely won’t be able to handle kaiser and a newborn so he will be shipped off to babs ASAP. i wonder if she would even take him because she’s already overwhelmed with jace and rightfully so.. and not because he’s a bad kid or because she’s not a good parent, but because she’s no spring chicken anymore and that kid has been through a lot and will be going through even more, regardless if it turns out she got knocked up by her serial killer looking soulmate of the week. i am sure if the only other option was for nathan to get full custody babs would be cornered into taking him.

    1. I don’t believe Barb WILL take kaiser; she certainly seems to keep her distance from him. The poor kid is just screwed, unless Jenelle takes him to Nathan’s Mom and forgets to go back and pick him up. That would probably be in his best interest.

      1. Can you see Nathan letting that happen?
        He won’t let babs have Kaiser and to be honest I don’t think babs would would want to take the responsibility of a baby not at her time of life, that would be far to much to take on

  57. if she’s not pregnant now i wouldn’t be surprised if she was by the end of the year anyway. it’s so sad that she will have 3 kids by 3 different dads that each have different half-siblings that none of the father’s have custody of. i can’t imagine that whatever-his-name-is that fathered jace doesn’t have half a dozen kids running around. nathan has 1 (so far) that he doesn’t have custody of either (not counting the roll, of course) and the scumbag she’s dating now has 1 he doesn’t have custody of either. that’s just so sad that each kid will have a different extended family that is a total train wreck and full of half-siblings all over the place.

    1. Andrew (Jace’s dad) has at least one kid other kid. I think he moved to Florida or something. But I agree with you and hadn’t really thought about the messy family true. Jenelle’s dream for a “perfect little family” means shit with such a messy family tree. And you know she doesn’t give a shit about facilitating sibling relationships with anyone other than her current SO.

  58. Jenelle really needs psychiatric help. It doesn’t look like Dr. Drew has made any difference. Since watching this show, I have never seen Jenelle on her own without a man for more than two minutes. On top of that, she picks men with drug addictions and abusive tendencies. I believe that her mother Barbara has had enough of her terrible choices and shenanigans. I can’t believe that Jenelle is even fighting her mother for full custody of Jace! He is much better off with his grandmother instead of this self-righteous, disrespectful, neglectful mother. I really feel sorry for Jace and Kaiser and her unborn child. Her new “love” David appears to be a mellow man but I can see anger boiling up in him especially when he gets all protective of Jenelle when she talks about Nathan. This relationship will go down the toilet as well, unfortunately.

    1. Andrew has Jace and welcomed a child Jake shortly after in Florida, no other children have come to light to this point.
      Nathan has daughter Emery who the maternal grandparents have custody of.
      Dave actually has two kids, his daughter who we see on the show, Maryssa, and a son who he does not have custody of. The mother of his son got a restraining order against him for both herself and their son due to domestic violence while she was pregnant.

  59. Are you confirming Jenelle is pregnant from the picture? I am sorry the pictures is proof of nothing. How do you know for a FACT that Jenelle is pregnant. What do you have? If she is, at this point. Jase should stay with his granny! Not even going back and forth. Jase is a mess as it is. I hope he is in some kind of counseling. Actually, Neither of those woman are good for him. Constant fighting around him. I mean constant!!! Which brings me to the point of being a role model for the pre teens and teens of the world. I believe none of us who love the show would mind. If MTV side stepped a bit. Tell America: Jenelle was raped in a dark alley! Please for Gods Sake!!! Somebody teach Jenelle to hold her knees together!!!

    1. Are you seriously suggesting that MTV should lie about a woman being raped because she is incapable of being responsible and using birth control? Honestly, as a survivor, I find that suggestion offensive and plain disturbing. Every single time a person lies about rape, it only makes light of a truly heinous crime and minimizes the horrific after-effects that men and women all around suffer because of it. It also makes it that much harder for the real victims to come forward and be taken seriously.

      Not to mention, how does lying about anything make anyone a good role model? Teaching kids that it’s okay to lie and avoid taking responsibility for their actions is a horrible example to set.

  60. I see it this way it’s her life. If she is then congrats to her. I had two babies at 19 and no not twins I am 29 years old with four kids. My oldest is not my husbands but I started dating him when I was two months along. So I have more then one daddy baby.

    1. It’s not just *her* life though, is it – it’s also Jace’s fragile life knowing he was abandoned for parties, men & drugs; it’s poor Kaiser’s pathetic highchair-to-crib existence; it’s Bab’s freedom in these later years that has been robbed; and it’s the life of this new baby that is going to be born into fresh domestic hell. It’s even the life of impressionable viewers who may (somehow) think it’s cool to get knocked up during the ‘honeymoon’ stage of every new romance, without consequence. There is simply nothing to congratulate and it goes way beyond the number of babies, her age and how many fathers (as per your comparison) – it’s their incapability, instability, violence, selfishness and immaturity (probably very different to your case, so congrats to you certainly but not her).

      If you are not serious and I’ve missed the sarcasm then I do indeed apologise! ?

  61. Seeing adorable Kaiser always makes me a little sad as I remember the times on the show where she throws him in his crib in a dark room screaming, and shuts the door to ignore him. Now another kid will be even more neglected. Makes me sick.

    1. now kaiser will be totally ignored, all the time. I hope he’s toilet trained, but you know Jenelle hasn’t bothered with that. He’ll be in a nasty diaper all the time, shut up in his room or sitting in his high chair, it just makes me sick. If Jenelle has a baby girl this time, forget it, neither of her sons will ever get her attention again.

  62. Seriously , this show will not go on for ever….what will all of these girls ( and numerous fathers, children and hangers on ) going to do then…..someone needs to tell Janelle that she doesn’t need to have a child with every man she dates !!!( Ahem…take note leah!!!)

  63. Wait, yes I do:

    Why aren’t the producers happy? Let’s be honest- they enable her for ratings. Why wouldn’t they be happy to pimp out her pregnancy? Do they have souls like the rest of us? Do they draw the line somewhere?

  64. Wth is wrong with that girl. Now you know with all her physical problems, yeah right, her body can’t handle a new pregnancy without complications…(bad back, headaches, stomach pains). She’s been bullshitting us, the Doctors tv show, up n down the coasts looking for so-called cures, med test, mri’s, xrays, and all along just partying in Texas NYC n Cali. can’t wait to see David n her split n see what stories n claims come out. All those women out there trying to have a decent family n can’t n this one pops them out like crazy. Oh but remember he’s her one n only soulmate….again.

  65. Meanwhile, my husband and I are married, in love, great to parents to one and still putting off having more because we want to be sure the timing is right.

    Jenelle is just popping them out without even thinking about it

    1. My nephew and his wife
      Can’t have kids, ivf failed also, they’d give the world to have children, and both work hard have a lovely home and the one thing they are desperate for they can’t have ( and this lousy bitch churnes them out like candy) they will now adopt.

      But I hate that good decent people are the ones that can’t be blessed and pond scum like her keep on producing.

      1. Sorry to hear that, but your right about good responsible people struggling to conceive. And scum like Jenelle keep having them and don’t care for them

    2. so is Maci. I wonder why they’re in such a hurry? I think both of them keep having kids because they want to create this fairy tale version of the perfect family. Jenelle’s “fairy tale” is obviously more like Grimm’s, but basically they’re doing it for the same reason.

    3. I agree with that it makes me so angry when there are good responsible people out there that want kids so bad and cant have them. But, then people like Janelle are popping them out right and left. They keep them and then their family end up raising the child. Then they pop out more. I think if you loose custody of a child you should have to be on birth control or no more kids.

  66. she posted on twitter that she isn’t pregnant…

    someone is in denial. she doesn’t want any drama and her repeating her cycle of what she did with Nathan , with now creepy uncle dave. she is doing the same she did with Nathan just the this guy

  67. She also denied she was pregnant with kaiser and she clearly has a baby bump and it not from eating all kinds of food she has a perfectly round pregnant belly.

  68. Disgusting! Makes me.wat to vomit. She is mentally impaired and has no business having kids. David will leave too dumbass. MTV should take their ovaries in exchange for a paycheck.

  69. Enough already she is making Leah look like mother of the year!!!!! This is why society is going to shit!!!! Casie people like this are popping out kids like candy. She is the worst example of a mother. No wonder Jace is acting out. It’s not becasue of Babs like Janelle thinks. He is acting out becasue he feels replaced and I why he is so behaved around Janelle is becasue he is catching a complex that he wasn’t good enough for his mom. It’s hard enough that his dad isn’t around and now mom too. Poor Jace I feel like he is catching a complex that he isn’t wanted. I am sure it confusing for him that he lives with grandma but his brother lives with mom. And now another sibling that gets to stay with her but not him, I think if you lost custody of one kid you should be allowed to keep anymore that you have either.

      1. Leah certainly isn’t a good mom, but we do see her kissing and showing affection to her kids. That puts her miles above Jenelle, IMO. Anyone with some human feelings would be a better parent than Jenelle.

  70. You have said before the babies get a paycheck..don’t want to call it a bonus..fine..but it is a financial incentive for these idiots to have more babies. If MTV was actually promoting safe sex/abstinence. there would be NO paycheck for the baby..that is mommy & daddy’s responsibility.

    1. This is not showing the difficulty of teen pregnancy or how you can overcome it by popping out two more kids before you are 25, have a degree or a real job.

      1. Mtv seem to be enabling and promoting teen pregnancys, Even though these stupid cretins are no longer teens and should know better

      2. I get people think that because the mums are ‘living it up’ it isn’t showing the real struggles of being a teen mom or teaching anyone anything. But at the end of the day it is a reality TV show. If they showed a typical persons life it would be boring as heck! Imagine having 4 Chelsea’s to watch it would be so boring! (Btw good on Chelsea for being boring!)
        But even still, I don’t look at any of the Mothers lives and get the idea that it is a good idea to get pregnant at 16. I certainly don’t think it promotes having babies at 16.

  71. Three kids by three different dads by the age of 24. Slow. clap. I would not be the least bit shocked to find out that these two numbnuts planned this baby, since they only have custody of 1 of the 4 kids they have between them. Just like with Nathan, she hardly knows this guy and gets pregnant again, all while barely being able to take care of the one son she has custody of. There is no possible way this could end badly.

      1. Agreed she needs to worry about getting herself together she lives off the money mtv pays her how bout her a JOB!!!! Moouching ass waste I’m sorry nothing nice to say about her

      2. Poor little Kaiser
        It breaks my heart.
        Crying for attention and she goes and sticks him
        In his crib in the dark.
        She’s not fit to run a bath let alone parent her kids

    1. This is so not something to brag about and it doesn’t give Jenelle a reprieve, but I have a relative who had a kid sophomore, junior & senior years of high school and had the 4th baby at age 20. 3 different baby daddies. It was/is a hot mess! Just thought I’d share that with the group.

  72. She has to deliberately took out her arm birth control. She’s shown it at least twice in the last year or so. She said, see you can even see it”. So this was a planned pregnancy again! WTF!!!

  73. Oh, poor Babs. Who is going to be left raising this little one? None of her offspring are going to be housed in a safe, productive, learning environment. So, so sad. And Baby Daddy numero Tres seems To have a little issue Reigning in his more baser feelings, which could lead To potential trouble Down the road, what with my Beloved Babs getting under his thin skin, toss in Baby Daddy 2 and his girl who wants Juh-nelle jailed – and we’ll – call me crazy, but I’m not expecting the happiest of outcomes.

    Keep the film rolling Juh-nelle, and the TINDR account up and running. The story lines are apparently endless. Maybe we can get a cross over show and bring that British Nanny on over to bring the stable environment these kids need. You’ll have to cut back a few vacations, but the improvement in home life will be worth it.

  74. well jenelle

    btw that pregnancy bonus story comes from, OF ALL PEOPLE, kieffers mom lol. it’s always been BS

  75. Wow. This poor kid. Why tf does jenelle keep reproducing? She’s a horrible mom!!! She doesn’t even have custody of Jace (because other things always take priority of her friggin kid) and always seems annoyed with kaiser. Poor babs. I find it ironic on the after show about asking about baby fever and she said she couldn’t handle kaiser. And then she brags about how she took care of him for a month straight. Jenelle…you suck

  76. I’m 19+2 so I suspect after seeing that picture she’s around the same weeks but holy shit! This girl can’t handle what she has, let alone a 3rd child with a 3 baby daddy

    1. She aborted the 2nd baby so this will be her fourth pregnancy,what a bitch she is

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