‘Teen Mom 2’ Couple Kail Lowry & Javi Marroquin: Separated Since December

"Santa brought us divorce papers!"
“Santa brought us divorce papers!”

Last week, Teen Mom 2 star Kail Lowry finally set the record straight regarding her marriage to Javi Marroqin, revealing that the couple is, indeed, divorcing as the rumor mill has been speculating for months.

While their relationship’s demise has started to play out on ‘Teen Mom 2,’ it appears that the marriage had been over a long time before the scenes that are currently airing on the show were even filmed.

An insider told Us Weekly that Kail and Javi officially separated back in December, a fact that The Ashley has confirmed with her sources.

The couple decided to end their marriage before Javi even left for his deployment, which makes sense as to why the couple has been acting so emotionless in their conversations shown on ‘Teen Mom 2.’ (The scenes we are watching now were filmed in early 2016.)

“They’ve been unhealthy for a while, and Kail knew divorce was inevitable,” a source told Us Weekly. “There was always a disconnect.”

Both Kail and Javi have been accused of being unfaithful to the other in recent months, but this new fact sheds more light on the alleged cheating. (For the record, The Ashley is not confirming or denying any of those rumors.)

“They’ve been separated since December, so if Javi was with anyone else overseas it wouldn’t really be cheating,” the source told the magazine. “The bottom line is they were two strong personalities who both want to be in control living together. They clashed.”

During the most-recent episode of ‘Teen Mom 2,’ Kail and Javi stated that Kail doesn’t want to have any more children, and both revealed that this was one of the big problems in their marriage.

“We’re trying to do the best we can for our kids because they are what really matters,” Kail told Daily Mail last week.

Kail and Javi, who married in September 2012, share son Lincoln, and Isaac, Kail’s son with Jo Rivera.

Javi is still overseas, but will be coming home soon. At this time, it is unknown whether or not he will return to the Delaware home he shares with Kail and the boys. Either way, it will all be playing out on the upcoming season of ‘Teen Mom 2,’ which is being filmed right now!

(Photo: MTV)


  1. Kail and Javi’s marriage has been unhealthy for alot longer than awhile. It has been unhealthy ever since she physically abused him in season 4. This season it’s been Kail’s miscarriage or her saying she is basically a single parent. There’s a big difference between being a single parent and someone who deals with the kids when their husband or wife is away. I know not all marriages are able to be fixed but when kids are involved you should at least try because it will effect them the most.

  2. Oh good.Now she is free to pursue her career as the big media star she thinks she is. Why stay married to some dude in the armed forces when you are a STAR! Girl really thinks she is a big time celebrity.

  3. I firmly believe neither of them still want to be together but Javi is trying to be as reasonable as possible. In a tweet on 5/11 (about a month ago) in response to a person saying “if you are divorcing you should feel bad for issac, he calls you dad and all” Javi said “wasn’t my choice”. And since it’s been confirmed that they’ve been separated since december, his instagram post of a girl he was supposedly cheating with during deployment (posted in early march) and his snapchat where he’s #onhiscalvinkleinshhh (posted in late march) don’t really account to cheating, if they aren’t together. Now should he be “moving on so quickly” if he truly loves/still wants to be with kail, no. But I feel really bad for him when everyone tries to paint him as somebody who hurt kail when he’s been a fairly good man. Whiney, sure. Immature, sure. But Kails the same way but everybody wants to act like Javis attitude is the problem when kail was constantly talking to other men on her phone, put her hands on Javi atleast twice, and downright treated him poorly. I’m upset that people glorify kail when she’s even been PSYCHICALLY ABUSIVE! It makes it seem like it’s okay! As for issac, I feel for him. I hope he finds understanding and the support he needs, but kail was always trying to keep him away from Jo for no reason so I don’t see her being to open to him spending time with Javi once ass this goes down.

    1. I read elsewhere that he was deployed to Qatar. So he’s seeing Armani stores & some nice scenery, but no combat.

  4. Maybe I’m wrong but I feel like these idiots don’t even try. Leah’s divorces I understand because she’s a cheating slore. But why marry someone if you don’t plan on trying to make it work through the good, the bad & the ugly? I’ve been married for 3 years & there are for sure times that I think to myself “WTF, why did I do this?” I think that’s totally normal. But the good outweighs the bad, I have no idea where I would be without my husband. These girls jump from guy to guy and run away at the first sign of any issues.

  5. Apart from all the talk of marriage for alleged “medical benefits,” for me, physical violence in the early stages of a relationship is also usually a big indicator that perhaps marriage is not the best long term option.

    I say this, because I’m sure longtime viewers will remember the episode a few years back when Kailyn actually hit Javi and he immediately broke up with her. Then after what appeared to be a half-hearted apology, he took her back. They married not too long after that, then fast forward to another incident where Kailyn told Dr. Drew on a reunion show in NY that she had hit Javi earlier that same day after a heated argument in their hotel room before taping.

    So I for one, am just a bit surprised that it really took THIS long for all this to finally come to a crashing halt.

    1. I love that you mentioned this. Men can be victims of domestic violence too. Kail is not ready for marriage if she cannot keep her hands to herself. I think she is a fantastic mom, the best mother on either of the shows. I love seeing her, Jo, and Vee together as a unit. I just think that Kail does not do well at all in romantic relationships. I hope she figures it out. Poor Isaac breaks absolutely breaks my heart when he cries about Javi. I know what it is like to have men coming and going from your life and your heart. It really hurts a lot and can cause trust issues. Kail had a violent mom. She didn’t follow the cycle with her kids, thank God. But, she is still in a cycle of family violence with her significant others. I hope for her children’s sake that she seeks therapy and anger management.

      I remember on 16 & Pregnant, I thought she was the biggest cry baby. Not that she didn’t have her reasons to be upset. But, she was crying nearly every second on screen. These scenes with her and Javi are flat because she is being deceitful to fans by pretending like the marriage is not over. I actually prefer a real, cry baby Kail to any fake person on reality TV.

      1. She’s not exactly being deceitful when she’s told NOT to confirm or deny during filming…which is precisely how MTV rolls. People like to believe this shit isn’t scripted, and a lot of it really isn’t, but some of it, is most definitely. What NOT to do, is definitely scripted, including her revealing that they’re already separated and have been. MTV would frown on that, it infringes on next season.

  6. I brought up the staging years ago on here and got downvoted like crazy. MTV did it with Laguna Beach and The Hills. What made any of you think Teen Mom was different?

    This seriously just proved my point – that they make scripts to either cover things up or to prolong the fan base to keep watching. This honestly doesn’t suprise me.

    Does anyone know of Delwares laws regarding divorce involve being separated for at least a year?

    1. Oh yes, a lot is fake, staged, coached, rehearsed, prolonged etc!
      But court documents and police reports are not.
      I’m afraid the true lives some of the kids lead when MTV has left is even worse.

  7. Remember when it was so awkward when Nessa/MTV skyped in Javi as a surprise on that aftershow. Did MTV know about the divorce then and just sprung that on them anyway?

  8. Is it weird to anyone else that the cast is always like “the show is so fake” but they go along with the “fake” scenes, take mtvs money, then whine about it later on Twitter?

    1. jo should text javi and say, don’t try and work child support out with kail, just let the courts handle it, easy.

  9. People seem to be forgetting that most of this show is now staged. Javi getting deployed and the effect on the family was the storyline MTV wanted to show and coincided with the filming schedule. I’m sure everyone knew they were already separated during the party. Next season will be about their separation. When big events happen when they aren’t filming they recreate the scene and tell the story in a way that makes for better TV. All these kids are going to need therapy.

    1. It all makes sense now at least…why she seemed so indifferent to him leaving, why at the party she was not even near him, etc

  10. I wish they would all learn from their failed marriages to not rush into another one so quickly. Leah rushed into both of hers and look how those turned out. Kail and Javi got married so quickly and it was just so she could get his benefits. I feel soo bad for Issac

    1. I completely agree. It’s crazy how quickly these girls rush into living with boyfriends, making babies and getting married. As a rule, you really can’t know someone and determine if you should spend the rest of your lives together in a matter of months. There are of course exceptions to the rule but AT LEAST spend four seasons together before making any major commitments to some dude, and in my old-fashioned opinion, several years, at least.

      i also feel so bad for Isaac and Lincoln. Isaac is such a sensitive kids.

      God, kail and javi are idiots.

    2. And even more importantly, they need to learn not to rush into having another child. It seems like they think the fastest way to have a family with the new men is to get pregnant and have their babies. Even if they get married, what is the rush in having another child?

  11. I am actually angry for Isaac. To repeatedly lie to him the way they did is so cold and callous. Kids deserve the truth just as much as adults, even if they are young and the truth is a hard one. Lying to them doesn’t spare or protect their feelings. It only makes things worse when they finally learn the truth.

  12. I feel really sad for the boys. They are the ones who will pay the price. Javi joined the service so he could provide for his family and this is the thanks he gets? Kail needs to get over her X…that’s the problem.

    1. Umm, he joined the service *after* they were already having problems. Problems that they both contributed to, equally. So, you can’y say “that’s the thanks he gets” as if she owes him more than he owes her. Joining the service was his idea, not hers Not that I’d ever support or vilify one over the other, they are both equally responsible for not just the good, but the bad, too. But him joining the armed forces had nothing to do with her, that was a decision he made without her, just like she makes decisions without him. Takes two to tango here. They are both equally guilty of seeking the company of other people. They are both equally guilty of killing their own relationship. They are both equally guilty in all of it. Kail’s no saint, but neither is Javi, they’ve got some pretty equal faults, and neither one of them is really fit for a relationship, much less a marriage.

  13. They shouldn’t stay together just for Isaac but he is going to need A LOT of help understanding and not internalizing. Lincoln will also suffer but at least this is not his second go-round with this.

  14. Their segment on this season makes more sense now. Shows why Kail didn’t really care/get emotional at Javi’s goodbye party…she only started crying because Isaac was crying, not because Javi was leaving…but it still makes me wonder why Javi was always complaining about Kail acting like she didn’t care? Maybe he wanted it to work and she was just over everything? What is his deal with Jo and Vee? So many questions.

  15. Why do they prolong the inevitable? Why don’t they just announce it and quit with the confusion (the time line totally didn’t match on the show). I hope that they can amicably come to custody terms. Also, this must be why javi posted about TM2 being staged. (However, certain people….ahem leah, jenelle,….need to quit blaming mtv for bad editing)

    1. Well makes you wonder if they have to stage ppl with normal-ish lives (Kail, Chelsea) compared to Leah and Jenelle who create their own drama themselves

    2. Well there was that scene with Barbara and David, and Jenelle staying inside the bathroom all the time. Barbara left with a different car than the car they filmed her coming with…

  16. Looks like they’re going to have a SHITLOAD of explaining to do with the kids…..especially Isaac……

  17. The fact that they both knew they would divorce before Javi even left makes me so mad that they repeatedly told Isaac that Javi would be back and everything would be fine! They both failed Isaac and I feel so bad for him. Isaac is such a sweet, caring and smart little boy that I still don’t understand who he gets that from.

    1. They should’ve prepared him better, like saying he has to go away but he can see him when he is back, not everything will be the same.

  18. If they knew they were divorcing before Javi deployed, wow! Glad to see they strung Isaac along and made it seem like Everything would be normal once he came back home. That’s pretty shitty. All those teen mom 2 scenes of them talking to Isaac and the supposed ‘send off,’ were after they already knew their decision. The time to tell Isaac would of been when they decided. Instead of letting Isaac go 6+ months thinking his stepdad is coming home to him …

    1. Lol I was writing basically the same thoughts at the same time! After my comment posted then I saw yours and I think that’s what everyone is thinking. They should have prepared Isaac, not destroy his hopes or expectations the minute Javi comes home!

    2. I completely agree. They obviously couldn’t tell them he wouldn’t be coming back, but they didn’t have to lay it on so friggin thick.

      1. I wonder if Isaac is going to still call Javi daddy or what as he grows older. I think as he gets older he will call him Javi but that will probably subconsciously make Isaac feel the loss even more.

    3. The show must go on … at what point does MTV take responsibility for enabling this type of behavior. It is great for their ratings but these emotionally and mentally stunted young adults are boxed in by the money earn. I am cringing at the thought of these kids watching this stuff when they get older … I can just hear Jennell rationalizing and thinking she will be explain it to her brood as they get older. Delusional and years of therapy will be required.

    4. Well that’s why Kail got a divorce puppy and an in-ground trampoline installed. Distract that javi is no more.

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