Randy Houska Talks ‘Teen Mom 2’ & Chelsea’s Wedding During Podcast Interview

"Let me break it down for ya..."
“Let me break it down for ya…”

Teen Mom 2 star (and dentist) Randy Houska chatted about everything from molars to MTV during a recent appearance on the “Dentist, Implants and Worms” podcast. Randy, who is the father of Chelsea Houska, talked at length about what it’s like to film ‘Teen Mom 2,’ and how happy he is with how well Chelsea’s life has turned out, despite her getting pregnant in high school.

While Randy did talk about his dental practice, The Ashley realizes that her readers are more interested in hearing details about Chelsea’s upcoming wedding than teeth talk, so here’s a few things we learned from listening to Randy’s interview…

On the person his daughter has become:

“Everything’s turning out well for her,” Randy said of Chelsea. “She went back to school for aesthetics, found a nice guy and is engaged, [has] no arrests, no mugshots!”

Randy later went on to talk about the many girls who look up to Chelsea.

“I’m pretty bias, but I think of [the girls on] the show, she’s probably one of the best role models on the series,” he said. “I’m not [saying] that to bash on the other girls but she went back to school, didn’t go bed-hopping with a bunch of guys, and concentrated on her career and her daughter until the right guy came along.”

"Thanks, Randy!"
“Thanks, Randy!”

On how he knew Chelsea’s fiance, Cole DeBoer, was good for his daughter:

Randy said he liked Cole from the first time he met him.

“I’ll tell you how I knew he was a good dude: the first time I met him, she brought him here to our cabin…there’s a hole-in-the-wall bar/restaurant/whatever [nearby] and we went there and we may have gotten drunk. I think [Cole] was kind of nervous, but the drunker he got, the nicer he was to [Chelsea], so that was a pretty good test!” he said.

On Chelsea’s fight to keep her wedding off the show:

The Ashley previously told you that Chelsea decided not to allow her wedding to be filmed for ‘Teen Mom 2.’ Randy talked about how MTV has handled that decision.

“Chelsea’s getting married in October…she drew the line [on filming the wedding],” he said. “She won’t let them tape it. That was a lot of fighting back and forth. They certainly wanted it.”

Randy confirmed that MTV would have paid for Chelsea and Cole’s wedding had they allowed it to be filmed, but said that Chelsea didn’t care.

“She doesn’t want it taped; she doesn’t want it on TV,” he said. “She doesn’t need it paid for. I was very proud that she grew the balls to say no. They’ll go to the bachelorette party and stuff [to film], but for the wedding she agreed that she’ll send a bunch of professional still photos [to them to use for the show].”

"That's gonna be a 'no' from us, sorry guys!"
“That’s gonna be a ‘no’ from us, sorry guys!”

On the possibility of Chelsea and Cole doing a spin-off show: 

Don’t be expecting a ‘Chelsea & Cole: Newlyweds’ show anytime soon, guys…

“I believe she probably wouldn’t want to do that,” Randy said of a spin-off show. “She’s ready to quit [‘Teen Mom 2.’] I don’t think I’m supposed to say that. If the series ends, she’s fine with it.”

Randy said that Chelsea has stuck with the show this long because she’s doing well. Of course, a good life doesn’t always make for the best TV.

“Sometimes they push her to do some drama but she doesn’t want drama,” he said. “Drama makes good TV but she doesn’t want a life of drama.

“The show is financially lucrative for her,” he added. “She’s 24 and she has a house. That’s why she’s stuck with it. She’s doing well, and Aubree’s all set as far as college money.”

On the rumor that the show is scripted:

“They tell you when they’re going to be there [to film],” he said, adding that the show is actually real.

“Everyone always says it’s scripted, but it’s not scripted,” he said. “They may tell you what they want you to talk about for the storyline of the show but everything’s real. Otherwise, what are they going to do, sit there and watch her make dinner?”

On how being on ‘Teen Mom 2’ has affected his dental practice:

“[I work in] such a small town that everybody already knew me, pretty much,” Randy said. “I guess the only big difference it would be is if college kids need a dentist, I may be the first one they call. Or maybe the last, I don’t know. Most college age kids are familiar with the series.”

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30 Responses

  1. I missed the wedding. Did she wear that stupid f-ing toboggan and cosmetic glasses? That thing should be viewed as its own legal entity. “Do you take Chelsea and her toboggan to be your co-parent?” Chelz says yes but the ‘boggan says no. It has a degree from ITT in HVAC service and repair and is the main breadwinner in the household so the ‘boggan calls the shots 😉

  2. I think she is doing well for herself and has a good head on her shoulders. That being said, I think she sometimes acts like a brat and seems immature for her age. The burping and sex talk grosses me out. Also, the way she spoke to her Mother before she left for vacation was rude. Her Mom raised her own children; she’s not gonna ruin Aubree! Chill out and be grateful that you have people you can turn to when you need help. There are a lot of single Moms who have no one.

  3. OMG..so tired of the “Chelsea was spoiled and privileged..” Randy is a dentist for God’s sake…not Donald Trump. So are you all telling me you will cut your children out of your life once they turn 16? Now that’s is great parenting.

    1. Agreed. Having a dad who’s well off has nothing to do with the fact that she’s a good mom and decided to pursue a career. In fact, a dad with money would be incentive to just sit on her butt all day.

      Further, Farrah’s parents are well off and she’s a shit mother. And Maci’s parents seemingly live comfortably and she hasn’t done jack all with her life.

  4. I do agree that Chelsea has benefitted from her father’s financial help, but she still had to make the choice of using those funds wisely! She has finished school, has a stable home for her daughter, is employed (and employable)…
    So many of the other TM & TM2 girls would be using these monies for drugs and to support their flavor of the month loser boyfriends!
    Plus, she never rotated men in & out of Aubree’s life! Aside from the baby talk, there is little to criticize and I wish her & her family continued success and happiness!

  5. I agree she turne out the best. Minus the whole “I just want Adam to go away, I don’t want you to ever see Aubree, but you need to pay more child support!” But, I wonder if she would of had the same outcome without her dad’s bank account. Remember earlier on she was lazy and unmotivated. Her dad was paying her bills and using she was Aubree as a pawn to get her way. Let’s eliminate that factor and I don’t think her outcome would of been the same.

    1. I think Randy’s financial support is only a factor early on. All of these girls had boat loads of cash thrown at them to do the show. Most of them have squandered the money on cars and vacations and drugs instead of using the time wisely and furthering their education.

      All 8 out of the TMOG and TM2 girls have large bank accounts at their disposal, not just Chelsea.

      1. But they all didn’t start out with their dad paying their bills. I am not defending the other girls but how you begin in adulthood can effect you later on. It took her how long just to get her GED? She was blowing all of her money on losers aka Adam. When she cleaned out her bank account so Adam could buy something for his car. She was always pawning off Aubree on her parents and she doesn’t have a job like everyone claims. She had a job where she worked like two days a week and then she quit casue it was “too much”. Look at it kids with their parents spoon feeding them are better off than ones that didn’t come from that environment no matter how bad or good they were. So show or no show, tons of different guys or not, coming from money makes a difference. If she would of ended up like let’s say Janelle she would still have the life she has now becasue her dad would keep bailing her out. If she didn’t come from money as lazy, unmovtivaed, and “it’s never my fault, I am the victim” as she is she probably would of been the worst off.

        1. This has always been my take on Chelsea from the get-go.

          They only reason Chelsea isn’t living with her fifth boyfriend and working at IHOP is because of daddy’s money. She is privileged.

        2. I don’t know that I agree with you, at least in part. A LOT of kids who are spoon feed from their parents wallets have HUGE deep personal issues. There are numerous examples both personally, and well known families ( for example the Kennedy’s) where that bares out.

          I think Chelsea has done pretty good for herself, even if it took her a bit to get there. ?

          1. Yeah but they are not hard up on the money standpoint. They may have issues but they are not driving a shitty car, on benefits, and living in a crappy apartment.

  6. I wonder if Chelsea actually did quit the show, or if they cancelled it, and they brought it back after a few years like the first teen mom, would she sign on for it again…

  7. Ok. I just want to point out that Kail and Jenelle did go back to school. Remember when Kail went to meet a mentor in the profession that she wanted to work in after graduation? Jenelle went back to school and graduated to become a medical assistant. Yeah I know Jenelle will most likely never be able to work a day in the medical field, but she did go back to school. I have high hopes for Kail.
    I am not trying to say that these girls are as good or better than Chelsea in any way. She (Chelsea) is that only reason I still watch this show. I do agree with everyone that she does seem to be the most put together. But we shouldn’t discredit the achievements of the other girls.

    1. yeah kail is going to be the first of the teen moms to get her bachelor’s degree and jenelle got her certificate which is exactly what chelsea got

  8. Wow, my autocorrect is killing me. My spelling is awful, and words are put in my post I did not write.


    Sometimes I do spell things incorrectly, but wow this was insanely stupidly autocorrected…

  9. I love Chelsea and her whole family! She has always been my favorite. She has good parents, a good man and a adorable, sweet daughter. I love the relationship she has with her dad. She holds her own, but he always has her back. I wish nothing but the best for her. The other girls are all train wrecks, especially Farah. Sigh

  10. Chelsea is a he best of a bad lot. Out of all the girls all three shoes of “Teen Mom” the only one I foresee who does have to sweat her future. The rest of them are screwed (and that’s their fault). Each girl (well maybe not the TM3 girls) had the same chance to make something of themselves, but didn’t.

    I hope these shows end, sooner the better.

  11. I really respect Chelsea for not letting MTV film (and pay for) her wedding. She seems to have become pretty grounded and not obsessed with the spotlight or drama. Now if only Randy would follow suit, and stop doing interviews about his daughter and getting involved in Twitter drama….

  12. Chelsea has done the best all around of all the girls on any of the TM shows.

    Leah- new guy every year, absolutely nothing to fall back on when the show ends, pill addiction. She does seem to love her kids, even if she knows very little about parenting and nutrition.

    Jenelle- I mean do I even need to list it all out?

    Kail- her personal life is a mess, but she has hustle.

    Maci- drunk with two new trap babies. No career prospects. I do think she loves her children.

    Amber- Does she ever leave the couch?

    Catelynn- No skills at all once the show ends and she’s got a shit support system.

    Farrah- She’s a shit parent and yeah, she’s made money outside of TM, but at what price? She throws her money at any and all business opportunities and hopes they stick. Once her name recognition dwindles, she’ll be screwed.

    And then there’s Chelsea. She’s got a skill that she can use to support herself and Aubrey. She’s engaged to a seemingly nice guy and is finally over Adam. The worst people say about her is that she talks like s baby and sometimes treats Aubrey more like a friend than her child. She’s leaps and bounds above the rest of these girls.

  13. Sooooo no reunion recaps? Just tell me now so I can finally watch the show, I haven’t watched it waiting for your recap first but if that isn’t happening please let me know so I can finally get it off my dvr.

  14. I don’t think it’s a big shock that Chelsea is ready to quit. It’s been obvious for a while, especially at the reunion. I love her and think she’s a great role model, but she’s outgrown the show and it’s been obvious for at least 2 seasons.

    1. She outgrew it 2 seasons back – which puts her around 22 at the time… Says a lot about the others that haven’t moved past it after all this time.

    1. Thank you! She kept running after a loser. And now she’s totally disgusted with him bc she’s moved on. Whatevs.

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