‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Barbara Evans to Star in “Being Barbara” Special: Watch Sneak Peek Clips

"Eat ya heart out, Juh-nelle!"
“Eat ya heart out, Juh-nelle!”

Well Juh-nelle! Ya better move ova– ya motha’s the star now!

MTV is once again capitalizing on the popularity of Jenelle Evans‘ oddly accented mother, Barbara Evans, and this time, she’s getting her own TV special!

Barb, who has starred in several web series in the past, will be the subject of the “Being Barbara Special,” which will air next week on MTV. (The special’s name is obviously a nod to the “Being Maci,” “Being Farrah,” “Being Catelynn” and “Being Amber” specials MTV did a few years ago to catch viewers up on the lives of the Teen Mom girls.)

"I'm ready for my close-up, Mista Daaahmille!"
“I’m ready for my close-up, Mista Daaahmille!”

It seems that, unlike the “Bae for Babs” and “Barbara Breaks It Down” web videos of the past, “Being Barbara” will be set up much like a regular episode of ‘Teen Mom 2.’ It appears that the “fourth wall” will be down (meaning that Babs & Co. will be acknowledging the cameras).

In one of four sneak peek clips MTV posted today of the “Being Barbara” special, Barb talks about her desire to have a friend…with possible benefits. (Get it Babs!) Jenelle suggests that Barb focus on dating and living her life “without any distractions,” telling her that Barb should give her back custody of her son Jace.

“Wouldn’t you be more happier if you could come home and be like, ‘I can do whatever I want?'” Jenelle asks her mother.

Barb refuses to entertain the idea, and they end the clip with the typical sad ‘Teen Mom 2’ music.

In another sneak peek clip, a ‘Teen Mom 2’ producer helps Babs learn about dating apps for older women.

“I don’t want these dudes,” Barb says as she scans the man candy on a Sea Captain dating app. “Look, they’re all gruffy lookin’! How come they’re all into sex, man? They wanna know, ‘Have ya eva had sex on a wata bed or a house boat?'”

Babs did not seem thrilled with any of the salty men featured on the dating app.

In the third clip, Barbara learns all about the art of “manscaping” from the same “Teen Mom 2’ producer who helped her look for an eligible sea captain to date.

The producer informs Babs that things in the dating world have changed in recent years, and now men shave their, um, private areas just like women do. Barb is flabbergasted!

In the final clip, Barbara is shown out shopping at a used clothing store with her daughter Ashleigh. She tries on various dresses before finding one that catches her eye.

“This one I like! It’s all Spandex!” Barb cackles from inside the dressing room. “I love Spandex! It’s like wearin’ a girdle!”

Babs parades out in the sassy, animal print frock (while keeping her jeans at her ankles, as you do).

The shopping photo montage is basically the best thing The Ashley has seen all week.

Barb eventually finds a dress that she vows to wear to the next ‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion taping!

The “Being Barbara” special airs Monday, July 11 at 9/8c on MTV!

(Photos: MTV)


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  1. I love how Jenelle always complains that she can’t get a word in edgewise when it comes to discussing what is/isn’t best for Jace or the custody case but when Babs tried to say she didn’t want to discuss that, Jenelle shushed her +then just spoke right over her. Babs isn’t perfect but she’s a damn sight better than Jenelle!

  2. I apologize if it’s already been said but the quote should read (in Barb’so accent) “I’m ready for my close up Mistah Demiiiiile.”

    Sorry to be one of those people but Sunset Boulevard is one of my favorite movies and I just live that scene so much.

  3. Wait so Babs doesn’t get a free outfit for the reunion?! Her input is just as crucial to the ratings as any of the girls’ is!

  4. First of all I can’t wait to watch this show, I like Barbra. secondly we hardly get to hear her side of the story, eventhough I know she most likely has her own faults since she is janelles mom and the crazy doesn’t fall too far from the tree. Lastly Ashleigh looks nothing like Janelle and why does she wear a wig does she have cancer or something?

    1. Ashleigh has a condition, it’s not cancer. I don’t remember the name but she needs the wig because of that condition.

  5. I don’t know why, but I suddenly want to go try a dress on now, just so I can take my pants down half way too lol

  6. This is gonna be soooo funny! I love Babs, she’s so entertaining….and Jenelle really needs to quit it with the custody thing, if she wants him back that bad, and her life is so on track, then just take Babs to court and stop bitching.

  7. This is awesome !!! I’m glad mtv is good to her. She may be a little coo coo but ultimately she is a good hard working loving person that has had her life consumed with her children’s mess ups, more then the average parent (wayyyyyy more) you go babs!!! Jenelle doesn’t have jace. Jenelles segments should be primarily babs since she is the one raising the teen moms baby. Babs should have been the star all along

  8. I’m probably one of the few out there who really can’t stand Barbara or Jenelle. So I won’t be watching

    1. I feel exactly the same way and yet she failed at raising her own children and clearly shows she’s failing at raising Jace and people like her? I don’t get it. She just seems like a complete idiot. That entire family is pure trash.

  9. Aww good for her!! This looks like an amazingly hilarious show!! After all who doesn’t love Babs!! She needs to find someone as crazy as her. Go Babs Go!! #teambabs

  10. Please MTV, don’t let the UK miss out on this, we could do with a good giggle!

  11. I can’t wait for this to air! It is going to be awesome. It’s pretty sad when Barbara is more interesting and well liked than the “moms” on the show, enough to get her own spin off. I hope MTV is paying her well. She deserves it.

  12. The re-emergence of the early seasons Jenelle is priceless, pollywog eyebrows, bloat and all.

    I thought the pollywogs were banished with the Kesha feathers, but no.

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