EXCLUSIVE! ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans Accidentally Confirms Her Third Pregnancy After Months of Denying It


The Ashley doesn’t want to say she told ya so but…well, she told ya so!

Back in May, The Ashley exclusively told you that Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is currently pregnant with her third child. After The Ashley’s report came out, Jenelle constantly denied that she was pregnant (even specifically calling The Ashley out on her Instagram using the hashtag “#TheAshleyLies” which was adorable and soon deleted.) In the months since, The Ashley has maintained that Jenelle is, indeed, pregnant by boyfriend David Eason, despite Jenelle’s attempts to hide the pregnancy.

Jenelle accidentally outed her pregnancy on July 6 (although it was just discovered by watchful fans today).

The ‘Teen Mom 2’ star was in a car accident with David, and in the police report, David admits that his only passenger (listed as Jenelle Evans) was “at least 10 weeks pregnant and complaining of abdominal pain” after the accident.

The police report, which is public record, states that Jenelle was transported to NHRMC (New Hanover Regional Medical Center) for treatment after the accident.

As The Ashley told you in May, she has had proof for months that Jenelle is pregnant (although she can not reveal the details of how she knows, as it would reveal her source). In addition, multiple ‘Teen Mom 2’ cast and crew members have been confirming the pregnancy to The Ashley for months.

The Ashley hears that Jenelle is “very pissed” that her ‘secret’ was revealed, and that she feels violated because she didn’t think that her pregnancy would be disclosed in the official police report.

If you’d like to read the full police report (with only the contact info of the parties blocked out), you can do so here and here (the first one identifies the people involved, the second reveals Jenelle’s pregnancy). If you don’t believe it’s legit, you can feel free to look it up on the public record site yourself. (Be sure to set the date for a period that includes July 6, however.)

Congrats to soulmates Jenelle & David!

UPDATE: To clarify– Jenelle is at least 10 weeks pregnant; however The Ashley believes her to be much more than 10 weeks pregnant, based on her original sources. She does not know exactly how pregnant Jenelle is though, but it’s more than 10 weeks by far.

UPDATE #2: Jenelle has responded! Click here to see what she wrote!

(Photo: MTV)


  1. What she should do is put those kids up for adoption and get her tubes tied and get a.job and get off drugs and stop playing the victim cause at the end of the day the kid’s are the victim

  2. It’s really sad that Jenelle is so delusional that she honestly doesn’t understand why people wouldn’t be happy for her. She was so upset that the world is so overjoyed for Chelsea’s pregnancy and she gets nothing but hate. She truly doesn’t see anything wrong with her life and how her situation is way different than Chelsea’s. To her it’s apparently completely normal to be with someone for a month and think it’s the perfect time to have another baby. She doesn’t care about the kids at all, for her having someone’s baby is how you have a real relationship and to keep that guy from leaving her. She’s got more problems than just being bipolar…

  3. Like a dog in heat, get her fixed for God sake! This girl is such a joke! Never seen her parent or in a healthy relationship. She goes through guys like underwear. She must feel so awful about herself to never be without another dirtbag on her arm. Those poor kid’s don’t have a chance@being normal with there horrible environment and the mom always being a whore!

  4. This is so sad. You cannot say this was even planned. She struggles with the two she has got (as well as David and Nathan) I was a big Janelle supporter but this, oh Lord.

  5. I think that even if we overlook a lot (drugs, 16 arrests, her mom having to raise the 1st kid from dad#1, getting knocked up by dad #3 mere weeks after aborting the kid from dad#2 while still not stepping up for Jace). EVEN when those things are ignored, She got knocked up with kid #3 from a guy that has no job, a criminal record so extensive he will never have a good job-not to mention he already has two other kids he doesn’t take care of AND he is an a$$ to Kaiser. THAT is the problem. This guy is worthless and I doubt he will last a year before he gets in trouble for hurting Kaiser, Jace or Jenelle. On top of that, Jenelle is not a patient mother, she has no ability to control herself with her own violence or drugs, she lacks the capacity to see the difference in her choices and other Teen mom’s that have jobs and stable relationships before expanding their families,and her website (I just caught a glimpse) is advertised with “Go deeper with me”

    Farrah, you are officially off the hook. We were wrong. There are far worse choices than making porn in a responsible fashion.

  6. She cannot even handle the one she has in her custody. Why in the hell do these girls think having a child is the answer to their personal problems?!

  7. I feel bad for her kinda … In a weird “you did it to yourself so you need to take responsibility for it” kind of way … Yes she’s in the public eye by choice so all the hate comes with the territory. Yes she makes crazy decisions. But like …. Aside from her mom (who I totally love but also she could get hard to be around) does she have people around her that are in positions to positively influence her? Seems like the people she surrounds herself with are all equally off kilter as she is… They seem to encourage the unstable decisions that go against better judgment. Like … How long did she know Nathan for before they started trying to get pregnant … Like 3 weeks?
    And you have to think that she is actually freaking out about everything and having to take all the hate onto herself so that couldn’t be easy to handle …. But also she could handle it better …. I don’t know …. I do wish her the best in this but also fear the worst …. I think she wants people to like her for real she just goes about it backwards ….
    I have 3 small kids at home and I’m stable and happily married and they’re great kids and my husband is so great and helpful and engaged, and this is the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life! I can’t imagine going into it with the baggage jenelle brings … I have to hope for the best for her though because these little people are real people with real feelings and real futures … They aren’t put into the world for our entertainment …. I hope they come out of the fiasco and break the unhealthy cycles

    1. Then maybe she should step away from the tvscreebs and live her live away from the public eye

        1. I totally agree!! She doesn’t seem to handle it well at all and keeps doing things that get criticized (they are criticized for good reason). I think for the sake of her own mental health and her family she may need to take a bow …. Same goes for the rest of these Teen Moms … All but Chelsea seem to have reached their max and are now spiralling ?

          1. Everyone of them has come to the end of the line.

            Get your lives back get proper jobs and stay out of the limelight.

            It’s time to stop promoting teen pregnancy, spousal abusers, verbal abuse, child neglect and animals abuse ( chinelle) mtv.

  8. Jenelle has one thing in common with the Duggars, she doesn’t believe in birth control either, apparently.

    Poor Kaiser, I’m really afraid for him. Like maybe one day he will have some kind of fatal “accident”. I hope someone rescues that child before it’s too late.

  9. LOL she must be pissed. She was trying to score a magazine cover for her ~announcement. Thank you police report

    1. Where are claims like these coming from (ie; source)? I keep seeing them on social media with nothing to back them up.

      Being such an Ash fan, I read her book (and encourage others to do so- it puts a rest to many TM rumors you hear repeated. Very interesting read). According to the book (she obviously has very solid sources, hence her track record), the girls are NOT allowed to sell stories to tabloids, per contract. MTV handles all announcements and PR, and chooses how things are released. Sometimes they will work with a tabloid and set up press or stories, but there’s not monetary exchange. She did say that in the past a couple people have tried to get around it and have friends sell.

      I think she hid the pregnancy because she knew what the reaction would be. As ‘un-self aware’ as she is, she knew she’d get roasted for this, and I also think MTV must have been trying to figure out the best way to proceed.

  10. There’s a picture swirling around out there of Jenelle, Babs, and Jenelle’s sister Ashleligh from a birthday party a few weeks ago. Jenelle is in a tent of a dress with a puffy face. I’d bet that shes at least 5 months along right now. God help that poor kid.

  11. Sickening. Let’s not forget that in the past two months, she has been publicly drinking. Recently a woman sitting behind her and David on a flight took pics of them both doing shots from Jack Daniels nips, and Jenelle has posted photos and video of her drinking at club promos, Farrah;s birthday, and promotional events. I’m sure they’re being deleted as we speak now that her pregnancy has been officially confirmed. I hope someone sends CPS copies. I am so, so sorry to her future newborn. This makes me genuinely sad. 🙁

  12. Janelle why didn’t you think that you weren’t pregnant with your third child what made you think that

  13. So I looked at this and all the police report show is a tiny snippet that the pregnant passenger than another link to the contact info. But there is nothing linking the two together. I could be wrong but and clicked the wrong link but until I see the full report that has part A and B together it just seems like two separate reports. On the pregnant part there is no names or case numbers linking the two together. I do believe she is based on that pic that was posted a couple of months ago but if that was the case she would of only been about two weeks along too soon for a baby bump. If she really is 10 weeks along then she would be just as far along as Chelsea. Which this train wreck is going to overshadow Chelsea which isn’t fair. I think if you loose custody or sign custody over to someone and you don’t have them back you shouldn’t be able to have any more kids.

    1. The accident # is the same on both reports, same accident date, same accident street. It would therefore mean, it is the same report. Jenelle is listed as the passenger in vehicle #1 and the one who says she is 10 wks pregnant.

    2. And how exactly would you stop said person from having any more kids? We live in the U.S, not China…..or at least not yet.

  14. Dear the Ashley, I never doubted you for a moment. I knew you had the scoop dejour. I saw her tweet #theashleylies then it was deleted so that alone and of its self was an admission. Then I saw her big looking more preggo than ever, on the all time worse ever dr drew follow up special. That sealed the deal for me. I truly believe that she was going to try to make this a tabloid money maker, busted!! Lol btw the Ashley you rock….keep on writing your articles, some of the best damn humor I’ve ever read…. Ty

  15. Born liar and a grade A moron
    I hope you never get Jace back and I hope you loose custody of Kaiser

  16. I just dont understand does she not know what causes pregnancy! I thought she was on something to keep from getting pregnant. Well anyways lthe best protection is to abstain and keep your legs closed.I guess as long as she is on the show she can pay to take care of her kids. But she makes herself look like a whore 3 babies by 3 different daddy’s.She doesn’t need her other son back take care of the other two precious kids and get yourself fixed all u attract are bad worthless men. When will u learn ! You have no respect for yourself how many siblings will your children have? I hope and pray God will show u the way !

  17. Poor Kaiser is already so neglected, he will have zero attention after this new baby arrives. Unbelievable.

  18. Any chance The Ashley can find out how many girls promoting flat tummy tea products are currently pregnant or recently had babies? #sideaffectsinthesmallprint

  19. Barbara's Home for Abandoned children created with soulmate of the day #justlikethenotebook says:

    My user name is legit now! #justlikethenotebook

    1. I feel more for Jenelles children,than Barb. None of them asked to be born in this disfunctional family. Sadly, I think we’ll be hearing about one of Jenelles children dying in a hail of gun fire, or worse, in the he decades to come…

      1. Barb doesn’t seem to be bothered about Kaiser at all, I’ve never see her interact with that baby
        I really do feel so sorry for that child

        He’s mom doesn’t really want him, he’s used As a score board to get back at Nathan.

        Lurch is horrible to that boy and jenelle stands by and does nothing, making her worse than lurch, I fear for that baby’s wellbeing.
        And now another bargaining tool to use against lurch after they split up.

        1. Seriously. The way she handled Kaiser crying during the finale was terrifying to watch; yanking him hard up off the ground, pointing and yelling in his face to stop right now, and just being aggressive and hostile towards him in general (not to mention, allowing Lurch to speak to Kaiser and Jace the way he did). Instead of trying to figure out why he was crying and comforting him, her immediate reaction when he started crying was aggravation and anger.

          That is the only reaction she has ever had, even way back on her 16 & pregnant episode. She would roll her eyes, sigh heavily, start her ‘Oh my God, dude’ monologue, and leave whenever Jace cried. She couldn’t wait to for her newborn to go to daycare so she didn’t have to deal with him.

          However, she has always had other people there who, without aggravation, would take care of a crying baby so she didn’t have to, especially at night. She never got up with Jace or Kaiser, it was always Babs and Nathan. Now she is with someone who gets just as aggravated and angry as she does. I can easily see either of them becoming more aggressive than what has already been shown and doing something like shaking a baby that won’t stop crying. Based on their reactions to Kaiser crying, I would actually be surprised if they *haven’t* hit Kaiser when the cameras aren’t around in addition to just throwing him in his crib in the dark and ignoring him. Whenever Jace and Maryssa are there, they are clearly terrified and walking on eggshells. I’m scared that one of them is going to seriously hurt or kill one of those poor kids. Sadly, it almost seems inevitable at this point if no one steps in and nothing changes.

          1. I also fear this will not end well
            For those kids ?

            As for chinelle and her chinion followers i don’t give a rats ass for them, it’s the kids and the poor animals i feel for, she’s a disgrace and babs isn’t much better, she practically ignores Kaiser, that day when lurch called he cops,if I were the grandma id have scoped Kaiser up and removed him from that house telling the cops that the child isn’t safe

          2. It’s definitely a sad and scary situation. Jenelle isn’t capable of taking care of a pet rock, let alone human beings and animals.

            I find her chinions (such a hilarious term for them haha) and their stupidity amusing; a bit worrisome for the children of ones that are parents, but amusing nonetheless. I do pity them a bit, though. It must be so hard to go through life lacking so much brain power and common sense.

  20. I think she is using drugs. Her “mystery illness” symptoms were all symptoms of opiate withdrawal, and it did seem like she was doctor shopping, going all over the country to doctors to diagnose her. As well as she’s always locking herself in her bedroom on the show, and have has even said when he goes over there he doesn’t really see her, she’s always locked in her bedroom. I think she’s in there getting high, or nodding off and at least has the sense to not nod off on camera like Leah.

    1. That what I thought too! All of those symptoms she was listing off are textbook symptoms of opiate withdrawal. But I am sure her medical file is blacklisted for opiates that’s why she is going to extremes to find a doc that doesn’t see that. I don’t believe she quit heroine cold turkey either. Being a recovering addict of the same thing it is virtually impossible to do that unless you are in jail. I know a lot of addicts and the only ones that successfully quit cold turkey are the ones that got thrown in jail and quitting cold turkey is very dangerous too. So I don’t believe a word of her story and too her constantly bringing it up and saying she doesn’t do drugs anymore is another textbook addict trying to hide it.

  21. Hahaha lol best day ever. Karma is a b….. I guess that’s what she gets for trying to out chelseas pregnancy.

  22. The Ashley, can you comment on her sobriety status? She sure looked high as a kite in Being Barb. Not aure when that was shot in regards to her pregnancy. Also, do we get a recap for Being Barb pretty please? ?

  23. Wow. I can truly only think of one word for Janelle…classy. 3 babies by 3 dad’s (not including the abortion and miscarriage) that’s a person who’s winning at life. (This is sarcasm if you couldn’t tell) Janelle needs to seriously take a look at her life because she’s a mess.

    1. But she’s chaaanged!!! She’s stable, she’s lived in the same place for 10 months, she is healthy, she’s soulmates with a down to earth father type (or was that a violent abuser, i forget), they have a faaaamily now #blendedfamily
      How is she not as popular as Chelsea when they are just the same?!?!!

      The worst part is, she is so delusional she actually thinks all that is true.

      1. @Nathan’s, DUDE! Thank you for filling in the most important/hilarious part ?. How could I forget that she works out vigorously lol, it makes her such a success story!

      2. The poor girl is just a victim of MTV. They do nothing but give her bad edits and make her look so stupid!

  24. 2 problems
    1-This isn’t her third pregnancy. It’s at least her fourth, if not fifth. She aborted Coutland’s baby and supposedly had a miscarriage as well.

    2- The report says she’s 10 weeks. If you found out in May that she was “a few months along” then she’d be way further along than 10 weeks.

    1. No, the report clearly says “at least 10 weeks”. We all know Jenelle and numbers just don’t mix..they confuse her. 😉

    2. A nurse clarified that ‘at least 10 weeks’ is just for the transfer to hospital in the report. If you are 10 or more you you to L&D, less than 10 weeks you go to ER. So, all that basically means she’s at least 10. She/anyone could 12, 24,36 etc.

  25. Technically you were wrong. If you thought she was pregnant ‘for months’ back in May. If she’s 10 weeks now, she only would have been a few weeks pregnant then.

    1. It stated at least 10 weeks, meaning she’s not less than 10 weeks, and possible a lot more than10 weeks, are you that stupid you need it explaining to you???

      ^That was what *at least* meant^
      She’s 10 weeks or more doh

  26. Why would she hide and deny this pregnancy when it would come out eventually anyway? I really don’t get it…

  27. That poor c hild. Number 3 with 3 different baby daddy’s. Janelle is unfit as a human being no less a mother of 3. Stop producing you moron.

  28. Also:

    “At least 10 weeks”?

    Is she not getting prenatal care? What about her “medical issues”?

  29. If she’s this pregnant and the Ashley’s known for a while, that means she was purposely trying to get pregnant. How else would she know and be telling people so early?

  30. 4 babies with 4 different men. Classy. She has zero desire to be a mom but keeps getting knocked up. Good gravy….

    1. Those aren’t fail proof enough for this kind of serial skank.

      This bitch needs her uterus yanked. Post haste.

      1. Perhaps more dramastic measures should be taken?There have been documented cases of fertilized eggs implanting elsewhere in the bodies of women who have had a hysterectomy but kept their ovaries. She needs everything yanked. Then, she needs her vagina permanently plugged with cement for good measure.

          1. Plan A should be mandatory for her. Clearly Plan B isn’t stopping her from getting knocked up every year.

  31. Conqrats to davids family . They will be raising this child . Dude I’m so tired I wish this baby would shut up dude

    1. They didn’t do a good job dragging up their nasty abusive David tho did they

      I hope they never get custody

    1. Got her life together….
      She got a job?! Wait no…
      She got custody of her son?! Wait no…
      She’s kinder and more appreciative of her mother?! Wait no…

      She got pregnant by someone she’s known for 10 minutes AGAIN? Yes.
      She’s constantly high and drug seeking? Yes.
      She lets a man who has committed domestic violence handle her son and treat him poorly? Yes.

      She got her life together, yayyyy!

      1. Lol, I agree. She is a twisted little liar that is a man lover not kids lover. Meeting people she barely knows and having their children. She is a real THOT!!

      1. haha! Is anyone having an awesome time noticing that their avatars match their comments perfectly?

        April Smith has this loopy, swirly eye’ed avatar, which goes perfect with her comment of “Leave her alone already so what she got her life together.

        Ummm..yeah. Fail. This is Jenelle we’re talking about. She doesn’t even have an outfit together for her next public appearance that doesn’t look like it belongs on Kail instead of her, she certainly does not have her life together.

        So then we have Murphy, who seems to be giving a boggle eye’ed “what the hell is the matter with you, April Smith” look on it’s face. It fits too, because Murphy just laid the smack down, then dropped the mic. Thumbs up up for you, Murphy!

        Then, Jenelle’s forgotten baby daddy Courtland steps up to respond to April Smith, all her hands on her hips, lookin’ at her sideways..she asks April, “Are you dumb?” I’m dyin’ over here, waving my hands because I know the answer is YES!! I saw her avatar’s swirly eyes!!

        Ahhh…oh my.. The Ashley sets these up.. I just know she does, lol… and if she doesn’t, she damn well should! haha!

        1. That avatar analysis gave me giggles and made my day. Btw bruja – your name kicks ass 🙂 I’ve been called that myself hahaha

        2. hehehe, I’m glad you all like them 🙂

          If I can make a few people smile here and there with all the madness going on in this world, I know I’ll sleep just a little easier at night for having tried and succeeded, even if only a little bit.

          Besides.. now that you’ve seen the truth behind the avatars, you can’t un-see them now!! bwahahaha!
          *runs off cackling maniacally*

  32. Well, how pregnant is she really?? We have been thinking for months that she is pregnant, way longer than 10 weeks. How many weeks ago was the reunion filmed and Ashley first said she was pregnant?

    1. I have a feeling that David doesn’t know how many days in a week so even though it’s probably 25 he said 10. Or he said something incomprehensible and the officer estimated.

  33. 3 kids and 3 baby daddies … All by the time your 25…classy Jenelle .. Real classy!!!! Sweetie, you don’t have to have kids with every guy you date !!!! Watch this relationship implode in 3…2….1….

    1. Even if this didn’t leak and she did get a tab to pay for it you know she would think they’d do a happy pregnancy announcement with pictures of the latest cute baby fashions.. but they would end up writing “delusional drug addict train wreck is pregnant by her knuckle dragging woman beater boyfriend” and she’d be like “wtf I am never letting a magazine write about me again, they edited it to make me look bad wahh!”

  34. Why does this psycho bitch continue to have children that she clearly has zero interest in caring for? WHY???

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