Troubled “16 and Pregnant” Star Jordan Cashmyer Gives Update on Her Health After Leaving Rehab

jordan-cashmyerLast month, 16 and Pregnant Season 5 star Jordan Cashmyer checked into a rehab center in hopes of pulling herself out of the downward spiral she says she has been in since giving birth to her daughter Genevieve on ’16 and Pregnant.’ While Jordan was supposed to be in the ‘hab for at least 30 days, she checked out early and updated her Twitter on June 23 to let everyone know that she was “free” after only about 15 days in treatment.

Yesterday, Jordan provided a new update on her life, posting a long message to her social media accounts that she hoped would “clear up” a few of the stories circulating about her.

In the post, she denied any truth to the June TMZ story about her giving herself a black eye and a concussion after coming home drunk.

“My face was not busted up due to coming home drunk,” Jordan wrote. “In fact, as dumb as it sounds, I tripped over a stool in the dark and fell face first in the bathtub, (not intoxicated by alcohol at all when it happened.)”

Anyway, Jordan also denied the original story that she went to rehab for alcohol abuse. In the post, she stated that she physically cannot drink, due to suffering from pancreatitis.

“I went to rehab for drug use,” Jordan, who has discussed her substance abuse issues in other posts, wrote.

She added that since leaving rehab, she is doing better than she has in years. She no longer works as an exotic dancer, and says she is finally clean.

“For the first time in a really long time, I am thinking clearly, not using drugs or alcohol and have my depression , anxiety & mood swings pretty under control,” she wrote. “This is the first time in a really long time that I have felt like myself since my senior year, pregnancy and the few months after that before going to work at a [strip] club.”

This is positive news for the young mom, whose daughter has been being raised by Jordan’s ex, Derek Taylor, as well as members of Jordan’s family.

“I still have plenty of things to work on and finally I feel like I can handle them with a clear head and do what’s right for once in two years.”

Click here to read Jordan’s full post, click here!

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  1. Wow as if being on drugs is better than getting treatment for alcohol… I’m not judging, I have a family member who was close to death a number of times due to hardcore drug abuse and he cleaned his act up, got a good education and found a wife and has a child. If her daughter cannot motivate her, nothing will.

    She made me furious in her 16 and pregnant episode, and she still does to this day

  2. Well I hope she can retain her sobriety. At least she seems to realize it is too much for her to handle. It may take another couple of tries (harder when younger) but hope she has the support needed to keep at it. Best of luck to the whole family and the kid.

  3. I knew that the whole she was drunk and got a black eye and went to rehab for it was total bullshit. Probably all she did in rehab was detox. I hope she continues treatment outside of rehab. This is why addicts relapse casue they think if they can get through the withdrawals then they are cured and the physical addiction is such a small part of it. The mental part of it is the hardest and will never go away. I have been clean two years now and it’s still a everyday struggle for me. Herion for addict is like “sunshine in a bag” so she needs to really work on that. Just like the character on OITNB she wasn’t using it she just had it with her to look at it. I only did 5 days of inpatient and I didnt go through a full detox (suboxone) but I moved into a recovery house and took my therapy seriously. So best of luck to her but the outlook doesn’t look good for her.

      1. Thanks people need to not feed into the bullshit that they are sick and have a disease. I don’t believe in that it’s a lapse in judgement. So that’s how I have stayed away is by not thinking I have disease and I had lack of good judgment and worked on making better judgement. Everyone I know that focused on that and not “I have a disease” succeeded. Ones that focus on addiction is a disease failed.

      2. I don’t think she is lesbian…I know a girl who fell in love with another girl, but eventually she grew up out of it.Girls use more feeling, while guys use more sexual desire(not always trT&).uhate#8217;s the reason why some girls who are not really lesbian can fall in love with girls.Hence the whole female sexual fluidity stuff…that is not happening to gay male…

  4. Every time I see this girls picture on here I half expect the article to be about her being found dead or unresponsive. But for now she’s just BS-ing us about how she didn’t get punched in the face -_-

    This may seem sad/cruel but I’m willing to bet she’ll be the first girl from this series to go. Even before Farrah or Amber.

    1. My sister is a ER nurse so she deals with a lot of this kind of stuff. I showed her the pic and didn’t tell her any backstory to it. She said the bruising pattern is equilitvent to a punch to the face. The then asked me if the girl was addicted to opiates. She said by how boney her face was, her greyish skin tone and how her good eye looked really sunkin in. And she new nothing about the girl in the pic.

  5. Um, a lot of the time pancreatitis is caused by excessive alcohol consumption. Doesn’t exactly show you don’t have an alcohol problem or haven’t had one before. It’d be good motivation to stop drinking though, because it’s apparently extremely painful.

    Also, that stool/bathtub story (not the one about Jenelle! :P) sounds like bullshit. I don’t understand why she is openly admitting the drug problem while trying to explain away any accusations of alcohol abuse. Maybe she feels like she needs an “out” if she were to stop using drugs, needing to make it seem like she doesn’t have an alcohol problem either so she can fall back on that if she really does stay clean.

    IDK, speculation, but I hope she really does keep herself clean and sober so she can enjoy those physical and mental health benefits. Someone really close to me stopped drinking a couple of months ago, and it’s amazing how much his life has improved since then. I’d hope for the same for Jordan.

  6. She’s not going to stay sober by not taking it seriously, which she’s clearly not if she left rehab early.

    1. Exactly! 15 days to get sober after years of hardcore drug use?! Ok Jordan..

      It’s a real shame that not even her own daughter can motivate her to change her life. Her daughter deserves more than this

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