TLC Releases First Trailer for ‘Counting On’ Season 2: More Weddings & Babies in the Duggars’ Future

Oh, John David, we expected more out of you....
Oh, John David, we expected more out of you….

After watching the Duggar Family for years on 19 Kids and Counting (and a season of Counting On) we know there’s nothing these people like more than a wedding– other than a baby, of course! It looks like the family will be very happy this season, as ‘Counting On’ Season 2 appears to be centered around the adult kids getting hitched and popping out more kids.

TLC released the first trailer for ‘Counting On’ Season 2 today, just one day after fourth Duggar daughter Jinger announced her engagement to Jeremy Vuolo. From the trailer, it appears that Season 2 will revolve around Jinger and Jeremy’s courtship and engagement.

Welcome to your new life as a Duggar breadwinner, Jing!
Welcome to your new life as a Duggar breadwinner, Jing!

Not to be outdone, Jinger’s older, already-married-off sisters, Jill and Jessa, are both talking about adding more kids to their broods. Each girl already has one child with their respective husbands. While Jill and her husband Derick Dillard vow to have another baby within the year, Jessa and her husband, Ben Seewald, talk again about wanting to adopt a kid.

“Ben and I have had it in our hearts to adopt,” Jessa says in the trailer. “That was something we talked about even before we got married.”

Almost completely absent from the trailer (except for being part of the weird human pyramid thing the siblings do) is Jana Duggar. Jana is the oldest Duggar girl, and the only one who has yet to enter a courtship. Last season, Jana actually got some camera time, but with Jinger’s engagement taking center stage during Season 2, it looks like Jana may be relegated to the background again.

On the TLC website, we learn that Season 2 will also cover Jill and Derick returning home from Central America, Ben organizing a football camp for kids, and John David, Joseph and Josiah possibly “seeking new relationships.” Poor Jana isn’t even mentioned…

‘Counting On’ Season 2 will feature 10 hour-long episodes, and will premiere on Tuesday, August 23 on TLC.

Watch the full trailer below:

(Photos: TLC)


  1. I feel sad ? that the family is separating. I love ❤ the show so much. I learned things from it. I am one of my grandmother ? raised 19 and she lost 6 children. But 19 lived. It was so much joy. Every time one would leave home ? I would cry. We were close like the Duggars. This has hurt me so bad. But people are going to be people. But one thing about it they can’t out do God so let them talk. God will shut their mouths up. Tears with me I will continue praying ? for the entire Duggar family. May God continue to bless all of you.

  2. Poor Jana I hope against hope shell meet a nice normal guy to take her away from all this bullshit she has the saddest eyes I’ve ever seen

  3. There is more chance of nut job Farrah Abraham adopting a child than these pedo loving misfits, and that’s saying something as Farrah’s as messed up as this hypocritical farcical family.


  4. I’m just curious how all of the above commenters got to know the Duggers so well? I’d also like to know how difficult it was for those commenters to adopt? I read about Ben Seewald’s windshield company, and his calling to continue his seminary plans. I think it is very interesting that the commenters know this family so well but seem to assume the only money coming in is from TLC. When the family works in comerical Real estate Business, flipping houses, rentals etc. These children are certified to operate machinery, some have CDL; plus the framing, roofing, landscaping, plumbing and electrical skills. This is how the Duggar parents built their home without a mortgage. With Derick Dillard doing mission work and the worry about Zika preventing Jill from having a second child, clearly their personal child planning practices are working. When I don’t like a television show I chose not to watch it. I also chose let other people live their lives without judgment. So if these commenters have such a personal relationship within a cult, I hope they choose to leave it. Of course that is obviously their decision. Gods Blessings

    1. Ha ha!! That’s funny, you calling us judgmental!!! As if this cult doesn’t judge others (LGBTQ, Catholics, Muslims, etc.) as easily as they breathe!! ALL THEY DO is judge and spew hate!! Thank you for the laugh!!
      Oh, and you want to know how we know so much about them?? How about because they have put EVERY SINGLE ASPECT of their lives (including their SEX lives) out there for the ENTIRE world to see not only on their TV show, but they have done hundreds of interviews and all the older kids post on social media ALL THE TIME!! Our information about them is FROM THEMSELVES; THATS how we know so much about them.
      I wanted to say-You seem like a nice enough person, please look into the truth about this family. Their behavior really is the exact opposite of Christian; its downright evil. God’s Blessings to you as well.

    2. Using your flawed logic, I suppose having a nail & a hammer makes them skilled carpenters too, right? Take a pill!

  5. I would be seriously concerned for any child to be adopted into this cult. Historical evidence doesn’t read well… Surely this can never be allowed to happen again? There are far too many negative flags and, as far as I’m able to see, no positive ones. Here in the UK adoption is a very lengthy, intrusive and thorough process (for a good reason) that excludes anyone “hoping to adopt” for their own agenda, which is exactly what I believe the Dugrats are doing!!

    Quite why TLC are funding another series of this boring, poisonous show is beyond me – I question their interest in these people and question further their willingness to fund such rubbish, for surely they must be funding it, either in entirety or in part…? For a TV station who declares it tries to provide good wholesome, educational entertainment they need to look elsewhere because the Duggars are NOT good, honest, hard-working, trustworthy, upstanding members of society, but lying liars who lie, who cheat, break laws and are nothing but lazy, greedy grifters relying upon the generosity (& sometimes stupidity) of others.

    If there’s free food anywhere you can expect to see the Duggars first in the queue – they are self-serving, self-entitled and self-absorbed people who now believe themselves to be important celebrities with status and a lifestyle that they can’t afford but are happy to take. The shockingly poor example that the parents set by leaving the hard work of raising their enormous prodigy to their elder daughters while they hump each other in public places tells all – there’s absolutely NOTHING outstanding or wholesome about them.

    So, if anyone is up for seeing yet another engagement, another wedding shower, another say yes to the dress, another ring, another wedding, another first kiss, another baby and on and on and on and on and on, rinse and repeat until you’re brain dead then view away… I feel genuinely sad for those who cannot find anything better to do, but wanted to leave this comment because I feel these people are dangerous, evil bigots who should be shown for what they truly are. I find it deeply worrying that most of their “fan base” is made up of teenage (or younger) “fans” who are both impressionable and vulnerable… Those who are older appear to be very much alike the Duggars in the fact they appear badly educated, usually women who live within marriages where they are suppressed and brain-washed by this awful cult. I feel that everyone should receive unconditional positive regard in life, but know that this is not within the Duggars vocabularly and that any children born into this cult will eventually become poisoned by it, their inner light dies, their eyes become vacant and they end up with a rictus grin and an aching heart. The girls especially have nothing to look forward to in life but having their “protector” hand-picked by daddy who then continues to manage them both. Their future does not involve education or developing themselves in any useful way but channels them into being yet another breeding machine whose sole purpose in life is to out-populate the planet with their version of extreme Christian Fundamentalism – and convert anyone else remaining to it.

    Please let the Duggars, who have nothing of value to share with society, disappear into a cloud of their own odorous gas – we’ve all had QUITE enough of them and their distorted views now.

  6. How can ANYONE stand this cult?? ALL THEY DO is talk about sEx, have babies (women are only good for that, to them you know), and spew hate. Thousands of sponsors stopped airing commercials during their show Bc they don’t want to be associated in ANY way with this CULT. They are disgusting grifters. We have only seen the TIP of the iceberg (with the Josh molestation and affairs)!as far as the skeletons in their closet!!

  7. I can’t believe this is news…It’s the same thing like all the rest that have gotten married…Why not show something of importance…Nope…Wont happen with this ignorant, vile, greedy family…

  8. Honestly with Jana I wonder if she might be gay. Statistically it’s very likely that at least one of them would be. Maybe she hasn’t had any courtship because she doesn’t want to. I’m hoping it’s because she doesn’t want to as opposed to not being allowed to since her parents don’t want to lose a baby sitter

    1. I think it has more to do with these two things:
      1-MEchelle doesn’t want to lose her live-in babysitter who is more of a mother to her kids than she is. And
      2-Josh’s sexual abuse was more severe than they reported and of Jana courts, the truth would be found out that she is not “pure.”

  9. Why does Derek say TRY and have a baby in the next year? I thought they weren’t allowed to UNtry by any means.
    And how can Jessa say they will adopt now. They both know they have to be married for a specific amount of time and have no babies under a certain age. They can’t use birth control of any kind so why would they go through that process and then end up pregnant in the middle of it.
    It certainly sounds like they are using some kind of birth control whether it’s fertility awareness, rhythm method, abstinence, etc. I thought all birth control methods including those were not permitted based on their faith.

    1. Like Michelle and Dimbulb, Jessa and Ben will do nothing more than give lip service to adoption. Their cult is against it, something to do with “sins of the father”. Plus he doesn’t (nor she) work, they live off the generosity of her parents and TLC. They haven’t been married long enough, don’t own anything (including the house they live in, which has only two bedrooms, IIRC).

      Finally, for all these reasons couldn’t pass a background check.

  10. Don’t say “poor Jana” Bc the lack of attention doesn’t hurt her. If she had it her way she wouldn’t be on the show at all

  11. Jenelle's love of her life, wait no fiancé, wait no babydaddy, wait no ex, wait no guy she calls the cops on, wait no enemy! says:

    I don’t know how an adoption would be approved without either of them having a job. Also too they might think the fact that her brother molested children that it might not be a safe environment for a child. They talk up and down that they want to adopt internationally bu if they are successful I wouldn’t be surprised if they end up adopting a white baby.

    1. She’s “uptight” and boring because she’s not money hungry and doesn’t want to be on the show. Sri have hopes for her!

  12. I reallllllly hope jinger doesn’t immediately pop out a baby like the rest of the duggars! Please be different. You’re allowed to be married without kids and you’re allowed to be religious without being crazy!!

    Side note: if Jessa and Ben are allowed to adopt my faith in humanity is shot. They’re children. They act like children with no careers or money except for the show and she’s already expressed how much she struggles with one baby!

    1. there are many reasons they would be turned down for adoption, local or international, the presence of a child predator in the midst , grandparents hiding sexual abuse, not having jobs or education.

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