Fiance of ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Adam Lind Confirms Engagement, Shows Off Rings

"Maybe we can hold our wedding at the gym? Nothing says love like a squat bar!"
“Maybe we can hold our wedding at the gym so I can do bench presses during the ceremony?”

Two weeks ago, The Ashley reported that Teen Mom 2 star Adam Lind was reportedly engaged to his girlfriend, Stasia Huber. While Adam has kept silent on the report, Stasia recently confirmed that she is, indeed, engaged to Adam, and even showed off their rings.

According to Stasia’s recent Facebook post, Adam proposed to her on May 13 (although the pair kept the engagement private until recently). While she wouldn’t give all the details of the proposal, she did reveal a little.

“I’d say but I don’t want to embarrass him,” Stasia wrote. “If he wants to tell it he can…just know it had me in tears and was crazy and perfect.”

Apparently, the proposal wasn’t exactly a surprise to Stasia, who stated that she picked out her engagement ring. (She later posted photos of her ring, as well as the ring that will be Adam’s wedding band.)

“We picked them out together and I got exactly what I wanted,” Stasia wrote of her ring.

Stasia also seemed to address the nay-sayers who had previously commented on the size of her diamond, insisting that Adam could have purchased a bigger ring for his fiance, given how much money he makes from MTV.

“Any bigger would have been too much for me,” Stasia wrote. “I spent weeks looking at styles and knew exactly what I wanted… I tried on bigger ones and it looked gaudy on my small hands., I actually got a little bigger than I originally picked because this diamond was shinier.”

This is the first engagement for both Adam and Stasia. It’s not known if Adam’s proposal was captured for the upcoming 7B season of ‘Teen Mom 2’ (which, despite saying he was quitting the show, Adam is very much still filming for). However, The Ashley thinks it’s unlikely that it was filmed.

They have not yet announced a wedding date, although The Ashley can almost guarantee that they’ll avoid choosing October 1, which is the day that Adam’s ex, Chelsea Houska, will marry her fiance, Cole DeBoer.

Well…it is Adam, so maybe not…

Check out Adam and Stasia’s rings below:

adam lind engagement ring

(Photos: Instagram)


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  1. I just came to this article because of starcasm comments. I’m actually disgusted and sick to my stomach by the blatant hate and hypocrisy with the comments about a woman we haven’t even seen on the show… so your blinded opinions of her is she must have mental issues if she’s with Adam? Really? And how many of your parents approved of your boyfriends? Clearly Adam has been doing better (not as good as I would like to see) but much better… get off your high horses, you people are nobodies compared to this girl. This article isn’t about you after all or me. We are just here to watch their lives and we honestly don’t see her at all and like 5 min of adam an episoe. So how much do you really even see of Adams life. Exactly. Not even enough to have an opinion. God I feel like an after school special but seriously what kind of example are you setting for your kids. Calling her names? She’s got an education for f+ucksake. She didn’t get pregnant at 16, or any young age for that matter. She doesn’t have a criminal record. She works at a hospital and looks to be an amazing aunt. And from what Adams posted aubree and paislee look like they like her too….. I see a kind hearted woman who loves a man who doesn’t deserve her but she loves him anyways… ashley should write her next article on cyber bullying and misdirected hare crimes on people they don’t know. Man I can’t stand today’s generation… kindness and respect and intelligence are so rare these days. Tall are some basic bi+ches

  2. Jeepers Christ, these down votes are nuts, y’all.

    Are the comments on this site getting meaner? I feel like this used to be a relatively positive forum. I mean, there were definitely disagreements, but they were generally part of mostly mature debates. Even the less than glowing comments about the TM crew were backed with explanation and weren’t just outright hateful. The fuck happened?

    Not everyone wants a big giant diamond ring. I don’t think the size of the stone is necessarily supposed to represent the income of the purchaser, but I’m wrong a lot so who knows?

    I’m definitely not an Adam defender, but don’t you think that if he dropped mad $$ on a gigantic diamond that he’d be getting just as much hate for spending money on his lady instead of his daughter? Just sayin’

    Bring on the down votes

  3. Jenelle's love of her life, wait no fiancé, wait no babydaddy, wait no ex, wait no guy she calls the cops on, wait no enemy! says:

    What a surprise he gets engaged (isn’t this like his third engagement) right after Chelsea announces she is pregnant. Trying to outshine her? Didn’t do very well because give it a few months, another child and this engagement will be called off due to him cheating on her.

  4. I am really amazed by all these downvotes!

    In other news: how much does Aubree look like Adam? It’s uncanny in that picture, they practically have the same face!

  5. 1) LOL at all the thumbs down. Calm down Adam peeps. 2) I think it’s really shitty to make negative comments about anyone’s rings. That is personal, plus what’s the point? Would we like Adam more if he had got her a ring 3x as big? No. I think the ring is lovely. I also don’t approve of the trash talking about this girl. We don’t know her at all. Plenty of nice girls have been fooled by this tool before. I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt.

    1. I agree, this chick hasn’t been around much, I love Chelsea but I’d hope for Aubree’s sake that Adam finds a good woman who makes him happy and helps him build a stable household. Who knows how Stasia is personally but I haven’t seen anything to suggest she’s a bad person, no need for the meanness.

      1. Eh, I don’t think any human being can make someone happy if they have a ton of other issues – like I think Adam does. I think Adam will always be a shitty kind of person. I feel bad for Stasia.

        1. Oh I agree, I wasn’t saying this woman would be the source of his self-improvement or well being, but I’d hope she would contribute to it instead of being some kind of detrimental presence in his life. I think people who are fucked up can make positive changes in their life, and just like relationships can make someone’s life worse, there’s (rare and precious) times when they can make someone’s life better. For his kids’ sake, let’s hope this is the latter situation.

  6. Congrats Stasia, why dont you smile and show us those beautiful teeth of yours. Oh thats right, I forgot they look like something off a Simpsons cartoon.

  7. Adam needs to f*** off, he is such a waste of space, he is always moaning about being on the show, well leave, of course he wont leave because it needs the money, what job does he actually have, oh I know getting different bimbos knocked up.

  8. Adam is pointless to me. Great, he’s engaged, but he was also engaged to Chelsea and whatever his other baby mama’s name is

  9. Sure sounds like she’s trying to convince herself she likes that little plain ring- I mean to each their own, but if you are truly happy with your engagement ring there’s no need to explain the size, shape, design, etc. to everyone along with your engagement announcement.
    Also, they kept their engagement a secret until Chelsea and Coles baby annocment? Shady..

    1. My rings aren’t very big either and I’ve actually been criticized for it. I love my rings and the meaning behind them but also have been put in the position where I felt the need to defend them. It’s shocking what people have the nerve to say to people.

  10. She must love misery, because soon enough she’s gonna be wallowing in it! She know he has cheated on her multiple times, yet she stays with him. And for what? This guy’s the biggest douchebag around!

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