“16 and Pregnant” Season 3 Star Kayla Jackson Welcomes Second Child

"At least I didn't have to give birth on camera this time!"
“At least I didn’t have to give birth on camera this time!”

It’s (another) boy for 16 and Pregnant star Kayla Jackson! The Season 3 star gave birth to her second child on July 27. Kayla and her boyfriend, Matt Neyers, named their little boy Cedric.

“I am so happy. exhausted. But so incredibly happy,” Kayla tweeted a few days after Cedric’s birth.

Kayla, who has been dating Matt for over three years, announced her pregnancy in March. She is already the mother of five-year-old Preston (the baby she gave birth to on ’16 and Pregnant’) but this is the couple’s first child together. (Kayla broke up with Preston’s father, Michael Schwing, years ago, but the exes have remained friends.)

Nearly all of the mothers on Kayla’s season of ’16 and Pregnant’ have gotten pregnant again (or had more children) since appearing on the series. In fact, only one girl– Taylor Lumas— has yet to have another pregnancy.

In the past, Kayla, now 23, has been outspoken about regretting her decision to appear on ’16 and Pregnant.’

“It was the worst decision I’ve ever made,” she wrote in March 2015. “And every time they replay [my episode] and people ask me about it I regret it all over again.”

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  1. There’s always somenone pointing at Izabella as the role model of the franchise, but I personally think the title should go to Taylor.She was the youngest mom to appear at the show. She came form a situation of poverty, with her single mom working at Walmart and struggling to provide for her. And she still managed to finish high school in time, was accepted right away at a good college, works hard to provide for her daughter and is never involved in boyfriend drama. Altough she broke up with her daughter’s father, she is still friends with him and his family. And no babies out of wedlock so far. Congratulations, Taylor!

    1. I don’t get the people who applaud her and either? I think she worse than Chelsea, when it comes to using and relying on parental support, and money. She wouldn’t have ANYTHING if it wasn’t for me them.

  2. So the haters came out and left hundreds of downvotes/upvotes again. To whomever is doing that, you seriously need to get a life. Downvote away, loser. No one likes you.

  3. Barbara's Home for Abandoned children created with soulmate of the day #justlikethenotebook says:

    Seriously hate most of the baby names on teen mom!!

    Cedric?? Yuck
    Preston blah
    Bintley?? Maverick WTF?
    Jade? Stripper
    Aleahh, Allianna, Adderall?? Come on!!!!

    Amayah and Amariah

  4. I always felt for Kayla. I never thought she did anything to be embarrassed or ashamed of in her episode, but after reading some of the other comments on here I think I might see why she regretted appearing on the show. I’ll just leave her with a congratulations!

    1. Probably because she just spent over 24 hours in labor and then decided to take a photograph. I don’t know about you but after I gave birth I didn’t look very fresh faced either..

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