‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans Finally Announces Her Pregnancy

"I admit it-- I have the spawn of David in my tummy!"
“I admit it– I have the spawn of David in my tummy!”

UPDATE! Jenelle just confirmed that she is pregnant with her third child. (FINALLY!) She announced that she is having a girl, and is naming her Ensley Jolie. The baby is due on January 28.

After months of avoiding the subject (and flat-out denying it), Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans has finally admitted that she’s pregnant…and always has been!

See the announcement:

The Ashley was the first to tell you months ago that Jenelle was expecting. At the time, Jenelle denied that she was “with child” (and even called The Ashley a liar, as you do) but according to multiple sources, Jenelle is finally ready to come clean and admit that she’s going to have a baby. (She did accidentally admit that she was pregnant back in July, when she was in a car accident, but then refused to discuss the matter.)

The Ashley’s media pals tell her that Jenelle had opportunities to do a magazine reveal, but they didn’t work out. The pregnancy and reveal will be covered on the upcoming season of ‘Teen Mom 2,’ from what The Ashley’s production sources tell her.

"Real nice Juh-nelle!"
“Real nice Juh-nelle!”

The pregnancy confirmation will come very soon (along with a gender reveal), from what The Ashley hears. Jenelle will be attending the MTV VMAs this weekend, so it will likely be done by that time.

This will be Jenelle’s third child, and first with current soulmate David Eason.

Today, Jenelle hinted on Snapchat that David was dressed in pink for a “special occasion,” and many assumed that she was revealing that she was carrying a girl. The Ashley can’t confirm if it’s a boy or a girl, though. Jenelle has since deleted the post.

(Photo: MTV)

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  1. Does she idolize Angelina Jolie? I find it ironic that she is giving the baby the middle name “Jolie”. As many kid’s/miscarriages/abortions, she’d be right up there with Angelina. God, let’s hope that she doesn’t pop out more to keep with her and Brad!

      1. You know chinelle never appologies or admits any wrong doing.

        Or no Conscience either.

        “We know you’d not put anything out there if there wasn’t any truth to it.”
        Well done on ousting this lying excuse for a human ??

  2. We know that you think having a kid will ensure that your soulmate will never leave (by the way thats trapping)
    It didnt work with Jaces dad, didnt work with Kaisers dad & I it wont work with this kid.

    Obviously you dont learn from your mistakes.

  3. I keep trying to think of something witty to say but I can’t. Good lord, this is just sad and unfortunate. My dog is taken care of 10x better than her current children and she’s popping out another.

  4. Don’t get me wrong, as a viewer I enjoy watch TM and 16 and pregnant, however, why is it that most seem to get pregnant very quickly? I’m sure the stats are correct that MTV tell us, but what’s the stats on the teen mom/16 and pregnant rebirth rate? Xxx

  5. Jenelle's love of her life, wait no fiancé, wait no babydaddy, wait no ex, wait no guy she calls the cops on, wait no enemy! says:

    Why doesn’t she realize that you don’t have to get knocked up by everyone you date?

    1. It’s some real creepy desperate shit to make sure you’re tired to your soulmate for life. Especially after less than a year of dating.

  6. That announcement photo is really weird. She looks like she’s at Coachella or something, the flower crown looks really stupid and juvenile.

    Also, I find it interesting thar Chelsea included Aubree in her announcement but both of Janelle’s sons are conspicuously absent.

    1. Jenelle's love of her life, wait no fiancé, wait no babydaddy, wait no ex, wait no guy she calls the cops on, wait no enemy! says:

      I love your user name!!! LOL!!!

    2. She’s just posted a picture of the boys and her, saying something about her children all together! She probably panicked a a thought “crap, I better pretend I like my other children too!”

  7. OMG! And she used all that flush tea and those pills recently, I hope the baby is alright. (Sarcasm off)

  8. This legimately makes me sick and I feel a bit bad saying that.

    Out of everyone on the TM franchise, why her? Ugh. It’s unfortunate the abortions and heavy drug use didn’t cause her to go infertile.

  9. Congratulations on your new Lil addition. So excited that you are having a girl. Jace and kaiser will be the best big Brothers ever.

  10. This broad is absolutely sick. Jenelle is THEE definition of INSANITY: Doing the same thing(s) over & over again, expecting different results. HOW f*cked up can you BE & also be paid on a long running reality show?! Chick admitted to having an abortion w/ Courtland’s baby(or was it a “miscarriage”? TOO many damn stories) and was already planning on her next baby making with Nathan. That’s only ONE psychotic situation I can think of that sickened me to the core. There are lists & lists of other things.
    THEE LOWEST, most Grimy chick ever.

  11. I feel very bad for her kids. Jace is already showing signs of aggression and behavioral problems, kaiser will probably start acting out just for attention, and this little girl will most likely be called a b**ch by jenelle and will follow in her mothers foot steps just like barb did to jenelle.I give it 3 months after the baby arrives at most before there’s trouble in paradise and one or both of them are arrested or worse. Really very sad as Nathan said “trailer trash that hit the lottery” but she’s done nothing positive for herself or her children. And given the fact this is a girl, I worry about how many of her mother’s soul mates may abuse her also.

    1. I thought the same thing with the abuse. She moves in men with drug problems and criminal records who aren’t even allowed to see their own children. That’s throwing your babies to the wolves! Or throwing them into a car with last season Leah

  12. I hope Chinelle likes dealing with her own bullshit because Ensley is just going to be a mini-Chinelle. Just like Jace. Just like Kaiser.

  13. One of today’s blinds on CD&N:

    “This Teen Mom went 0 for 6 in her attempts to get anyone to pay for her pregnancy announcement. She even wanted a cover. I can still hear the laughing.”

    I know this is contrary to what The Ashley heard via her sources, and I don’t tend to believe much from Enty, but I so hope this is the truth lol.

  14. I’m so over this sad excuse of a mother. Get your tubes tied and sit the fuck down…. and not with your legs spread, please.

    Cause once MTV is over. We’ll have to cover the expense of your children. SCUM.

    1. Jenelle's love of her life, wait no fiancé, wait no babydaddy, wait no ex, wait no guy she calls the cops on, wait no enemy! says:

      Yep I couldn’t of said it better! That sounds like her goal when she was complaining about not being able to get any form of assistance!

      1. Like seriously supposedly 250k a season is more than two people make in one household per year, nonetheless two seasons. That being said as well stated above Jenelle sit the fuck down!!

  15. Lawd. Girlfriend can’t handle her own life, Or Jace’s, can barely stand when Kaiser even cries (because he’s sick of her shit too), but she wants ANOTHER crying baby to complain about? #SoHappy #SoHopeless This girl is a shining crack spoon example of everything that is wrong in our country. She gets knocked up as a teen, ok fine it happens. She makes bad mistake after bad mistake and doesn’t even see she’s the actual problem, but she keeps popping them out. A BABY WONT MAKE A MAN STAY WITH YOU JENELLE! FUCKING STOP! Poor Jace man. He didn’t ask for this shit. You know that’s why he has a crush on Aubree lol he’s begging Chelsea with his sad little eyes at the reunions “please take me with you”

  16. Those pictures scream, ” look, I’m just like Chelsea”.

    Jenelle, you and David aren’t even close to the scum on the soles of Chelsea and Cole’s shoes.

    1. I didn’t think of Chelsea at all looking at this pic. I thought it was her dream come true hashtag: #JustLikeTheNotebook. Barf.

    2. I don’t watch these shows anymore but sometimes keep up here and there on this website and others, and I also thought “look, I’m just like Chelsea!” ❤️

  17. Crap! Jenelle is due on my birthday! 🙁
    How sad that she is bringing another child into her vortex of dysfunction. Did anyone notice that she tried to come up with a cute announcement (kind of like Chelsea)? She might actually pay attention to this one…since it is a girl. She really is a horrible person.

    1. I don’t think she’s due on your birthday, she probably pops this one out in November or December, because now she claims she was 10 weeks pregnant at the time of the car accident, but The Ashley reported it weeks before that.

      Also, this is my last entry as Kaiser’s Escape Plan, since there’s a new child that needs to find a way out of there 🙁

  18. hmmm she says due Jan 28th…taking bets on the little Ensley Jolie (certainly a unique name…) making an appearance “early”?!

  19. I don’t think Jenelle would have this many kids if it weren’t for Teen Mom….She keeps procreating with these guys that are opportunists, and jump at the opportunity to be on TV, then to secure their “check” and their stint on TV, they impregnate her. She’s too stupid to realize that they’re only using her for infamy and money. She really thinks this is “love”, so she keeps recklessly bringing innocent children into the world. Had it not been for MTV, Jenelle would still be running around Oak Island with Kiefer. At least Kiefer had enough sense not to make a child with her.

      1. I feel like Keefa was the lesser of the evils. Was he perfect, no, but I never ever saw him abuse Jace or mistreat her in front of her kids. Keefa should be lucky though. Hopefully he has grown up and gotten his sh’t together and leave Chinelle in the past. No doubt she will reach out to Keefa when things go south with UBT.

        1. From the outside, Kieffer seems on the edge of “normal” compared to her current and past soulmates. But lets not forget the infamous scenes of him and Jenelle using heroin, barely able to form a word, or get off of the bed. While there’s been violence with all of her boyfriends, the closest she has come to death was when she was with Kieffer.

        2. Between them they now will have 5 kids, with 5 different sets of parents, and will only have full custody of 2/5. 🙁

          1. that and he released those topless pics of her for money…..but the sick thing is, those incidents should be the things to teach anyone not to go for the same type of person…Jenelle, however, doesn’t go for the same type of person….she chooses WORSE than than the guy before. That’s why when she breaks up with these guys, it’s scary because Jenelle ALWAYS downgrades….significantly.

          2. No one believes he *really* released those pics of her. She got just as much from that as he did.

    1. She was banging keefa while she was with/breaking up with Nathan wasn’t she? There’s pics of him and her together recently

  20. Props to the Ashley for calling out Jenelle on being pregnant MONTHS ago. Jenelle swore up and down the story was false.

    1. Why deny pregnancy when the truth will come out eventually for all to see? I never understood that. Id have more respect for people if they just ignored the question instead of lying about something that can’t be hidden in a few months.

      1. I read that she thought she was going to get a big payday from the gossip mags, when she saw none of them coming through she gave up, hence posted it after all it’s the inevitable anyway…sounded true to me #thirstyjenelle what else is new….

  21. When that first picture was taken in May at target she looked about 4 to 5 months pregnant. Please don’t tell me she found out that baby was a boy, aborted it then got pregnant again to get a girl……however that would be right up jenelles alley……I’m sickened just thinking about it….

  22. “We couldn’t be any happier”? Really? Jenelle still doesn’t have custody of Jace, UncleBadTouch still isn’t allowed to see his son… But yeah, make another baby and forget about the other ones and be 100% happy bitch.

  23. I can’t stop thinking that this means that Kaiser will end up being even more neglected than he already is. She’s always wanted a girl and now that she’ll have one, I really believe she’s going to totally ignore Kai or maybe she’ll just give him to Nathan’s mom once and for all.

    1. Jenelle’s kids are going to be so bad. Hate to say it, but they are. Jace already acts out because he feels abandoned….and you know it’s coming with Kaiser. Nathan doesn’t want him, and Dave has called him a “whiny bitch” on camera, there’s not telling what he’s called him or done to him behind closed doors…

  24. Im not sure what’s going on with Jenelle Evans however she need to seek major theaphy…
    It’s sad having another child unmarried and not really working on herself to be a better person so she can get Jack returned.
    She’s a sad case….

  25. I’m pregnant right now too. And if jenelles due date is accurate, she’s about 6 weeks ahead of me. Which means she conceived around May 7, give or take a few days. So if the Ashley was correct about her being pregnant when the first article was posted, it was either a lucky guess or jenelle is LYING about the due date. There is no other explanation! You pretty much can’t find out you are expecting until you are 4 weeks along. (FYI you aren’t truly pregnant the first 2 weeks, that’s just how Drs calculate it) I don’t see how the Ashley would be able to find out about her pregnancy before jenelle probably even knew, which is why I’m convinced she’s due earlier than Jan 28, she has to be!!

  26. I’m 34 weeks due October 5 and conceived the first or second week of January. I’m not going to sit here and do math at 12 a.m. but that’s for reference.

    1. My best friend is due January 9th and just did her 20 week ultrasound. I’d say Janelle is 17 /18 weeks . So when she did get in the accident she was 10 weeks or so.

  27. I seriously hope that the baby is taken away from Jenelle and David by CPS as soon as it’s born, and they never regain custody. That’s the only way the poor child will have a shot at a normal life. It should be criminal for Jenelle to reproduce any more kids, since she is a horrible mother and basically neglects the poor kids she already has.

  28. I give it until the baby is a few weeks old before tempers flare and Uncle Bad Touch strangles Chinelle out of frustration.

  29. I’m going to say something people will most likely get crazy over but it’s my opinion from watching this lunatic for far too many years, not just on TV but outside of it.
    I mentioned before that before she found out Kaiser’s gender she went on a click-a-thon with all baby GIRL items which ended up on her social media accounts. It was really cute girl clothes, shoes, hair items.
    Someone must have told her it looked bad denying she’s pregnant and uploading adorable baby girl stuff especially not knowing the gender as she deleted all of it not too long after it went up. Then went back to being quiet about it. She was even seen looking pregnant just like this but still wouldn’t tell and there was no baby boy click-a-thons.
    So………I believe she waits until she gets the gender so if it’s not a girl she could consider having one of her “miscarriages”.
    I was actually shocked that she kept Keiser but another season of the show was approved and maybe Nathan being religious added to it.
    So this is not a surprise at all, I knew she would continue to get pregnant for that baby girl and nature being twisted as it is, gave it to her.

    1. I totally agree, I think she gets pregnant, waits to find out the gender and then decides if she’s going to keep it. She only kept Kia because Nathan wanted a son. If it was not for that he would be another punch on her “abortion bonus card”…she’s had so many abortions the next one is free.

  30. Barbara seriously needs to make sure she has a custody arrangement prepared for Jace. If something should happen to her custody would revert back to Janelle *shudder*

  31. Just as I thought it doesn’t shock me at all as I’ve said I can see Janelle having more kids by different guys and never ending up with any of the kids father’s…I look for this relationship to end sooner or later and it will watch and see and I look for Janelle to at least have one more child after this one by another guy down the road…on the Teen Mom show she’s allways sick etc and can’t take care of the kids but she’s ok to get pregnant and go on vacations etc shes just not mother material or wife material or even girlfriend material…shes,soooo mentally ill.

  32. There is an Instagram account named Dudenelle that Jenelle commented on, denying she is pregnant and admitting to drinking alcohol. It was 14 weeks ago around the time the rumors of her pregnancy started. Check it out. It’s the second newest picture on the account.

    These poor children. ?

    1. Also, I think she is due sooner than January. Obviously she is a liar, so who would put it past her to lie about her due date?

      1. The police report of the car accident The Ashley’s referring to states that Jenelle was 10 weeks pregnant. That was July. If you do the math, January is the right month.

        1. It didn’t say she was 10 weeks just to clarify…it stated she was at least or over. This is due to how you are treated…if you are under 10 weeks pregnant and in an accident you go to the ER, if you are over 10 weeks and pregnant, you are sent to the labor and delivery floor of the hospital for intake. On the police report it has nothing to do with how far accurately is. So at the time of the accident she was at least 10 weeks or further along.

          1. I expect her to give birth to a 7lb baby in November and try to pass her off as a preemie. Then again, if she has been drinking, doing drugs, ect. Her baby could have a low birth weight. That’ll make it easier for Jenelle to pass the baby off as premature.

    1. So she could have a “miscarriage” if the gender was not a girl. She’s wanted a girl before she knew who Keiser was going to be. She’s had miscarriages (abortions) when she was with her actual husband and she posts little girl stuff before even finding out about the gender.

  33. The math doesn’t add up, she’s due much sooner. A 1/28 due date would mean she conceived around the first/second week of May. The Ashley reported she was pregnant on 5/13. The pee stick wouldn’t have even been positive by then.

    1. I was due with my first child on 1/20 and had my first positive test on 5/13 so a few things could have happened.

      1- Jenelle had an inkling she was pregnant and told someone who told theAshley.

      2- theAshley just got wildly lucky that Jenelle wound up pregnant so close to the story being published.

      3- Jenelle found out by some other means that she was pregnant. A blood test maybe, I dunno if that’s even possible, but she was seeing a ton of doctors for her mystery “illness.”

      4- Jenelle is lying about her due date to cover the fact that she vehemently denied the rumors and may or may not have been drinking early in the pregnancy.

      5- Some women and some pregnancy tests produce positives earlier than is typical. Most common conception knowledge is that you should wait until at least the first day of what would be your menstrual cycle, but because some women produce more of the pregnancy hormone than others, some can get positives sooner. Plus, tests are being designed to be more accurate every day. Jenelle would have been like 3 weeks pregnant the day theAshley ran the story. It’s unlikely she would have had a positive pregnancy test, but not impossible.

      Whatever is going on, this poor kid is screwed.

      1. Or like someone else said, she was pregnant, lost it somehow(with jenelle I wouldn’t be surprised if the kid climbed out on its own once it found out she was the mothe) and then got pregnant again. But at the same time technically pregnancies are 40 wks/10 mths so she could have just found out right before ashley revealed it since that would put it in April the 10 mth thing would put it in April I think. Who knows, poor kid though.

  34. Is she trying to pull a Beyonce? She really thinks highly of herself. I don’t care what she says. She loved playing the “is she” or “isn’t she” pregnant game.

  35. I will adopt this baby. Seriously, anything to keep junky Jenelle and creepy Dave from ruining another child’s life.

  36. I’ll pray for that baby. Just another instagram accessory. Post pictures of how “happy” they are when everyone knows shes frustrated saying “oh my goddddd dude, I can’t handle this, all it does is cry. I need a break.”

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