Sister of Jenelle Evans Reveals Her Thoughts on the ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star’s Third Pregnancy: ‘It Makes Me Sad’

Ashleigh (left) is not thrilled that she's going to be an aunt...again.
Ashleigh (left) is not thrilled that she’s going to be an aunt…again.

Earlier this week, Jenelle Evans finally confirmed that she is pregnant with her third child. (It may have been the worst-kept secret in Teen Mom history, since The Ashley told you Jenelle was knocked up months ago). Anyway, the Teen Mom 2 star’s announcement hasn’t exactly been met with many positive comments.

Not only did Jenelle receive a overload of negative comments on her Instagram after making the announcement, but her own sister, Ashleigh Evans Wilson, took to social media to express her dismay that her sister is once again “with child.”

In a Facebook rant posted after Jenelle revealed that she is expecting a baby girl with her current soulmate, David Eason, Ashleigh expressed that she is “disappointed” that Jenelle is pregnant again, even though she doesn’t currently have custody of her oldest son, Jace.

"I'd like to hit you over the head with a drumstick, Sis!"
“I’d like to hit you over the head with a drumstick, Sis!”

“I really don’t care that she’s expecting,” Ashleigh wrote. “But I will say that it makes me sad for my poor nephew who I’ve watched struggle over the years of all the hardships he’s had to go through. One day he’s going to resent his mother and say, ‘Wow! Mommy only cares about hooking up with men and having different babies with different men while I’m being raised by someone else.'”

Jace is currently being raised by Jenelle’s mother, Barbara Evans, who has full custody of the seven-year-old. Jenelle also has son Kaiser by her ex, Nathan Griffith.

In a just-released interview with Us Weekly, Jenelle reveals she had a miscarriage right before getting pregnant with the baby she’s expecting now.

In her post, Ashleigh held nothing back, expressing that her reality TV star sister will be left with little more than a litter of children once her time on MTV is through.

“It’s sad,” she wrote. “Three babies by all different dads before 25, no real job skills, no formal education, no life skills. I hope someday she realizes that she’s done a lot of hurt.”

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  1. Ok, I have to agree with Jennelle’s sister this time. Jace probably will resent that his mother had time to get drunk, arrested, pregnant, and dated a bunch of guys. But, did not have time to get her life straight and figh for him. However, Jennelle is not dumb! she needs a story line that is interesting and keep her and her new boyfriend relevant on the show. They each get paid for being part of the show, so another baby represents more income for this 2. Did you all notice that even her boyfriend’s daugther even appeared on the show already?

  2. Way to go Ashleigh!Jenelle doesn’t deserve her son Have nor does she deserve Kaiser or the child she carries now, she is a train wreck, always has been and always will be, all she does is open her legs and have kids with every damn man she gets with, shit she’s been with more men then me and I’m 25, I’m married and I have one baby daddy(my husband) of 5 yrs and Jenelle will never have a decent life, as soon as MTV is done with her she will be single with 3 kids living off the damn government, just watch!

  3. You should support your sister and not talk crap about her having a third child. As far as Jace goes she is trying to get him but your mother keeps making excuses. I don’t always feel she is doing what is best for Jace. She just does not want to let him go because she knows your sister will do to her what she had done to Jenell for no reason by not letting her see him at times. She has changed her life around and it is time for her to have her kid back period.

    1. Are you joking when you say you believe she has changed or do you live in a parallel universe where she actually has?

      As far as Ashleigh goes:
      – Barb has had to raise her son Gabriel too;
      – She has to work multiple low paid jobs that don’t require a degree or experience to get by;
      – She was just fired on one job cause, according to her, her ex husband and mother in law called her there. Not exactly drama free livin either.
      And now this rant.
      Grow some class girl.
      Oh yes, Jenelle is still a mess but is just hiding it, she is a bigger mess than Ashleigh ever was. And okay, Ashleigh has managed to keep her uterus unoccupied lately.
      But it’s still the kettle calling the pot (smoker) black and it doesn’t really show mental stability either.
      So you don’t care she’s pregnant, that’s nice. That little girl in there shares your blood just as much as Jace does.

  4. Are u jealous of your sister there is plenty of woman out there with different baby daddy’s iam a 34 Ur old with two of them and now married and very happy so quite judging because no one’s life is perfect and your all’s life wasn’t either so before putting it sister on front Street ask Ur self what are u doing with Ur life and who raised u I believe the answer would be the sMe mother who raised Ur sister and Ur not doing nothing but living with mom and living off of MTV’s money

    1. punc·tu·a·tion

      1.the marks, such as period, comma, and parentheses, used in writing to separate sentences and their elements and to clarify meaning.

  5. Jenelle collects babies from relationships like some people collect souvenirs from vacations.

    Jenelle, have a commemorative T-shirt made, it’s way cheaper, and won’t cry and get on your nerves.

  6. Hello Pot! It’s me Kettle! The sister is just as much as a mess as her. She’s just not getting paid for it.

  7. It’s really sad to see the cycle continue. Jenelle’s kids will grow up the same way she did and there will be a new era of kids like this.

    Jenelle, you had the chance to break it. You had MULTIPLE opportunities to get help and realize the screwed up situation you grew up in and fix it. But you blew it all away. That is what makes me sad. I also grew up in a fucked up situation and have spent thousands of dollars I don’t really have trying to fix it before I pass it on. That’s the part that pisses me off with her. She’s going down and bringing her kids with her. MTV would’ve paid to help her straighten out, as a matter of fact they tried a couple times. Ugh. I’m going to get off my soapbox now.

  8. Mtv making bank of dumb whores who can’t keep their legs closed and have obviously never heard of birth control

  9. Her sister is just hating. We’ve seen her go too school and have jobs. Maybe her sister is jealous of her cause she in the spot light and she isn’t. And she has been trying to get custody of have her damn mama want give him back. If her mom’s wants a kids so bad why want she have one???

  10. I’m no fan of her behaviour and general attitude to life/her kids/her vagina…but you kinda gotta take a look at yourself before you start throwing stones, surely? That said, I don’t know how she expected the reaction to this to be good. A third baby, third daddy, probably third violent altercation and breakup. No one is blaming her unborn child but she must realise that this is a horrible idea…

    1. Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result. There is so much to be said here, so much wrong with this family and Chinelle herself. Does she know that you don’t have to commemorate every situationship with a baby? Im convinced she likes getting pregnant as a way to keep them in her life for better or worse. She is impossible. I hope this Ensley kid gives her so much shit, 10 times worse than she treated Babs.

  11. Her sister is absolutely right. Jace is definitely going to resent Jenelle. I feel like Jenelle is having these kids to fill that void of not having custody of Jace but it’s the complete wrong way to go about it. If she really wanted her kid back, all she had to do was stay clean and stay away from people like Kiefer and Tori that were bad influences. If she had done that from the moment Babs took custody instead of dating all these losers, she would probably have Jace in her custody.

    1. She doesn’t want him back. She doesn’t have a maternal bone in her body, that was evident when the kid was born. Look at how many times she would walk away and slam that screen door behind him while he stood watching her leave, she never looked back at the goober. Chinelle and Jace have more like a little brother big sister relationship. There isn’t anything maternal about their dynamic. Jace and Kaiser deserve so much better than this. Their parents are sh’t. Im afraid of what their lives will be like as teenagers and adults.

      1. “She doesn’t want him back” is the most spot-on comment I have ever heard uttered about Jenelle. It is so very true, she simply does not want him back, and most likely never will.

  12. The fact that The Ashley only briefly mention Jenelle’s “miscarriage” leads me to believe that she isn’t buying Jenelle’s story. I can’t wait ’til The Ashley exposes the truth, if that is the case. ?

    Ashleigh, you ain’t lyin’, but you’re crazy too so….

    1. It’ll be business as usual. The kids will just get a card for whoever Jenelle is sleeping with at the time.

  13. Kennelled has tried to get back Jace on many occasions, her mother is the one that keeps saying no not yet, well transition him blah blah blah, not wanting to give him back & I believe that’s so she can remain on the show herself, she is abusive to him, she’s always bad mouthing jenelle to him, filling him with adult problems & pumping him for information after he comes back from an access visit, no wonder the kid is having problems, Barbara has problems too, but makes out its all Jenelles fault.

  14. Wow, her own sister talking this type of shit. I can’t stand Ashleigh. She is no different from her sister. I think she is jealous of her sisters fame and fortune. It shows in her cattiness. I don’t care if my sister was f n Farrah, you don’t trash talk family. What is wrong with these people? Is it even possible for them to learn morals at their age?

  15. I would like to know more about this family tree. Do Jenelle and her sister have the same bio dad? Does Jenelle have other siblings? How many Lost Kids are in Babs’ care?

    1. Not sure if they have the same dad or not but for some reason I think they do. Jenelle also has a brother named Collin who has also had some trouble with the law. I think Babs is currently responsible for Jace and Ashleigh’s son Gabriel.

  16. The whole family is nuts. (Sorry Babs, LOVE ya but you are too!) I feel bad for all these kids that will just be another link on the crazy chain.

  17. As much as I love Bab’s…..her kids are a reflection of her and whoever she procreated with. Jenelle is a hot mess!

    1. I FULLY believe that her story about the miscarriage only came out (which it did) AFTER the “news” that she is actually pregnant (which we already all knew) because she wanted sympathy and saying she miscarried and this is a “rainbow baby” would bring her SOME support.

      I don’t buy the miscarriage ever happened, but I’m in NO way shocked she’s having another souvenir baby.

  18. Jenelle's love of her life, wait no fiancé, wait no babydaddy, wait no ex, wait no guy she calls the cops on, wait no enemy! says:

    I agree she has no place to talk. I don’t care for Jenelle but you think Jenelle is crazy she is so much worse. This chick I gues was hospitalized for schizophrenia becasue she went literally psycho and cut someone or cut herself really bad or threatened someone with a knife. I read about it in teen mom confidential awhile ago. I don’t remember exactly what happened but It was pretty messed up!

    1. Where did you hear this? I haven’t heard that before. Even if it’s true, schizophrenia is a serious mental illness that is out of someone’s control. That’s not Ashleigh’s fault.

      1. Jenelle's love of her life, wait no fiancé, wait no babydaddy, wait no ex, wait no guy she calls the cops on, wait no enemy! says:

        I understand that my point is “one who has done no sin may cast the first stone”. She had to be instutionalized becasue she stopped taking her meds causing a psychotic break. Causing Babs to take custody of one of her kids for awhile. It’s in the book Teen Mom Confidential. She has no place to judge Jenelle about having multiple baby daddies and loosing custody of a child then having another when she did all of those things too.

  19. When I saw this pic of Chinelle I knew she was pregnant but I thought it was a Kaiser Pregnancy era pic. Sure enough, this was early this summer and the pig was good and pregnant.

  20. Why cant people and even her own sister worry about her self and keep her comments to yourself. It’s not y’all pregnant,it’s Jenelle and if she’s happy let her be.

    1. Don’t you think her children’s happiness is more important than her own? How about she first learns how to pay attention to the ones she’s already got before adding another to her collection of past soulmate minis.

    2. Because none of us really give a shit what Jenelle does, she’s made her bed and can lie in it. Most of the people here care about the children that she is irresponsibly breeding and then neglecting. Do whatever the fuck you want, so long as it isn’t hurting anyone else. Jenelle is hurting other people who have no control over the situation. I don’t give a damn if Jenelle is happy or not, and I don’t think she is. I do care that she is destroying lives of the people around her. I will judge the fuck out of her for that.

    3. Some of these people think that they are the vagina police. Jenelle is not my favourite teen mom I hate this show. But holly shit get out of her vagina and uterus. If you guys are so concerned about the welfare of her children go and become social workers. Then you can do some good instead of sitting on your devices trolling her.

    4. Who cares if she’s bringing more children into the world to be abused and neglected as long as she’s happy

  21. I’m not a fan of jenelles by no means but the sister has no room to talk. She has 2 kids with 2 different guys and I remember last season babs had one of Ashleighs sons in a couple of the episodes. So. Pot meet kettle.

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