The Complete Family Tree of ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans

"That's confusing, even for me!"
“That’s confusing, even for me!”

Jenelle Evans recently confirmed that she is pregnant with her third child. The  Teen Mom 2 star’s family tree continues to grow, which may cause some confusion for some fans who are struggling to keep up!

Yesterday, The Ashley told you about the negative response Jenelle’s sister, Ashleigh Evans Wilson, had after hearing about Jenelle’s most-recent pregnancy. This, too, caused fans to be confused, as Ashleigh has rarely appeared on ‘Teen Mom 2’ and many fans weren’t even aware that Jenelle had a sister.

Anyway, The Ashley decided that this may be a great time to create a family tree visual for Jenelle & Co.

The Ashley has included all of Jenelle’s children (and their fathers), as well as her siblings. The Ashley did not include any of Jenelle’s alleged miscarried babies, nor did she include any of Jenelle’s baby-daddies’ children (as they are not actually related to Jenelle).

Below is Jenelle’s current family tree. (Click to enlarge!)


Jenelle evans tree


(Photo: MTV)


  1. With all of the above and what it all implies, I still believe that Jenelle has a good heart. I love it when she gets along with her mother, she really needs to keep this relationship. Jace is better off with Barbara for a little while longer at least until he starts to make progress with the therapist that Jenelle and Barbara just discussed. Happily they both love Jace very much and truly want the best for him. I hope that Jenelle can find happiness with David. She has to TRY to find peace and happiness – it is not simply delivered to her door.

  2. It’s obvious that Barbara has her own mental illnesses. Then, along with Jenelles crazy father, they created and unleashed 3 super fucked up people into the world. She should have never had any children. Her kids should have been sterilized at birth.

  3. There is the article out (not sure if I can link it) that Jenelle had a miscarriage with UBT’s child before being pregnant now. I guess that’s the story of how she’ll explain the Target photo and the dates. She’s dumb!

  4. I’m going to put it out there, I think Jenelle is still in love with Kieffer. Always has been. Having babies with Nathan, UBT – they have just been a way to try and get over him. I think if he was to propose to her tomorrow she would drop UBT and run back to him, no question.

    I don’t think he ever loved her, I think it was a classic “He’s just not that into you” scenario(hence no ring from him!)

      1. Just from the way she acted around him compared to the other guys. I don’t think you could see much chemistry between her and Nathan, or UBT. Plus, Nathan says she had Kieffer in her bed when they split up.

  5. I find this all very sad I mean jenelle is mentally ill given what barb has said about jenelle’s father being abusive, her sister has mental issues and her brother too, it’s not surprising jenelle turned out like she did. I see jenelle continuing her cycle of soul mate baby making then breaking up due to alleged abuse indefinitely. I in no way am using this to excuse her behavior she disgusts me, she needs serious help. Just sad all those babies are brought into that families crazy life.

  6. She also supposedly miscarried another baby with courtland and it’s rumored that she was pregnant before jace and aborted. So Ensley could be pregnancy number 7!

  7. Which “miscarriage” was the one she was calling Ashton? I thought that was with Gary but I must be wrong. Was that the same one as the picture with red dye of some sort around her feet in the shower she was claiming one of the guys caused her to miscarry?

      1. I know Nikkole did too, I think hers was shortly after Jenelle’s because I think that spurred a Twitter fight between them.

        Jenelle live tweeted it with a picture of her feet in the shower with some red liquid on the floor. I think it was when she was with Courtland a few months before the heroin bust.

        1. Are you serious?? Who on earth miscarries, takes a picture during or right after it happens and tweets it to the whole darn world? ???
          And Jenelle and WackoNico both did this??
          Glad I missed that one back then.
          So hubby Court abused her that bad that she miscarried but she got pregnant again with him? a. That’s absolutely insane. b. Have they actually been together that long?
          All of a sudden she was married to this guy she just met and she wanted a divorce very shortly after that.
          Next month she was already making babies with Nathan. She thought she was pregnant with him but the false alarm was caused by her abortion the month before. Nathan was a total moron for getting her pregnant too.
          And now she is having Courtland’s jail mate’s child.
          Nobody is sick enough to even make this stuff up for a sit com.
          Oh dear, please let Teen Mom end like the Hills did. Please let everything be made up by producers.

        2. I know what your talking about, Jenelle posted a video saying she was having a miscarriage and blood was falling into the tub, she was seen out partying later that night. Gary has sense stated they did that strictly for money and it wasn’t blood, nor was she having a miscarriage, they were spraying red MIO in the tub by her feet.
          Nikkole had the Ashton fiasco where she allegedly had a stillbirth with zero credibility behind that. Jenelle made some comments and Nikkole tried to pretend it was all true however has made comments sense then about her children or as comparisons without another mention of Ashton.

    1. That was with courtland. She wasn’t far along and didn’t name it. Nikkole supposedly faked a pregnancy and named it Ashton. But the miscarriage you’re talking about was courtland and Gary brought her to the hospital.

  8. Andrew Lewis
    Jace. Alleged child

    Nathan Griffith
    Kaiser. Emery

    David Eason
    Ensley. Maryssa and Kaden

    Jace has three half siblings
    Kaiser has three half siblings
    Ensley has four half siblings

    It’s going to be hard for these kids to keep up with all of their half siblings in a few years as they keep adding up. Not for sure if Andrew actually has another child though.

    1. Jace’s dad Andrew also has at least one other child that I want to say he named jake. Andrew may have had another one as well besides Jace and Jake. So there’s At least another one possibly two half siblings that have has.

      1. That last sentence was supposed to say, there’s for sure one, but possibly two half siblings that jace has from Andrew.

    2. That’s just so damn sad.

      It would be one thing if she’d attempt to let these kids all see and get to know each other but anyone with half a brain knows it’s highly unlikely she will ever find the time to.

      1. It is sad. Maybe that contact each other when they all grown up and compare horror stories from their childhood.

        1. Not to mention the fact that Uncle Dave’s kids each (I’m assuming) have different mothers, who could each have other children with different fathers…and then Nathan’s daughter’s mother could possibly have more children also…the circle of half-siblings is never-ending! I know they wouldn’t all be each other’s half-sibling, but how strange is it to have half-siblings who have half-siblings who have half-siblings, all of whom you aren’t related to, yet you are related to at the same time? It gives a whole new meaning to a “family tree.”

    3. I forgot how narrow the comment section is so everything got squished together. I put “alleged child” under Andrew because I recently read something that said he has one other child, but I wasn’t sure how reliable that source was.

    4. My step mom had 3 by 3, she was younger too. And then I was there. My mom had 2 by 2, which for whatever reason seems ok in comparison.
      Me- 1 half through mom, 1 half through dad
      Brother- 1 half through mom, 1 half through dad
      Sister a- 2 half through mom, 3 or 4 half through dad
      Sister b- 2 half through mom, 5 half or step through dad
      Sister c- 2 half through mom, 2 half or step through dad

      And then there’s a current step Sister (he remarried, I still refer to ex as step mom).
      She has 1 half through mom (same child my half brother through dad), and 3 half siblings through her dad

      If for any reason you though it could get worse. And then there’s the other extended siblings of their siblings. Yea, this is Jenelle’s future!!! Lord knows who any of us are really related to at this point
      Her poor children. I hope they each turn out to be wonderful individuals despite their shitty upbringing…

  9. @theashley, since jenelle has claimed she had a miscarriage and there was recently a blind about a teen mom having a miscarriage due to drug use and being beaten for it, do you think this could be about jenelle? I know everyone assumed it was Amber, but since jenelle claims a miscarriage and her current timeline for her due date confuses me, what’s your take on this? I could also absolutely see David beating her over it because we know he’s violent plus he wants that tm fame. With jenelle claiming a miscarriage and we know about her drug use and David’s violence the blind sounds like it could be them and I was wondering what your thoughts are. Sorry for the long post!

  10. There are flaws in this “family tree”. Why is Gary on there? He is not related to Jenelle at all. They never had a child together and they never got married so if you want to call this a family tree he should not be on there. Also Andrew Lewis and Jenelle were never engaged, so that is wrong as well. Honestly I understand you are taking a jab at how many boyfriends she has had and how many times she has gotten pregnant but seriously this article should be deleted. So disappointed in you.

    1. She’s listing people Jenelle’s has been engaged too. That’s why Gary is on there. It’s possible she was engaged to Andrew. I remember them talking about getting married on 16 and Pregnant.

      You’re taking this all a little too seriously. I enjoyed the article and the family tree. I don’t see why you’re being a sour puss.

    2. She’s listing people Jenelle’s has been engaged too. That’s why Gary is on there. It’s possible she was engaged to Andrew. I remember them talking about getting married on 16 and Pregnant.

      You’re taking this all a little too seriously. I enjoyed the article and the family tree. I don’t see why you’re being a sour puss.

  11. @theashley, what do you know about David’s family tree? From what I have read, he has a sister with 4 different baby daddies, brother who did time in jail and in a psych ward and like David, has a no contact order with his son. Yikes, it is like the two biggest white trash people found each other and are now procreating!

  12. Good thing you didn’t get into all the kids of her soulmates or else we would be here until after Jenelle pops out Barbara’s next roommate

  13. Why does this girl have to have a child with and be engaged to everyone she dates? Clearly she has some picture of a life she wants and tries to force it with every person she dates, whether they’re right or wrong for her. In her head, she’s in love so engagement and babies come next. Not, having feelings for someone and seeing how it goes. She is going to keep having babies and pushing them to the side for the next man who comes along.

    1. Looks like she was never engaged or married to Kieffah?

      I’m not sure which one of them we should be most proud of about that.

          1. That is so sad. I can’t imagine what he is like if he is in a home all the while Jenelle is out there roaming the streets. We know how serious her mental issues are, so I can’t even imagine what her brother’s are like. Also, I would never compare my Barbara to the nightmare that is Jenelle, so I’m going to assume the mental disorders that all of her children seem to have were 100% caused/passed down from their dad. Can you imagine the piece of work he must be?

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