‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jeremy Calvert is Engaged to Brooke Wehr

Congrats to Brooke and Jeremy!
Congrats to Brooke and Jeremy!

Yet another Teen Mom wedding is happening!

Teen Mom 2 star Jeremy Calvert announced on Friday that  he is engaged to Brooke Wehr, his girlfriend of over a year. It appears that Jeremy proposed while on vacation with Brooke, his daughter Addie and Brooke’s daughter Makenna.

“Yup, Im engaged to my beautiful soon to be wifey,” Jeremy wrote on Instagram on Friday. Brooke also posted of the engagement, showing off her new engagement ring on social media.

imageJeremy began dating Brooke shortly after he (permanently) split from Leah Messer. This will be Jeremy’s second marriage and Brooke’s first.

The Ashley was the first to tell you that Jeremy and Brooke are collaborating on a clothing line together– “CalvertWehr” (see what they did there?) It will be fully launching very soon.

Jeremy and Brooke are just the latest ‘Teen Mom’ franchise couple to get engaged. Other couples who will soon be tying the knot include Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoerJo Rivera and Vee Torres, Amber Portwood and Matt Baier, and Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney.

The Ashley will have more info on Jeremy and Brooke’s wedding plans very soon.

(Photos: Instagram)


  1. Jeremy is not a bad guy. He moved way too fast with Leah. He had no idea the problems that he was taking on when he decided to dive head first into her denial and drug addiction. While I do think he is moving entirely too fast, yet again, he has stated that he wants nothing to do with TM, or MTV, and I think that will be the first big step into a healthier relationship this time. About the clothing line. It’s the same story with Maci and Taylor. I love it when it Maci refers to their box of jeans and T’shirts, in the attic, as their, “company”, or their, “corporation.” Lol! Like when she said, “babe. How are we gonna do this? Two kids under 1, and we have this corporation to run?” ??? Since when did some T’shirts and jeans become a “corporation?” I think that they are all trying to make themselves sound as grown up as they can, when they really are just children, except for Chelsea, who took her time, figured out who she really is, refused to continue making mistakes, and now will have the reward for it. They should all follow Chelsea’s example!

  2. So many engagements such little time. Maybe they will have a long drawn out engagement but I see them rushing to be sure mtv pays for it. I could see Cole and Chelsea staying together as she is well off to begin with when the mtv money stops it won’t rock their boat as much as others. But these two I don’t know…jeremy has a good job so he doesn’t rely on the mtv paycheck as much but he seems to like his name in headlines and I haven’t heard much about her at all really. The rest of the couples I can’t say whether or not they’ll stay together when reality hits, odds are they wont.

  3. It kind of seems like he is riding his exs coattail to sell clothes. No one would know who he was if it wasn’t for Leah.

  4. What’s the rush takea 1 or 2 yr engagement n c how it is before u get married again take ur time this time around I’ve been with my husband almost 9yrs been married 2 yrs it takes time to fine true love

  5. well Jeremy certainly doesn’t waste any time….he went to Jared and hit up that Vera Wang LOVE collection lol ? Brooke seemed like a nice girl though….no “anxiety and depression” vibes coming from her.

  6. Not to sound cynical but I don’t really know how long this relationship will last….what’s the big hurry? Do they not they realize they are young? They all go from relationship to marriage in a blink of an eye…marriage is taken too lightly….it’s supposed to be a forever thing, not just for the next thing to do…..however that being said I hope they have their heads on straight and are ready for this forever commitment……but I give it two years tops and of course another child to throw into turmoil..after all I’m sure she’ll have his baby too…that’s what the teen mom franchise does best….I see the next new storyline Jeremy cheats on Brooke with the lunchable queen…

  7. I say in 5 years from now none of the couples together on Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 will still be together. Hopefully the shows are long gone by then and the easy money with it, then the real life chaos will set it, with no education no real job skills, no one can last under those circumstances.

    1. Eh, Tyler and Catelynn will probably still be miserably trying to make it work.
      They used to have such a different relationship.
      I will never be able to not get teary-eyed at the part after Carly’s birth where Tyler’s voice is cracking as he asks why Carly hasn’t been taken from the room yet, because he and Catelynn were terrified that they wouldn’t be able to bring themselves to sign the papers of they saw her beforehand.
      Well, and, you know, that ENTIRE EPISODE.

    2. I can see Tyler and Caitlin too, just because they aren’t motivated enough to change anything negative about their lives. And maybe Corey and Miranda and Jo and Vee.

  8. I find It funny that they think their business is going to do well but Jeremy’s reputation and online presence absolutely sucks. If I see any business owner speaking to clients the way he does, I’ll turn right around and spend somewhere else.

    Also, I agree with the previous comments. Are we supposed to congratulate these 2? He really is an ass. I was so thrilled hearing about Corey and Miranda because Corey is a genuine guy but Jeremy – I feel bad for any living being who has to come in contact with him.

    What I find funny is he spends every second of the day bashing Leah. Meanwhile Leah is using her time to get healthy and move forward. It’s quite telling actually.

  9. Let’s all hope this wedding is classier than his previous “destination” wedding in the rain in somebody’s backyard! At least this time leah won’t be barking “break it down” from the limo.

  10. Totally agree with everyone- what’s the rush?!? If I had been divorced, no matter how in love I was with my new partner, I wouldn’t rush into an engagement. If I did, I would move in together and have a longer engagement and enjoy it before heading down the aisle.

  11. I forget they are all still pretty young!! What’s the freaking rush to get married? Smh. In 2 yeArs let’s see how many of these couples are still together.

  12. Lol who gives a shit. I certainly don’t consider her “lucky.”. Jeremy is a douche

    And who walks down the isle after such a short period ???

        1. The difference is that Chelsea waited years before getting serious with anyone and really took the time to get her head on her shoulders. People who spend zero time in self reflection and hop into another marriage right away are those likely to have 2nd, 3rd, and 4th marriages *cough* leah *cough*

          1. Well, Chelsea iz rushing too. First with engagement then with 2nd baby. Of course compared to how her show friends do, she is slow, but objectively she is only like 23? In todays world she is very young for marriage and as well as getting married after 1 or 2 yrs of relationship.

  13. I bet she is going to regret getting that ring. It is mounted so high that she is going to hit it on things all of the time. My ring is much lower and I still hit it.

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