‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham’s Yogurt Shop Getting Mixed Reviews: Adult Industry Past A Factor?


It’s been a few months since Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham opened her first restaurant— a frozen yogurt shop called Froco–in Lakeway, Texas. It took Farrah a few years to get the project off the ground, but she celebrated the shop’s grand opening in June, and is frequently posting about Froco on her social media.

Fans of the show were skeptical that Farrah would be successful in her venture, due to her “Backdoor Teen Mom” past, and, while the yogurt shop is still running successfully, it appears that Farrah’s adult movie past is affecting the business.

Of the 15 reviews that Froco has received on Yelp (at press time), only six are positive. (One of those positive reviews is biased, though, as it was written by Farrah’s “friend” Paola, who has appeared on ‘Teen Mom.’) While many Yelp reviewers have commented that the yogurt served at Froco was not good, others wrote that they had a hard time not thinking about Farrah and her history as they were slurping down their desserts.

“Place is clean but the yogurt is awful,” one Yelper wrote. “Have to agree that a p*rn star opening a family friendly yogurt shop in small conservative city was not the best idea.”

“I am by no means a prude and I try not to judge – I simply have a difficult time forgetting the fact that I’m eating frozen yogurt and popping boba balls sold by the same woman who also sells multiple molds of her…um,” another wrote. “It’s just not an image I want in my head at that particular point…Just sayin’…”

“The yogurt was OK, a bit sour compared to what I’m used to, but the tables weren’t clean and the staff was fairly disorganized,” a third customer wrote. “Then I looked at the website where it stated ‘you may where sunglasses at work as well.’  I don’t predict good things for a business where the owner can’t even spell.”

'Teen Mom' producer Heather and Farrah enjoying some Froco...
‘Teen Mom’ producer Heather and Farrah enjoying some Froco…

Not all the reviews were bad, though. A few people wrote that they weren’t put off by the shop just because it’s owned by Farrah.

“Honestly, I couldn’t care less about the owner and what she’s done in her past,” a Yelp reviewer wrote. “Who cares!  It’s none of my business and I am a firm believer that everyone can choose a different direction in life. So, good for her! It’s a yogurt shop and we like the yogurt.”

If you’re interested in working for Farrah at Froco, though, be prepared. According to the brand’s website, you’ll have to be OK with being in the presence of a major star such as Farrah.

No, seriously…

“All applicants by reading this understanding that the owner of this brand is a top celebrity in the nation, all employees who apply must be okay with being on TV if it comes up and must be responsible for their own actions and behavior comfort levels while being filmed,” the website states.


(Photos: MTV, Facebook)

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  1. I would NEVER go to this place. Farrah is a disrespectful, fake, over arrogant brat! She looks awful which matches her attitude. Her mom should move on with her new relationship and have nothing to do with Farrah. I don’t agree with the way Deborah tries to dress young but she does not deserve to be treated the way she’s treated by her own daughter and the doctor fiance is a smart man! He saw straight through Farrahs BS!

  2. Don’t go to her store she has the rudest person on Earth. She treats your parents like crap. All she does is argue she doesn’t know anything about anything. Seriously Farrah go back to p*** at least there’s somebody stick something in your mouth and we don’t have to listen to you

  3. I live about 15 minutes from there. I’ll never go in. It bothers me, and a lot of other people here, that she’s attempting to lay down roots. Bye, bitch…

  4. The uniform policy is “cool chef look”.
    The entire website sounds like it was written as a middle school business class project.

  5. Go get your daughter help early so she does not end up like you. As for tonight’s episode on Teen Mom OG…….Did you have an allergic reaction to your yogurt? Or do you need to go on “Botched” you’re just an eye sore in every way. You can’t even spell.

  6. “the owner of this brand is a top celebrity in the nation”

    THATS FUCKING GOLDEN HAHAHAHAHAHAHA dammit I needed that laugh. Top celebrity. More like a bottom bitch.

  7. P!rn past? She just released a girl on girl movie and announced her back door is open for anyone paying enough.
    And hey, I respect a woman who really wants to do that kind of work to make money. Your life, your body, your mind.

    She is just a porn actress and a prostitute with an awful attitude and she keeps denying she is both and that kind of person, I will never respect.
    All the ‘businesses’ are mere distractions to label herself businesswomen. A successful one even, bahaha, another lie.

    Froco looks deserted every time I see a picture from the shop.

  8. Mtv just pull the butt plug on teen mom series. Then Farrah will disappear into porn world obscurity. Janelle will actually be single. Maci will stop breeding like a rabbit for storylines and Kate will get a job and work thru her depression.

    1. Janelle is not on this one. It’s Amber just FYI but yes MTV needs to remove her yogurt infected lips and boot her off. Ratings would be higher without her. QUACK QUACK…….contact “Botched” cuz you are all “botched” up.

  9. Haha! A top celebrity. Yep! Right up there with Tom Hanks and Jennifer Lawrence.

    On another note, WHO wrote the content on that website? It’s a business, for god’s sake – a business for a top celebrity, no less! – and it’s practically unreadable.

    1. I’m not even English and I can see it.
      There probably wasn’t money left to hire a writing minion after all the other successful businesses.

    2. Omg!!! The first paragraph has not a single period!!!! It is one continuous run-on sentence. ?? #icanteven wtf?? One of the top women in the nation?? Hahaha Can’t even use correct grammar or punctuation, but she is one of the top women!?!? #thanksforthelaughs

    3. Most of what she says and writes is all rubbish. It’s just strings of words that don’t make any sense. I mean WTF does “All applicants by reading this understanding that the owner of this brand is a top celebrity in the nation” mean?? Maybe “understands” instead of “understanding”. She should take some college level communications and English courses if she wants to be a businesswoman.

  10. I think Farrah is gross and her little chaos daughter. She isn’t a star tarnished maybe because she got pregnant she’s a star I think not.i think anyone with half a brain would agree. Oh her boyfriend wow run homie don’t look back you need her like you need cancer.DN

  11. Her statement sounds like something Goop Paltrow would write. Farrah doesn’t have Goop money. Or fame. She needs to go sit down.

  12. Top celebrity in the nation. Bwaaahaaahaaa Farrah is so delusional. I bet if I looked up delusions of grandeur it would have Farrah listed as an example. I would love to do a public survey, just walk up to random people on the street and ask if they have ever heard of top celebrity Farrah Abraham.

  13. The Ashley needs to go in person to give us a review.
    Somebody set up a GoFundMe. It would reach the goal in an uncomfortably short period of time.

  14. If her business skills are anything like her parenting skills ,this business won’t be open long. In other words….her parenting skills are out in left field. Wouldn’t be surprised if her business skills were identical.

  15. OMG, who could eat possibly go there and eat the chocolate yogurt? *shudders*

    That producer (Heather) strikes me as a real whack job. Ever notice how she hangs on to every word from Batshit Insane Farrah or Boring Stupid White Trash Amber? She creeps me out.

    1. I don’t know, I kind of feel like she’s the only sympathetic female in their lives. Farrah’s an asshole and Amber still needs support and this woman is the only mother-ish figure either one of them have.

  16. This woman is a piece of work! God help Sophia. She recently posted a picture of Simon sleeping and said he was “ded.” Farrah needs to get that child into intense therapy. It’s mean to say I guess but I hope all her businesses fail and then she may actually pay a little serious attention to Sophia and get her the help she desperately needs. Although I seriously don’t think Farrah has the maturity or mental capacity to see how Sophia is screaming for help.

  17. Why would anyone work for her? She is a disgrace as a person, mother and a human being. She is a bully potty mouth mom, girlfriend, human being who thinks the world owes Farrah. Everyone has had a tragedy in life but get over it. You treat your parents like a piece of shit. How do they call you their daughter. Let alone your bratty, nasty little girl who will grow up to be like her mom and I hope treats Farrah like she treats her parents. Disgrace as a person selfish and self centered.

  18. Our mission statement is “passion + positivity = keep it poppin”

    See? She doesn’t need a fancy biz school education. She needs a few remedial English classes … she does love a good apostrophe

  19. Lord save us.. but this bitch has already bred. Let’s hope the progeny doesn’t procreate and the line ends with her.

    I weep for humanity as it is, with all the stupid and cruel and messed up swirling around in it. Debra has given us a bully and a skank with Farrah, and so far, Farrah has turned Sophia into a rude, obnoxious brat. I don’t see that getting better unless someone else starts raising Sophia, and we all know that’s not gonna happen.

    *sigh* I hope her shop fails. Knock her down a peg or two. Make her see the important things in life aren’t your brand, but your child and hers needs some attention, of the normal kind, with a normal parent, and a real therapist, quickly, or there will be no turning back. Welcome to Farrah 3.0 and the world doesn’t want that shit.

      1. Does she? lol! Egads, how much does Debra see the other grandchild? I can’t imagine much with all time she spends kissing Farrah and Sophia tuchas.

        We’re doomed.. we’re all so doomed.

          1. Ahhh, I see. Thanks for the info Ashley.

            I have to say, being in a somewhat similar situation myself, maybe she is trying to be a good person, raise her child the right way and has decided the antics/drama and stress was just too much. I can respect that choice.

            I hope Farrah and Debra respect her boundaries and give her privacy.

    1. Unfortunately, even if it failed Farrah would never take fault for it. She would put all the blame on someone else. In Farrah’s world she does nothing wrong.

      1. You’re likely right. She would probably blame Heather(that is her name, right?) for making that face in the picture that was posted above, ha! How dare she “taint” the perception of how the yogurt might taste by making a sour face? lol.

  20. This chick makes me want to rip her hair out. I wouldn’t eat there simply because I wouldn’t put money in her pocket. She’s a narcissistic manipulator and she’s raising another one

  21. She needs to get off of her high horse..she is horrible to everyone and I will never support someone who treats everyone that crosses her path like they are not as good as her.. she is a horrible excuse for a human..she treats family like shit n i won’t ever respect someone who respects no one.she deserves nothing from anyone .Simon is an idiot to allow someone like her to talk to him like a dog..Therapy for her is a lost cause..she needs to go to place that treats her like she treats others until they break her down..you can only blame your behavior on your dead boyfriend for so long..Sofia has no chance in life..she is already becoming an evil mini farrah..

  22. I think my favorite part of the whole website is where it says that the job is great for a resume because you would be working for one of the top women in the nation…. I’m sorry one of the what? You had a baby at 16, got it filmed then did porn. I see where you would be considered a top woman in the nation

  23. I won’t want to buy anything from someone who is degrading to everyone and has an attitude that she deserved respect when she gives none

  24. I don’t care that she did porn. I do care about the fact she is a horrible person. I can’t go to a place knowing it’s run by such a mean person and knowing if she showed up, my froyo experience would be ruined. Oh and she probably makes her customers use porta-crappers.

  25. I wouldn’t eat at Farrah’s restaurant because I don’t support businesses run by awful people. But in general, normally I wouldn’t boycott a place based on an owner’s past history in the sex industry. To the contrary, I’m usually quite supportive of anybody getting life together and trying to take a different path.

  26. Oh my gosh I just went to the website to check it out – I can tell Farrah wrote everything herself. “Keep it poppin'” “environment” wow!! Can you imagine her being your boss?? Hell no!

    1. That was my same reaction. I bet if I polled just my friends and family only me and my husband would know who she was and my husband only knows cause I’ve watch Teen Mom a few times with him around.

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