MTV Announces Premiere Date for ‘Teen Mom UK’: Get the Details!

Raise your hand if you're excited to meet the British Farrah Abraham!
Raise your hand if you’re excited to meet the British Farrah Abraham!

Trash-TV lovers in the United Kingdom are used to having to wait for months before being able to watch the new episodes of Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 that are being viewed in the United States. Good news, Brits–you’ll soon have teen moms of your very own to watch!

MTV announced today that it has set a premiere date for it’s new ‘Teen Mom’s spin-off, Teen Mom UK.

Like the original U.S. version of the show, ‘Teen Mom UK’ will follow the lives of young moms as they attempt to navigate motherhood.

The Ashley first told you in January that a UK version of ‘Teen Mom’ was happening, but very few details were available at that time. Today, MTV UK announced that ‘Teen Mom UK’ would feature five new moms (instead of four like the U.S. show does).

“Get ready for a rollercoaster of emotions as the mums face some of the biggest challenges and decisions of their young lives so far, juggling raising a baby with personal relationships, through to postnatal depression, managing work and finding time for a social life,” the show’s online description reads.

A few months ago, Maci Bookout flew to the UK to do some promo work for the new ‘Teen Mom UK’ show. Her interviews are shown on the show’s site.

In addition to releasing the new logo for the show, MTV UK announced that the show will premiere on Wednesday, November 2. The Ashley will do her best to keep y’all posted on the new girls!

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  1. They had a 16 and pregnant show called underage and pregnant. Before watching that I thought teen pregnancy was bad here. The average age of those girls was 14! A few were going on their second kid. My co worker who is from the U.K. Said that the white trash there is way worse then the with trash here. So this will be interesting.

  2. I can’t seeing the UK version to be crazier and trashier than the US version. We’ve already seen arrests, multiple pregnancies, multiple marriages/divorces and Farrah. I’m hoping for a British Babs though. That would be heaven.

    1. Oh, yes! Please, make it happen!
      Somehow I think there will be a “hotter than my daughter – Debs” from what I have seen from UK teen pregnancy shows so far.

  3. What kind of parent (co)signs a contract with MTV for their pregnant teen after seeing how much the fame and money (or lack of attention & money/ contract renewal) has taken it’s toll on the US Teen Moms?
    Do they really think their child will be different?

  4. They have done similar shows before over here in the uk such as baby faced mums, but never followed the girls for a long time. I hope they choose girls who are slightly more inspirational and not people who just want to be famous!! I’m half excited, half dreading what impression of the U.K. You’ll get!! Xx

  5. I think it’ll be interesting to see the way UK is different than the US if we are able to view episodes. But get ready UK for the struggles to end after one season and plastic surgery, scandals, porn, and arrests to ensue! Enjoy!!

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