‘Teen Mom OG’ Season 6 Episode 8 Recap: Birthin’ a Baby & Beach Birthday Fun with Farrah

"I stopped drinking for a whole three months to have you! You better not give me any trouble, ya hear?"
“I stopped drinking for a whole three months to have you! You better not give me any trouble, ya hear?”

Hey y’all! It’s once again time to head down into TeenMomVille, where the unplanned pregnancies are plentiful and the couches are well-worn. Since it’s been a few weeks since The Ashley has done a Teen Mom OG recap, a lot has changed in the lives of our gals and their beaus, so let’s get started! There are babies to be birthed, weed to be smoked and fake boyfriends to be yelled at!

We kick things off with Gary, who has given little Leah an iPhone iPod so that she can send an “SOS” signal to him while she’s at Amber‘s house, if things start getting sketchy over there. Gary is obviously worried about leaving Leah at Amber’s for extended periods of time, so he wants her to have a way to get a hold of him, should Leah find herself stuck under piles of dogs or Matt’s child support papers something.

"Didn't we hire Cousin Krystal like two episodes ago to clean up our dogs' crap? GEEZ!"
“Didn’t we hire Cousin Krystal like two episodes ago to clean up our dogs’ crap? GEEZ!”

Speaking of Amber, dogs are fartin’ and peein’ and poopin’ all over her house, but, hey, Ambie’s been living with Matt and his ever-unfolding lies for months now so she’s used to having to deal with unexpected crap. She cleans the mess out of her fancy kitchen. Why not just have the maid do it? Surely Ambie is too high class these days to Swift up dog pee, yes?

"I've been sayin' it for years, son-- bitches be crazy!"
“I’ve been sayin’ it for years, son– bitches be crazy!”

Over in Michigan, Tyler and Butch are working hard to get Ty and Cate’s “open floor plan” home cleaned up and ready to live in. Tyler is having a hard time coping with Cate’s mental health issues, and Butch– a man who has spent the better part of his life trading Ramen noodles for extra minutes in the shower in prison–decides to give his son some life advice. He tells Ty that it’s not he’s so callous when he speaks. It’s everyone else who is too sensitive.

Ty tells Catelynn that she should set up an appointment with their therapist Kathleen now that she’s been released from the ‘hab. Tyler is hesitant to suggest anything to his wife because the people at her rehab basically told him he acts like a dick most of the time when it comes to Cate, and if he’s going to say asshat things to do it off-camera.

When you've been smoking weed and you're worried someone will go sniff your zebra hoodie and find out...
When you’ve been smoking weed and you’re worried someone will go sniff your zebra hoodie and find out…

The producer asks the couple if they’re still smokin’ the weed on the regular, and Ty and Cate both exchange looks, as if to find out if the other plans to lie when they answer. Tyler says that he likes to smoke pot at night still. (Hey- don’t worry! He only gets high on nights he doesn’t have to go to work or college the next day. So that’s, what, seven nights a week, tops!)

"No...no, we don't smoke weed anymore...of course not..."
“No…no, we don’t smoke weed anymore…of course not…”

While Tyler admits he is still tokin’ the wacky tobaccy, but Cate stays silent about her own pot usage. Meanwhile, somewhere in North Carolina, though, Barbara Evans is screaming, “HIGH! HIGH! Ya both HIGH!” at her television screen.

In Tennessee, Maci is getting ready for the birth of Baby Oopsie…Number Three. She’s packing plenty of “Things That Matter” tees (and possibly a onesie with one of those weird leather pockets on it) to take to the hospital when it’s time to shoot yet another child from her nether regions. (I mean, honestly, she could probably use the bag she took to the hospital when she had Jayde. It’s probably still stashed in a corner, packed, behind a pile of “TTM” flannels and a bunch of empty Bud Lite beer cans.)

"This pregnancy has made it really hard to do keg stands!"
“This pregnancy has made it really hard to do keg stands!”

Taylor is anxious for the birth of his son. Not, of course, because he can’t wait to meet the baby. He’s actually excited because it means that he will once again be able to chug beer with Maci. Maci’s pregnancy has really put a cramp in the couple’s drinking schedule. (Well…kind of…)

“I need my drinkin’ partner back,” Taylor says.

Maci, too, is anxious to expel this child from her body so that she can fill up her womb with cheap beer, as per usual.

"No...we're basically drunks."
“No…we’re basically drunks.”

The Ashley can’t quite figure out if these people are great big ol’ drunks like we think they are, or if they purposely talk about getting blitzed on BLs so much so that the one or two people who actually devote time to recapping this horrible show will have some fodder. If that’s the case, The Ashley raises her glass to Maci and Taylor.

"Line up, peasants! It's time to congratulate me on being such a fantastic mother!"
“Line up, peasants! It’s time to congratulate me on being such a fantastic mother!”

Finally we head to Texas, where we are celebrating Mother’s Day with Farrah & Co. Basically, this is just an excuse to make everyone come over to Farrah’s house and tell her what an amazing mother she is. Michael and his girlfriend have been corralled over there first, and must listen as Farrah describes all of the things Sophia has made for her because she is a fabulous mother.

"Try to take my wine away and see what happens..."
“Try to take my wine away and see what happens…”

Everyone is drinking wine for breakfast (including seven-year-old Sophia, naturally) and listening to Farrah yap on about Simon, who has sent Farrah something for Mother’s Day. Farrah is actually in rare form, though. It’s at least two minutes into this scene and she has yet to scream at anyone. (Her head hasn’t even spun around at all!) She’s smiling and using a pleasant tone while talking to her guests.

I don’t trust it. I don’t like it and I don’t trust it…at all…

If it weren't for the telltale dead-behind-the-eyes look, I wouldn't have known it was even Farrah!
If it weren’t for the telltale dead-behind-the-eyes look, I wouldn’t have known it was even Farrah!

Farrah tells her guests that Simon is not going to be her fake boyfriend anymore because he’s “unstable” and not in touch with his emotions. Also, she feels that Simon is a “negative person,” so she doesn’t want him around her. Coming from Farrah, of course, that is just rich. That’s like Maci Bookout saying she doesn’t want to associate with anyone who drinks alcohol. COME.ON.

When your granddaughter drank the rest of the wine...
When your granddaughter drank the rest of the wine…

(Meanwhile, we can assume that Sophia has just stuck the straw from her Capri-Sun into a box of red wine and is sucking it down as fast as possible. While children should not drink, we may need to make an exception for Sophia. After all, if you spent as much time around Farrah as she does, wouldn’t you drink heavily too?!)

It was probably just grape juice in a wine glass. Yeah…that’s it…

Looks like a killer time...
Looks like a killer time…

Back in Michigan, Tyler is trying to get in touch with his sensitive side by bringing flowers to Catelynn for Mother’s Day. She is, of course, still in bed, but is willing to roll herself out of her blanket cocoon because Tyler has promised her a big surprise. The surprise is that they will be going to horse stables so that Cate can spend time with the horses.

"Are you done therap-izing and junk yet? There's a couch and a bowl at home with my name on it!"
“Are you done therap-izing and junk yet? There’s a couch and a bowl at home with my name on it!”

She really liked working with horses while in the ‘hab, and she is thrilled that Ty has planned a special day for her. They watch the horse eat grass and have some awkward conversation. Tyler looks like he can’t wait to get back home and consume some, um, grass of his own.

See what I did there?

Later, Tyler stares disapprovingly at his wife, who is happily shoveling Chinese food into her gullet.

Tell us how you really feel about Catelynn's meal, Ty...
Tell us how you really feel about Catelynn’s meal, Ty…

Tyler finally comments that Cate is “really indulging,” and she is not thrilled. She tells her husband to stop being a dick, while an eggroll sloshes around her mouth. He starts snorting like a pig and remarks that he’s “just kidding…a little bit.”

In Indiana, Amber and Matt are taking Leah and an assortment of degenerates out on a boat ride. They have allowed Matt to be the boat driver, but Amber is insisting on screaming at him every time he touches the steering wheel. Amber is making sure everyone on the Cruise ‘o’ Horrors knows that she’s unhappy. She’s waving her clawed meathooks in the air, and throwing her bed back in disgust to show her anger.

"How DARE he turn left!?"
“How DARE he turn left!?”

They motor past some giant mansions on the lake, and Amber is in disbelief that she actually lives down the street from such impressive homes.

Well…it’s amazing what getting knocked up at can do for a gal, eh, Ambie?

It’s also Mother’s Day in Tennessee, and Maci is being showered with gifts from Bentley and Jayde.

"Can't keep eyes open...so tired...must nap..."
“Can’t keep eyes open…so tired…must nap…”

Ryan is spending the day with his parents. He’s taken the day off from lying around the house like a hairball and has now moved his lifeless corpse outside to sit on the lawn furniture. Jen and Larry have gathered around their son’s near-comatose body so that they can spend Mother’s Day as a family.

It’s hard for Ryan. He’s tired, y’all!

"Maybe you could get a job at a mattress store or something?"
“Maybe you could get a job at a mattress store or something?”

Jen is trying to quiz Ryan about a new girl he was dating. She asks him if they are still together and Ryan barely musters an answer. (Next time, she should tell him to blink twice for “yes” and once for “no.”) Ryan tells his parents that the girl was nothing special and they are sad because they are hoping the right girl will come along and take him off their hands make Ryan happy.

Jen brings up the point that whoever ends up with Ryan, she will have to get along with Maci for Bentley’s sake. Ryan can barely muster up a grunt in response.

Hopefully everyone is wearing protective eyewear--the plastic sheen coming off Farrah's body could blind beachgoers!
Hopefully everyone is wearing protective eyewear–the plastic sheen coming off Farrah’s body could blind beachgoers!

Meanwhile, Farrah is heading down to Florida to spread her terror into the Sunshine State…and celebrate her birthday. Farrah puts on a bikini and heads to the beach, where her plastic body shines like a Barbie’s behind in the sun. Deb is, of course, down there as well, showing off the “groovy” bikini top she recently snagged in the Kohl’s juniors section!

Farrah and Deb talk about how great the weather and beaches are in Florida. Deb says that these are some of the greatest beaches in the world and for some reason that little comment sets off our sunning soulless wonder, Farrah. She screams at her poor mother to let her know that she used to live in Florida and she doesn’t need to hear Debra’s stats on the state!

"That's OK, baby, you can yell at me. After all, I did borrow your bikini top and Daisy Dukes, so we can call it even!"
“That’s OK, baby, you can yell at me. After all, I did borrow your bikini top and Daisy Dukes, so we can call it even!”

Sophia continues to shovel sand, not even acknowledging her mother’s totally random demonic outburst because, well….it’s business as usual.

Farrah is turning 25 in a few days and she’s vowing that her future will not include Simon, but instead some random doctor or lawyer she meets online. (Um…do you know how much the ‘Teen Mom’ producers are gonna have to shell out in order to get a decent doctor or lawyer to pretend to date Farrah?!! That’s going to take up their whole travel/porta-potty budget for the next season!)


Just then, Sophia throws a bucket of cold water on her perfectly posed mother. Farrah screams, but shockingly she doesn’t start melting a la the Wicked Witch of the West. Raise your hand if you were kind of hoping that there would be nothing left of Farrah after the water hit her except a glob of plastic and a pink bathing suit?

Later, Farrah’s hired pal, Paola, takes Farrah out to lunch so they can talk about the “exclusive club” that Farrah will be having her birthday part at that night. Poor Paola. Talking is hard for her.

Finally, the lynch mob has come for Farrah. What the hell took them so long?
Finally, the lynch mob has come for Farrah. What the hell took them so long?

Later, we get a look inside that “exclusive club.” It’s packed with girls in skanky crop tops. The champagne is flowing and Farrah and Paola (and Pikachu, for some reason) are partying hard. It appears that Paola is the only person Farrah actually knows at the party.

WTF is happening here?
WTF is happening here?

Farrah is constantly blowing kisses to…well, no one, as a bunch of frightening-looking clown-women stand on the side. For once, Farrah isn’t the most made-up person in the room!

The next day, Farrah is essentially topless as she heads to brunch with Sophia and Deb. Seriously, Farrah’s breasts are just globbing around and frankly, I’m concerned for Sophia’s safety! Those things could knock an eye out or something!

"Remember Sophia, when you get older, you have to at least cover your nipples if you're going to brunch! It's just the classy thing to do!"
“Remember Sophia, when you get older, you have to at least cover your nipples if you’re going to brunch! It’s just the classy thing to do!”

Once they sit down, Farrah doesn’t want to talk about her birthday party in front of Sophia because it was “adults only.” (I mean, it’s fine for Farrah to cuss out her parents in front of Sophia, or put her bowling ball breasts on the table for all of South Beach to see while her daughter is sitting next to her but..discuss a party at ‘da club?’ NEVER!)

Sophia's face while Farrah is talking about how successful she is...priceless...
Sophia’s face while Farrah is talking about how successful she is…priceless…

Farrah changes the subject, saying that being in Florida “brings up so much memories” (yessss) of when she and Sophia moved to the Sunshine State years ago. Back then, Farrah was worried that she wouldn’t achieve her goals but…boy was she wrong! What a role model she is to us all!

“You have to stay positive and learn from your mistakes,” Farrah advises. (Those are two things Farrah has literally never done. Ever.)

She vows to keep opening businesses and living her life as an independent woman. Cue the Beyonce song! Farrah don’t need no man…until next episode, of course, when it’s once again time to talk about Simon.

"I'm willing to part with a few hamburgers, but I'm drawing the line at giving them cheeseburgers!"
“I’m willing to part with a few hamburgers, but I’m drawing the line at giving them cheeseburgers!”

Back in Indiana, Gary is thinking about asking Matt and Amber over for a cookout because 1) hamburgers are rad and 2) it may help Leah to see her parents together. Gary knows that Amber has been reluctant to hang out with him and Kristina, but he thinks it would be good for him to extend the offer.

Hey, the fact that Gary is offering to share his barbecued meats with anyone, let alone Amber, is a big step!

Judging by her facial expression, Amber does not see the humor in Gary's amazing "Dad Bod" tee.
Judging by her facial expression, Amber does not see the humor in Gary’s amazing “Dad Bod” tee.

At Amber’s, Leah admits that she hasn’t been charging the phone Gary gave her. It’s time for her to go back to Gary’s house, and Gary extends the invite for Amber and Matt to stay for some home cookin’. Amber declines the offer and then gets all sad for no reason. She throws Leah inside the house and seems to want nothing to do Gary, despite the fact that he’s dressed to the nines in his fashionable “Dad Bod” T-shirt.

After Amber leaves, Gary tells the producer that he’s disappointed Amber didn’t accept the invitation and stay for dinner. He says his intentions are good, but Amber doesn’t seem to understand that.

Meanwhile, Maci is about to be induced so that she can get the Oopsie Baby out of her. Taylor’s probably got the keg all pumped up and ready so that he can start mainlining Bud Lite into Maci as soon as Baby Maverick comes barreling out of her crotch.

"You're my last little oopsie...probably..."
“You’re my last little oopsie…probably…”

On the day of the delivery, MTV was shut out of Maci’s hospital room. We are spared from having to see the actual baby birthin’, but do see some “family footage” of Baby Maverick being held by Maci shortly after birth. Both families have arrived for the birth, including Maci’s parents, who have been missing in action since MTV added the “OG” to the ‘Teen Mom’ title. Bentley is thrilled about his little brother.

"Is it too early to bring the kids to Jen's house? Maybe we should give it one more day?"
“Is it too early to bring the kids to Jen’s house? Maybe we should give it one more day?”

Later, once Maverick is home from the hospital, Maci and Taylor are realizing that having two screaming babies is not exactly a great time. It’s time for Bentley’s big baseball game. Maci has invited Ryan to the game, but he has yet to respond. She’s upset that Ryan hasn’t even met Maverick yet.

Perhaps Mav and Ryan can become napping buddies? They are essentially the same mental age, so it might work out, although his mom Jen may have a hard time finding a Baby Bjorn big enough to hold a sleeping, unemployed 27-year-old.

"Ew, ma, why are YOU tired? All you did is work all day. We've been FILMING and we're exhausted!"
“Ew, ma, why are YOU tired? All you did is work all day. We’ve been FILMING and we’re exhausted!”

Finally, we head back to Michigan one more time to see if Ty has any more choice words about his wife’s eating habits. Tyler’s mom, Kim, comes in after a hard day of work, complaining about how tired she is. (Cate and Ty both say that they, too, are tired. Kim looks like she wants to slap them both silly because she knows they haven’t done crap all day.)

Kim sits down and asks Ty if he has seen any difference in Catelynn since she’s been home from rehab and Tyler forces himself to say yes. Kim isn’t buying it.

“I coulda sworn the other day you were high,” she straight-out tells Catelynn, who gets all bug-eyed. “You’ve been smokin’ haven’t you?”

"Annnd....that's my cue to slip out before she asks me if I'm still blazin'!"
“Annnd….that’s my cue to slip out before she asks me if I’m still blazin’!”

Tyler pretends he doesn’t hear what his mom has asked, and Cate says she doesn’t want to talk about her smokin’ the weeeeed on-camera because she “doesn’t want the whole world to know.”

Um…you kind of just told us, Cate. Thanks.

"Oh crap! Butch says that in prison snitches get stitches! That ain't happening here...right?"
“Oh crap! Butch says that in prison snitches get stitches! That ain’t happening here…right?”

Tyler’s mom seems to have had no idea that Catelynn being a great big ol’ pothead was a secret. She looks like she feels bad for bringing the topic up on camera.

Next time on ‘Teen Mom OG,’  Farrah can’t stop yelling at her parents, Amber can’t stop eating, Catelynn can’t stop being sad and Maci can’t stop Ryan from ignoring his son. Good times!

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  1. OMG. It would have been so great if Farrah melted into a puddle of plastic goop! “what a woooorld…..”. What a mess that would leave though…

  2. Ashley your recaps are always hilarious! It’s the only reason I watch this show, I just hear your jokes inside my head the whole time, makes it much more manageable to watch too. But your captions this episode were some of the best, you nailed evey Farah caption. Especially Deb and her doormat attitude in exchange for a bikini top…laughed my a** off.

    Yeesh, that woman was always a little unstable, but now every time she appears in a scene, my stomach literally flips…it’s too unsettling to watch her. I’ve seen this scenario before, intelligent woman that constantly battles the looney voices inside her head. Deb is now showing us what happens when the intelligent woman is finally conquered & all your left with is the looney. She’s not even human anymore.

    1. Deb acts like a 17 year old. She looks like she shops af Forever 21. How embarrassing and weird. I miss the old Deb with suitcases under her eyes, the dated Farrah Fawcett layers, and the attitude that made her two piece Farrah. Now all we here is Goo Goo Gaa Gaa ?

  3. This is the best recap ever and your sarcasm is hilarious! You pick up on everything that frustrated me in this episode. My poor TV caught the brunt of my yelling while my dear husband was subjected to my extreme eye rolls.
    I just found your website and I hope to see recaps of teen mom every week. There is SO much content in every episode to mock!

  4. Jeeeeez Tyler and Catelynn just…personally I feel they shouldn’t have got married with all the issues they had hanging around them. I can kind of see it from both sides, it must be hard for him but he REALLY needs to realise that she has a serious mental health problem and that to a (large) extent he contributes to it- oinking like a pig at your wife at the dinner table? Take her for a nice walk and cook a healthy meal together maybe? Strikes me, he wants out but $$ keeps him where he is.

    On a lighter note: HIGH, HIGH ya all HIGH! ? Laughed out loud.

  5. I’ve been saying this stuff for years and everybody jumped down my throat. Well ha, ha, ha. Whenever Cait announced she was pregnant with nova and everybody was so happy for her I said it was a bad idea. We had all LITERALLY just watched them on couples therapy on the edge of their relationship. Tyler saying they’re not going to get married and Cait ready to call it quits because if they weren’t working towards marriage why even try. Then a few months later a baby and an engagement and everybody was so happy for her and couldn’t see that this was all a ploy to lead the perfect life that was going to crash and burn. Cait and ty may love nova but they had her to save their relationship and that’s a lot of stress for a poor baby. Being with somebody with depression is draining. I do feel for Tyler in that sense but the way he is acting is not helpfull. Tyler needs to learn how to cope with and talk to cait and if he doesn’t then they do not need to be together. If you can’t help her leave, if she is not helping you leave, it’s never easy but neither is this life that you’re living. Make a choice.

    1. I sense that he is becoming stressed himself, resentful, and overwhelmed taking care of a kid by himself while Cait naps, eats, and watches Netflix in bed all day. We may not all love Ty but you gotta admit, he is the only one taking care of Nova, barely. I feel like he has had one foot out the door for years but hasn’t jumped yet because he knows Cait would lose her mind and kill herself if he ever left. Judging by Monday’s episode he seems like he’s tired of it all, and I don’t blame him. What’s gonna change if you keep up the same behavior and crying about how you hate it, yet aren’t willing to help yourself? His mom is over Cait’s shit too. Tyler’s gonna end up seeking solace in another woman, and/or he’s gonna take Nova and leave. Let her lay there with her Netflix and Big Ass Quesadillas.

  6. I feel sorry for Catelynn. It did not sink in that giving up Carly was *forever.* She never wanted to give up her child. Tyler talked her into it. She lives with constant regret over this.

    This is not unusual for birth mothers. I don’t think the adoption counselors were completely forthcoming about the finality of adoption.

  7. I love how Maci says about Ryan not wanting her to bring Bentley to his parents house because he’s pissed at them “Im not gonna use Bentley as a pawn” but yet you were pissed at Ryan last season and out of spite, said “Im not taking him to Jenn and Larry’s if Ryan doesn’t step up”. Lol. This drunk big nose bitch is such a hypocrite. I love how when it’s convenient for her Bentley and her kids came come over there but when she’s pissed at Ryan, they don’t get to see Bentley.

  8. Yes, Farrah is an horrible horrible human being but at least she’s doing something more than just laying on a couch wondering why they’re so bored… Every other teen mom (expect for maci poppin out kids left and right) literally do nothing all day except sit on the couch. It blows my mind how someone can sit there and act like they have such rough lives (yes all of them have had different obstacles to overcome) but I’m a teen mom dealing with the real life of having a child young. I WISH someone would pay me thousands of dollars to just sit and stare at a wall all day. Sorry, my rant is over now..

  9. Just me or does Farah eat like a neanderthal? She holds a fork with a death grip (was that KFC they were eating?) And that sandwich she was eating with Paola…four finger death grip?!?

    1. She talks like a Neanderthal too. She can barely string words together. She talks like when they made you look up synonyms in grammar school, but you used the ones that didn’t really go w what you were trying to say.

    1. In all fairness, the 90’s have made a comeback. I see girls with chokers, high waist jeans, my son has a high top fade. The 90’s are definitely back and have been for a few years now. Id rather see Tyler dress like this than his 2001 Eminem 8 Mile wannabe baggy jeans and baseball cap. All he was missing was a CD player with Backstreet Boy’s Millennium inside.

  10. I like how all the other teen moms are living kind of normal lives (if not having jobs and making tons of money is normal) and Farrah is still trying to make The Real Housewives of Teen Mom happen. It’s not going to happen.

  11. This is sorta off topic, but, Catelynn NEEDS a new hairstyle!!! What’s up with that strip of hair she always has pulled out and swooped to the side?!? Drives me crazy lol

    1. Agreed. She’d probably feel better about herself if she actually showered, did her hair and put on a little makeup. Her hair is always in the same greased out pony tail.

    2. She’s never picked good hairstyles. Remember that awful, soccer mom, Im a 42 year old administrative assistant haircut she had a few years ago. She was only like 17-18, why would any hair dresser do that to her? That stacked bob gave me nightmares, worse than the time Chelsea went blonde

  12. My comment might seem unimportant regarding everything going on in this episode. But I just simply don’t understand why Taylor doesn’t bother to hold his son when he’s feeding him. Has he ever tried drinking when lying down ? This is suppose to be a bonding time, hold him and cuddle him!

  13. I’m starting to feel sorry for Tyler. Living with a mentally ill person isn’t easy and Catelynn doesn’t seem motivated at all. I think he’ll end up leaving her.

      1. WTF are you talking about?? She has depression, she’s not shooting heroin. He should be supporting her, not constantly tearing her down. He’s a HUGE part of the reason she’s depressed! Obviously she needs to be helping herself out too, but why can’t he help her instead of always being negative about her. Maybe suggest you both go for a walk, or you both actually COOK a healthy delicious dinner instead of going out of getting take out. Don’t you dare tell me that Tyler has done everything he can to help Caitlynn and now he’s just fed up. The little prick has done nothing except bitch and moan about how her having depression affects him and how he’s sick of it and how she’s fat. Grow the fuck up. I do not feel bad for him at all.

    1. And also maybe don’t be smoking the weed around someone out of rehab with mental health issues who is supposed to be quitting the weed. Might not be helping the situation. Unless, like, it’s only at night time….

  14. I keep wondering…did Cate smoke pit during both pregnancies? How much do those two smoke around Nova?

  15. I’m not trying to be insensitive to Catelynn’s mental illness but I miss the early days of Ty and Catelynn’s relationship. I used to love watching their scenes over any of the other stories but their scenes are really uncomfortable to watch. It just feels so awkward. I hope Catelynn can get back on track soon. I think the problem is that she needs to do more with her life like get a regular job or go to school. If she stayed busy, her depression would get better.

    1. They were my favorites too because they seemed so mature beyond their years, level headed, and grounded. I don’t think they are bad people but they are lazy. Had the show never happened I think Tyler would be in school or working, I can sense that he did have intentions on doing all the things he set out to do but the money made them complacent. Cate? Not so much. I sense she would have used the excuse of wanting to be a stay at home mom so she doesn’t have to do anything but lay around eating and napping all day. Even Tyler’s mom said she was never someone who seemed motivated. Off subject but what does April do for a living? I’ve never seen her punch a clock

  16. To be the Devils advocate (as much as it pains me to type this)…I can see why Amber turned it down. I’m probably projecting my situation into Ambers, but whenever you’ve gone through such a heated custody battle and have a high conflict situation, sometimes it’s better for the kids to not see you together if it means it’s going to be forced and could easily collapse.

    I know many people who will attempt to do activities for the kids sake, but all it takes is Misconstrued comment (or rude comments) to set the other person off. Then you have a fight with your kid there in the room. So what should Amber do? Listen to Gary’s digs until the dinner is over? Listen to Gary’s digs until she blows up and then Gary can run back to court exclaiming he tried to co-parent but she did XYZ? Because even though Gary is a good parent to Leah, he definitely knows how to hold things over Ambers head and make passive aggressive comments.

    I saw it more of Amber declining due to knowing her boundaries. As someone whose husband has a high conflict ex wife, every volleyball game, phone call, email contains her attempting to “bait him”. It’s emotionally exhausting, and ignoring is the only way to reach a certain level of sanity. Sometimes doing what is best for your child means sitting far away from the other parent and having little communication with him/her. It’s a sad and harsh reality, but it’s better than the alternative.

  17. I thought that was very nice of Gary to invite and Amber and Matt for dinner. Gary can be really annoying and dumb but no one can deny he’s a good father. He really cares for Leah and tries to do what’s best for her. If only Amber would follow his parenting example…oh wait she has the wonderful Matt to guide her! Oh wait…
    Cate and Ty make me sad. You can tell she is struggling so much and Tyler comes off as such a jerk. While it’s very frustrating to watch someone go through anxiety and depression (I’ve had to watch several loved ones go through it) you have to just help them through it! And if you can’t do that then you need to see a counselor yourself. Ugh I hate how he talks to her. Ty doesn’t have to sugar coat but he could not have such an attitude. Isn’t Cate the woman he loves?
    Farrah is ridiculous but no shocker there. I just look at Sophia and shudder at what she will be like when she gets older.

  18. it’s painful to see Tyler get more and more disgusted w Catelynn w each episode. He’s starting to look as disheveled as she’s been forever. I can’t believe how unhealthy they’ve become together. Shame.

  19. for a person who hates these people so much you sure do know alot! Even more than some diehard fans. Lol your just as pathetic as you think they are. Get a real job!

    1. I do know a lot about the show– in fact I literally wrote the book on the subject! Be sure to check out my book “Teen Mom Confidential” available on Amazon, Kindle and Barnes & Noble. Signed, (The Absolutely Pathetic) The Ashley <3

        1. @i’m Not: I believe it’s only available online at Barnes & Noble now! It’s from 2013, so it is a bit outdated, but still some good stuff in there! -The Ashley

          1. I didn’t know you wrote that!!! Already read it!! But one thing I noticed is there wasn’t hardly anything about Chelsea.

    2. Ummm..if you’ve ever written a review of a weekly show you would know how much work it is! Keep up the good work “The Ashley” and don’t feed the trolls!

  20. It seemed very clear in this episode that Amber regrets her mistakes with Gary and wishes she could have a life with him. Instead her pride won’t let her see that she is being used six ways to Saturday. At least Taylor is a somewhat cute grifter. Matt 2.0, I suppose.

    1. I know how Amber feels, I really do. But sometimes what we think we want/ed is not best for us and it’s a reason they don’t work out. I can believe that, that Amber has regrets about how things turned out. That’s why she’s settling for Matt, she’s trying to fill the void of having a man and a family. The difference between me and Amber is that even though it’s lonely and sad, Im not willing to settle, especially with having a child in the picture

  21. Catelynn and Tyler are beginning to depress me. She just lets him walk all over her. I wish he’d realize that her issues are clearly serious and the stuff he is saying really isn’t helping. She also needs to get up and go do stuff instead of sitting in her house all day. The change of scenery at the rehab probably did her some good.

  22. I love that Amber bought that brand new white (?) couch and now it’s covered in blankets because of the zoo she has living with her. Matt included.

  23. Ty and Cate it’s a touchy subject. It is kind of putting Ty in a bad spot because Cate cries all the time cause she say she is fat. But then never really does anything about it. It seems like after they had Nova she got really lazy and unmotivated. He kind of did too though.

  24. Why does Maci care what Rhine does or does not do. God Maci, ain’t nothing ever good enough for you…

    Also for Rhine… heroin??? He acts like Jenelle acted on season 4 of ypTN2

    1. On last night’s episode he was so messed up on something. His eyes about bugged out of his head. It’s either drugs or he has some sort of neurological problem and that’s why his mom babies him so much.

  25. I can’t wait when tyler and Catelynn are broken up/divorced for real. It will eventually happen. He is such an ass to her. I think cate has a bit of expanding her mind to do before she realizes that tyler is verbally abusive. He is tearing her down. She is a sad girl and you can see it every episide.

    Amber has no reason to be sad. She got with this creepy old fart. She doesn’t take care of her daughter really. She gets paid to sit around. She got on pills, alcohol herself. She wasn’t in a deep dark hole like other girls have been on the show. She made herself into the angry human being she is. She could have had her own family with Gary and leah if she chose to fix herself. But she couldn’t make herself happy. Gary can be pretty stupid. But he’s a good dad, he seems like he has a steady life. He’s got things together. His life seems relaxed. Amber totally could have had that.

    Maci has no worries whatsoever. She also put hardships on herself that didn’t need to happen.

    Farrah is ridiculous. Her daughter has no chance in her older years if she is by these people. She isn’t being raised properly. But she has no dad’s side of the family to take her away. She being cared for. Very well cared for. But not emotionaly. Her home life is crazy. There might be no hope for her.

    Main point is catelynn. She had a bad childhood. And now it just got transferred from bad parents to bad husband. She is depressed. Being with him is doing nothing. But if she leaves she will feel like she has nothing left because her family was so broken. I felt like that and still get upset about it. It was filled with prison and drugs with my family. But still there was alcohol and physical abuse and emotional abuse at home and school. I was stuck in a 7 year relationship that was also emotionally draining. I cry seeing her segments because it takes a long time to get over it. You need a partner that brings you up. Not tears you down everytime you get home from rehab.

    1. I think you’ve hit the nail on the head. Cait has essentially traded one abusive situation for another. The only was for her to get out of her depression is to get out of her situation. She wouldn’t still be with Tyler if they hadn’t placed Carly for adoption.

      What’s that saying? If you realize you are depressed, look around and see if you are surrounded by @$$holes?

    2. Tyler had a shitty childhood too and it’s quite obvious that Catelynn is emotionally draining him too. They are bad for each other.

      1. What scares me about them is that they have been hanging on to each other since childhood, literally! They were kids when they started a relationship. Id have more faith in them lasting if they met at say….23-24-25 or so, then the relationship is built on an adult, mature (maybe) foundation, but they are feeding off of feelings they had when they were horny 13 year olds lol. I honestly feel like Tyler is gonna leave her one day. He’s like 24 and only been with one girl his whole life, he’s gonna get cabin fever. She is gonna fall apart without him. She’s so codependent on him that it’s scary. I can honestly see her trying to commit suicide if he left. Either way, I’ve sensed Tyler has had one foot out the door for at least 3-4 years now.

  26. You guys remember that picture of Britney Spears in the denim prom gown and Justin wore the denim tux? Tyler looks like he borrowed Justin’s hat.

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