First Trailer: Get a Sneak Peek of Catelynn Lowell & Tyler Baltierra’s New Show ‘Teen Mom: ReUnited’

'Teen Mom: ReUnited' is what you would get if 'Teen Mom OG' and 'Catfish' had a love child...
‘Teen Mom: ReUnited’ is what you would get if ‘Teen Mom OG’ and ‘Catfish’ had a love child…

MTV just gave us our first look at Teen Mom: Reunited, the new series starring Teen Mom OG stars Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell. One thing’s for sure: this show is going to be very intense!

In the trailer for ‘ReUnited,’ Catelynn and Tyler are shown trying to get a woman named Katie in touch with her birth mother. They manage to get Katie’s biological sister, Hazel, on the phone, and Hazel tells the reality stars that Katie may not want to hear the true story surrounding her mother and adoption.

It appears that Cate and Ty eventually get Katie’s birth mother in the same place as Katie, but Katie is shown getting emotional and running off when it’s time for her to meet her mother.

The show, which was filmed over the summer, will not only focus on people who were adopted, but also people who have lost touch with loved ones for one reason or another. However, it seems that reuniting people separated by adoption will be the main focus. In addition to Katie’s episode, there will also be an episode that features an adopted Florida woman named Pheniquea, who sought Tyler and Catelynn’s help in finding her birth family.

“I didn’t realize how many people are actually searching for whoever,” Tyler tells Catelynn in the ‘ReUnited’ trailer. “I feel like, if me and you are meant to do something, it’s this.”

On the ‘Teen Mom OG: Ask the Moms’ special, which aired on Monday, Catelynn discussed the new show, stating that it will feature people who are looking to reunite with family members who have gone to jail, or have been absent from their loved ones’ lives. Judging from the trailer, the show seems to have a very Catfish-esque vibe.

As The Ashley previously told you, ‘ReUnited’ is the brainchild of Tyler, who has been passionately promoting the show on his social media for over a month.

“I just got lucky enough that one of the many crazy ideas in my head actually worked out,” he tweeted to a fan in October.

Watch the trailer for ‘Teen Mom: ReUnited’ below:

(Photo: MTV)

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  1. While I do worry about all of the Teen Moms after the show is done, I have to give them props for creating another opportunity for themselves. While they might not be the leading experts on loss of connection and reconnecting they do have personal experience with it. If anyone is looking to work with the best professionals in this area I’d assume they would be utilizing therapists not getting on a reality show. Everyone seems to have so much anger over these teen moms getting paid. I’ve worked hard and have good prospects so I don’t need to be resentful over the income of people I don’t know.

  2. What makes them the authority on adoptions now? They are milking that for all it’s worth. They need identities outside of the words “Carly” “Mtv” “adoption” and “teen mom”. Their worth and identities are based off this show and everything surrounding it. Shit, at least Farrah has other titles and ventures like
    Porn star
    Raging lunatic
    Terrible mother
    Plastic surgery addict

  3. This isn’t the place for it but I don’t have Twitter

    @The Ashley- Jenelle looks super not pregnant on Snapchat and reddit is speculating that she’s had her baby already. Any truth to it?

  4. Troy Dunn has done “The Locator” for several years on different channels. That’s where the pot smoking sissy boy got the ‘idea’ It’s hard to watch them doing nothing with their lives in front of that poor child.

  5. these two neurotic dingbats are totally unqualified to handle these delicate situations. Tyler thinks he is some sort of therapist and believe me that is certainly not the case. I hope they have an onsite professional there to clean up the damage. And I DO NOT mean “Dr” Drew.

  6. So proud of you both.Love you both so much.Yor doing an awesome thing.I have a Blood Sister I’ve wanted to find for so many Year’s.Shes a year younger than I’am.I just don’t have the money to hire a Private investigator to help find her.My Mother’s wish was to find her before she past away but never came.So I have to find her some how.Good luck with your New show ,I look forward in watching you both.Lots of Love Marleaha Hatch XOXO

  7. Cait looks more like her mom as the days go on.

    Poor little nova stuck in smoke city with her greasy grandma.

    Both her and ty need to get jobs and get if their asses

    1. Okay Im gonna be honest. If I were making 200,000 a year I wouldn’t necessarily be working my fingers to the bone at some crap job. However, I would be using this time to further my education, getting a legit career established for when the show is over and I return to normal life, and investing my money so it continues to grow. I guarantee you the only one/s out of all of these shows who will be okay will be Chelsea and Kailyn.

        1. That’s probably true but I know for certain Kail will do SOMETHING. She won’t be sitting around eating pizza trying to figure out how to make it on TMZ tonight.

          1. Whatever she ends up doing it won’t keep her in the lifestyle she’s become accustomed to. No more BMW, daily Starbucks, multiple home, biweekly vacations.

            She will end up bitter about that. She’s such a mean POMPOUS girl. Her comeuppance will be hilarious if she continues to document her life on social media.

  8. Stop it. Stay home with your kid and do something to insure her future. So tired of the TM franchise “stars” going as far as the mtv money train will allow them to. So done.

  9. Cate cleans up pretty nice when that greasy strip of hair isn’t trying to steal the show every episode.

  10. Why is the Teen Mom name being used when this essentially has nothing to do with being a teen mom or any of the cast, aside from who the host are. Pretty stupid. What’s next, Teen Mom: Haunted Houses, Teen Mom: Bird Whisper, Teen Mom: Cheaters, Teen Mom: Investigates.

    1. I would be all for a Teen Mom: Cheaters….could you imagine Jenelle on that show?? I would be watching EVERY SINGLE WEEK

        1. Oh, please could Butch host something! He and Babs are HILARIOUS – each in their own right. If Butch could stay clean, I’d completely love watching a show that he and Babs hosted.

    2. Law and Order:Teen Mom
      Teen Mom American Ninja Warrior, spoiler alert only Nathan and Adumb finish the course thanks to the steroids

    3. Nooooo….. I’m banking on Amber and Matt on couples therapy …. with their issues they’d need a show on their own… and they could parade out all of Matts children!!

      Or ‘The Deercam Chronicles – starring Leah’

      1. I can see that happening. Did you catch in Monday’s episode when Gary asked about Chris and Amber said he met some chick and they moved in together lmao. Chris takes after his daddy. Here he is practically teleported to some poor woman’s house to squat.

  11. So I guess we can expect a Farrah meltdown any second now over being excluded from this project just like she was from the cruise. Lol

  12. I see that Caitlin is still munching on her fingernails ….. seriously what credentials do these 2 twats have for counselling other people that are going thru difficult emotional times??? Just because Tyler THINKS he can help people , doesn’t mean he should be! It’s like they woke up one morning and thought ‘screw college, that means getting my arse off the couch and leaving the house … MTV will pay for me to act like a counsellor on TV’ ……. and MTV fell for it!!!!

      1. I think the fact that their open adoption is in such a bad state right now, they should not be preaching to others. I haven’t watched the trailer, but if they had a team of professionals that were shown to assist them, I could get into that.

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