Farrah Abraham Claims MTV Hid Her ‘Teen Mom OG’ Co-Stars’ Faults For Years: Says ‘Teen Mom 2’ Needs to Be Cancelled


Monday night’s Teen Mom OG Reunion turned into a Jerry Springer Show-esque brawl between stars Farrah Abraham and Amber Portwood. (The Ashley is about to recap that lil slice of heaven, so stay tuned!) The brawl, which The Ashley first told you about back in October, was featured on Monday’s episode, but the fight between Farrah and her cast mates rages on!

In a new interview with Too Fab, Farrah held nothing back when discussing ‘Teen Mom OG’ and her co-stars: Amber, Maci Bookout and Catelynn Lowell. She called for the end of the show, and blasted MTV and the show’s producers for covering up her co-stars’ bad behavior. 

“Production can’t hide it anymore…I feel production has hid Catelynn, has hid Maci, and has hid Amber‘s behavior for — how many f**king years have I worked on this show? It’s been about eight years and I think it’s sad,” Farrah told the site.

The Ashley can confirm that Farrah is not exactly lying about this. Particularly in the early days of the show, much of the cast members’ bad behavior was “accidentally” left out of the show, or completely ignored. (For instance, Catelynn and Tyler were both heavy smokers all throughout the show, but they weren’t shown smoking on camera for years.)

Farrah stated that having the producers’ help in covering unsavory behavior has stunted Maci, Catelynn and Amber.

“If they just allowed themselves to show what’s really gong on in these women’s lives, then maybe they could grow out of this high school, stagnant, criminal behavior that they’re in,” Farrah said. “They cover up them going to jail, they cover up drug things, they cover up what’s really going on with their children and how they are as parents.”

“How many years to expect someone to be stuck around all this?” she added. “It gets stagnant and it gets boring. And I don’t want to be around it.”

Still, Farrah says she’s not leaving ‘Teen Mom OG,’ no matter how much she hates her co-stars.

“As far as I’m concerned, I will always be a part of something I started and no bullies, no criminals, no violent s**t is going to take me away from a show that I started,” she said. “When it’s my time to go, I’ll go, but the only time that’s going to be for ‘Teen Mom’ is when the network takes it off the air.”

She did want fans to know that, for the record, she feels she would win in a physical fight between herself and her three other co-stars.

"You do realize I could snag you like a plastic straw, right, Farrah?"
“You do realize I could snag you like a plastic straw, right, Farrah?”

“I’m not scared of [them], I’m not worried. I could probably slug all three of the Stooges in one breath and knock them all out. That’s how little they are compared to me,” she said. “I don’t have the energy or time, I’m working and I’m running businesses. If I’m ever concerned about something, I’ll have security deal with it.”

No ‘Teen Mom’ franchise cast member was safe from Farrah’s tirade, not even the girls from Teen Mom 2! She expressed her desire to have that show taken off the air.

“I’ve been pro-take it off the air for many years because I’m not OK with seeing women who are getting pregnant worried about being famous like Chelsea Houska, Kailyn Lowry,” Farrah said. “It’s sad to me that these women who I meet/see, so eager to be famous.”


Kail and Chelsea (as well as Chelsea’s father Randy Houska) reacted to Farrah’s comments about them. Kail tweeted directly to Farrah, asking her, “Do you ever have anything nice to say about anyone?”

Farrah replied back to Kail on Twitter.

“Yes, real people who aren’t fake puppets of [Executive Producer Morgan J. Freeman]’s production company,” Farrah wrote. “Thanks for asking sweety hope you stay out of the drama.”

Kail pointed out that it was Farrah that had dragged her into the brawl, even though she (and the other ‘Teen Mom 2’ girls) had nothing to do with it.

“[It’s] hard to stay out of it when you bring my name into interviews and say I got pregnant to stay relevant,” Kail tweeted to Farrah.

Kail later told Real Mr. Housewife that Farrah has made it very hard for anyone in the casts to like her.

“The thing with Farrah is that she’s so negative all the time. She never has anything nice to say about anybody on the cast,” Kail told the site. “I see her doing big things- I would love to be able to support her doing those things- but when she’s constantly slamming me in the media and saying things that are so out of left field, it’s hard to find any kind of good in her.

“Her exact words were that Chelsea and I got pregnant again for fame…. but Chelsea and I were both married and in our mid-twenties [when we had second pregnancies],” Kail added.

Chelsea laughed off Farrah’s comments about her, but her dad Randy stuck up for his daughter.

“Hilarious. I wonder exactly which teen mom would do ANYTHING to be famous. Chelsea flies so far under the radar, MTV forgets about her,” Randy tweeted.

Stay tuned– this brawl seems to be a long ways from being over!

(Photos: MTV, VH1)


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  1. The bitch needs to worry about her. Nasty ass trifling hoe.She has no room to talk the other teen mom have never sold there vagina and did porn nasty ass skank. And for you 411 bitch they were married and had a right to have another kid bitch And I recently saw where she be hosting a Christmas party and the way she still dresses she look like a damn hooker. So stfu Farrah and sit you nasty ass down bitch. The way you talk to people espically you’re parents is lowdown and disgusting learn how to have a converstation with out interrupting and every word in the sentuce like dumb retarded bitch. At least the other teen mom know how to act there age and more mature then you.No wonder Sophia turning out like you cause the way you ass acts. Stupid bitch

  2. I decided to go back anchwatch Farrah’s episode of 16&pregnant. Her family was fairly normal and her parents actually had some wise advice for her. She should have placed Sophia for adoption. Sophia would have been much better off. This whole family is an example of what “fame” and money can do. It’s really sad to see how much they’ve changed for the absolutely worst.

  3. Farrah Abraham is one rude bitch!!Idk why MTV keeps her around.She is a bad a example for kids and her own daughter.She has no respect for her parents or anyone. That girl needs a serious ass whooping.

  4. Anyone else waiting for the write up on the reunion special? Come on The Ashley, cant wait to hear your input on that train wreck!

  5. Farrah is just a horrible person. She treats her mom like a dog! If she were my daughter I’d slap the shit shit out of her. She is damn fake and there is nothing pretty about her. How can she slam anyone! She is a payed prostitute! Does she not recall doing porn? How does she think her lil gitl is going to feel later on when she learns about her mom?

  6. I don’t care what Farrah said, violence is never the amswer Amber. Disgusted at the whole lot of them.

    Amber needs to grow the hell up, and how the f is she fatter?? She looks awful!!! Her boobs had a better chance of knocking Farah out versus her short fat stubby arms.

  7. OK – I admit I have watched this for years. My biggest pet peeve w/ Farrah is the whole DADDY DEREK crap she constantly spews. She had kicked that guy to the curb. Her mother told her not to have anything to do w/ him. She changed her phone number so he couldn’t contact her. SOUL MATE? I don’t think so. Dearest, you shouldn’t be rewriting history when the truth is well documented on tv. Crimeny. STUPID doesn’t begin to cover it. The other OG don’t claim to be geniuses. Farrah does, and she is the dumbest of them all. BTW – try to utter a complete sentence without throwing in a dozen curse words. We can work on you actually making sense next week. First things first!!

    1. I’d be interested to see what was actually going on with that situation. Was her 16 & P intro when it was stated the ‘he got way too controlling’ ever elaborated upon?
      There was a sense that if she wasn’t being pressured by her parents ahe would have at least told him she was pregnant,

  8. “I could probably slug all three of the Stooges in one breath..”

    Yeah, I’m sure she could knock ’em all out with one breath. One hint of the stretch that exudes from her breath after a pecker goes from Farrah’s blown-out butthole to her mouth would kill most anyone.

  9. Farrah is so delusional it’s not even funny anymore. She did a porno and made vibrating molds of her butt and vagina for $$$ and fame. She has appeared on couples therapy ALONE after attempting to fake a relationship to get herself on tv and to gain more exposure. She does endless interviews and I’m convinced half the stuff she says is intentionally done to create controversy because she knows people will react. This girl is literally ridiculous, would not be even remotely surprised if she has had abortions since having Sophia and covered them up. Biggest hypocrite I have ever seen.

  10. Does she not see the irony in criticizing the cast of the TM franchise when she is part of the cast? Is she really that stupid to think she isn’t a puppet and a fame seeker as well? I guess she did two porn videos and gets tons of plastic surgery to stay anonymous.
    Farrah is the only one that believes the bullshit she spews from her fake lips. She is the epitome of a bully, she puts others down to make her feel better about her pathetic self.

  11. To be honest Farrah is bitter not sure why. So i dont see the point of her putting down the girls in Teen Mom OG and in Teen Mom 2. Shes just jealous because they are normal girls dealing with their own issues with being a teen mom and not being rude to eveyone they talk to like Farrah does. Who calls their parents by there first name? Omg if i did that i be disrespecting my parents. Farrah needs to get off of Teen Mom OG . Shes the one whos rude to everyone disrespectful to eveyone on the show. All they do let her run the show. Nope i don’t like her at all . She has no right to bash any of the girls at all.

  12. I haven’t read through all the comments so I may be a bit redundant, but I think Farrah is even more mentally/emotionally disturbed than any of us can even phantom. She speaks and it’s so fake. Her saying she “loves” that her mom’s boyfriend has an opinion but doesn’t need it, is so fake. She’s always spouting how she’s real, then be real and say how you really feel about the man. And this example I just gave is minimal. The way she speaks to people and justifies it with “I have a lot to work on,” has become an excuse for her to continue to treat people like crap and remain unapologetic. Her and Simon’s social media antics of labeling people horrible things make me wish Amber and Matt would have gotten some good punches in. Social media in general has taken away the consequences of bad manners and rude gossip. Again I use those terms and realize they are an understatement. Farrah says security will handle people for her because she doesn’t have the time for that drama, but maybe a good confrontation is what she needs. I am no proponent of fighting, but it’s like the classroom bully. They hit other kids until someone gets physical in return, then they learn a lesson. I did feel bad that Michael got thrown in the audience, but when he came out he was cursing and getting in Ambers face. He wasn’t exactly trying to deescalate the situation. Furthermore; I feel he only came out because Simon wasn’t trying to save Farrah. Ok rant over. Hope it makes sense.

    1. Farrah is a bully. Netflix has a movie on called “A Girl Like Her”. It shows the perspective from the point of view of the bully and the point of view of the victim. I thought it was really powerful. In her mind, Farrah does nothing wrong. I wonder if watching the footage from the show and her interviews ever makes her question her behavior. Who am I kidding; she is only getting worse.

  13. On a side note, I genuinely think Farrah is painfully jealous that literally every single person on the show, including her parents, have found love except for her. She’s really never had anyone, Simon is a joke & she ran off every guy before him by begging them to propose on the first phucking date. I’m pretty sure the only people on this planet who willingly tolerate her are her parents & Sophia, who I’m pretty sure hate her too but the molds of her asshole keep them living a luxurious life so… She’s so bitter & alone that seeing the happiness of others, especially when it’s people she hates, is unbearable so she finds any possible way to feel superior. She’s a hateful lunatic, but deep down she’s so desperate & lonely she clearly can’t deal so she repeatedly sabotages every possible relationship. She’s her own worst enemy & she’s too delusional to see it.

    1. Sadly she even tried to pretend her p0rn co-star was her boyfriend. I agree, the love thing really has to bother her. She’s fixated on the idea that Dereck was the only man for her, even though if he had still been alive there’s no chance they’d still be together. You could see how she treated him even on her episode of 16 and Pregnant. Its just a shame she didn’t use the experience to grow into a better human.

  14. The first season of Teen Mom was the only season worth watching. The big MTV paychecks hadn’t come in yet. They were not “celebrities” at all. There were real moments of struggle. Trying to get a footing for the direction of their lives. I remember Maci watching her friends all go off to college with a look of longing in her eyes for what might have been. Amber moving out of her shared apartment with Gary and barely had the money for a hotel room for the night because she had no where to go. It was honest. It was real life. It was relatable.

    It’s not that anymore and it’s not doing the service it keeps pretending it’s doing. Just pull the plug.

    1. I remeber there was actually an early season of TM where I was proud of Farrah. She was working in a pizza restaurant, had her own apartment & was working on her culinary school stuff. She was struggling to meet ends meet but I commended her for her grind. Now she grinds in a whole new way and I feel like she sold out. In a way they all have though. Farrah’s is just more extreme and she’s seemingly a mean person.

  15. Ok so now that I actually seen the fight it looks kind of staged. Simon looks like he was expecting it all to go down. Normal Farrah would of done her usual cry face not have that “oh Hell no face”. Think about it when they filmed it breaking the fourth wall then all of a sudden there are all of these feuds between the girls and “I hate the show I am leaving” crap. These girls are contracted so at first they all acted like best friends now the OG season and there are all of these issues between them. Plus them saying shit about MTV do you really think MTV would allow that and have no consequences? Amber appeared out nowhere and she knows what happens when you assault someone on TV. But nothing happened. BTW Amber looked like crap.

    1. I agree that it was likely staged. Also, why would Amber have had her mic on and operating if she wasn’t on stage?

    2. It was totally staged. No way it would have been like that, with mics on and ready to go and camera angles all set. It’s such a fake train wreck, but still hooks me every time!

      We need the recap! We are all on the edge of our seats waiting for it!

  16. Oh, the money I would’ve paid to see Amber get one good shot in at that Godforsaken mouth. Farrah is the most deluded, narcissistic, drama queen I’ve ever seen in my life. Watching her scenes causes me physical pain at this point. I don’t know what chemical imbalance she has in that Botox-injected brain of hers, but she needs legitimate psychiatric help & Jesus. And I’m sorry, WHICH TEEN MOM IS DESPERATE FOR FAME AGAIN?? I watched a show recently that said the trend of celebrity sex tapes died when Farrah’s was “leaked” because it was obvious that she deliberately made a porno trying to get famous. Homegirl needs to look in a mirror & shut the phuck up.

  17. Farrah is the full of shit look how she treat her family and then she say she not scared of the the girl that’s bull shit because she is farrah the one need to be gone off the show y’all let farrah get away with to much she need to be stop love teen mom but I hate farrah when the show her I change the channel because I don’t want to see her and her bull crap

  18. Your not the only one that started teen mom so get over yourself. You want to judge Amber, Maci and Cate for all of their behaviour well u know what u narcissistic spoiled brat nobody is perfect but at least they didn’t go sell their vagina for fame. And how you think you can treat/talk to your parents is sickening. One more I agree with Kail if you weren’t such a narcissistic bitch I would be happy for all of your success.

  19. I think we all know that if Amber really wanted to hit Farrah she would have.

    I’m glad Maci, Amber, and Cate walked out b/c they were tired of dealing with Farrah’s BS.

  20. She wants teen mom 2 off air so in her tiny mind she thinks she started and was a star of something.. Umm how about Back Door Teen Mom I am sure your daughter will be proud.

  21. Farrah is out for one person herself !!! I do wish teen mom wuld fire her … She didn’t make the show ..the rest of the girls do !!! Farrah is the one out for fame & blood & who seems fake !!! Luv luv luv teen mom !!! But plzz fire Farrah she is white trash !!!

  22. So it was Farrah who started this show then ??? Fuck off bitch your staying because you like the others need the dollars, if you hated it that much,why come back? You got all these so called shops ( you said you don’t need MTV money) when clearly you are not as well off as you say, and you do need that MTV pay check, if the other girls are as bad as you say, then god help you off camera as your a nasty spoiled bitch whilst on camera.

    You all need to get off your frigging arses and go get real jobs.
    Your stores are not doing that well, so where’s this cullenary school you were going to, none of you are doing what you said you were going to do.
    Your all lazy useless parents and all liars

  23. Farrah should just stop running her abnormally large mouth, maybe then people would take her seriously.

    Her ego could also use a nice deflation.

  24. Also randy needs to stay off social media.
    Of course he loves abs stands up for his spoiled brat of a daughter, but ffs randy she’s a grown ass woman and should be standing up for herself let her grow up, what she said was good and she finally acted like a grown up, (for the first time ever) acted sensibley, then you go and stick your nose in, your like a bloody girl.
    He needs to take a few steps back.

  25. MTV covers up her bad behavior and her assaulting Larry the producer, she should never have been brought back, she’s a dreadful daughter to her parents and a dreadful mom, she lacks people skills and has no idea how to interact with anyone.

    So before she slags off her co Stars she needs to take a long hard look in the mirror, because her attitude and behavior are worse, the others are bad but not as bad as this fucking moronic narcissistic bitch.

  26. Farrah is a stone cold disrespectful spoiled brat who wouldnt have anything if it wasnt for her parents and shes teaching that beautiful little girl to be mean and vengeful also her abuse of her family is awful and discusting. Shr needs to go not teen mom og or teen mom too and id like you to talk to me the way you do your mom. Id knock your teeth out . your trash

  27. Most of the cast are more or less white trash – and too lazy or to better their lives. They are nice people but without MTV money your typical white trash.
    Kail at least (despite her issues from her horrible upbringing) seems to work really hard to get a good education and will be able to support herself, I am sure.
    Farrah is also very “motivated”, but the rudest, most delusional person ever who really needs tons of therapy.
    Chelsea is just lucky Papa Randy always supported her – the others probably would turned out better with the same support.

    1. I’m just throwing this out there…..if you replace the words “white trash” with “poor” you probably wouldn’t say “white trash” that much. I agree that some of these folks act like total tools but saying they’re “white trash with money” is offensive to anyone who’s ever been poor, like myself.
      I’m guessing you’ve never, ever been poor?

  28. I’m sorry but being a pot had isn’t the same as being an awful human being. Also they probably got more favorable edits because they didn’t abuse the producers.

  29. None of the girls are perfect but I dont think any of them set out to be nasty… Except Farrah. I can’t even watch Farrah’s parts on the show anymore I skip through them, I’m totally sick of her. She has become completely insufferable and whatever personality disorder she might have needs to be treated. I have never seen a more mean spirited and totally narcissistic person, she is completely dillusional.

    1. I tried this week. First time I see Farrah she is asking her 7 year old in a totally fake way ‘So Sophia, I need to know, how can I be a better parent, I need feedback from you.’

      Debs comes downstairs to talk to her, she doesn’t even look up from her computer and starts to bad mouth and f-bomb Deb a minute later.

  30. Seems to me the only one looking to be famous is the girl who sells her sex tape to the highest bidder. She seen jealous cause the other girls have husbands an she has yet to buy one for herself

      1. Seems the heathen/ I mean abraham family, are doing the rounds on here down voting comments, grow up abraheathrns and realise Farrah isn’t liked.

  31. You know it’s bad when even the cast members are sick of this show.

    I’m way entertained by all this bickering but I find it hilarious that Farrah called out what we’re all seeing, which is MTV starting to not portray the rest of them as angels, and naturally, the golden 3 are pissed about it. I agree with what Kail said about Farrah. I could root for her success if she wasn’t such a nasty piece of work…for now I just laugh at it. Delusional.

  32. THat girl got issues, she sold her body and still didn’t get the fame she wanted. She’s just mad cause no one wants her. Only to use her. Who wants to marry her. She’s a Thor.

  33. Farrah is a delusional piece of work…and it looks like she’s added a “big word” to her very limited vocabulary. Now if she could only spell stagnant….

  34. Farrah needs to get some real therapy.. someone needs to get real with this wack…her fake ass bullshit*t lines about her childhood or sad baby daddy she was nothing but rude and abusive to like she is with anyone close to her. Obviously she was an entitled spilled brat who her parents didn’t address any bad behavior from her. That’s exactly why their still paying for that!!! Her own daughter looks at her crooked at what comes out of her mouth. All I see is embarrassment for that little girl having to see these clips as a grown up. A suggestion for you Farrah, stay your fake a** out of the media. Your poor daughter has to live with this B,s.

  35. If anyone needs to be removed from the show it’s Farah. She’s a rude ignorant young lady. She speaks to people as if she God. She fake as hell. Treats her parents as if she’s their parent. Thank God for fast forward because slot of people who I know as well as my self fast forward all her scene. I can’t stomach her ignorant behavior. She blames everything on anyone but her for her piss poor attitude. She’s a horrible example of a woman .mother or daughter.

  36. I agree with Farrah that MTV has been covering the others’ crap for years. And that Amber is trash. Other than that, Farrah can eat a d!ck

    1. These people don’t have to reveal every single little thing about their lives just because they’re on a reality show. They have the right to have a little privacy. Nobody’s perfect. Everyone screws up. Maci, Amber and Catelynn are no exception. Farrah is a flat out bully that is quite possibly the most narcissistic human being to ever walk this earth so she has no right to talk s*it about anyone else.

    2. I agree. I think Farrah is completely nuts. What she does to her parents is on them. They continue to stick around. I fault them for that.

      In the case of Tyler and Caitlynn, driving and smoking weed while your child is HORRIFIC. Leaving your child with your mother all the time (who looks like one step away from a meth pipe) is ridiculous. They also have NO jobs and NO reason for not having jobs.

      Amber and Matt, no jobs and I can’t even begin to start with the mess there. Letting a drug addict move into your home who you hardly know and you have a little girl involved. Insane.

      They should all watch the show Intervention. The way these people get addicted are from stories exactly like Teen Mom. Bad parenting most of the time.

  37. Farrah is an ignorant, arrogant, plastic, fake whore who should have gotten slugged on those Daffy Duck lips of hers. Amber was awesome. She could take Farrah out with one punch and I would pay to watch! Farrah needs to be cancelled off the show and go back to porn where she belongs. There the only profession that ugly, fat ass of hers would benefit her. She should have her daughter taken away for the verbal abuse that poor baby has to hear constantly. And her mother is an idiot as well.

  38. I agree with amber! MTV let’s Farrah donand whatever she wants! Farrah needs to be removed from the show! She is rude and acts like everyone is beneath her! She needs to go!!!

  39. While the other three are no angels and have their own crazy issues, Farrah is by far the most awful person ever. She’s rude, abusive, jealous delusional and I seriously think she has mental problems. She is more fame hungry than all the teen moms combined, she craves all and any attention which is why she baits everyone and says terrible things and owns 300 weird businesses. She’s mean, self-absorbed and acts so entitled it’s disgusting. Farrah doesn’t like to hear anyone talk unless it’s herself or someone kissing her ass. Again, the other three have pulled some whoppers and milk the TMOG thing, however I do genuinely believe they are nice girls (not always the smartest) and they have made a little family for themselves (ugh I hate Farrah even more for making me practically defend Matt EW). It’s very telling that Farrah is alone except for those she keeps on payroll. Usually the people you lash out on are the ones you are the most jealous of. *end rant*

      1. Farrah burned all those bridges by repeatedly talking behind their backs, saying truly terrible things about the girls and their families, and just being outright mean. If she didn’t want them to hang up on her then maybe she should’ve thought of that before she said and did things. You can’t treat people badly and expect them to be ok.

      2. Amber did defend her and was friends with her for quite some time. But, then Farrah opened her mouth for who knows why and bashed her. That’s why Amber turned against her.
        Farrah I swear just likes to hear herself talk. She will always yell at people for interrupting her and causing drama. But then she does the same. The only reason she is getting away with all of it is because people keep feeding the fire.

    1. Farrah is jealous and it shows. Nonetheless of the girls are perfect, but why attack Chels and Kail? It’s weird because out of all the girls, Chelsea never responds to negativity…. ever. Why not pick on Jenelle and Leah? I know why, because she wants what Chels and Kail have(Chelsea especially. Pretty, has a husband who actually loves her and starting a new family). I also feel that’s why she attacks Maci so much, she’s jealous.

  40. Yes maybe the girls have done stuff that MTV didn’t show. But at least those girls (except for Maci drinking while pregnant or claiming she didn’t know til 5 mo along) owned up to it. Farrah’s DUI first it was her sisters fault cause she wanted to stay out longer or that she wasn’t driving the car but moving it around the corner. She said that on Dr Phil. Or her “leaked personal sex tape” that she said was made to make her feel better about herself. Own up to your shit she is never wrong it’s always someone else’s fault for shit she did. She has had so many failed businesses and she isn’t the shit she thinks she is.

  41. Farrah seriously needs to be removed from any MTV programs or anything 8n television for that matter . She’s a raging lunatic, has absolutely no respect for anyone and her daughter is mimicking Farrah s bad behavior . I don’t think anyone would miss Farrah and I’m so tired of her disrespect to her mother it’s shameful and teaches young girls it’s okay to treat people that way. Teen Mom would get better ratings etc if you would drop Farrah .

  42. Well Farrah talks about criminal behavior and MTV hiding things, but wasn’t Farrah arrested for a DUI? Let’s also not forget about Farrah trying to accuse an Uber driver of trying to rape her. Then when the video surfaced that showed her for the liar she is her excuse was that he looked like he wanted to rape her. Also MTV may not have called the other girls out on some of their behavior, but all Farrah displays is bad behavior. She never has a kind word or gesture for anyone. She’s a horrible person and I wish they would take her off the show.

  43. Wait all the other girls from both casts are desperate for fame yet it was Farrah that made a porno when Teen Mom originally went off the air. I think it’s hilarious that she believes she’s somehow better than al of these girls when she’s on the same show they are.

  44. I’m so upset, for the first time I was routing for amber and matt. I honestly can’t stand farrah, and felt like calling someone a pedophile is way over the line, unless of course they are.

  45. I can’t stand Farrah!! She’s very hurtful to her parents and has no respect for anyone!! If I treated my parents the way she does they would still kick my ass if they were living. I would never dream of treating my parents bad anyways. She will find out when she loses her parents who she really has in her life and who she can depend on.. Maybe she wouldn’t treat them so bad if she knew what her life was going to be like without them before they pass..

    1. Yes exactly but Farrah is going to have a major reality check when Sofia gets to be her age. Hopefully Sofia sees what a terrible person her mother is and has nothing to do with her OR she turns on Farrah and turns into the biggest brat on the planet (and I say brat because Farrah wasn’t shy about saying she’s dropped up to 100 grand in one day for her daughter). Sofia is going to resent her big time. I hope Farrah’s mother stops being so concerned with fame also and tells Farrah to go fuck herself. My parents would have jerked a knot in my tail SO FAST if I EVER even thought about talking to them the way she does

  46. Seriously Farrah Jealous much? You are NO MOTHER anyone would want to or should emulate in ANY manner! U r cruel rude crude disrespectful and ignorant. You dear are irrelevant not Chelsea nor Kail. I have seen them being better mother’s on their 16 and pregnant episodes than you have been the entire 8 years you have been on TV. Maybe you are so drawn to bashing them because they have men that care about them and love them enough to marry them and have a family with them and you buy your own ring and pretend in your delusional mind that someone could be interested in maintaining any kind of relationship with someone as pathetic evil narcissistic and self absorbed as yourself. And frankly this has nothing to do with porn sex tapes and all the rest of the stuff you have done in the past it’s simply based on the vulgar way you treat people. Get off your high horse girlfriend you are not everything you believe you are in that psychotic mind of yours.

  47. @theashley PLLLLLLEEEEAAAASSSEEE don’t forget to mention Debra’s hair when you do the reunion recap!!! I can’t wait to see what you have to say about it!!!

  48. First of all, this was the best reunion ever. I must admit, however, that Dr. Drew disappointed me yet again. He didn’t even bring up Maci drinking her way through several months of her pregnancy or the damage that can cause. MTV does public service announcements all the time for birth control, suicide prevention and against domestic violence. It is the responsible thing to do. By not bringing up fetal alcohol spectrum it suggests to the audience that this is okay and it isn’t. Not cool. #mtvfail

    1. That’s because they came up with that storyline of “I think I’m getting fat” and Maci “had no idea”. They did the same on TM2 with Leah, she had “anxiety and back pain” when really she was just hooked on pills.

  49. farrah and amber are both wrong/crazy. farrah shouldnt be talking so much shit and shouldnt have recorded the phone call. and it’s obvious amber hasnt changed at all- get her around someone she doesnt like and she FLIPS just like season 2 amber. we just dont see it because she doesnt get mad at matt on camera

    1. I agree, it’s obvious Amber still has a major temper problem. I think she and Matt are a better match than she and Gary – they seem to get along better – but it’s clear she still has a very short fuse and despite what she says, I fully believe she would have hit Farrah had production not been there to intervene.

      I can understand why she was pissed off – she’s protective of her man – but that’s not how you act. You don’t storm on stage, threatening to kick someone’s ass just because you don’t like what they said.

      1. I would agree if it were anyone else but Farrah. She deserved everything she got and a whole lot more. She’s disgusting to her co-stars, her parents, the production crew, her friend/fiance/boyfriend, employees, strangers, everyone. She calls her daughter stupid. Her mother is obviously heavily medicated, I’m sure she’d have to be to be around her. Her father is a giant wussy and they both deserve a smack for raising Farrah. I don’t love Amber but in this case I wish she’d went all “kicking Gary down the stairs” on Farrah. Except 10x worse.

    2. Just think for a second if you’re finally in the same room/studio as someone who talks mad shit about you and they continue to talk shit while you sit there and listen. Farrah and Simon deserved the verbal lashing. Despite all of Matt’s shortcomings, to call someone a pedophile (sp?) is pretty messed up, there are plenty of other words you can use to describe someone you don’t like. And for Simon and Farrah to think it’s funny and it’s a joke to say that just shows what awful people they are.

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