‘Bringing Up Bates’ Season 5 to Premiere in January: 5 Things We’ll See This Season

"We're back, guys!"
“We’re back, guys!”

A new season of Bringing Up Bates is coming our way starting in 2017! The extra-large Bates Family has a lot in store for their reality show’s fifth season.

According to a press release from UP Network, ‘Bringing Up Bates’ Season 5 will bring a lot of changes for the Tennessee family. The network has ordered 10 new episodes of the reality show, the first of which will premiere on Thursday, January 5.

At this point, the Bates Family is one of the last remaining “wholesome large families with a reality TV show” without a major scandal surrounding it. The Bates’ pals, the Duggar Family has seen its fair share of public scrutiny over the last few years, thanks mostly to son Josh; and The Willis Family, who also had their own reality show, was rocked by scandal in September with family patriarch Toby Willis was arrested.

The Bates, however, have managed to remain relatively scandal-free throughout their years in the public eye.

Anyway, here’s what we can expect to see this season from the more-interesting members of the Bates Family:

*Bates Family Parents Gil and Kelly Jo will primarily be focusing on building their own church.

*Oldest son Zach and his wife Whitney, who welcomed their second child in June, are adjusting to life as parents to two young children. (Their oldest child, son Bradley, is now two.)

*Daughter Erin and her husband Chad Paine are also parents of two kids. They welcomed daughter Brooklyn in August, just over a year after their son Charles was born. According to the press release, the new season will highlight their struggle as parents to the two kids, as well as a new puppy.

*Son Lawson, now 24, is attempting to launch his own concert tour. He released his second album, “What Country Means To Me,” last month.

* Daughter Alyssa and her husband John Webster discover that they are expecting a second child. They are already parents of one-year-old Allie Jane.

* Daughter Tori will see “her relationship with Bobby [Smith] evolve into something more serious,” according to the press release. (The couple is now officially courting.)

* Two of the teenage Bates daughters– Carlin and Josie— will head to college and attempt to figure out their career paths.

* Son Trace, now 19, is trying to make his dream of working at the Dixie Stampede a reality. (No…seriously…)

The new season of ‘Bringing Up Bates’ premieres in January on UP. To see when your other favorite reality TV shows will premiere in 2017, click here!

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  1. The Bates seem a little more laid back as to where they allow their kids to create their own paths like letting them go to college and kind of not have any control after they are married off. But I do feel for Michaella they didn’t seem to assist her in her courting. She did it all on her own and she dated him for a year before the talk of marriage. But it seemed like her parents were always trying to talk her out of it even to the point of having they really little kids almost cry on queue about her leaving. She was their Janna but I am happy she still stuck with it and chose her own path. She married someone she chose and really didn’t rush into marriage with him.

    1. His name IS Charles, they call him Carson as a nickname to avoid confusion with his paternal grandfather that he’s named after

  2. Gil Bates is currently in the middle of a sex abuse lawsuit. So yeah, they do have a lot to hide. Unfortunately, this has yet to impact their TV show in any way.

      1. https://www.thehollywoodgossip.com/2015/10/gil-bates-bringing-up-bates-dad-accused-of-covering-up-sex-crime/

        FIVE women employed by your organisation say they have been sexually abused by the big boss but you cover it up. Shame on you Gil Bates.
        Let’s hope the justice system will help these women heal, as their abuser nor his board have done nothing to help them heal. They only made things worse for them.
        I really don’t get why people like this say that they believe in God. They probably believe in money and power, that I am willing to believe.

  3. I can vaguely remember Duggar kids and parents being very interested to merge families. Think Michelle said something about it in her usual “happy as hell” and soft spoken way. How things can change.

    Let’s hope this family doesn’t have anything to hide. It would be nice for all the large families that are just normal and nice people.

    I don’t have high expectations, really normal people would never agree to a reality show staring them and their family. Really normal people are probably too boring for TV anyway.
    You have to be a sliver of crazy, self absorbed etc. to agree to one.
    I can’t think of many reality TV stars that are really nice and normal people (not trash) with a good reputation, except the Little couple and that one family with many babies, can’t remember the name.

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