‘The Challenge: Invasion’ to Pit Champions Against Non-Winners: Get the Details & See the Cast List

A new season of ‘The Challenge’ is coming our way!

The Challenge is back— and this season will feature a totally new concept, as well as some long-lost faces, back for another chance to take home some prize money.

MTV confirmed yesterday that its upcoming 29th season will be called “Invasion,” and will pit newcomers and vets who have never won a ‘Challenge’ (aka “The Underdogs”) against eight former show champions. The Underdogs can also expect a change in their living conditions this season.

“‘The Challenge: Invasion’… will usher 18 winless contestants — vets and first-timers alike — to a deserted, austere wasteland called The Shelter,” MTV stated. “The Underdogs will battle across a series of contests for the chance to move out of squalor and into typical ‘Challenge’ luxury — The Oasis — but only 12 will get the chance to live like royalty.”

The last Underdogs standing will have to face the eight Champs in order to win the $350,000 prize.

“I’m baaaaack!”

The Champs will include:

Johnny Bananas: No other ‘Challenge’ contestant even comes close to Johnny when it comes to prize money won. He’s won six out of the 14 Challenges that he has participated in, and has raked in over $685,500!

Darrell Taylor: Darrell is currently the third-biggest winner in ‘Challenge’ history, with over $240,500 won in prize money. He has placed in four of the seven Challenges he has starred in.

CT Tamburello: After taking several years off after the death of his love, Diem Brown, CT has returned to ‘The Challenge.’ This will mark his 13th Challenge, and to date he has made $136,500 on the show. To find out the real reason CT chose to come back to ‘The Challenge,’ click here!

Laurel Stucky: Although Laurel has only won one Challenge, she took home a ton of cash for that win. For her “Free Agents” win, she took home $201,000 dollars, making her the fifth-winningest player in ‘Challenge’ history.

Cara Maria Sorbello: Cara Maria has won one Challenge so far: 2015’s “Battle of the Bloodlines.” For that Challenge she was partnered with her cousin Jamie Banks and each of them took home $188,500.

Camila Nakagawa: Camila took home $75,000 when she won “Battle of the Exes” in 2012, alongside her partner, Johnny Bananas.

Ashley Kelsey: Ashley was a co-winner of the “Battle of the Seasons.”

Zach Nicohls: Zach was also a co-winner of the “Battle of the Seasons.”

The Underdogs will include a few cast members who have not participated in a ‘Challenge’ in years, including Shane Landrum, who we first met on “Road Rules: Campus Crawl.” Also, cast members from Are You The One? will be incorporated for Season 29, as has been the case for the last few seasons of ‘The Challenge.’

The other Underdogs are: Amanda Garcia (Are You The One? Season 3), Anika Rashaun (The Real World: Bad Blood), Anthony Bartolotte (Are You The One? Season 2), Ashley Mitchell (The Real World: EX-Plosion), Bruno Bettencourt (The Real World: Skeletons), Cory Wharton (The Real World: EX-Plosion), Dario Medrano (Are You The One? Season 2), Hunter Barfield (Are You The One? Season 3), Jenna Compono (The Real World: EX-Plosion), Kailah Casillas (The Real World: Go Big or Go Home), LaToya Jackson (The Real World: St. Thomas), Marie Roda (The Real World: St. Thomas), Nelson Thomas (Are You The One? Season 3), Nicole Zanatta (The Real World: Skeletons), Sylvia Elsrode (The Real World: Skeletons), Theo Bradely (The Real World: Bad Blood) and Tony Raines (The Real World: Skeletons).

“The Challenge: Invasion” premieres on February 7 on MTV. Watch a clip of the Champs talking smack to the Underdogs below:

(Photos: MTV)


  1. Other than the champs, the cast is a little sad… I’m missing all the old faces: Dunbar and Paula, Derrick, Kenny, Evan, Evelyn! Even some of the ‘new, old crew’: Nany, Theresa, Johnny Reilly! Bring back the old crew for a ‘battle of the vets’!!

    1. Yes! I’m missing these people also. Those are some of the ones I was hoping would come back.

  2. I’m so glad you cover this show. It’s one of my favorites. I wish Wes were on again this season. I love that guy.

  3. LOL, this trailer is a trainwreck, they can’t even threat properly! But it looks like it will be fun (and yes, I also know who won and it will come as a surprise to everyone!) Glad Cara Maria is back after her break-up with Abram and Laurel who is a beast! Zach and his man-bun HAHAHAHA NO!

  4. Almost all of the non-winners are from recent Real World seasons or Are You the One seasons. Sad! I used to love the Challenge but I gave up on the Real World around Portland (and even then I watched the reruns) and don’t care to ever see Are You the One. I wish some of the older casts were still lurking around, but I guess it’s cool they aren’t too because I suppose that means they have lives??

    1. ME TOO! I’m so sick of this guy’s desperate need for attention. It’s not like he never won, he has a lot of money from his winnings, I guess he spends it all LOL

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