‘Teen Mom 3’ Star Mackenzie McKee Says Estranged Husband Josh Encouraged Her to Kill Herself

MTV’s greatest fail was not giving these two their own show.

The saga of Mackenzie and Josh McKee continues!

The former Teen Mom 3 stars have had their share of trouble over the course of their three-and-a-half-year marriage: from fake sex tape scandals to a breakup that took place while Mackenzie was pregnant with their third child. However, the latest events involving the couple may be the most disturbing yet!

Mackenzie has confirmed to Radar Online that Josh left the home he shares with Mackenzie last week. (According to The Dirty, though, he’s now back living with his family as of Thursday.) The ‘Teen Mom 3’ star also told the site that, during a recent struggle with post-partum depression, Josh encouraged her to commit suicide.

“I don’t know what Josh is going to do,” Mackenzie told the site. “He said he is going to divorce me several times. I hope he can calm down and talk to me.”

It’s been an especially rough few months for Josh and Mackenzie. The couple aired a lot of their relationship’s dirty laundry during a spat on Facebook last week, in which Josh accused Mackenzie of cheating on him, among other things.

The one interesting part of that spat is that Josh spilled the beans on Mackenzie’s 2015 sex tape drama, in which Mackenzie met with adult film company Vivid Entertainment to “prevent” the sale of a sex tape. According to Josh’s rant, Mackenzie and her manager at the time, Gina Rodriguez, were behind the entire scandal, as well as several of the break-ups the couple faked over the years.

“The p0rn video was all [Mackenzie’s] idea, me throwing my wedding ring down the toilet was all her idea. Me leaving her when she was pregnant was all her idea,” Josh wrote. “The funny thing is I was laying in our bed at our house when I seen that one. And the list can keep going.”

According to Mackenzie’s interview with Radar, the real trouble started when the couple brought home their third child, Broncs, from the hospital this summer. (Broncs was born with several health issues, including a hole in his heart, but seems to have recovered after a month-long stay in the NICU.)

“When I came home I had postpartum depression,” she said. “That pushed Josh away. There was no support. He hated who I became.

“He said, ‘I don’t love you, you’re crazy,’” Mackenzie added. “I was suicidal. He said, ‘Go kill yourself, but don’t do it in front of me and the kids.’”

Mackenzie told the site that she turned to a male friend to help her through the tough times, and somehow it got back to Josh that she was having an affair with this person.

“During that time he had left and that was when I was texting that guy,” she said. “I never wanted to be with that guy or talked about being with him. He’s in a serious relationship and that is not who I am.”

It appears that Mackenzie was recently able to convince Josh that she hadn’t cheated on him, and, according to The Dirty, these two knuckleheads are back living under one roof…for now, anyway…

“I simply couldn’t stop hugging him and letting go,” Mackenzie said of Josh’s return. “It was the worst week of my life.”

The couple has been on-and-off for years, and even called off their wedding twice before actually tying the knot in 2013. While this dramatic episode in the hillbilly soap opera that is Mackenzie and Josh’s marriage may be over, more drama is likely not far behind.

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27 Responses

  1. “Mackenzie and her manager at the time, Gina Rodriguez, were behind the entire scandal”
    Gina Rodriguez? The same Gina Rodriguez that talked Farrah into being a Backdoor Teen Mom and managed Octcomom when she did her sex tape?
    What a $h1tty one note manager.

    1. Yes, the same. That’s why no one was buying her story about things being “leaked”, trying to prevent it from being released, yada yada yada….

  2. THANK GOD she got her f***ing tubes tied. These idiots do NOT need any more freaking kids. I really wish that they would split up and get a divorce already. What they’re doing to their babies is disgusting my heart goes out to Jaxie, Broncs and Gannon… Especially because Gannon is old enough to realize there’s something really wrong with this picture…

  3. Wasn’t there some woman who beat her up and threw her down some porch steps when she was pregnant with Jaxie? A pregnant Mac went to this bruiser’s house looking for Josh and got her ass handed to her unfortunately.

  4. He never seemed into her ever so not surprising but no matter what crap he says to her she still wants him. If I was told to kill myself I’d have left. She probably kept getting pregnant to keep him and the notion of being a single mom to 3 kids and divorced at her age is scary but she’s dumb to have no respect for herself. Honestly though her instagram posts makes me think she loves her kids like accessories. Her real passion is being skinny and fit. She’d choose Josh over her kids in a heartbeat.

  5. Why do I feel like this is another of their fake news spread? Like they were both in bed pretending to fight. Made it last a week in the media and then when people started to forget they got back together to be in the media again. Let’s see what happens in another week…

  6. Wasn’t she trying to be a fitness model at some point?
    They both need a lot of mental and marital help. They are WAY too immature to be caring for 3 babies.

  7. these 2 are pathetic… stop worrying about making up fake drama and take care of your kids..your 15min is wayyy over….its just so ridic….

  8. These kids need to grow up and stop the fighting it gets you nowhere just fighting all the time, trust I know this. me and my husband have been together for 15 year’s and been married for five years and we used to fight all the time until one day we realized that we did not want to be in a relationship if of this is what we were going to be doing all the time and now we are happier then ever and we have four beautiful children that we love and adore so much…..

  9. I’m only thinking about their kids. How would he live with himself if mother of his children really killed herself?! Who the hell tells someone something like that?! That’s not love, not in the slightest. These two need to divorce already and try to co-parent, they are even more toxic to each other than Javi and Kail were! Gannon, Jaxie and Broncs deserve a stable home and if that means finally letting go, it means letting go! I’m sure they hear yelling all the time too, hope they will know when they grow up that is not how a stable marriage looks like.

  10. As horrible as it that he may have to told her to kill herself, is she so dumb that she thinks her constant pregnancies while not taking proper care of her diabetes (putting her babies at risk too.. look at her last child!) isn’t accomplishing just that?

    Egads, these people are slower than they look, aren’t they?

  11. “I simply couldn’t stop hugging him and letting go,” Mackenzie said of Josh’s return. “It was the worst week of my life.”

    “This girl really is a first class t w a t”

    Surely the worst week of your life was your youngest child fighting for his life you stupid stupid waste of oxygen!!!!!!

    Those poor kids, having these two as parents and an enabling granny ( her mom)

  12. They seem toxic for one another. They should have some serious marriage counseling or just go their separate ways. And I don’t know if my memory is accurate but didn’t she admit to cheating on him when they did the Teen Mom 3 reunion? I’m not saying that she did cheat on him while they were married but I wouldn’t be surprised if she did. Once a cheater, always a cheater (just as Leah Messer.)

  13. These too are the epitome of dysfunction….something is wrong with the both of them. They’ve got Jenelle and whatever boyfriend of the month beat. So much just went on in that post, I can’t even wrap my head around it…He’s telling her to commit suicide, she’s lying about sex tapes, she told him to throw his wedding ring down the commode, he left her while she was pregnant…it goes on and on and on. Divorce already and call it a day….your kids will thank you for it. And please don’t bring anymore innocent kids into this world.

    1. I completely agree. I don’t know why all these girls think that bringing more children into this world fix their situations. It just makes their situations worse.

  14. This is the kind of stuff that happens when you marry and procreate before your prefrontal cortex is fully formed

  15. Lordy be. She’s as dumb as a box of rocks and he’s a shovel shy of a pick up load. They would deserve each other if it wasn’t for the three little ones who never asked for any of this mess.

  16. I’m sure she cheated on him. Also he probably did as well. But no one deserves to be egged on with actually committing suicide if she is telling the truth and did suffer from depression. Someone like that needs help. She and her husband need mental help. They have how many kids, 3? And they are still acting as if they are 15, 16 years old who don’t have kids to worry about. They are crazy.

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