Farrah Abraham’s Mother Debra Danielsen Premieres Her Rap Music Video: Watch It Here


Teen Mom OG star Debra Danielsen has given the show’s fans an early Valentine’s Day treat. Although Deb originally stated that her rap music video (yesss) would be released in April, it appears that she just couldn’t wait to show it off. That’s right: the music video for “Debz OG” is officially here!

Dozens of people have been waiting for it’s arrival! 

Debra, who is the mother of Farrah Abraham, stars in the video, which appears to have been filmed in some sort of recording studio that possibly belongs to a hoarder or something. She is all dolled up in a top hat and an outfit that’s straight off the Forever 21 clearance rack (from 2006, naturally).

She barks, shrills and “raps” to such fine lyrical offerings such as “I’m Debz OG, oh yeah you know me…” and “Oh, it’s a celebration…I stay fresh no expiration!” (Click here for a full lyrical breakdown.)

The best part is when she is just awkwardly dancing (for no one) in front of a book case. At one point she’s doing some odd jumping jack-like jig, with arms, legs and feet flailing everywhere.

It’s honestly like a fever dream you have after watching “Chicago” one too many times or something.

It appears that “Debz” is in on the joke, but it’s so bad it’s not even funny ironically.

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Watch the full horror show below:

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  1. Oh. Dear. god.

    I have never seen anything so wooden… Anything so demonically-possessed… It isn’t that, ‘Oh, she just doesn’t know what she looks like,’ or ‘She must be going through a midlife crisis”… This woman…I’m not sure she is even aware of what she is doing. It looks like she’s on dope. I am reminded of Anna Nicole Smith. I am, frankly, really scared.

  2. Just watched this without sound because I’m in class right now and oh my gosh this is terrifying. I don’t think my mind can handle watching it with sound.

    1. Update: Watched it with sound and I’m even more humiliated/embarrassed for her than I already was. How is this okay? Agh.

  3. Oh, Lawdy! That is absolutely horrid! Why in the world would anyone encourage her to embarrass herself with this “so-called” music? She is a straight up idiot with a daughter to match. Stick to what you know, Debra….raising a self-centered, selfish, rude and downright slut of a daughter. And dating a pedophile who is just as bizarre as you are, if that’s even possible. Makes me sick to my stomach.

  4. My mom taught me to find the good in every situation and experience, but I saw that video yesterday and I still can’t see anything good, other than the self-confidence Debra must have to put this out into public consumption. I certainly don’t have the self-confidence or the thick skin to stomach the inevitable comments and opinions of others.

    That said, it was Debra’s dance moves that made me laugh. I’m kinda sad for her that this is more of a “laughing at you, not with you” offering. I certainly could continue to publish my opinion on the shit show, but if her 8 years on reality tv hasn’t deterred some of her actions, then my thoughts on a (hilarious) website isn’t going to cause her to reexamine her life choices. So……congratulations Debra and I truly wish I possessed some of her self-confidence. I’m also so happy I wasn’t Kailyn, Leah, Nessa, or anyone else forced to watched that video, on live tv, sitting across from Debra and Farrah, unable to laugh myself to tears. It must have been truly painful.

  5. I actually felt embarrassed for Debra through my TV! However I also couldn’t stop laughing. She must be on something, right? I mean that was epic…in the bad way.

  6. on the one hand she is doing her own thing, and doesn’t care what others think or say, but she is so creepy, it’s like watching a train wreck, the whole family makes the Adams Family seem perfectly normal. They are all weird and creepy!

  7. I wonder how much they paid her to make this atrocity. All I can pray is that she made some serious bank to be willing to look this stupid ???

  8. Aww man, I was hoping she’d work in the lyrics, “If you got an AntiChrist attitude I’ll slap you ‘cross da face!” 😀

  9. I just don’t get it. What made her think this was a good idea? I mean, who would want to spend any time or money on this? It’s not even funny, it’s just sad. I think I might die of second hand embarrassment.

  10. I saw her on the Teen Mom special last night and got the impression she’s actually serious about this. She said she even had written another rap and is inspired by Chance and Drake. Nothing would surprise me about this crazy family.

    1. After the events of this year, it is certain the apocalypse is coming

  11. I’m actually starting to feel a bit sorry Farrah lately, that girl inherited some seriously bad genes and has no clue what to do about it cause she is ill too.
    I don’t know what kind or disorder runs in that family, narcissistic, histrionic, lord knows but it’s not normal or a happy life. They seriously need help and admit to it, so the next generation can live a better life. Sadly the fame and money (trouble) only seems to make it worse. Soph is doomed.
    A part is acted to stay in the news I think, but not everything and how is Soph going to know the difference? It seems Farrah and Deb don’t know who they really are and who they pretend to be anymore.

  12. PS: I’m sharing it with my kids right now.. hyperlink disguised as “you want this for your birthday this year?

    Oh, they’re gonna put me in a nursing home for sure now.

  13. The hair..

    The dog collar..

    The dancing..

    The song/rap/babbling, screeching mess..

    This needs to be the new Rick-roll. Now.

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