‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans is Engaged…Again

“Sixth time’s the charm!”

Well, Juh-nelle…we see ya got engaged…again!

That’s right, Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is officially engaged for at least the fourth (but possibly the sixth time).

Over the weekend, Jenelle posted a picture on Instagram showing her snuggled up to her third baby daddy, David Eason, and captioned the pic “We’ve decided on forever. Perfect timing” A diamond and a dozen roses are prominently displayed.

This will be the second marriage for both Jenelle and David. Jenelle was previously married to local felon Courtland Rogers. Before that, she had been engaged at least four times (although it’s likely closer to six). In addition to her engagements to David and Courtland, Jenelle was also engaged to Nathan and Gary Head. She has made past claims that she was also betrothed to exes Kieffer Delp and Andrew Lewis, although she only made it down the aisle with Courtland.

Jenelle and David welcomed their daughter Ensley earlier this month, and before that, the MTV soul mates had been keeping busy. In the year they have been together, Jenelle and David have already had a baby, gotten engaged, and planted a pre-fab home on some land in the boonies of North Carolina.

In addition to Ensley, Jenelle has two other children: Jace (who was fathered by Andrew Lewis) and Kaiser (whose father is Nathan Griffith). David also has two children from two previous relationships: daughter Maryssa from his marriage to Whitney Johnson, and son Kaden with ex-girlfriend Olivia Leedham. (David is not currently allowed to see Kaden, due to Olivia’s claims that David abused her when she was pregnant. She currently has a restraining order on David, although Jenelle denies the abuse allegations.)

Anyway, on Monday’s live ‘Teen Mom 2’ after show, the engagement was brought up, and footage was shown of David popping the question to Jenelle, which means that the proposal was filmed for the upcoming season of ‘Teen Mom 2.’

Jenelle and David have not yet indicated when and where they are planning to get hitched. (Maybe her mother Barbara can get them a discount on a nice deli spread from Walmart for the wedding…although Target might make a “more classier” meat and cheese tray…)

See a close-up of Jenelle’s engagement ring below:

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(Photos: Instagram)


  1. Jenelle should just join one of those get a free ring in the candle/bathbomb/whatever else clubs. That way she’d get a new ring just about as often as she does now and wouldn’t have to pop out a kid for it.

  2. Well that’ll make the 3rd or 4th engagement ring Jenelle has paid for for herself. Pretty pathetic. Deep down she knows these guys are losers, moochers, and controllers but she’d rather be with any guy than alone for half a minute. Sad. Poor Ensley. Good luck Ensley in that house of horrors. You too Kaiser. Stay free Jace.

  3. Lurch seems very very sneaky, and I bet you as soon as Jenelle says “I do”, his devil horns are going to come popping out. I feel like every guy that has ever dated Jenelle is an opportunist. They think that if they date her, impregnate her, and trap her, that’ll land them on TV and they’ll get an MTV check…that’s the only explanation I can come up with as to why someone would willingly date someone like Jenelle. They just want to be on TV.

  4. I could totally believe David is an abuser. His temper is pretty evident. He seems aggressive at times and possessive. I’m a country girl, so I don’t mind that they’re moving to the boonies, but with David it really looks like he’s trying to get her into the middle of nowhere so he can isolate her. And I keep having the feeling he and Nathan are going to seriously butt heads at any moment. Having had a relationship in the past with an abusive man, I see warning bells all over this. I hope not, but I do.

    1. I agree. Notice how we NEVER see her argue with him the way she did with Andrew, Kieffer, Gary, Courtland and Nathan. She barely ever even disagrees with him. She is so obviously walking on eggshells to keep him stable. However, I do not feel sorry for her. She chooses her partners and she is a mess and a terrible parent. It is just so obvious to all the viewers that this isn’t the great relationship she portrays it to be, she just found someone who scares her enough to stay quiet and act happy.

      1. definitely agree…the way that she would flip out on the previous boyfriends was insane, and her and David haven’t been in an argument once on camera….something’s not right. I think that he is on his best behavior with her so that she will actually marry him….and once she does, she better get ready, because it’s going to be a VERY toxic marriage. He seems very controlling and already has a wrap sheet longer than Jenelle’s lists of soulmates. We’ll see if they actually make it down the isle

  5. *flip book page sound*
    Now, that I’m engaged, Dude, I’m really hoping I get Jace back.
    But dude, it’s HARD with a new baby, a wedding to plan AND that middle kid I forgot in the crib!!
    *ba nana nahnana!*

    1. [insert shot of her and Jace sitting on a random bench]

      “So Jace, are you ready to come live with us?”
      (Jace gazes off into the distance, his eyes glazed, knowing there’s only one answer he’s allowed to give)
      “Yeah…you want to live with us so we can all be together as a family?”
      “Good, well I’m going to go to court and make sure that happens. I love you buddy…”

      [next scene Jace is back at Babs’ house trying to get reassurance he doesn’t have to move in with the woman he barely knows and Lurch).

      Poor kid’s going to have major anxiety disorder.

  6. Can we talk about the fact that this engagement happened while on a vacation without her three week old? Real nice, Juh-nelle. #bestmomever

    1. Seriously? Where are they? And where are Kaiser and Einsley?

      I couldn’t imagine leaving my newborn for more than a few hours. It took me a month to leave my son with his grandparents so my husband and I could go out to dinner. My kids were 3.5 and 1.5 before I left them for a night away and 7 and 5 before I went on a short vacation (for a wedding) without them.

      1. we’re talking about Jenelle here…she’s never had a problem leaving a new born…look how she treated Jace when he was a baby

        1. I just re-watched her 16 And pregnant episode yesterday. She had zero interest in poor little Jace even then. I had forgotten how she rarely held him and called him “Bud” when the nurse rolled him in to see her in the hospital. And how she always propped him up in the boppy to feed him, only holding his bottle up, not ever holding him. And how she was dancing at a club when he was about 3 weeks old?? I truly do not understand why she didn’t choose adoption or even abortion when she discovered she was pregnant (no offense to Jace, it is just an observation of her behavior at the time) she had no intention of ever staying home and being his mother.

    2. Isn’t she supposedly breast feeding this baby? Did that last for like a week or did she seriously pump enough milk (in the 3 weeks that Ensley’s been born) for her to be able to go on vacation without baby. As a mother, I could not leave my newborn baby when she isnt even a month old. My husband would not be able to leave our baby either. How are they both okay with letting someone else take care of Ensley duringn this super important bonding time between mother and baby?! Jenelle drives ms crazy! She has 0 maternal instincts and doesnt appear to even like children or babies yet she keeps having them!

  7. Honestly I laughed so hard when I saw this….and people really have the audacity to claim that gay people are the ones ruining the sancitity of marriage :/

    1. I read “trash-ectomy” for some reason, lol. He could use a trashectomy to get all the trashy out of him, including the trashy, trashy Jenelle germs.

  8. Good luck to Jenelle, David and their kids! I sincerely hope it works out and they are able to have a stable life together. Heaven knows their kids certainly deserve it. FWIW I do think that she has a better shot with David than she did with Nathan, at least he isn’t drunk all the time and I haven’t seen him verbally abuse her.

  9. Does anyone know what Lurch does for a living? Jenelle mentioned in a recent episode that they split the bills equally but he doesn’t seem to be gainfully employed unless she’s referring to what he gets from MTV.

  10. Aww she bought a nice ring for herself. At least she keeps buying them, so she gets to keep them when she files restraining orders. Ensley is going to have a fun time playing dress up with Jenelle’s collection!

  11. The reactions from the girls on the live show were telling while Nessa was trying to offer congratulations. They’ve had enough of Jenelle’s drama too. Just waiting for her to react to the live show with another whine about how nobody was happy for her.

  12. NO ONE takes this seriously!! It’s honestly annoying. Stop trying to make a family with every guy who buys you dinner. This engagement won’t last and if it does somehow progress to marriage that definitely won’t last. Jenelle is a joke! Meet guy, move in next day, get pregnant next week, get engaged next month, breakup and call the police the next month, meet new guy on Tinder/other dating app and repeat. I feel so annoyed by this! Probably my pregnancy hormones. Also, David is terrifying!

  13. “And now that I’m engaged, it’s even more proof for the judge that I can provide a stable environment for Jace…”

    A year from now, they’re either married or there’s a restraining order in place. Hopefully, everybody’s still alive and well by then.

  14. Well, they say 3rd time is a charm…..oh wait, maybe it’s the 6th or 7th! LOL. Poor Jenelle. I’ve always had a soft spot for her, but she continues her pattern with her choices in men, etc. The men always have excess baggage. I wish she would just be single for the next 10 years and live her life as a person and parent…..fantasy thinking.

  15. Well if her past indicates anything within 6 months there will be some sort of physical altercation and engagement will be cancelled. I hope for the sake of the 2 children in her custody that doesnt happen and they actually do have a happy life together. But odds are against her. I cant take this announcement seriously you have both been married before and engaged at least 4 times and have 3 children by 3 different men, no one cares that another baby daddy has put a ring on it. Ugh

    1. I’m honestly shocked and baffled that the cops haven’t been called to their house yet…I know it’s only a matter of time, but it’s surprising that it’s been this long

  16. I’ve been trying to decide whether her and David are actually good together. From what we’ve seen they don’t really fight but he seems like he might be controlling and Jenelle being the bobble head she is just goes along with it

    1. People are speculating she is afraid to fight with him. Prob because of his altercation with the ex. And have we ever seen her in public without him?! They even made a big fuss because he couldn’t attend VMAs (or was it something else?) so she left. He is also fame hungry, wasn’t he Courtland’s cellmate? Oh yeah, I’m sure he knew everything about her before they started dating. She took the bait because what else? It’s not like being a felon is illegal!

    2. I agree she’s afraid of him, and even more concerned with trying to make this one stick so she can prove the haters wrong. Add in the fact she made a deal with MTV that they give her better edits this season or she walks, and it makes it confusing to get a legit sense of what’s really going on…

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