‘Teen Mom’ Special “Being Debra” Airs Tonight: Watch Two Sneak Peek Clips Here

When you realize you may not become a rap superstar like you’d hoped…

Earlier this week, The Ashley told you about that the Teen Mom special starring Farrah Abraham‘ mother, Debra Danielsen, has had its premiere date moved up. “Being Debra” is scheduled to air on MTV tonight, so let’s get ready for all the sequined halter top and hip-hugger jean fun that’s about to come our way!

It appears that “Being Debra” will primarily focus on Deb trying to get her family members to like her new “Debz OG” rap song. (The Ashley still can’t believe she is actually typing that sentence right now.)

Unfortunately for Deb, no one wants to listen to her rap about staying “fresh for the celebration” and whatnot. In fact, she can’t even get her granddaughter, Sophia, or Farrah to listen to the completed rap song.

In one sneak peek clip of “Being Debra,” Farrah is her usual “sunshine-and-light” self, as she tells her mother that she doesn’t have time to listen to rap songs, even though she herself is a musical connoisseur, having released an album of ear-splitting tunes a few years ago.

“Debz OG” is saddened when she learns that Farrah doesn’t want to fly to Mississippi to record a verse in the rap song.

In another clip, Debra takes Sophia out for the day and eventually tries to convince the little girl that rapping on her grandmother’s song is a fun way for them to bond…or something. Sophia is having none of it. When Debra plays the song for her granddaughter, Sophia demands that Deb turn off that racket. Debra assumes that Sophia is joking when the little girl tells her rappin’ granny that she doesn’t like the song, but Sophia makes it very clear that the only thing that’s a joke is the song.

“Being Debra” airs tonight on MTV! If you haven’t seen Deb’s horrific music video for the rap song, you must click here.

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  1. I just saw the video on the TM2 live special and all I could think of is how much botox Debz must have had to make her face so stiff. Seriously – it’s like she’s afraid to move her jaw because if she does her cheeks will crack. People with their jaw wired shut speak more clearly than that woman.

  2. I must say though Farrah does look so much better without make-up as shown in the above video. However…those eyebrows!!!!! Wtf?? Are they alive or something?? It makes her look like Groucho Marx! Seriously just need the fake nose and glasses. And while I’m on it why does Debra talk like a 3 year old to Sophia. She is ridiculous!!!

  3. Ok I watched this train-wreck that is knnown as “Being Debra.” Is it just me or did it appear as though no one was really interested in Deb AT ALL. It almost made me feel as though the were in some way forced to tape with her. Her supposed boyfriend never really looked at her when she talked. He always seemed so disinterested when she talked and he clearly wasn’t keen on marrying her. The guy in Mississippi when they were eating was looking around when she was yakking on as if he didn’t care what she was saying. Farrah treats her like that Sophia treats her like that. Her hairdresser was only interested in what was going on with Farrah. Seriously watch the show and pay attention to the people in scenes with her. It’s like they would rather be anywhere but there with her.

  4. I’m so sick of Deb crying every single time Farrah lashes out at her. Every single season, Deb plays victim to Farrah’s verbal attacks, but her verbal attacks arent anything new. That’s what Farrah does…she flips out on EVERYBODY, especially Deb, and every time she does Deb cries like it’s the first time. Either cut Farrah off or stop crying…it’s that easy…

  5. It really annoys me how Debz OG’s transition from middle aged Omaha frump to glittery baby prostitute has never been addressed on the show, by cast members or Dr. Drew. Seriously like, I wanna know what the hell inspired that catastrophe and I would love to hear her justification of the belly tops and hot pants

    1. In 16 & pregnant she was a total bitch to Farrah, but at least she acted as an adult. Now she’s starting to look more and more like a cartoon. It’s like she suffered a brain injury or something.

    2. That’s something that has been bugging me as well. I never heard anyone mention it, neither on MTV nor on sovial media, so I thought I just missed the obvious reason she had gone crazy.

    3. She’s desperate.
      She’s trying to be “cool” as Farrah.
      She’s insane and delusional AF.
      She could decide, once again, to make another rap video addressing the haters on it. Scary thought.

      Perhaps, people on the show probably don’t want to provoke the insanity that would be unleashed upon them for bringing any attention to this weirdness?

      Idk, just some of my opinions and guesses.

    1. Thank ypu so much! I have been thinking about watching it for days, but it’s hard to make up my mind if the only results are 1) hysterically laughing or 2) trying to scratch the eyes out of my face and ripping my wars from my head. I’m too scared of 2) and now I know it’s that level of horrible I can save my eyes and ears the torture. Thanks again! 🙂

        1. I am, very very grateful. I will hold a remembrance day for the brains that have watched this and are now fried for life. I will also hold a funeral for my autocorrect, it’s clearly been dead for a long time…

      1. i wanted to laugh (ok, i did, some) but it was mostly just sad. she was so uncomfortable, it was so ridiculous, it was sad. pathetic. i think she’s eating xanax myself. i’ve seen crazy bitches on it that act exactly like that. she has to be prompted for everything, and they actually show the guy standing there doing it(prompting her to keep going, what’s next). like they were all making fun of her too. the whole thing was just Sad.

  6. Debra and Farrah are just too easy to make fun. It’s actually too sad to even laugh at, they are both delusional and I’m not sure which one is worse. I feel bad for Sophia who in time will succumb to the crazy baby talk, defensive attitude over nothing and delusions of grandeur.

    1. I can’t understand what the kid says, she speaks like a baby, and acts like a brat, but Farrah debs and debs cray cray mom are to blame for that, they can’t speak well either

  7. Deb reminds me of that clip about Anna Nicole Smith when she had all that clown make up on and talking in that freaky baby voice. NOW we know why Farrah turned out the way she did. Sophia is one scary child. Sophia could star in a horror movie ? That’s one f up family!!!

    1. Theyre the worst family to come out of th show. Barb and Butch has never changed. This family, though, went from a semi normal, if somewhat dysfunctional, Midwestern family to a straight up circus slideshow with a real bad attitude. Sophia is a horror movie character, no question, and DebzOG is looking like the Saw clown more and more.

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