‘Teen Mom’ Wedding Rumors: What’s True & What’s False?

“I’m just here for the free trip to Vegas, to be honest… Thanks, Amby!”

The Teen Mom rumor mill has been swirling with rumors that several of the franchise’s stars have gotten (or are planning to get) hitched! As always, The Ashley refrained from posting about these rumors until she had more information to share with you Roundupers.

Let’s sift through the rumors, shall we?

Rumor #1: Amber Portwood and Matt Baier are getting married this weekend.

Almost definitely false. Matt and Amber started this rumor themselves on Thursday when Matt posted a photo on Instagram of a sign that read “Going to the chapel and we’re gonna get married.” In the photo caption, he indicated that he and Amber would be heading to Las Vegas today. The couple continued to play up the charade by telling Real Mr. Housewife that, “All we can say is we are there for a wedding. As for who’s? Well that’s a surprise…People will just have to wait and see.”

The Ashley has checked the marriage license records for Clark County, Nevada (the county in which Las Vegas is located), as well as the surrounding counties and can confirm that the couple has not filed for a marriage license. (They have not filed for one in their home county in Indiana either.) In order to get hitched, they would have to obtain a marriage license.

It’s also very unlikely that Amber would get hitched without her daughter Leah by her side. The Ashley’s source confirmed that Leah is currently in Indiana.

This is most certainly just a way for Amber and Matt to get more attention and mess with the show’s fans.

“We ain’t hitched!”

Rumor #2: Jeremy Calvert and Brooke Wehr are secretly married.

FALSE! Fans started whispering that the ‘Teen Mom 2’ couple quietly got hitched after Brooke and Jeremy made a few social media posts in which they referred to each other as “wife” and “husband.” The couple is currently engaged (after a brief breakup), and both parties had previously said that they are not in any rush to make it down the aisle.

Jeremy tells The Ashley that he and Brooke are NOT married yet, despite the rumors floating around.

“No one is married yet! Relax!”

Rumor #3: Jo Rivera and Vee Torres are already married and have been for some time.

FALSE! This rumor was started by a ‘Teen Mom’-themed clickbait site, and Vee herself has confirmed that it is false. On Twitter, Vee stated that she would be marrying Jo in 2018. She added that her wedding would not be filmed for ‘Teen Mom 2’ or any other show.

“I don’t want it documented,” she wrote on Twitter. “That’s why I said no. It will between family & friends how we want it.”

Vee is actively planning the wedding, however. Earlier this month, she tweeted that she and her family, as well as Jo’s mom, Janet, were going shopping for Vee’s wedding dress.

(Photos: Facebook, MTV)



  1. Did the Ashley do an article yet about Brooke and Jeremy’s cheating accusations and social
    Media war? It was so crazy that I was shocked nothing had been posted on here yet! The Ashley always has the most reliable and in-depth articles with the most information. People are saying he tagged Leah on his posts and Brooke accused Jeremy of sleeping with a producer. Dying to know how much of this is true! Can the Ashley PLEASE update us?

      1. Brooke posted a meme and wrote in the comment section that he cheated on her with 3 people specifically (whom she tagged on Instagram) along with “1,000 others” (which she since deleted). Then Jeremy posted a meme that said “why did I ever date this crazy b****” and another one about Brooke being a stalker and deleted them both. But he posted a third that says “Single AF d*** still big though” and tagged Leah in the comments to confirm. That meme is still posted on his page but he deleted the comments section. Brook has one still posted as well that basically just says he’s a sociopath and cheated on her, and in her comments she specifically said that Leah warned her and she should have listened. That much I actually saw as it was posted so can confirm it happened. Just not sure how much truth there is to the rumors.

    1. I was wondering about that too, I thought they’d broken up for a second time… I’d seen a few things on Jeremy’s side that looked like they broke up in the last few days…

  2. I find it sad that Amber feels so poorly about herself that she will eventually marry this piece of garbage loser. I hate Janelle who is in the same situation but I actually thought Amber had changed which makes me more sympathetic to the terrible choices she makes in life.

  3. And Jerrmy and Brooke are currently having a social media melt down about whether or not he cheated with some crew staff! ?

  4. That would be too funny if Kail was pregnant again by some random. As far as Matt and Amber, it sounds like they want to distract us from the rent/mortgage fiasco

    1. For SURE that’s what this is…they’re probably going for a friend’s wedding and want to use the opportunity to deflect. As if we ACTUALLY care about her house in the first place. The only reason its getting airtime is because they keep “addressing rumors”

    1. Yes, and unfortunately this happens about as often as often as we hear Jenelle screaming on camera that she’s getting Jace back.

        1. Hey Ashley, why are my comments moderated and never posted anymore? This started about a month ago all of a sudden.

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