Landlord Suing ‘Teen Mom’ Stars Amber Portwood & Matt Baier Admits Eviction Filing Was “Unfortunate Misunderstanding”

“Stop suing us, dammit!”

Earlier this week, it was reported by numerous outlets that Teen Mom OG stars Amber Portwood and Matt Baier were being evicted from their Indiana home, due to them not paying their rent, in addition to making alterations and damages to the house. On February 9, their landlord, Kisby Enterprises, filed a lawsuit against the ‘Teen Mom’ lovebirds in small claims court.

Amber and Matt denied the eviction allegations in a statement to Real Mr. Housewifeand today, the couple popped on Skype with TMZ to further explain what happened.

“Every mortgage payment has been paid in advance, sometimes months in advance,” Matt told TMZ. “Again, we put a $32,000 down payment on this house. We have all the checks here. What I said to [the landlord] is, ‘There’s nothing to discuss.’

“[He] filed something unlawfully and then tried to rescind it and said, ‘We’ll just let it go away. Well for us things just don’t go away,” Matt added.

Amber also denied that the house is “in shambles” as the owner stated in the lawsuit.

The Ashley has pulled up the court records and can confirm that yesterday, Amber and Matt’s attorney filed an appearance in court for them in regard to the hearing. An eviction hearing is still on the books for March 9.

However, in a statement to TMZ, the landlord, Kisby Enterprises, admitted that the whole thing was a big “unfortunate misunderstanding” and stated that it intends to withdraw the eviction filing against Amber and Matt.

This is not the only pending court case that Amber and Matt are currently dealing with. In January, their other former landlord, Zuluscape, filed a lawsuit against the couple, stating that they owed back rent and did damage to the home they were living in before their current one. (The court filing claimed that Amber and Matt left the rental house smelling bad and full of pet damage, among other things.)

That lawsuit is ongoing. In fact, the first hearing for that lawsuit will be on February 23.

Watch the video containing Amber and Matt’s full statement to TMZ below:

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  1. The crew probably encourages them to film outside so they don’t have to smell their nasty house and get peed on by the small zoo that runs amuck. Wonder which is worse: filming Ambie & Matt inside a stinky house with all those animals, or filming Farrah with all her ridiculous nonsense and an outdoor porta potty? Such the toss up as to who I would want to slap first: Matt, Ambie, or Farrah.

  2. It’s so tacky how Matt wants to brag about how much money “they” put down. As if he earned any of it.

    Maybe that money vould have gone to their massive debt instead. He abandoned how many kids?? Just left the moms(and likely taxpayers) to raise his kids. Gross

  3. She is going to be broke real soon. She is another example of someone broke being handed a lot of money. She blows through it like water. All of these girls do. The only one that doesn’t is Chelsea yes she has nice things but she has always and I think her Dad helps her manage her money (her Dad is loaded for a reason). But, Amber it’s insane how much money she goes through. This show is all she’s got and now that she is used to this much money and it ending and her having no job training or even really job history, her record, and last of Matt knocking her up and then dipping out when the money runs out. She is going to be back in the poor house real soon. I can see it now in about 10 yrs her in her shady tiny welfare housing talking about the glory days while she is screaming at some kid to “shut up mom is taking”. It will be a sight to see.

    1. Chelsea’s father Randy is a dentist, that’s why he’s loaded. I find it odd that he’s a person in the medial field and he and his wife Rita are so obese, shit go on a diet, he’ won’t live long enough to see his grandchild be adults if he doesn’t get healthy, very sad!

      1. What I meant by that is yes he has a good profession but if you don’t know how to manage your money properly you can still be broke. He obviously is not so he is doing something right outside of just his profession.

  4. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    All those two do is “sit back”

    I don’t think I have seen them mobile five times during all the taping of this show.

    Amber is ALWAYS sitting on the couch with a blanket, and now Matt has joined her on the couch.

    What do these two do all day.

    As far as the house goes, Amber can’t seem to take care of herself never mind a horde of animals.

    Get a job girly. Teen mom is not a job. It was a circumstance.

    Show teen mom’s out there that you can get your sh– together and work.

    Matt…………well that’s another story. He’s found himself a sugar mama. Looser

  5. “Every mortgage payment has been paid in advance, sometimes months in advance,” Matt told TMZ. “Again, we put a $32,000 down payment on this house. We have all the checks here. What I said to [the landlord] is, ‘There’s nothing to discuss.’

    When you own, you don’t have a landlord.

    Their stories about them buying this house are as a rank as Matt’s breath.

    PS. How’s that tax debt working out for ya, Amb[en]? Coughed up that 130k yet or did you spend it bailing that shit-stain Matt out of his child support trouble? These two are nothing but attention slores.

    PS: Does The Ashley know if what Radar is reporting about these two heading to Nevada to get married is true?

      1. Amber, winning at life and making great choices since 2008. This marriage is only going to end up with a court case.

    1. I’m confused by this too. I don’t care what your down payment was, you still get deducted monthly for a mortgage if there’s still money owed on the loan. And you can’t “pre pay” months in advance… sure you can add more if you can… but every month you still owe!
      I don’t believe any of this, and I don’t believe they own. Neither can have credit good enough to buy a home.

      1. I was going to say this too. Amber must not understand how a mortgage vs renting works. She thinks the rest of us are just as clueless as she is.

  6. Since they both have bad credit they wouldn’t have been able to qualify for a bank mortgage. Seems like a rent to own situation not a non-toxic all mortgage but they most likely put down 20% of the price of the house to a company or an investor and then the will have to pay interest on the remaining amount over a certain period of time. The interest rate will be much higher than what is available through a conventional lender. Once the whole amount is paid off they will transfer the deed into their names. If they miss a payment or 2 the owner can get the house back and keep the money already paid.

  7. I want to know his beauty secrets – the man is 45 but he looks way younger than me and if you didn’t know who those 2 were, you’d think they were close to the same age.

    And I’m hoping it isn’t “having no cares because I’m a deadbeat dad” because I don’t have any kids to ignore but I REALLY want to look younger.

    1. He doesn’t look young. She looks old and washed up. She’s been around the block too many times. I don’t know what she is doing to herself but it makes her look so old!

      1. I agree on most of it! She doesn’t look as young as she is (too much damn make-up and plastic surgery- aka, Farrah syndrome), but she does still look younger than he does.

    2. I hope you’re not serious… there is no way I’d ever think these two were the same age.

      Matt looks every bit his age.

    3. No I agree they look around the same age because Amber looks like she’s aged. She doesn’t look like the 20 something she actually is.

  8. I thought they bought their own house when they moved into that “upscale” neighborhood? Why do they keep moving so much ….

  9. I love when Matt says “well for us things don’t just go away.” Lol. How true is that. Yes Matt, you are correct. Your sketchy past always comes back to haunt you. Matt doesn’t even contribute a damn dime. Worthless mooch. Not sure why Ambie is worried about someone else ruining her so called reputation. She did a bang up job of ruining it herself. Ambie let me hear about your hard life and how hard you worked once you have a real job.

  10. Why are they calling their rent a mortgage and saying they put so much down? Unless they’re doing a rent to own thing it makes zero sense.

    These two are so sketchy. I bet both houses are disgusting since they’re animal hoarders.

  11. First of all, these two should REALLY figure out whether they’re renting or they own the house. That’s like, pretty important.

    Second, they probably HAD to put down a ton of rent payments if they both have a terrible history renting, which by the way if I were a landlord no way would I rent my beautiful home to someone with a past of evictions and property destruction and IDK, a felony. Even if they did pay a year’s worth of rent up front, that doesn’t mean they are “above” following the rules laid out in the rent contract they signed. Amber, it’s not YOUR house, you can’t destroy it or make significant changes. That is not YOUR RIGHT.

    Third, if they had $32,000 to pay upfront, why the fudge would you rent??? Just friggin buy something and put down some roots. (And if you’re Amber and Matt, eventually get foreclosed on). MTV should’ve hooked these girls up with some sort of financial advisor cuz most don’t have a clue what to do with all this money. They’re gonna MC Hammer themselves into Section 8 housing.

  12. So, is this why they’ve only been filming on those cheap ass lawn chairs in their garage for the past season? To hide all the damage their dogs do to the inside of the house?

  13. I love how Grandpa Matt is referring to the rent as the “mortgage” and claiming they put money down on the house they are very obviously renting…LOL. I’m so disappointed the eviction was dropped though. I would have loved to see this go down in court

  14. You cannot have a mortgage AND a landlord. You either own your home and pay your mortgage, or rent it and pay the landlord. He probably wouldn’t know that though, because she pays it.

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