The ‘Teen Mom’ Franchise: By the Numbers

The Teen Mom shows are undoubtedly the most popular reality TV shows covered here on The Roundup, so The Ashley decided it’s about time to break down the franchise, using only numbers. The franchise’s two shows– Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2— have brought us plenty of shocking moments and juicy gossip over the years, as have the series’ eight stars: Maci BookoutFarrah AbrahamCatelynn LowellAmber PortwoodChelsea HouskaLeah MesserJenelle Evans and Kail Lowry.

So here, The Ashley brings you…”Teen Mom: By the Numbers.”

         Number of ‘Teen Mom’ girls without any tattoos (Farrah is the only girl without ink.)

1          Number of times Kail Lowry has bailed Jenelle Evans out of jail

1          Number of ‘Teen Mom’ girls currently banned from using Uber. (Farrah is the one who’s banned, by the way.) 

         Number of videos that exist of Jenelle Evans singing into a hairbrush to Ke$ha

2          Number of ‘Teen Mom’ girls who still only have one child

2          Number of fiancés Jenelle Evans has met on Tinder (Jenelle met both David Eason and Nathan Griffith on the dating app.)

3          Number of ‘Teen Mom 2’ kids born in wedlock (Leah’s daughter Addie, Kail’s son Lincoln and Chelsea’s son Watson were all born while the mom was married to the baby’s father.)

3           Number of ‘Teen Mom OG’ girls Farrah has blocked on Twitter

3           Number of ‘Teen Mom 2’ girls who have at least one skull tattoo (Leah is currently the only girl without an inked skull somewhere on her body.) 

4          Number of ‘Teen Mom’ marriages that have ended in divorce to date. (Jenelle and Kail each have had one divorce, and Leah has two under her belt.) 

4          Number of Teen Moms who are former cheerleaders (Maci Bookout, Farrah Abraham, Leah Messer and Jenelle Evans all participated in cheer before having kids.)

5          Number of books authored by Farrah Abraham

         Number of ‘Teen Mom’ girls who still have their father in their lives

7          Number of children born to the ‘Teen Mom OG’ girls (by 5 different dads)

7          Number of wedding anniversaries Maci and Ryan would have already celebrated had they gone through with their planned 2009 wedding

8         Number of months between Leah Messer’s divorce from Corey Simms being finalized and Leah getting engaged to Jeremy Calvert

8        Number of people in the average ‘Teen Mom 2’ film crew

11        Number of children born or about to be born to the ‘Teen Mom 2’ girls (by 10 different dads)

12        Number of months between the births of Maci’s daughter Jayde and son Maverick

14        Number of diamond carats in the engagement ring Farrah Abraham bought for herself

17        Number of months Amber Portwood spent in prison

18        Number of years between the ages of Amber and her fiancé Matt Baier

25.95   Number of dollars it costs to purchase the basic “pocket” T-shirt from Maci’s TTM clothing line.

26        Number of years old the oldest ‘Teen Mom girl is (Amber will turn 27 in May.)

94        Number (in percentage) of Facebook likes for the official ‘Teen Mom’ page that come from women, according to a 2016 New York Times study

108      Number of regular ‘Teen Mom 2’ episodes that have aired to date.

154      Number of guests at Catelynn’s 2015 wedding to Tyler Baltierra

176       Number of dollars it costs to buy one of Farrah’s vibrating butt sex toys off of her website

800     Number of cc’s in Farrah’s breast implants (She has had at least three breast augmentations.)

1549     Number of dollars that Leah paid for her wedding dress for her wedding to Corey

8,000   Number of dollars that Maci charged to do a college speaking engagement in 2012

250,000      Number of dollars Adam Lind claims Chelsea made for doing ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 6

544,000      Number of dollars reportedly paid to Farrah for doing a four-month residency at an Austin, Texas, strip club

1.69 million  Number of Twitter followers the most popular ‘Teen Mom’ has (It’s Chelsea, by the way.)

2 million     Number of people who viewed Farrah’s 2013 sex tape in the first 12 hours after it was released

3.16 million   Number of people who have viewed Farrah’s music video for “Blowin’” on YouTube

4.59 million  Number of viewers the highest-rated episode of ‘Teen Mom 2’ had  (It was the Season 1 finale that aired in March 2011 and featured Leah and Corey’s wedding.)


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  1. I think it would be interesting to see how many Teen Mom’s were actually 16 when their episode of “16 and Pregnant” aired. I don’t think it will be many. So Amber was closer to 20 when Leah was born….

    1. Took the words out of my mouth!

      Also interested in the number of “blended families” jenelle has created and left. Not only has jace had countless “dads” but step siblings too?

  2. 11 and 10? That can’t be right. Leah had two kids with Corey and Maci had two kids with Taylor. So there should be a difference of two between the number of children and fathers.
    Unless…. Ashley, do tell us, which one is Ryan’s ;-)!
    Darn.. still short of a baby daddy in that case.

    1. @Trash: To clarify: TMOG baby daddies are: Ryan, Taylor, Derek, Gary and Tyler (5) and there are 7 kids/ TM2 baby daddies are: Jo, Javi, Kail’s mystery man, Andrew, Nathan, David, Corey, Jeremy, Adam and Cole (10) and there are 11 kids. -The Ashley

    1. Think that was when she got arrested with Kiefah for giving themselves entry to someone’s cabin and the police found drugs and drug related items there.
      Babs and her friends wouldn’t or could not bail her out. She called everyone she knew.

  3. Hi The Ashley! I tought I read somewhere that Farrah had a tattoo that says Mom, in her own honor?

  4. So only Farrah and Amber haven’t had a second child yet. We know Farrah is career oriented so I just don’t see that on her mind (maybe before she’s 40 and maybe even with a donor) but Amber will get knocked up sooner than later if she doesn’t leave that deadbeat. Honestly she pisses me off so much, so many warning sings and she sees none of them!

    1. I don’t think Farrah never had a second child because of her career. Nobody wants to be her next baby daddy and the adoption agency probably turned her down too. We never heard from the adoption plans again.

    2. Ha ha! Farrah hasn’t had a second child because she’s career oriented No,its because no man is stupid or desperate enough to be attached to Farrah for the rest of their life! Farrah is “career oriented” because she has no personal life. Oh and when your career is selling porns of yourself, molds of your privates and abusing people on reality TV you should really re-evaluate.

    3. Did everyone see the picture from their Farrah free vacation?! Matts hands were oddly placed on ambers belly.

  5. Isn’t it still technically a child out of wedlock if a mother is already pregnant when she’s getting married? Both Chelsea and Kail were pregnant when they were getting married. I’m not sure about Leah.

    I don’t think it makes much of a difference, but it’s a bit weird how they all have children before they get married.

    1. No. To me if you conceive outside of wedlock but still have the baby after you’re married, it’s a child in wedlock. A lot of couples have “shotgun weddings” because of that.

    2. Plus Kail was already married before they did the wedding for the show. She and Javi had a courthouse ceremony.

    3. No I have wondered that, too. Have any of the TM children been conceived while the parents were married? Not sure about Addie?

  6. 11 kids by 10 daddy’sand 4 gals… and then I realized… there are a set of twins in play! Jesus God! Trust, I’m legitimately probably the worlds least judgmental bitch (as far as judgmental bitches go)… but don’t those numbers make everyone a lil sad?

  7. “176 Number of dollars it costs to buy one of Farrah’s vibrating butt sex toys off of her website”


  8. Welp, time to cancel this. None of those numbers are inspiring. In fact, they are an insult to what they are supposed to represent.

    Time for these girls to grow up, get jobs, and stop sucking off of MTV’s teet. The real world will eat them alive.

  9. Eleven kids by ten different dads! The Teen Mom girls blow my mind. Those poor, poor kids– most of them growing up without their dad in their home. It makes such a huge difference! The only kids who are going to probably be okay are Chelsea’s kids. The rest are in my prayers.

  10. Ashley very interesting, I would like to know what the ratings are for each season of each show! They are down, because they have to pay people to sit in the audience of the Teen Mom live shows!

    1. I wonder how the MTV teen moms do compared to the average teen moms. Number of kids, fathers, education, income, etc

    1. Yeah, unless it was fake I thought Farrah got a heart that said mom in honor of herself on her ankle… I guess she could have had it removed by now as frequently as she alters her appearance.

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