Courtland Rogers, Ex-Husband of ‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans, Released From Prison

“‘Member me, guys?!”

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans‘s felon-of-an-ex-husband is a free man, after spending about 16 months behind bars!

Courtland Rogers, whom Jenelle married back in December 2012, was released from the New Hanover Correctional Center on Saturday morning, and wasted no time in logging into his old Twitter account to celebrate his freedom. 

“Been dreaming about this day for a longgggggg time now…,” he tweeted.

“Courty B” only appeared for one very creepy moment on ‘Teen Mom 2,’ but longtime fans of the show know that he is an important part of Jenelle’s chaotic life story.

Allow The Ashley to refresh your memory…

Jenelle and Courtland, who were reportedly introduced via their common drug dealer (naturally), began dating around October 2012. Shortly after, rumors that Jenelle and Courtland were using heroin together spread. The couple’s frequent appearances on live social media feeds did little to dispute the rumors, given the fact that Jenelle appeared haggard and thin, and often looked stoned. (Spoiler alert: they were using heroin together, which Jenelle later admitted.) They got engaged after about a month together.

In December 2012, Jenelle and Courtland made their love official, marrying at a North Carolina courthouse right after Courtland was charged by the same court for a felony. (As you do!) The couple celebrated their marriage with a fancy lunch at The Olive Garden.

You seriously can’t make this stuff up.

Courtland and Jenelle were on-and-off for a few months but finally split, right around the time Jenelle discovered she was again pregnant with his child. She eventually aborted the child during a memorable scene of ‘Teen Mom 2’ and moved on to dating Nathan Griffith. She became pregnant again soon after, and wasn’t sure if the baby was Courtland’s or Nathan’s. (Spoiler alert: It was Nathan’s!)

Courtland was arrested in 2013 for outstanding warrants, some of which stemmed from abuse charges Jenelle had filed against him after a trash-tastic fight some time before. (When police arrived to break up Mr. and Mrs. Rogers’ lovers’ quarrel, they found a heap of drugs and hauled both Courtland and Jenelle into jail.)

He would go on to spend several months behind bars for those crimes. This particular jail sentence is notable because Courtland was housed in North Carolina’s Neuse Correctional Institution– at the same time as Jenelle’s current beau, David Eason, was behind bars! It’s been reported that Courtland and David were friends while serving time together.

Once Courtland was released and back on the streets, he quickly turned back to drugs and got arrested again. Jenelle’s divorce from Courtland was final in 2014. She was pregnant with Nathan’s child when the divorce was officially granted.

In October 2015, Courtland resurfaced briefly when he appeared in a documentary about heroin use. The next month, he was arrested for heroin possession and for being a habitual felon. (Of course, according to another Jenelle ex, Keiffer Delp, “being a felon ain’t illegal!”)

Judging by the current photo posted by Courtland on Saturday, it appears that he had his “Jenelle Evans” tattoo covered while he was in the slammer…

In December 2015, Courtland was thrown in the slammer to start serving out a three-year sentence. According to county records, he was a model prisoner, receiving no infractions while behind bars and never attempting an escape.

Courtland is currently out on parole, with his next parole review scheduled for July.

Jenelle has yet to speak out about her ex-husband’s release.

(Photos: Twitter, Facebook)


  1. Wasn’t Jenelle pregnant by Courtland two times? Wasn’t there this big thing where she had a miscarriage? I swear I remember her talking (tweeting) about going to the hospital and losing her unborn baby. Some people didn’t believe it but she swore it was true. Then on the show it showed her pregnant and deciding to get an abortion. So was that the same pregnancy – did she pretend, at the time, she miscarried, but it was actually an abortion (as we saw on the show)? Or was this a second pregnancy – she miscarried (as claimed), got pregnant *again* shortly after, and terminated? Can anyone clear this up?

    1. Your right. She faked a miscarriage with packets of red koolaid in the bathtub. She had an abortion instead. And then she had another one, on camera. Fun fact, that was actually her and Nathan’s first date. He was at the clinic with her.

  2. “– at the same time as Jenelle’s current beau, David Eason, was behind bars! It’s been reported that Courtland and David were friends while serving time together.”

    This is a white trash soap opera.

  3. I know everyone hates her but honestly you look at this guy and where she was 3 years ago in comparison to where she is now, she really has come a long way.

    1. all she did was quit using heroin… you ever notice when she brags about how much she’s “changed” for the better she never once says “i’m clean and sober now”..all she did was change her drug of choice and current soul mate. her biggest reason she says she’s a changed person is that she bought a house! that’s not personal and positive growth- that’s money! she’s still the same evil hearted person who uses people to her benefit, emotially abuses her children and mother and is a compulsive liar.

      1. No no, she bought “land”.
        I don’t know why, but every time they talk about their land it makes me want to throw my TV out the window.

      2. It PAINS me to defend her! However to say ALL she did was quit using heroine is not fair. I know three people that have lost their lives due to heroin. It is no easy drug to quit and for that I applaud her. That and only that. She is still a piece of garbage mother.

        1. totally agree and get what you’re saying! i’m sorry for your friends and their families who lost their lives to herion. i’m a recovering addict and i know how hard it is to quit using- but there’s two types of quitting drugs.. people who just quit and replace it with another substance/destructive behavior, or people who quit and do a lot of soul searching to find out what triggered them to begin using drugs, they make amends, they grow spiritually and mentally and literally recover in every sense of the word from drug use. so that’s why i phrased it as “all she did was quit using”. no disrespect to anyone fighting drug addiction i’m proud of everyone who is able to quit!

    2. She is with someone else who was also serving time at the same time and the same place as this winner. How far has she come?

    1. I know it’s a personal preference but honestly was any of Jenelle’s boyfriends good-looking? I can’t think of one!

  4. I suspect trouble in paradise between D&J. And he will be the reason! (She has shown with Kieffer she can’t stay away from her exes)

    1. She likes to pit them against each other. See how she was dogging Nathan in front of him, getting him all agitated? What happens when you throw another ex into the picture? Could be too much for her and her huge chin to handle.

      Didn’t she divorce him while he was in prison? Does he even know that they’re divorced and she’s moved on and gifted a baby to the soul mate of the quarter?

  5. Why did jenelle abort Courtland’s baby but none of these other kids? It just seems odd that she got pregnant again shortly after and decided this one was worth keeping.
    Also as if there was any doubt who kaisers father is once he was born.. Kid looks just like Nathan!

    1. She said it wouldn’t be fair to Jace to have another baby while she didn’t have custody of him back. Which we know is bull since she got pregnant by Nathan like two weeks later! She’s trash and makes me want to see bad things Halle to her. The only reason she didn’t have the baby was so she so wouldn’t n tied to Courtland forever. Barb paid for the abortion to keep from raising another child. She’s a b**** too.

        1. I can’t tell if this is a real question, but yes abortions cost money. Insurance won’t cover it and someone has to pay.

      1. I would like to say that yes I called Barb a b**** but Jace is a 100x better off with her. She did save him from foster care and is a good mother to him. He own kids are messed up though so I don’t know how good a mother she was to them although I do think she loves them. I just don’t agree with her paying for Jenelle’s abortion.

        1. I don’t understand your comment. How is Barb the bad guy for helping her daughter by paying? Abortions aren’t illegal and it’s not like Barb forced Jenelle to abort. Barb didn’t do anything wrong by paying. Even if it was because she knew that she may end up raising another grandchild. How much does she have to sacrifice?

          Also, I don’t know why Barb gets all the blame for raising Jenelle. No one ever blames her dad, who was abusive to Barb. She left with 3 kids and raised them as a single mom.

          1. Yes Jenelle’s father is equally to blame for her and her siblings but they (the children) themselves are to blame. They are adults and responsible for their own actions now. Abortions are not illegal but they are immoral in my opinion. It’s disgusting to pay for someone else to have one! Especially your own daughter. I don’t agree with abortion but there are certain circumstances that I can see the woman felt she had no choice. This was not the case here. Jenelle was being supported financially by MTV and was not out of options. Plus she lied about having a miscarriage when she really aborted her child. That is very offensive to people who have actually suffered pregnancy loss.

        2. I’ll get downvoted, but as much as I like Babs, she is NOT a good mother. Her children are entitled, awful assholes…all of them. Jace would have been much better in the foster system, because as a newborn baby he would have been adopted into a home that desperately wanted him, and he would have had a much better life. He has grown up around complete chaos and lunacy and, a lot like Sophia, I think his teenage years are going to be quite interesting to see…

          1. If you knew anything about the foster care system you wouldn’t have made this uninformed comment.

  6. David Eason and Courtland Rogers were in prison at the exact same time? How interesting! The Ashley, do you know if they ever crossed paths? I have a strong suspicion that he met Courtland and that’s wherr he got the idea that if he could somehow weasel his way into Jenelle’so life, he could her get hands on his MTV money too (just like Matt!) and never have to work or worry about money again. Also what was he in prison for?

    1. which means, Courtland may be angry after finding his homeboy ended up snagging his girl (wife). could also explain why Jenelle was so anxious to move to the middle of nowhere NC, so he wouldn’t be able to find them easily. Don’t worry, I’m sure he will.

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