Sugar Bear Denies Mama June’s Abuse Allegations & Says She’s Keeping Him From Daughter Alana

“Don’t ya believe her, y’all! She’s a’lyin’!”

The battle of The Mama versus The Bear continues!

Mike “Sugar Bear” Thompson has responded to Mama June Shannon‘s claims that he was emotionally and physically abusive to her and her kids during their long relationship. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, The Bear denied that he ever hurt June or the kids, and refuted June’s claims that he is a deadbeat dad to their daughter, Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson.

“The abuse allegations are not true,” Sugar Bear told ET. “It is not true, any of it.”

He added that June may be making these claims against him because she’s upset with him over his recent marriage to Jennifer Lamb.

“Everything I’ve said is the truth,” he said “I’m just tired of being put down for it. June is saying these things because she’s pissed at me. I never hurt any kid.”

Sugar Bear also stated that he is not choosing to be absent from their daughter Alana’s life, as June claimed.

“June won’t let me see or talk to Alana,” Sugar Bear said. “I have text messages where I text June and try to talk to Alana, but no response back from her. The last time I saw Alana was at mine and Jennifer’s wedding. I’ve tried to stay in touch with my daughter but June won’t let me.”

“If all the attention could come back to me now, though, that’d be great!”

June stated that Sugar Bear has repeatedly made fun of Alana’s weight. Sugar Bear claims this, too, is untrue.

I have never told Alana to lose weight or said anything to Alana about her weight,” he said. “June’s a damn liar. I would never hurt Alana in any way.”

Although June claimed that Sugar Bear abused her and her kids, one of June’s adult daughters– Anna “Chickadee” Cardwell— seems to get along with her former sorta-stepfather just fine. In fact, it’s being reported that Anna recently moved in with Sugar Bear and Jennifer, after separating from her husband.

“I told her she can stay for as long as she needs,” Sugar Bear told Radar of Anna, whom is estranged from June. (Anna has accused June of taking money that Anna earned for filming Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. And, of course, June allegedly dated a man who molested Anna as a child, after he was released from prison for the crime.)

June has stated that there will be a Mama June: From Not to Hot special coming soon that will show “the real true side of Sugar Bear and when the special comes out y’all are going to be like ‘what the hell.'”

It sounds like this “ding-dang” game of “he said, she said” will be continuing for a long time!

(Photos: WEtv)

15 Responses

  1. The man has the mouth of a 90 year old but I don’t believe he hurt that family in anyway. June is a got damn liar. I hate that any network even entertainined the idea of giving her and her band of yokels a show.

  2. Listen sugar bear is no prize… you would be better off winning a goldfish at a carnival. But I think that June lies to get what she wants. She dated a man who molested her child and then was so concerned that sugar bear cheated. Child molester vs cheater hmmm what matters more. Those kids could do better being sold at a flee market.

  3. Who cares what this creature has to say?

    June, you’re still NOT hot. You’re UGLY on the inside, and outside.

  4. He’s a disgusting piece of sh×t.Im glad June finally sees him for what he truly is. S.B and the Amazon woman he married shouldn’t even be allowed to have a pet skunk. He probably gets off watching his amazon wife act a fool to June. Get a no contact order against them June
    !! Or have big Mike and his boys go pay him visit…Georgia style!

    1. You know who is a disgusting piece of shit? ‘Mama’ June… She’s done a lot of horrendous things, but the day she met up with her daughters molester, is the day she became a ‘disgusting piece of shit.’ Let’s not forget she had a relationship with him knowing what he did to her daughter, then brought her other daughters around him. It’s appalling. I won’t take anything June says seriously because she doesn’t think what she did was wrong. Whoever decided to put this trash back on tv, should be ashamed of theirself..

      1. I downvoted you by accident but I agree. Sugar Bear I’m sure isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, but I don’t think he’d abuse anyone.

        1. Exactly! I highly doubt he is completely innocent, but how can anyone take what June says seriously?! I’m a mother of 2, and what she did was awful. How can she live with herself knowing she had a relationship with her daughters molester? I can’t believe anyone would even support her.

          And while we are at it, it’s no wonder her older daughter is so lost in life. She had one of the worst things you can have happen to you, then had her own mother choose that guy over her. It’s actually pretty heartbreaking what June did to her child

    2. GirlPlease. Barbinop, let it go. SB is an adorable sweet little guy who wouldn’t hurt a fly. He should have the right to see his lovely daughter, Alana, in peace and quiet. He has just been too nice and has let June walk all over him.

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