The 20 Worst ‘Teen Mom’ Hair Styles of All-Time

You know you’re about to see some really bad hair if THIS look didn’t even make the Top 20…

The Ashley has decided to take a look back at some of the show’s most hair-raising moments– literally! Over the past decade, the franchise’s cast has sported some wacky, weird and downright ridiculous ‘dos!

While some girls, such as Maci Bookout, have kept their hair relatively normal during the course of their reality TV careers, other girls, such as Leah Messer and Chelsea Houska, enjoyed changing their up their ‘dos, although they didn’t always make good decisions (in both life and hair!)

Although it was hard for The Ashley to narrow it down to just 20 bad looks, here are her choices for the worst ‘Teen Mom’ franchise hair looks of all time! 

20. Leah Messer’s “Mom” Hair

Back in 2014, ‘Teen Mom 2’ star Leah Messer chopped off long hair (and extensions) and sported this blond “Mom ‘do.” While the hair style itself isn’t bad, it looks more appropriate for a 45-year-old PTA mom than a girl who was barely 22 years old! (That ‘smart’ purple button-up shirt certainly didn’t help things, either.) Luckily Leah’s ‘Long Island Medium’ ‘do didn’t stick around long.

19. Catelynn Lowell’s Slick-n-Speedy Bangs ‘n’ Bun Combo

Catelynn Lowell’s trusty greased-over bangs and bun appeared so much during the last few seasons of ‘Teen Mom OG,’ it really should have had its own torn piece of paper nametag-thingy at the bottom of the screen. 

18. Jenelle Evans’ Infamous ‘Kesha’ Feathered ‘do

Jenelle Evans will forever be associated with two things: Ke$ha and wearing ridiculous feathers in her hair, thanks to a memorable scene filmed back in 2012. In case you actually had a life back in 2012 and didn’t watch ‘Teen Mom 2,’ allow The Ashley to tell the story. Jenelle, sitting there looking like some sort of taxidermied bird with a head full of feathers, explains to her lawyer that she simply can’t go to jail on a certain day, because she’s got tickets to see Ke$ha that day! “That’s why I got all these feathers in my hair!” she wails. “Because of the concert!” No list of ‘Teen Mom’ hair styles would be complete without a mention of this look.

17. Farrah Abraham’s Frizzed-Out Extension Mess

Farrah has sported her share of bad hair extensions (see the rest of this list for examples), but these frizzed-out fake locks definitely deserve a spot on this list! From the odd coloring, to the frizzy strands that drape exhaustively over her shoulder, the hair ‘do is a big don’t. (Farrah’s mother, Debra, will no doubt eventually show up with this hair look at some point, though.)

16. Butch Baltierra’s Salt-n-Peppa Mullet

The Ashley included Butch Baltierra’s famous multi-colored mullet on this list because she understands that not everyone appreciates this example of hair wonder quite like she does. During the first seasons of ‘Teen Mom,’ Butch was known almost as much for his hair as his quotes. When Butch was released from prison in 2015, he chopped his mullet off, and The Ashley wept.  #NeverForget

15. Leah’s “Ravioli-Making” Hair

Leah makes her second appearance on this list for this messed-and-stressed look she sported back in 2015. In a memorable scene, Leah hair looks like this while she frantically tries to make her kids a midnight dinner of canned raviolis. At this point, Leah’s life was a mess– and so was her hair.

14. Catelynn’s Long Bangs & Short Curls Combo

Catelynn earned her second spot on this list for this interesting ‘do, which she wore during her ’16 and Pregnant’ episode, and occasionally during the first season of ‘Teen Mom.’ From the long, swoopy bangs that nearly cover her eyes, to the over-gelled crunchy curls, Catelynn’s look for the first season of the show was a definite “don’t” (although it was just a little bit adorable, too!)

13. Farrah’s Horribly Unblended Hair Extensions

Farrah’s hair during the famous ‘Teen Mom OG’ scene in which she pushed Producer Larry Musnik was overshadowed by her actions that day, but it’s time to recognize just how bad Farrah’s hair extensions were during this scene. It literally looks like Farrah took off her gardening shower cap and took a weed-wacker to her poor hair extensions, leaving them a chunky, unblended mess.

12. Debra Danielsen’s Feathered ‘Do

One only needs to look at Deb’s hair from the first seasons of ‘Teen Mom’ to know why she named her daughter Farrah. After all, she’s sporting a feathered hairdo reminiscent of the late actress Farrah Fawcett! (Who knows where Deb got the inspiration for that pile of feathered bangs, though!) Debra ditched this ‘do somewhere around the time that ‘Teen Mom’ became ‘Teen Mom OG,’ and her closet started to become filled with fake leather pants and halter tops.

11. Chelsea’s Blonde Helmet

Chelsea appeared to be ready for space travel (or an emo concert in the early 2000s) with this blonde “hair helmet,” which she sported in the early days of ‘Teen Mom 2.’ Chelsea bleached, teased and ratted her hair to new heights for this look, and even included a couple of “Ke$ha feathers” in her ‘do as a possible tribute to her co-star, Jenelle.

10. Ryan Edwards’ “Fresh From A Nap” Moptop

Ryan snagged a spot on this list for this look, which he wore throughout the sixth season of ‘Teen Mom OG.’ Ryan, who had once sported that slicked-back, jet-black hairdo that teen girls love and their mothers fear, has aged a lot over the years, but in Season 6 his hair became a bed-head mess that was almost as big as his eyes.

9. Adam Lind’s Skull Mohawk

Adam Lind’s shaved head/tiny mohawk look helped conceal his baldness, but it certainly didn’t help him look any cooler! Adam proudly sported this look during a visit to the gym. (He completed the ensemble with a muscle tank and a creepy smile, as you do.) 

8. Chelsea’s Top Ramen Hair

Chelsea’s hair has gone through quite the transformation over the course of her reality TV career. One of her biggest hair missteps came in the first seasons of ‘Teen Mom 2,’ when she sported this bleached blonde curly catastrophe! Her curls resembled everyone’s favorite 19 cent ramen treat, while the short layers on top created a strange blonde halo going around the top of Chelsea’s head.

7. Debra’s Wig of Horrors

Although The Ashley debated whether or not Debra’s wild wig should be included on this list (since it wasn’t, in fact, real hair), she decided to put it in because of how cringe-worthy the whole scene in which Deb wore it actually was. During the Season 6 Reunion, Deb proudly sported this Halloween wig on stage for her interview with Dr. Drew. When she asks the audience what they think of her fun new look…she was met with totally awkward silence, forcing her to cheer for herself. Deb gives herself the thumbs-up sign and utters a quiet “Awesome!”

6. Leah’s Bangin’ Multi-Colored Mess

Leah obviously couldn’t decide which hairstyle she wanted for Season 3– so she combined every possible hairstyle ever and…got this. From the long bangs, to the stringy-straight strands in multiple colors, this may be one of the worst ‘Teen Mom 2’ hair looks of all time!

5. Chelsea’s Roots Display

Chelsea proved during a 2014 episode of ‘Teen Mom 2’ that keeping up her current bright red hair color is not easy! The camera crew showed up and Chelsea was obviously not camera-ready. Her roots were in desperate need of a dye, and her hair looked like it could have used a hose-off. These days, Chelsea is rarely filmed looking anything less than glam.

4. Amber Portwood’s Roseanne Barr Bangs

During the first season of ‘Teen Mom,’ Amber was apparently using a bowl to measure where to cut her bangs. The long, straight bangs went almost to her Wet ‘n’ Wild eyeliner-lined eyes. In addition, her face was completely framed in dark black hair, making her look more like Roseanne’s Gary-hating little sister than a reality TV star.

3. Kail Lowry’s Dreadful Dreads

Kail has kept her hair pretty basic during her reality TV career. However, when she debuted this twisted “dreadlock” mess on social media in 2016, she got a ton of backlash from fans who felt she was appropriating black culture. Luckily, Kail took out her twisted dreads after a few days.

2. Chelsea’s Season 1 Reunion Look

This will never not be funny.

1. Tyler Baltierra’s “Roadkill on the Head” Look

Tyler Baltierra’s hair is usually on point, but for some reason during this Season 6 episode, Tyler allowed his hair to look like some sort of furry rodent crawled up on the top of his head and died. (Also– is he wearing a black toupee in front? No, seriously…is he?) Perhaps Tyler was considering growing himself a multi-colored mullet like his dad, Butch?

Did The Ashley forget one of your favorite ‘Teen Mom’ bad hair looks? Be sure to include your choices in the comment section below!

(Photos: MTV, Instagram)




  1. “appropriatinng black culture”… Except people of all cultures, Scandinavians, middle eastern peoples, Mediterranean, Romans, native central Americans etc etc etc list goes on, all have histories of braids and dreadlocks. The gatekeeping needs to stop, it’s obnoxious.

  2. I actually liked Leah’s short hair. It was cute. Just my opinion 🙂 Chelsea has the worst hair because it’s always messy. She should ease up on the makeup and cut about 3 inches off her hair and style it. She is very pretty but wasting it under the clown makeup and hideous hair.

  3. You forgot
    1. Catelynn’s asymmetrical bob from season 1 (that look was just painful to watch!)

    2. Similar to ambers strait bangs fiasco… but when she greased the strait bangs backs and wore it in a bun with the longer strands hanging down that looked like horns!

  4. I am currently hating on Kail’s bun on top of head due with some hanging down. It’s just strange and makes her head look larger…or like she’s trying to be a lion. I can’t with it!

  5. I literally recoiled as I scrolled down and the Adam pic came up. *shudder*
    My top 2 would’ve been Leah’s mom hair and Amber’s Roseanne hair. Also Leah’s 16 and pregnant half straight half curly creation. And btw why does Leah’s face seem to change all the time? #6 and #15 for example. I notice this on the show too. It’s like her face morphs from time to time. So weird.

  6. I forgot how much Chelsea used to look like Randy in drag!! Is it the weight loss that did all that or did she have some work done? Either way girlfriend looks great!

  7. I would include Amber’s current hairstyle as well, the “I’m a 50 year old Marilyn Monroe wannabe”. The colour is just awful with her skintone, makes her look paleis and party and sickly. And the hair style makes her look 50. I wish Amber would go back to brown or purple, those colours go well with her skin tone.

    And Chelsea’s Top Ramen is my personal worst, by far!

    1. *makes her look pale and pasty and sickly.

      Autocorrect, I cry for you. You’re pathetic.

  8. I can’t believe you left out Leah’s mousses curls and straightened fringe a la season 1, and Maci’s black and blonde horror show

    1. Yes. Leahs’ 16 & Pregnant/1st season of Teen Mom 2 hairstyle immediately came to my mind when I saw the headline for this post. And Catelyn’s weird almost Kate Gosslin hair style from one of the earlier seasons.

  9. I’m glad you mentioned Farrah’s gardening shower cap moment.. because she has “expensive” extensions all up under there.


    And does Ambers period of hideous false eyelashes count as a bad hair moment?? They were like hats on her lashes.

  10. I can’t believe Farrah’s crispy curls that she always had in the first couple seasons didn’t make the list! She loved a good scrunch

    1. I thought about that too. Amber used to also rock that dated style. Maybe it’s a midwest thing because where I live, people stopped doing crunchy hair in like 2001. Farrah actually had really healthy full hair back then. I used to love her side bangs and when she would pull the rest of the hair in a messy bun.

  11. #4 … why does Leah’s face look so different these days?? Like in selfies she posts on instagram.. can’t put my finger on it, maybe it’s just age? Idk. She looks waaay different tho…

    1. I think, besides age, it’s a combo of no tan (she used to always have a fake tan), much thicker/darker eyebrows than before, and not wearing as much eyeliner now. (I’ve thought about this, too ?.)

  12. Chelsea as a blonde that season is something you can’t unsee. A fucking catastrophe. Id also put Chinelle’s Patsy Cline do she was sporting during her Nathan engagement days. If you google it the pics are out there. In their engagement photo her hair was teased and parted in a not so flattering way. She was going for a more mature look but it made her look 38 yrs old and not 22-23. Catelynn’s greasy strip of hair is unforgivable. Im so happy you put Amber and those bangs on the list. You should have also put her on here for those blunt bangs and strips of hair hanging down the side in season 1.

    1. Oh yea, that ugly stacked bob with that reddish brown hair that made her look like Chucky.

  13. This could be a series. Worst Hair, Worst Makeup, Worst Outfit, Worst Accessory, Worst Potential Career Path, Worst Baby Names (including all the 16 and Pregnant girls), ect. The possibilities are endless.

    1. Ooh, or best/worst marriage proposals! I mean, each girl has had at least two (other than Farrah, of course). And no one can forget Gary trying to find out the return policy on the $20 Walmart ring…

  14. There has been a lot of bad looks from all of them. But who hasn’t messed up their own hair?

    No one’s hair has made me more annoyed then chelseas. She has seriously done so much different things to her hair I just want to see it natural for a change. You can tell she has used extensions for years. It never looks washed. I want to see re her with natural hair and a fresh face. She has gotten much more in shape than her early years on tv and I’m sure she won’t look horendous. I just want to see a whole season of her like that.

    And just sayin, Tyler looks ridiculous in that photo…I can’t stand his facial hair. If it is patchy men should never grow out their facial hair

  15. “Like no one understands how important this concert is to me. It’s not just a concert. It’s Ke$ha. It’s the person. It’s not ‘Oh, I wanna go to a random concert.’ It’s Ke$ha, my idol.”

    1. Omg that silence the audience gave and the look on Drew’s face. Even Farrah was embarrassed ?

    2. No doubt, kooky Debra, hands down the winner. She looks like a middle aged NYC dungeon madam.

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