Ryan Edwards’ Fiance Mackenzie Standifer Admits She Regrets Appearing on ‘Teen Mom OG’

“This reality TV thing kinda sucks.”
“Oh, just you wait, girl, it gets way worse…”

Teen Mom OG fans will get to watch Ryan Edwards propose to his girlfriend, Mackenzie Standifer, during an upcoming episode of the show. However, it appears that Mackenzie is regretting her decision to have her life filmed for the MTV reality show.

In a recent conversation with a fan on Twitter, Mackenzie admitted that she wishes she hadn’t agreed to appear on ‘Teen Mom OG’ alongside Ryan. 

“If I’m being 100% honest I regret it every single day,” Mackenzie told the fan, who asked her if she wished she hadn’t done ‘Teen Mom OG.’

“But I can only speak for myself,” Mackenzie added.

Mackenzie’s candidness comes after she apparently watched a preview clip of the new ‘Teen Mom OG’ spring season. In the clip, Ryan’s baby-mama, Maci Bookout, and his parents are taking Ryan’s son Bentley out trick-or-treating. The boy is told that Ryan and Mackenzie are on their way, but are caught in traffic. Bentley replies, “He’s always late.”

Mackenzie hinted that MTV exploited the situation to make Ryan look bad.

“5 mins late.. whoop-dee-frickin’-do,” she tweeted. “Tip #1 for real life: Always be REAL in this FAKE ass world.”

The ‘Teen Mom’ cast members’ significant others are usually subjected to a lot of scrutiny. Not only are their personal lives dissected by the show’s fans (and us media folk), but they are usually judged fairly harshly by fans. Mackenzie, who was married before she met Ryan, saw her divorce papers splashed all over the Internet, and has had her parenting skills questioned, to name just a few things she’s dealt with since she started dating Ryan last year.

Mackenzie and Ryan have stated that they plan to get hitched in November, at the same church that Ryan’s parents, Jen and Larry Edwards, got married.

Watch the ‘Teen Mom OG’ scene that set Mackenzie off:

(Photo: MTV)

30 Responses

  1. Mackenzie is a backstabbing, nasty person! Those of us who know Maci know that she wants the best for Bentley and Ryan. How dare you sit there like you care then turn around and throw her under the bus to Ryan’s parents. Now you are pushing him to gain more custody by contacting a lawyer on your own. Worry about your own kids. Fans of teen Mom hate Mackenzie. If Ryan can’t be loyal to Maci and his own son, what makes you think you have a chance? You don’t! Your wedding gifts will last longer than the marriage.

  2. She means 5 min. doesn’t count as being late, but she’s wrong. Late is late, whether it’s 5 minutes or 55 minutes. If Maci and Taylor, who have THREE KIDS to get ready, can be on time, why can’t Ryan? Because Ryan always has an excuse and he’s never been made to stand on his own two feet! His parents have babied him and taken over Bentley’s visits, relieving Ryan of his parenting responsibilities. He’s just a big overgrown kid, and his parents are to blame for a lot of that. Mackenzie will soon tire of his excuses just like everyone else.

  3. I just watched Maci’s ep of 16 and pregnant the other day again. I totally forgot that Ryan used to have a job. Did he quit his job/ not want to get a job because of Teen Mom and that’s how he earned money?

  4. 1)If Ryan was so upset that he’s been always left out of events, wouldn’t ya make an effort to get there like 15 minutes before hand? 2) Honey, you found this unemployed guy living with his parents with no goals or schooling and YOU moved in with him in a few weeks. That’s not on us. That’s on you. Now deal with it. 3) Larry and Jen must be thrilled someone else will be responsible for him.

  5. Didn’t she know that he has always been shown in a negative way. Did she expect him to been shown in a positive way since she came into his life and into the show?

  6. Hey at least he’s not Adam. He’s come around in recent years. Far from perfect, but he never just bounced. Maci picked him as the father of her child so that’s on her.

    I don’t think she’ll have to worry about being on Teen Mom much longer because I just have this sense that the whole franchise is about to be over. The teen mom babies will be teenagers themselves in a few years. I’m anxious to see Amber’s “boutique” take off and the demand for leather pocket tshirts go through the roof (heavy eye roll)

  7. She’s 20 years old, has a kid, married and divorced. She’s probably just mad she wasn’t picked for 16 and pregnant and Maci was 🙂

  8. Let’s wait and see how much 5 minutes will matter, when Ryan’s late for things that are important to her son, Hudson. Not IF, but WHEN, because we all know it’s bound to happen.

      1. Well, there was this scene in the season trailer, where Maci told Bentley to “stop messing with (his) pecker” and Bentley just replied “but Daddy does it”…so my guess is, Ryan disappears to mess with his pecker..
        ..or to do community service for murdering those cats last year….or to do drugs…

  9. I don’t understand why he is always late or never showing up to things. He doesn’t work, go to school, etc. Like what is he doing all day that he can’t prioritize? Even with being a working productive adult, it’s called prioritizing and being responsible with your time and especially your child’s time. Personally, I am always on time because I like to leave at least a 15 minute cushion for myself. I hate when people are habitually late, it’s as if they are saying your time means nothing. It’s nit funny or cute. Also, two scenes that stood out to me from Ryan last night was when he was talking to Mackenize in the park and when he was trying to take Jade’s candy, he was giving off serious Gary Busey vibes, like I don’t even think it’s drugs, He seems like he has some kind of delay or brain damage going on. Im not even trying to be funny. He seems very different in his speech and movements over the years. He is much slower in everything now compared to 5-6 years ago.

  10. Late is still late, honey. You’d better tone down the attitude on social media if you don’t want scrutiny. Give Miranda a call for tips, she keeps it real and classy even with all Leah’s drama with Corey.

    1. Im assuming because she let her child meet Ryan and moved in with him after no time at all. Which is true. I wouldn’t be moving myself and my child in with some guy Ive only known/been dating a few short months.

    2. I have seen some “fans” question her car seat buckling skills on Instagram…maybe that’s what they mean.

  11. It doesn’t matter that it’s five minutes this time; it’s all the other times he’s been late or stood Bentley up altogether. Bentley should know, he’s been through it since the beginning.

    1. She’s gonna end up being a second mother to Ryan before it’s all said and done.

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