‘Teen Mom’ News Pile: All the ‘Teen Mom’-Related News You Missed Over the Weekend

“Michael, why didn’t you tell me all this ‘Teen Mom’ stuff was happening?!”

The Teen Mom stars were extra-busy this weekend, celebrating the Easter holiday while also maintaining their usual high level of drama. While many of the ‘Teen Mom’ cast members spent their weekend hunting for Easter eggs and dressing their kids in their spring best, other members of the ‘Teen Mom’ crew were hunting for attention and drama!

In an effort to bring you up-to-date on all of the weekend’s ‘Teen Mom’ happenings, The Ashley brings you the “Monday Teen Mom News Pile!”

Here are all the major (and minor but interesting) Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 things that happened over the last weekend…

Farrah Abraham declared herself the best single parent ever…again.

Farrah’s already over-inflated ego seems to go into overdrive during a holiday, and this Easter was no different. The “Backdoor Teen Mom” took to her social media accounts to declare herself the “best single parent in the world,” due to the insane amount of Easter presents she bought for her daughter Sophia.

“When your the best single parent in the world. I Always have the biggest and bestest’s holidays,” Farrah wrote on Snapchat. (The Ashley kept the message in “Farrah speak” for extra laughs!)

Farrah later posted a photo of Sophia, surrounded by all of the Easter baskets she gave Sophia. (It seriously looked like she cleaned out the entire Easter aisle of Walgreens!)

Fans criticized Farrah for once again over-doing a holiday and spoiling Sophia.

“All that for one little girl?” one follower wrote. “She is going to grow up to be so spoiled and always expect extravagant gifts. Nothing and no one will ever be good enough because this is what she’s learning.”

“Way way too much,” another wrote. “You are setting her up for a life as disappointment.”

Jenelle Evans claims she was ‘assaulted’ while flying to Miami & bored while watching Ariana Grande.

When your cell phone was brutalized and nobody cares…

Jenelle and her fiance David took their older kids– Jace and Maryssa– to an Ariana Grande concert in Miami over the weekend. (Who doesn’t just hop on a plane to go to a concert, right?)

Anyway, poor Jenelle claims she was assaulted by an American Airlines employee when she tried to board the plane. In a series of now-deleted tweets, Jenelle accused an airline employee of assaulting her by trying to grab phone from her.

After the “assault,” Jenelle & Co. HIGH-tailed it to the concert, where she eventually released another string of aggressive tweets, this time aimed at Ariana, whom she was angry at for ‘boring’ her kids during the concert. She was also upset that people were standing up during the concert and blocking her and the kids’ view.

“$400 a ticket for @ArianaGrande and can’t even see her on the stage. #Disappointed,” Jenelle tweeted during the concert. “Cannot believe my kids were excited all week to see @ArianaGrande and now they r sitting on their seats and can’t see anything. #Bored”

It’s been such a hard weekend for Jenelle! She even got her makeup professionally done for the concert, and it ended up being a bust!

Farrah Abraham made up new words to insult her ‘Teen Mom OG’ co-stars.

Farrah spent her Easter morning proving that “Hooked on Phonics” didn’t work for everyone. In a weirdly worded tweet posted on Sunday, Farrah attempted to insult her ‘Teen Mom OG’ co-stars: Amber Portwood, Maci Bookout and Catelynn Lowell.

(The Ashley has kept the tweet’s wording intact to preserve all the “Farrah speak” greatness.)

“It’s Hilarity how I single handily made more views & ratings than all three stooges on @Teen Mom & make more rating then loffs. Sh!”

She then attached a random photo of Sophia’s Easter basket to the tweet. (As you do.)

Farrah’s co-stars seem unfazed by Farrah’s latest attempt at insulting them. However, this does prove that what Catelynn recently said about Farrah’s insults.

“When you listen to what she says, most of the time when she answers stuff she doesn’t make sense anyways,” Catelynn recently told People magazine. 

All the ‘Teen Mom OG’ cast members headed to Los Angeles.

Will we see Round 2 of the ‘Teen Mom’ Reunion Brawl?

The whole ‘Teen Mom OG’ gang was flown (or is current flying) to Los Angeles to film the latest Reunion episode. All of the girls, as well as their beaus, are going to be there, including Matt Baier and Simon Saran. The last time this group was together, Amber and Farrah famously brawled. Let’s hope Dr. Drew remembers to wear a cup during this next Reunion taping! Safety first!

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  1. If imperfect people were prohibited from ever commenting on others’ missteps in life, this website wouldn’t exist 😉
    Cate has ever right to speak, to judge, to comment….she’s as imperfect as millions of others, present company included, and she’s not wrong here, either 😉

  2. Of course Farrah thinks buying her child lavish gifts for every single occasion makes her the best single parent. That little girl is going to grow up to be a brat. I can already see it the way she speaks to her grandparents.

  3. @The Ashley – any truth to the rumor on Maci being in rehab? It’s been floating around on reddit.

    Also- your mobile site is having major redirecting issues again.

  4. Typical Jenelle, so dramastic all the time!

    I wonder who Kaiser and her “favourite work of art” were left with. I’m surprised Jenelle didn’t take her work of art along to the concert, strapped onto her chest with earmuffs on.

  5. Oh my God, where to start. (Funniest news pile ever, The Ashley!)

    Farrah is really setting Sophia up for a life where she will act like a brat if she won’t get what she wants. To think of it, she is already acting like that and mimicking her mom. I really wonder sometimes what would happen if Derek was still alive. They wouldn’t have been together obv but maybe he would be the sane parent, who knows. Her grandparents don’t help and I wonder if Farrah is deliberately keeping Sophia away from Derek’s parents (wasn’t that said somewhere? Wouldn’t be surprised at all.)

    Jenelle, TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR OWN ACTIONS ONCE!! It is your fault you bought floor tickets for short kids (I am a short person and know damn well I shouldn’t have floor tickets if I want to see the performer well) and isn’t Lurch supposed to be tall? It was too much for him to do the same as other parents there? At least take his own daughter on his shoulders? The other thing-meh, if it was someone else, I would believe it but it’s Jenelle so…..

    Again Farrah with her “perfect grammar”. Go to school, b*tch, English is not my first language and even I know how to spell things correctly!

    Again Matt and Simon are there to get the MTV fame. I would add Taylor there as well. (But at least he seems to love Maci).

    1. I don’t think Taylor “loves” her in the way that a man loves his woman. I think he proposed because he was tired of hearing about it, she all but got on her knees and pleaded for him to marry her. I feel like they act like two drinking buddies who had sex, had kids, and decided they like each other enough to maybe stay together forever. Did you catch that comment in the after show where Maci mentions the drinking and how they both get nuts sometimes with each other?

  6. Who is she kidding – clearly Jenelle had a jail sentence coming up and she’s already used the Kesha-feather-in-my-hair excuse, so she had to go with the Arianna-got-my-makeup-done-real-purty reasoning to avoid jail. Because oh her God, dude. Arianna is so important to her, you don’t even know, dude.

  7. Ok personally I think Farrah’s going overboard on holidays shows just how much of a parent she isn’t. I think she’s either trying to make up for bad parenting or she buying all this stuff just to show off on social media. Either way it’s so not about Sofia. It’s about making Farrah feel superior.
    And I’m sorry, does anyone actually believe that Jenelle went to the concert for her kids?!? Jenelle went because it’s Spring Break. She choose the activity & then her and David made their older kids come along. Let’s not forget she still ditched her other two kids and David still has one with questionable visitation. Why not do a Disney vacation and take all the kids? I am by no means a perfect parent but I get that time spent out weighs $. I also get that when you are a parent there’s no such thing as spring break in “college” sense of the word. Both Farrah and Jenelle should work on spending time with their kids without MTV camera crews.

    1. I imagine having all those kids with all those different parents is hard to plan a vacation together!! Lol but seriously I agree with you.

      1. Right? I know someone with three kids with three different dads (She’s way less of a mess than it sounds.The last two she was even married to the dads at the time. Tends to jump into things but her kids are ok so whatever). Even though the oldest’s dad signed over his parental rights the other dad visits don’t always line up with each other.

        Then her previous husband (I’m slightly in awe of her. I broke up with my only boyfriend a couple years ago and haven’t felt motivated to actually try to date. She’s only a few years older than me.) had joint custody with his ex and having all of the kids for her oldest’s birthday required three separate (fortunately the parents are actual grown-ups)sets of negotiations.

        I can barely keep track of my dog.

    2. After last night’s episode…I think Farrah needs to be medicated if she’s not already. She goes from yelling to crying in half a second. That’s not stable.

      I love watching Jenelle blow through her money. All that stupid shit she wastes it on? lol we haven’t seen her last mug shot yet.

  8. I’ve been wondering lately… I wonder if Farrah has some sort of learning disability that prevents her from expressing herself properly. And that’s why she’s so angry all the time; like a toddler having a tantrum because she can’t use her words? Of course she’s probably just a demon, and I’m overthinking.

    1. Even if Farrah did have some sort of a learning disability she would never admit it and I’m sorry who takes their kids to see Ariana Grande I don’t think it’s meant for kids (their age) and why is Jenelle acting like she’s never been to a concert and doesn’t realize how people act when they are attending we all know she’s been to see Kesha why is she playing dumb as to the whole concept of what a concert is

    2. There’s no learning disability that makes you sound like a ignorant asshole…She doesn’t have a grasp of basic vocabulary – that comes from not picking up a book and reading.

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