Matt Baier Declares in New ‘Teen Mom OG’ Clip That He Will Never Marry Amber Portwood

This certainly won’t help Matt worm back onto Amber’s good side…

Last week, The Ashley revealed that Teen Mom OG stars Amber Portwood and Matt Baier had broken up (and then gotten back together) after Amber demanded that Matt take a lie detector test to prove that he’s been faithful to her. (As you do.) While the wedding is still off (as far as The Ashley hears), it appears that the couple had been having problems long before Matt was strapped to the lie detector test!

In a sneak peek clip of next week’s episode of ‘Teen Mom OG,’ Matt gets angry after Amber refuses to marry him spur-of-the-moment during a trip to Vegas.

Amber is obviously hesitant to get hitched, so she calls her brother Shawn to see what he thinks she should do. When Amber realizes that Shawn and the rest of her family (including her daughter Leah) would be upset if she got married without any of them present, she tells Matt she doesn’t want to get hitched.

Matt’s reaction is to tell Amber it’s OK, but then get pissed and rant behind Amber’s back.

“I will not marry her now!” Matt says. “I will not marry her now, EVER! I will make that statement.”

“I’m not going to let her brother dictate my life…that f**king fa*got.”

The producer seems shocked that Matt would use the slur word on TV, and tries to reason with him. Matt then tells the producer that the reason Amber won’t marry him on the spot is because she secretly wants to marry her own brother.

“That’s who she wants to marry,” he says. “She just humiliated me on TV. I’m f**king done! DONE!”

This scene was filmed when Amber and Matt went to Las Vegas back in February. The couple teased fans that they were going to be getting married, but later revealed that it was their friends who were actually getting hitched.

Shawn has yet to comment on this clip, but from what The Ashley hears, things are very strained between him and Amber right now, due to Amber defending Matt after the breakup last week.

UPDATE! Amber has already taken to her Twitter account to defend Matt’s hateful tirade.

“You guys quit,” she wrote after fans who had watched the clip warned her to leave Matt. “We’ve all said some horrible things when we’re pissed! Just remember me back in the day…just keep watching! Sending love…”

Watch the sneak peek clip below:

(Photo: MTV)

88 Responses

  1. How about the fact that he lied about what Lesh. said… Never mind he’s homophobic ass… His disrespectful ass… The fact that he told the producer just suck any dick that she can to get it not the air… And the fact that he lied on your Effen daughter… Your disgraceful, zHe wanted that quickie wedding so no time for a prenup… Your brother should kick his disrespectful ass for calling him names and insinuating that Amber wanted to marry a brother… He is the worst at the worst

    1. Of course she forgave him I think she is so afraid to be alone that she will literally settle for anything

  2. Amber all I can say is don’t be no fool behind Matt’s old ass,you deserve way better you can do way better.Matt is just with you for the money he needs help paying that child support.

  3. Several years back, I was in a horrible, emotionally and verbally abusive relationship and I see so many parallels between Matt and my ex, right down to this clip and the world class fit my ex threw when I refused his proposal. The thought of marrying him made me sick and I couldn’t even imagine taking that step but I also didn’t know how to begin to get him out of my life. It’s really hard when you’ve spent a long time defending someone to your family and friends and suddenly you see what they’ve been telling you all along. It’s a weird mix of having to swallow your pride, while really not having a lot of pride left because you’ve been told by your partner for the entirety of the relationship that you need them and you believe that. I had a ridiculously stupid “us against the world” mentality built up from him telling me all the time that people just didn’t want us to be happy, they didn’t want us to succeed, we just had to stick together and we were perfect, look at how we took care of each other. I see that in the things Amber says, too.

    It took me awhile to get up the courage to make my break from him and I hope Amber can find that within herself, too, before she ends up married to this asshole. I am not an Amber fan but I can tell you that no one deserves to feel the way that I felt back then, no matter what.

  4. There are some things I live by when someone is drunk the truth comes out and you are mad the truth comes out.
    I understand him saying he was humiliated on TV and he’s done but his sick demented true self came out when he insinuated an incestuous relationship with
    Her brother.
    This is sexual predator and has a demented mind right there I would call it a day .
    His clothes in the one CD came with the outside .

  5. I haven’t seen anyone else comment this but it especially sickens me that Matt would talk this way about her brother because he has served our country in the Army. He was deployed while amber was pregnant with Leah, I remember that very clearly. He’s vile for saying what he said about ANYONE, but ESPECIALLY someone who’s fought for his freedom. Disgusting troglodyte.

    1. Hun, it’s been like 70 years since anybody fought for America’s freedom. You’re invading other people for oil. Funny how every country America’s been at war with in recent years just happen to have plenty of natural resources, huh?

      Downvote me all you want, that won’t change the truth.

      1. Please tell that to my army husband who has endured far more than you could possibly conjure up and indeed did fight for your freedom.

  6. The fact that she had a panic attack just trying on a wedding dress proves to me that she doesn’t want to be with him deep down. I think the blackmail theory makes a lot of sense. He’s gotta have some sort of proof like text messages or deer cam footage that she doesn’t want leaked

  7. Amber deserves everything that’s coming to her with this guy is she is this stupid to still be with him after everything that he has put her through. She even said that he is the reason why she’s been going through depression. Why the hell would you be marrying a guy that makes you depressed?! I almost feel like she is staying with him to save herself from the embarrassment of breaking up because it would be like her admitting she was wrong and everyone else was right. What she doesn’t understand is that everyone would applaud her for leaving him. It’s not like people would be saying “I told you so.”

    1. People would be. Have you read how mean commenters are? Regardless hearing I told you so is a small price to pay for getting out of marrying this manipulative jerk.

  8. The creepiest part for me was that his accent disappeared. Notice he had no problem with the r in her and brother? Is he even from Boston?

    1. As a Bostonian, my accent gets worse when I’m upset. Everyone I know pulls out a worse accent when they are upset

      1. Same. I only have an accent these days when I’m upset or drunk cause I’ve been away for so long

        I’ve always thought Matt was a total fake and poser. Plays up being from Boston

        1. Exactly. Every single person I know with an accent has more of an accent when upset or stressed.

  9. No Ambie! That’s bullshit! Gary did not deserve that kind of treatment and that contributed to him leaving you. You don’t deserve that kind of treatment from Matt and it should also be a reason you leave him. Just because you were that way at one time does not make it right. Gave some respect for yourself. Dump him! I pray you are reading this. I don’t mean to hurt you with what I say. Do what you know is right.

  10. He got out of Boston so he could jump on the Teen Mom money train. He knew that if she was filming he could weasel his way onto the show. Amber is basically one of Teen Mom’s royal princesses because she is one of the originals so if she were to tell them she isn’t filming unless he can join the cast, they probably obliged. Everything about this is just weird.

    He was a super fan.
    He hit on Farrah and Chinelle first.
    Spreading his seeds all over the country since the mid 90’s.
    Teleporting to Indiana after barely knowing each other.

    I wonder what her family thinks of this relationship.

    1. And Matt trying to pressure her to get married without her family? Then reacting THAT upset? Amber, you in danger girl. That’s insanely creepy behavior

  11. Is this inbred serious?!!! As if it’s his show and shit just hit the fan. Who r u to dictate shit. Omg I wana run him down

  12. Wow Matt, that scene is pathetic, no coming back from disaster. Take a hint, it is time for you to ride off into the sunset, a dimmer bulb than you called you on your BS ultimatum. Can MTV get “Bubby” in a room with Matt and see if we can get some fisticuffs ? I would love to see someone punch Matt’s booze swollen mug.

  13. Amber Portwood is beyond help, I find it extremely interesting that one of her diagnosis is borderline personality disorder. Many sociopaths have that, some of the worst criminals in history have been diagnosed with that, from Jodi Arias to Ted Bundy!

    1. LOL that’s the best part according to their logic they don’t have to quit drinking because that was not the exact problem they had they should both realize they have addictive personalities and it doesn’t matter one thing can and will lead to the other I just don’t think they’re taking sobriety as seriously as they want people to think

    2. She thinks being sober is no drugs. She has stated before that she continues to drink as much as she wants.

  14. Amber: How many ways can this greasy middle-aged gas bag tell you that he’s only after you for your money?

    Is Matt cheating on you with other women? Y.E.S. dammit. Did you really need a failed lie detector test recently to tell you that?

    And why, you ask? Because he can. You’ve allowed him to easily do it from Day One — and even defended him at times for it.

    Girl, please.

  15. Matt is so desperate for her money. I find it sad that Amber has such bad self esteem that she continually defends and stays with this POS mooch. It’s sad that the whole world can see what a fake he is but she clings to this relationship anyway. Girl get away and focus on yourself and your kid!

    1. The more I hear about this relationship, the more I wish Amber would look at Chelsea’s journey.
      There was a time she couldn’t see beyond Adam, but look at her now!
      There’s a Cole put there for you too Amber. Don’t settle for less.

  16. She is clearly mentally ill. Does not have the maturity or insight to see what a loser this guy is. Perhaps they are using drugs together and they are co-dependant. You can clearly see that she is not happy with him. Someone needs to intervene before his guy drains her bank account completely.

  17. He is so disgusting. Amber’s fatherr is dead, so Shawn would be the one that she always said would walk her down the aisle, not to mention they’ve always been close, since both their parents were addicts, her brother’s opinion and relationship with her mattered to her, but moreso, it seems like she was hoping for him to say something that would give her an out. I feel like she’s staying with Matt to save face. She doesn’t wanna be on the end of ‘I told you so’. She clearly feels so broken and insecure that she thinks she can’t find someone better, and Matt knows this. Amber publicly said she tried to hang herself because she felt worthless, unloved, and alone. And he, someone that she’s alienated her family for, says he will noy marry her, and leave her alone. For all the crap Amber has said and done, you can’t forget, she actually tried to end her life due to her depression, and his teenmom superfan ass, saw all of it play out , just like the rest of us. He’s a manipulative, scummy, homophobic, lying sack of dog shit.

    1. I don’t think Amber stays with him to save face as I have seen so many day. She stays with him for the same reason millions of other women have stayed in abusive relationships. She doesn’t value herself enough. She either thinks she deserves this type of treatment or this is the only type relationship she kniws. Without an intervention or a come to Jesus moment, I don’t see Amber making the choice to leave on her own.

  18. LOL seriously dude? Why am I surprised? Her brother gave her an honest answer, that yes, the family will be upset that they are not there for her wedding day, but let her make the decision because it’s her own life. I don’t understand how Matt could not be OK with that? There is nothing wrong with what her brother had to say, and I know Amber had a rough childhood, and definitely leans on her brother for support, since they basically just have each other. There is NOTHING wrong with that. Does not mean that she wants to marry him. I’m sure he just wants to do it as soon as he can because then he’ll be legally able to get to her money. I know he’s done a lot of un-trustworthy things, but she has him on camera now acting one way to her, telling her everything is alright, and then dissing her brother, and then talking even worse smack about her brother behind her back. Let’s see him try to weasel out of this one.

  19. Matt is just throwing a little sissy girl tantrum because he didn’t get his own way! He was cock blocked and stopped by Ambies brother who is probably smart enough to know that she shouldn’t be marrying this douche canoe. He is clearly trying to control Amber and he doesn’t like when someone interferes. He is a psychopath and I do fear for Ambers safety even if she dumps him. Amber is not a real woman, she’s still mentally a child. She attempts to present herself in a different light but her actions and speech show otherwise. She feels as though she is standing up to all those who talk negatively of her and doubt her but in the end she is just hurting herself and showing her true immaturity. If she would just listen to what people are saying. Yes most everyone wants her to have a happy/healthy relationship/life but not with this douchetard. Dump the douche and spend some quality bonding time with that beautiful/desperate for your uninterrupted love and attention, little girl of yours and stop being so hung up on a man. The right love will come when the time is right. Stop trying to force it!

  20. I don’t feel bad for Amber. She’s almost 30 and still acting like a little girl with something to prove. She’s pushed away family and fans who tried to tell her nicely. Her response? Cuss them out and block them. So much for a “real woman.” What a lonely life SHE created. Maybe if she invested half as much time into Leah as to finding a man, life wouldn’t be so horrible. Only victim here is Leah. Thank god she has her dad and Kristina to pick up the pieces.

  21. What makes me sad is Amber is willing to risk her relationship with her brother for a piece of shit. Aren’t her and her brother really close? Why would you ruin that?

  22. REALLY..just when you think Matt can’t get any sleazier he stoops to lower levels every time. That’s right Matt, it’s all about you and your image on TV? He’s literally made my skin crawl since he first appeared, I can’t stand him. I have zero sympathy for Amber if she stays with this asshat, there have been huge red flags with this loser for such a long time now. Come on girl, kick him to the curb it’s so long overdue!

  23. The guy practically teleported he and his junk to Indiana without a single warning. Who just shows up on someone’s doorstep with all of their crap lol? It’s obvious he is/was looking for a sugar momma. Amber knew from the jump this isn’t working and there’s major issues here but she is a) too stubborn to admit she was wrong and embarrassed or b) she’s afraid of being alone. I think it’s both. She was beyond heartbroken when Gary left and then had a baby and then Matt swooped in. She needs to drop him asap. It’s gonna hurt for a long time but it will be the best thing to happen to her. She needs to actually stay single for a while, learn about herself, build a stronger relationship with her daughter, and then after a while slowly get back into things with someone. Her guy picker is seriously broken though. Amber is almost 30 and needs to open her eyes and realize what a real man looks like, does, and doesn’t do.

    1. I always found this to be suspicious and I’m glad somebody brought it up! It is so hard to find an apartment in Boston and once you have one you hold onto it when somebody can up and move in two.two seconds it makes me wonder a if they had a home/apartment to begin with because honestly what are the chances his lease was up right at the time he moved in with her? B wondering what the hell the running away from? it just does not add up

  24. Did anyone catch the last episode where Amber was getting a massage, and the masseuse said something along the lines of, “Matt was here recently and was calling you his wife,” and Amber responding saying something like, “oh he always does that.” I’m sure he does little things like that often in order to mindf*ck Amber and use the excuse that they’re “basically already married, it’s just a piece of paper”. Everyone can see it, but her. The fact got that Matt got tHat angry over not being able to get married on a whim when her family wasn’t there (especially Leah who he claims to care so much about) is so telling. It didn’t seem like her brother said to NEVER marry Matt, he said that they would like to be present. Which is more than reasonable. And the fa*got comment just speaks for itself, on what an uneducated low life he really is.

  25. Fuck him dude. It’s so obvious she doesn’t want to marry him, and I don’t know why she keeps him around.

      1. I personally think maybe they do drugs together or she’s slipped up on her *sobriety (she already drinks) and is afraid Matt will go public.

  26. He felt Amber hesitating and thought he could pressure her into it by doing an impulsive thing like that. Amber is impulsive, he had a good chance of her agreeing to that. He was so close to that MTV money but when he realized it wasn’t happening that day he lost it. So funny, lol! I just hope Amber sees his ass talking crap about her and her brother and actually leaves him (I’m not a fan of hers, I only root for her for Leah’s sake), instead of buying the excuses he will come up with. I really, really hope Matt won’t get his money and his baby like he managed to get will all the women before Amber. And that when this fails, he is publicly outed as a gold digger and lying rat, so he can’t get money and babies with any other woman that has even a little bit of money.

    You dug your own grave Matt, because you were so cocky you thought you could to this on TV and nobody would see you for who you are. I’m really loving the fact his true self is showing more and more. BYE GIRL BYEEE!

  27. He’s such a POS.
    She must have some serious self esteem issues to keep his haggard old ass around.

    She keeps banging on about losing weight when he’s around. She would lose a whole lot if she got rid of the human growth attached to her side that is Matt. He’s such a leech.

  28. He’s a dick, he’s two faced & a coward, he is all nice & understanding to Ambers face then talk shit when she’s out of ear shot. Piss him off Amber he’s only out for the $$$$$ He wants to wrap up the relationship legally so he has more leverage. Don’t trust him.

  29. You humiliated yourself, bro. You’ve been doing it since you first showed your face on this show. I can’t wait for him to make an excuse for this one. I wonder if will be the “Mtv edit” excuse or the “I lost my temper and said something stupid that I regret” excuse.

    1. I think it’s gonna be a “the producer kept saying things to get a rise out of me and only filmed the moment I broke, but it’s all out of context” excuse.

  30. Jebus! How low is Amber’s self esteem that she’s willing to put up with this??? She could walk in any Walmart in the nation , throw a dart and have a 75% chance coming out with something better than Matt.

  31. I’ve never in my life said this about anyone but I hope that mf drops dead. What a sick f@ck he is!

  32. He’s psycho. She did not humiliate him on tv. Many people get caught up in excitement and then realize how serious marriage is, and how important it is to them to have their family around. I’ve seen this happen with numerous friends. And never once did the other person feel humiliated. I’m not saying having a formal wedding is the right way to go for everyone, but if you can’t support your partner’s desire to have their child present, then you certainly aren’t ready for the ongoing compromises you need to make in marriage.

    1. She shouldn’t have even had to call Shawn to ask something stupid like that. Leah not being there should have been the first thought in her mind. Not, let me run this by my brother first. As soon as Matt suggested it I would have said “hell no, my daughter isn’t even here”. This is what makes me think Leah is not in the forefront to her. Every decision I make is based around my son, from the jobs I take, the schools I attended, the men I dated. My son was always the first thought.

  33. There’s only 2 reasons he wanted to do it in Vegas. 1. For more fame by having it happen on the episode like that, and 2. To make sure she didn’t postpone it again. He is desperate to marry her, and fast. Desperate. What a jerk to get mad that a woman would want her family and her daughter there on her only wedding day. He twists everything around and she ends up falling for it. Amber, listen to your family and to your gut.

  34. Matt is so disgusting. Don’t do it Amber. He doesn’t love you. He wants your money and to be on tv. You are better than this. He does not make you happy. That is clear. Kick him to the curb. You are better off without him. You are in a good place now. Don’t let him ruin that for you. He is a user. Everyone can see that he is using you! The way he was talking about you and your brother made it even more clear. Matt is bad news. You deserve a man who will love everything about you and enhance your life. Don’t do it! Get rid of Matt. He is a loser! You will NEVER be happy as long as he is in your life.

  35. Fuck Matt he has no right to call anyone the F word when he’s a bum and deadbeat. I hate Matt I hope Amber grows a pair and leaves. He’s a pathetic excuse of a human being .On a show titled teen mom yet pushing 50 he can rot in hell.

  36. What I’d like to know is why in the hell woukd Amber even stay with this man after all the s$it he has done. And now he is saying this garbage that she wants to marry her brother . And the name calling is disgusting . How long before they claim bad editing?

    1. Let’s make a line of people waving him goodbye. It would go on for so many miles xD

  37. I hate to say this because I do think there is an element of Matt holding something over Amber and I can’t think of what it is but I think they’re both milking this they both start the rumors and then they enjoy putting out the fire and then they act like we don’t know where the rumors came from they came out of your mouth this whole thing is just too much they deserve each other it is what it is if they think they can get more attention they well

    1. Maybe he gets drugs for her and blackmails her about it and she needs the drugs now cuz she’s still an addict

  38. Oh boy! I hope he keeps his promise. If not for Amber, then for Leah’s sake. Go slink back to the gutters Matt, Matt the sewer rat

  39. That was messed up he told the producer that he didn’t want to marry Amber now. Because she wanted her family at her wedding. And saying bad things about her brother.

  40. Matt probably thought that if he could get Amber away from her family that it would be an opportune time to marry her while none of them were around. Slick one there looser!! Amber a sister..her brother and respects his advice and for the looser to curse him……Amber are you really going to let him disrespect your brother like that??? Now you’re getting a taste of the loosers real self. Kick his axx back to wherever it wAs he came from

  41. I have to say, I never 100% bought into all of the Matt drama until now. The 9 kids thing was a lot to swallow, but I chalked it up to his addiction and past mistakes. But all of the recent info really confirms what a lot of people have been saying for a long time…and now this? Why are you so desperate to get married Matt? If Amber is stupid enough to marry this man, I sincerely hope she has the good sense to have a prenup signed that gives him nothing. Literally nothing. Because I doubt MTV pays more than a few grand to Matt for his appearance on the show…it’s all about marrying that MTV money for this dude.

  42. Nothing says “desperate for ratings” than the fact that this all “happened” in February.


  43. Jesus amber, how much abuse are you willing to take? Yes all couples fight, but yours is absolutely toxic! You. Deserve. Better! You are far from perfect but god bless it girl, open your eyes! Everyone is deserving of love…and he’s manipulative, using, and just plain abusive.

  44. Something was left out. I think bubby said something else/in addition too. I also find it strange he would get so pissed I mean aren’t they planning a wedding already? What’s the rush? He’s so shady

    1. If that ass hat loved her, would he really be pressuring her so hard to get married when she’s clearly uncomfortable??? I don’t get how Amber is so oblivious to this. I understand that love makes you blind to things that are obvious to those outside of it, but come on! A real man would want her wedding day to be the best day of her life and not have her look back on it with regret because her family wasn’t there. He is so self absorbed it’s incredible.

        1. I think that she knows deep down that he’s not a good guy, but she’s so desperate for love that she’s clinging to this sad excuse of a relationship. It’s a classic codependent relationship.

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