‘Teen Mom’ News Pile: All the ‘Teen Mom’-Related News You Missed This Weekend

“Why did it take so damn long for me to a make a News Pile?! Is it because I’m a guy? Why am I a guy!?”

From baby showers to demonstrating dad power, the stars of the Teen Mom franchise were quite busy this weekend!

In an effort to bring you up-to-date on all of the weekend’s ‘Teen Mom’ happenings, The Ashley brings you the “Monday Teen Mom News Pile!”

Here are all the major (and minor but interesting) Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2-related things that happened over the last weekend…

Briana DeJesus celebrated her baby shower.

Briana’s sister and mother look thrilled…

Briana is getting ready to give birth to her second child, so over the weekend, her friends and family threw her a baby shower to help her prepare for her daughter’s birth. (In case you’re wondering, Briana is planning to name her daughter Stella.) While the future ‘Teen Mom 2’ star’s mother Roxanne and her sister Brittany attended the festivities, one person was absent–the father of Briana’s unborn child. (She has yet to reveal who fathered the baby.)

Anyway, Briana, who was celebrating her 23rd birthday on the day of her baby shower, posted a photo of herself to her Instagram account, along with some revelations about her physical and mental state right now.

“God today was such a hectic day,” she wrote in the photo caption. “I had about a million breakdowns but I’m glad I was able to spend my 23rd birthday celebrating my daughter’s baby shower and pulling this off! Thank you for everyone who came out of their way to make it special for me. I feel so huge and I am so uncomfortable in my skin but that only means that the time is coming! Stella, you will be loved and everybody can’t wait to meet you!”

Amber Portwood and Matt Baier continued to confuse us.

“I legit can’t remember if I love you or hate you right now.”

The status of Amber and Matt’s relationship has been flip-flopping for weeks, but over the weekend, Amber posted a few cryptic tweets that seemed to be in regard to her relationship status.

“I think a lot of people will be shocked this season. But I feel vindicated!! #trustedmyinstincts love always,” she wrote. “Listen I’m not scared to be alone? I think people are forgetting all my struggles. I’m not just some little naive girl.. nothing but love.”

Amber also confirmed via Twitter that she is not pregnant, despite what the click-bait articles posted on Jenelle Evans’ Facebook page this weekend are saying.

For more information on the latest Amber/Matt drama, click here!

Nathan Griffith warned certain people not to hit his kids.

“Well this man-bun could sufficiently scare anyone off!”

After some eagle-eyed ‘Teen Mom’ fans noticed that recently posted photos of Kaiser Griffith (son of Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith) showed that the boy had a lot of bruises on his body, a few reached out to Nathan this weekend to point it out.

Some people implied that the bruises may have been caused by Jenelle and her live-in soulmate, David Eason. (Just for the record, The Ashley is not stating that Jenelle and David had anything to do with the bruises on Kaiser.) In one photo that Jenelle posted over the weekend, fans stated that one bruise on Kaiser’s arm in particular looked like a mark that may have been left if the boy had been grabbed forcefully.

Nathan responded on Twitter with an ominous tweet.

“If anyone dared lay a physical hand on either one of my kids, it would be hell on earth real freaking quick! #treadlightly #definitionofDADDY.”

Simon Saran showed us his kind side. 

“I’ll pay you to boot him out, girl!”

Usually, Farrah’s sometimes-boyfriend, Simon, stays on the sidelines of the ‘Teen Mom’ drama, laughing and pointing as the cast members brawl in-person and online. (Of course, he has been known to cause a lot of that drama himself.) This weekend, however, Simon gave us a glimpse of his softer side, offering to help Amber Portwood get out of her relationship with Matt Baier, if she decided to. When a fan suggested that Simon help Amber instead of making fun of her for staying with Matt, Simon revealed that he’d foot the bill to get Matt out of Amber’s house.

“If Amber does in fact need help, I’ll send a moving company there for her to move him out and I’ll cover the entire cost,” he tweeted.

So far, though, Amber has not taken Simon up on his offer.

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37 Responses

  1. Nice outfit for your sister’s shower, Brittany. There’s some serious animosity there.

  2. Wait wait wait, Nathan has another child in addition to Kaiser?!?! Who is this kid and who is that baby mama?!?! Did I miss that completely?!

    “If anyone dared lay a physical hand on either one of my kids, it would be hell on earth real freaking quick! #treadlightly #definitionofDADDY.”

    1. He has a daughter who is older than Kaiser. He doesn’t have custody of her either. he had already lost her by the time he met Jenelle. So the world’s two worst parents decided to have Kaiser together.

      1. She and her first baby daddy had 0 children. She and her second baby daddy (Nathan) each already had one child by someone else. She and her third baby daddy (David) each already had two children by two separate partners. How will she find a fourth baby daddy who already has three kids by three separate partners to keep this pattern alive? I bet she will, but it will be hard.

  3. It wouldn’t be surprising if it is discovered that Lurch (or Jenelle) were behind the bruises on Kaiser. Everyone heard Lurch refer to Kaiser as a “whiny little bitch” and we got to see how aggressive he can get during the TM2 reunion when he threatened to forcibly remove the MTV crew that were blocking their Uber, counting to five (lets be real, aren’t we all shocked that he can count to five?!) before he lunged out of the car and then shat his pants when he saw the size of the security guard and backed down.

    I hope for Kaisers sake that it’s all false and the bruises aren’t from anything sinister.

    As for Amber and Mooch.. it’s getting old.
    Just seems more and more like she doesn’t have the guts to give him the flick for good. She stayed with him after he said horrible things about her brother, all because HE was embarrassed? Psh. He’s such a dick.

    1. And I’m not sure why amber keeps saying she’s not naive, she’s not staying with him bc she’s naive. It’s more like she’s too lazy to do the emotional work to dump him for good, too self conscious to face the “I told you so!”s, too nervous to be single, and too afraid of what he might do once she dumps him. Naive is not so much what I’m thinking. She seems to know about all the horrible things he’s done in the past to other women and the stuff he’s doing to her now, yet she’s too lazy or afraid of being single to dump him.

    1. Is that today? I’m sure the judge will see that giving Jenelle custody of Jace would be horrific and traumatic for him.

      1. She keeps saying a “final decision will be dealt with” on the 24th or 25th…gotta love Jenelle speak.

  4. As I said before, Simon really is the smartest of the bunch. It’s such a shame he is a fame whore who loves media’s attention.

  5. Wow that’s actually really nice of Simon. Whats sad is now that Simon said he’d pay or Matt to move out she’ll let him live there longer, because she wants to prove him wrong. How Pathetic!

    1. Ummm, nope.

      She and her family are not attractive, at all. F she does end up on TM2 I’ll stop watching the show.

      1. I kind of agree with you. To me this seems like a ploy to get an even bigger hot mess on the show to exploit for ratings. Chelsea isn’t delivering the content they want. Leah seems to have finally figured out how to act appropriate-ish in front of cameras. Jenelle still delivers the drama, but she can’t “carry” the show alone. Ratings for Brianna’s show tanked. That should tell MTV something. Also, speaking for myself only, I haven’t been following her life at all since her 16&P. I personally don’t want to have to learn about what life has been like since then. I just want to go with the girls I “know.”

  6. I just really appreciate that Briana is giving her second child a name that goes with her first daughter’s. Nova and Stella sound really cute together and it’s such a pet peeve of mine when people’s kid’s names don’t match lol

    1. Yes that is what is important when having children. Making sure their names sound good together.

      Not you know, having a father figure or anything

      1. Girl please there’s no use stating the obvious.

        Is Briana ever going to change her whore ways? Probably not.

        Do I think the names she picked out are cute? Yup and I’m going to comment on it.

        What’s done is done, all she can do now is try to be a good mother to her children and keep her legs closed in the future.

        1. I get it, I get a little OCD when people chose names that don’t match. I know a family with children with the same first letter. First was a biblical name (very common in western countries), second a French name (also very common in western countries) and the third they made up. It sounds so white trash and cheap and it just hurts my head thinking about it.
          Also, when you have children with different fathers (and quite likely different last names) it might be nice for the children to have something like their first names’ theme in common.

          All of this does not reflect on my opinion of Briana herself btw. Two completely different things xD

  7. Briana’s mama looks soo worn down. You know she had no intention of raising ANOTHER grandbaby. ? I hope that girl signs those MTV checks over to her mama.

    1. She should have done a better job raising her daughters. I don’t know what Brittany is doing at the moment, but the fact that both she and Briana got pregnant at the same time as tennagets is really telling about Roxane…..plus she’s a mega fame whore. I bet she can’t wait to be back on tv for TM2 lol

    1. Jenelle has deleted the tweets and David’s sister’s account is completely gone.
      So Im guessing someone put an end to it. David, David’s family, lawyers, who knows.

      I’m getting this creepy idea that Jenelle and David are on a mission to get all their bio children into their house and under their control by any means possible.
      Anything and everything can and will be used to convince people and courts the children should be in their ‘care’.
      The sad thing is, it does not feel like it is coming from love and care.
      WhyTF would you post a very private letter from your boyfriend’s daughter to you online, even more, why would you film her writing it? That letter was not written spontaneously. They coached that child to think and write that ‘she had no home’ but thank God mother Theresa Evans took the poor homeless child in.
      It is all about them; control, their image, their feelings.
      And now Kaiser has bruises ‘all over his body’ and we all know how UBT got his nickname.
      I do hope the judge will be able to rule in Jace’s favor the next few days. Not JE’s, not Babs’, in Jace’s favor. I’m hoping for monitored visitation first, if that goes well (for one, no bs in front of Jace towards or about Babs), visitation every other weekend and half the school vacations and holidays, more time only when Babs agrees after she is being asked timely and decently, counseling for Babs and JE to improve their communication and relationship, no more Babs alienation and random drug tests.

      1. I would agree, except Jenelle should have random drug tests. She also should not have Jace around any boyfriends/fiances/spouses who are violent offenders!

    1. Simon offering to help Amber is one of the most pro-active things anybody has done on this series. I really hope Shen take him up on it.

      1. Simon offering help is as fake as Farrah’s face.
        He knows she will never take money from him so his money is safe.
        When Amber would ask him, he and Farrah would make sure to tell everyone everything and add some ‘alternative facts’
        When Amber wants it, she can just see a lawyer and take care of things.
        Why would Amber need money to move out?
        And by the way, she kicked him out before so I think Matt will move out when Amber wants that.

  8. I think Amber always puts that stupid phrase “sending love” at the end of everything because it’s her way of trying to act like she’s fine and not bothered by any comments but clearly just the opposite is true! And Roxanne and Brittney look positively DISGUSTED

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