‘Teen Mom OG’ Stars Amber Portwood & Matt Baier: Here’s the Latest on Their Relationship

“Hell, even we don’t know what our status is at this point!”

The saga of Amber Portwood and Matt Baier continues!

The Teen Mom OG stars have kept fans guessing about the status of their relationship since last week when, as The Ashley exclusively reported, Matt took a lie-detector test in Los Angeles to try to prove to Amber that he has been faithful to her throughout their engagement.

As The Ashley told you, Amber and Matt broke up after that, but the break-up was short lived, with Amber taking Matt back once she returned to their home in Indiana. (The Ashley can confirm that, as of today, Matt is still using the Indiana home he shares with Amber has his address for his pending legal cases.) 

Anyway, from what The Ashley hears, Amber is still standing by her man, and that has caused some friction between her and her brother Shawn. In fact, The Ashley’s sources tell her that Shawn was supposed to fly to New York City in early June to appear on the ‘Teen Mom OG’ Reunion but, at least for now, he has cancelled that trip. One source tells The Ashley that Matt took a second lie-detector test once he and Amber were back in Indiana and that test may be shown on the next season of ‘Teen Mom OG.’

Last week, it was reported that Matt and Amber have put their wedding on hold (again) but were still living together. (The Ashley has not been able to confirm this report from other media outlets, however.) After a clip from tonight’s episode surfaced showing Matt cussing out Amber and her brother Shawn, fans urged Amber to finally dump Matt.

On Saturday, Amber made things even more confusing by tweeting a message that made it sound like she had dumped Matt.

“I think a lot of people will be shocked this season. But I feel vindicated!! #trustedmyinstincts love always,” she wrote.

A day before, she assured a fan that she was capable of making an informed decision regarding her future with Matt.

“Listen I’m not scared to be alone?” she tweeted. “I think people are forgetting all my struggles. I’m not just some little naive girl.. nothing but love.”

Two weeks ago (before the lie detector/breakup drama), Amber and Matt appeared on Brandi Glanville‘s “Unfiltered” podcast, and Amber opened up about why she stays with Matt, and why she doesn’t listen to what people say about him being a cheater/liar/etc.

“There’s a reason why we’re together,” Amber told Brandi. “First of all, because he’s a badass mother f***er, okay? Nobody knows this…Me? Come on now. Everything I’ve been through, you think I’m going to be with some – I’m naive?”

During the podcast, Amber and Matt both confirmed that they frequently break up and make up. Amber has even sent Matt back home to Massachusetts a few times, but he has always made his way back to her Indiana home.

“We’ve broken up – I don’t know how many damn times we’ve broken up, you know?” Amber said, with Matt confirming that the breakups usually only last a few hours.

“He’s been back to Massachusetts a couple times and came back because we love each other,” Amber said. “Like it ain’t nothing. But we get through it. Either, you move on because somebody did something in their past, or, you know, you stay with them, you know?… And this relationship – we’ve been to couple’s counseling…”

“We’re true life partners because of that,” Matt added.

“Do you see the love that I have for him?” Amber said. “Nobody ever says that, and I want people to see that.”

Since the breakup drama, though, Amber has not confirmed that she has “love for” Matt anymore. As for Matt, he’s been uncharacteristically quiet on his social media accounts for the last few weeks.

Stay tuned– there is definitely more to this story, coming soon!

(Photo: MTV)

39 Responses

  1. Amber posted his results to his polygraph test and it revealed he was being truthful when he denied that he had cheated on her.

  2. I think Amber should not marry this man he is to shady at first I liked him but now I don’t think he is truthfully or faithful

  3. Did you guys listen to the phone conversation between him and that Tiffany chick?? He did fuck someone else. And he even straight up says, “you can go and tell Amber we fucked and it isn’t even going to matter…” and he’s right!! Amber knows that he cheated on her, his dirtbag schemes are exposed, and she’s STILL standing by his side. In the texts between him and Tiffany, he keeps wanting her to say that she’s in love with him. He obviously gets off to girls being emotionally wrapped up in him because it inflates his ego. I know she puts on the hardass “Indiana chick” thing, but how can she say she isn’t stupid and naive? I think she’s seriously mentally unstable and obviously has incredibly low self esteem.

  4. How embarrassing for this middle aged guy to be constantly breaking up for a few hours with a girl the same age as his kids. It doesn’t take a crystal ball to see that this relationship is doomed and headed nowhere. Honestly I’m proud of her that she isn’t knocked up yet, I bet Matt is hoping for a baby to really trap her.

    1. Aagggh. I don’t mean it. But seriously… Wow. She is blind to everything that he is, blind to his agenda.

  5. I do give Amber some credit, she really has stood by her man. And she’s really done so much for him and gone through a lot to stay together. But the man she’s standing by is a schmuck. Imagine if he was actually a decent guy. Or hell, if he had actually changed and stepped up to be a good guy. She wouldn’t have to be doing all this. Believe me, I know people make mistakes. I also know people can change. Amber definitely has grown and changed since 17&P. But she’s honestly letting him hold her back. In a healthy relationship, he would be supporting her dreams and have some of his own. Hey Amber, where’s your counseling center you were so driven to open?

  6. This sounds healthy…

    How does she think this toxic, unstable relationship is affecting her child? I guess it’s a small miracle that she barely makes time for Leah, because she does not need to be around this drama. Matt is a grown, middle-aged man who is acting like a 15 year old boy.

    1. And the fact even Leah wanted to make him disappear on her own birthday party speaks volumes. That is one smart kid. Thank God she has a stable home with Gary and Kristina (and now her lil’ sis Emilee) because sure as hell she won’t have one at Amber’s.

  7. I don’t understand how even Shawn sees warning sings all over and she is even acting against her own brother’s wishes. He will make her lose contact with them, goddammit! And then he will slowly isolate her. She really needs to wake up before it’s too late, this guy seriously scares me, he is such a manipulator.

    1. And to add my speculation: she will never leave him. She is too prideful to let people tell her “Told you so.” despite most of us would be applauding for dumping his ass. She will be baby mama #10 (more or less, I can’t keep up with his brood), get married to him, then he will disappear with all of her money. Then we really will say “Told you so.”

  8. Curious.
    If someone were to ask Amber,”If a 25yr old Leah was in a relationship with a man like Matt, what would you say to her?”
    Really quite intrigued….

  9. Getting off the puffy couch and working a real job so they are not living in each other’s pockets 24/7 spending every second of the day creating high school relationship drama despite being in their late 20s/late 40s would help these clowns no end.

  10. Barbara's Home for Abandoned children created with soulmate of the day #justlikethenotebook says:

    Jesus God Leah, what a bunch of teenage drama losers

  11. Looks like these two are setting themselves up for the next season of marriage boot camp. Maybe they can get bubby to come and then can get on this season with Farrah.

  12. Maybe she’s nervous because Matt is the type of guy who will sell all of her secrets to the media and probably taped her when she was unaware. He’s too shady.

  13. Wow..Amber even sounds like Matt now. Justifying their toxic relationship, breaking up every other day..he’s a “badass?” lol that is not normal or something to normalize. You don’t break up with your husband on the regular and get back together hours later in a healthy relationship. The f**k did I just read??

  14. If Amber is this stupid and blind she deserves Matt!!! It’s sad that her brother is just trying to protect her and she’s isolating him. Her brother seems to be one of the only people she surrounds herself with who has his head on straight. Therefore Amber deserves whatever she gets with Matt!

  15. This is clearly showing the immaturity on their part. I am not sure where in their messed up lives they were taught this but that is NOT love/true love/whatever they want to call it. It is two immature adults trying to force a relationship that is not working! And it will not work. This is not how you live. This is not ok. This will not be successful. True love does not break up and make up on the reg. Yes, couples in love do fight/argue. That’s life. It’s human nature. It’s normal. But to break up and make up constantly or kick him out and let him move back in on a bi-weekly or whatever basis is not normal. It’s not healthy. It’s not love. I don’t know who convinced them otherwise. Once you get married you cannot file for divorce every other week. I pray to God they don’t do this shit in front of Leah. For the longest time (just from watching the show) I hated Gary and felt so bad for Amber because Gary kept Leah away from her so much but now I am sorry for not knowing the bigger picture. Gary is doing the right thing. He is protecting that child. Amber would rather let another woman raise her child than to grow up and put her child first. Sad.

  16. I don’t even know what to say about this anymore. At this point I think Amber would still stand by him even if he was caught banging Farrah for another one of her “back door” sessions.

  17. It’s like a middle school relationship. Breaking up and making up is so fucking juvenile, especially when you consider that Matt is nearly 50 years old! Who does that AT FIFTY?! How embarrassing and pathetic

  18. Breaking up, then getting back together countless times is not normal. It doesn’t take a genius to know that is not a stable loving relationship. If she can’t see that, or doesn’t want to believe it, then she deserves him at this point.

    I can see why Gary is so skeptical about giving Amber 50/50 custody of Leah. All of this crap going on affects the way Amber parents, and why should Gary throw his daughter into that?! If the roles were reversed, you can bet people would be calling Amber a great mother for protecting Leah. Newsflash, kids can have amazing fathers and shitty mothers…

      1. If you spam the up button repeatedly after accidentally hitting the down button, it will correct to a thumbs up and get rid of the accidental thumbs down. I often have to do this myself.

  19. Amber has always been a damaged loser and always will be. She had all that surgery, she looks so old, if someone said she was 40 that would be perfectly believable. A loser is only going to attract another loser. Both of these people are losers, I feel so sorry for that poor beautiful Leah, to have such a horrible mother like her, who puts her crotch ahead of her child!

  20. Lots of co-dependent people have been through a lot. That doesn’t mean they’re not co-dependent.

    1. Agreed. I don’t think Amber is necessarily naive, I just think she is completely caught up in her co-dependence. She’s an addict by nature, whether that be drugs, work, men, etc.

  21. What a f**king moron. I have no sympathy for her anymore. She has been warned countless times about him. At this point she deserves to be taken for a fool.

  22. Wow wow wow can we back up the bus for minute pending legal charges what are they? How many are there? Amber herself always says don’t judge him up by his past OK but when is his past his past and at what point do you just accept his present is just a mess? it doesn’t seem like he is at all trying to fix it or make it better in any kind of way

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