Tyler Baltierra Reveals Why MTV Cancelled His ‘Reunited’ Show After Only One Episode


Tyler Baltierra is finally telling fans why his Teen Mom spin-off show, Reunited, was cancelled by MTV after only one airing– and is pleading with fans to help him get the show back on the air.

Last year, Tyler and his wife Catelynn Lowell announced that they would be starring on ‘Reunited,’ which would follow them as they helped reunite people with their long-lost family members. The show’s first episode aired in December 2016, and, although it had originally been made out to be a full series, it was turned into a one-time special.

According to Tyler, ‘Reunited’ had great ratings, but MTV declined to continue airing it. On Wednesday, Tyler tweeted the explanation the network gave him for cancelling ‘Reunited.’

“MTV refused [Reunited] because ‘it was too heavy’ even though it rated #2 on cable TV that night,” he wrote. “Would you like to see more episodes?”

Fans pointed out that the network’s explanation was odd, given that ‘Teen Mom OG’ is filled with drama and heavy issues and it continues to air on MTV. Tyler agreed.

“That’s exactly what I told the network executives,” Tyler tweeted. “‘Teen Mom OG’ is a ‘heavy’ franchise & the only one really working for MTV at this time.”

It is unknown if additional episodes of ‘Reunited’ were made but not aired.

Watch the original trailer for ‘Reunited’ below.

(Photo: MTV)


  1. Please put reunited back on the air. The show is awesome, especially with Tyler and Katie they are sooooooooo full of love and compassion and this show is perfect for them. Please please please response!!!!! If I got a petition started how many signatures would I need for you to reconsider????

    Sincerely Debbie Clark

  2. It’s very simple: they are not emotionally qualified, intellectually qualified, educationally qualified, nor mentally qualified to mentor anyone. They have no credentials. Their loud mouths are abusive and show how ill-equipped to offer advice to anyone much less emotionally damaged people. That is very dangerous.

    The best advice for them is to right their own house.

    Just looking at the pigsty of a house is a reflection of their inner selves. No Pride.

    Can anyone imagine what lies beneath the couch cushions , etc. unimaginable . GOD help them for the sake of the child.

    Maid service once a week would be a start to cleanliness .

    The child is foremost in my thoughts. God Bless these lost souls.

  3. It got canned because these two were like 2 bulls in a china shop in the first episode. Such a delicate situation & these 2 asshats had/ have ZERO appropriate emotion, reaction, advice, education, expertise, etc. Morons should focus on raising Nova & their future brood

  4. Bullshit, there was no interest pass the first episode. It was boring anyway. They aren’t experts on this subject and shouldn’t be anywhere near real people with a real issue like this.

  5. It probably got canceled because it made no sense to stylize the title “ReUnited” when ‘reunited’ is one word and requires no additional capital letters. (Just kidding…but seriously, am I the only one who was genuinely confused by that?)

  6. These two clearly need to go to college and get their “degrees,” like each of them promised after graduating high school. Remember? So that Carly would one day be proud of them, and further understand why she was given up for adoption (or…something like that)?

    Because so far, they do nothing but sit around on couches all day, talk about clothing lines that like their “degrees” probably won’t ever happen, cash their Teen Mom OG checks – and wonder why the viewing public doesn’t really care that much about them anymore.

    Tyler and Cate were once a really cute couple making a big decision to give up their baby back in the day. But that day is gone. They’re all grown up now and need to stop whining, as well as thinking that a TV camera will always be their salvation. It won’t be.

  7. GET OVER YOURSELF! The show was canceled because it brought nothing new, a similar show (I assume quite popular) is already on TV! You didn’t invent sth new, nor are you the only person to make kids clothing line or let their child go into adoption. (Since he has such an ego, I assume he really thinks like he is the only person on the planet to go through this). I wish Catelynn would leave this douche bag, he is so full of himself and she is so sensible, he is not good for her, I assume they are stuck cuz they are the only ones on Teen Mom still together. (Btw, remember how he ALWAYS makes her depression about HIM and how it is for him?! I think he commented on her weight a lot too, ugh, I hate skinny guys who never understand the struggle-as someone who has been struggling for all her life and is finally on her normal weight for the last few years I KNOW it can be done but it’s hard!)

  8. I really enjoyed the show I was hoping they showed more episode there was no reason for MTV to cancel there show

  9. I think that when MTV said the show was too “heavy” they meant that about Tyler and Cate. Tyler and Cate are no where near experienced enough to handle a show like that. They are not qualified to give advice and it could have “heavy” legal ramifications for MTV should they continue with the show and I think MTV finally woke up and realized their mistake. Now if they could just see what is really going on with the Teen Mom franchise Tyler and Cate will really be screwed.

    1. Agree with you 100% those two both tried to act like they are holding a degree in the field, in reality they are both going to therapy to cope with their own issues. However, I think their therapy is bullshit! She needs to get off the couch and he needs to man up and stop doing everything. Great example was the pet pig she was too lazy to deal with and all of a sudden depression kicked in.

      1. I know, she is nothing but a little cry baby. Yeah, I’m depressed too! Life sucks! Get used to it Buttercup and suck it up! Get a job, something to occupy that vacant mind.

    2. That is a pretty good assumption there when you say “heavy”. That’s probably exactly what they creators meant. If they this was promoted as a one and done they would have said that from the beginning but it was presented as a full series. Someone’s (MTV) lawyers probably got in their ear and told them this may not be a good idea after all

  10. Because people handling these heavy situations should you know, like, have like serious medical credentials like Dr. Drew, Dr. Phil and Judge Judy.

  11. cause it sucked that is why and because these two are clueless and lazy. no one is going to take any advice from two lazy pot heads

  12. I bet the real reason is because MTV requested that Catelynn not wear the zebra hoodie and not to slick back that one section of hair.. ?

    There can only be so many MTV shows with zebra hoodies and slick rick hairstyles.

  13. I can’t believe the BASHING that’s going on with all the posts on here, it’s disgusting, you people do realize this called projection? I bet not ONE person making a comment has step foot in their shoes & to say anything about they are doing, how they handle a situation is uncalled for & how Catelynn bites her nails ( she has a nevers issue) I sure the one who made that comment has their own issues it’s just not on TV. People before you JUDGE GRAB THE MIRROR and check in and look deep & remember who and what your saying & what you say about others it TURLY ABOUT what you feel inside.. #DigDEEP

    1. why is it everyone else? Lots of people have stress, anxiety, post traumatic syndrome and panic attacks. Guess what they go to school, get an education and get jobs. Say what you want about the rest of the teen mom’s at least they work. These two sit on couches smoking pot ignoring the child they had to replace the one they gave away. Both whine and complain they are depressed, need to go to therapy, need to go to rehab and one even smokes on the way home and at the house. Most real people don’t get to go to therapy or rehab. Most abuse and rape victims don’t get to lay on a couch and do nothing simply because they had shitty parents. So before you spout off how horrible we are look at these people for what they are. As for your comment most haven’t walked in their shoes your damn right because we are not lazy entitled brats. Many of us have been raised in very abusive houses with abusive parents and guess what life goes on

    2. Many of us have grown up in highly abusive households, myself included, and we don’t vegetate in our own filth on the sofa, ignoring a practically naked child, bashing our child’s adoptive parents (even though we were told not to if we wanted to see said child), doing drugs and then acting self righteous because we’re on TV.

      They’re awful people – lazy, cruel, ignorant bullies who are downright abusive to one another at times -and give those of us with PTSD/anxiety/depression due to surviving abuse a terrible name. I would LOVE to have had the opportunities that they’ve SQUANDERED to help in my recovery.

      1. Exactly I am a rape survivor, I had parents that beat me with belts, two by fours and I survived without therapy without any help because you cannot afford it. I also grew up, hold a job and yes deal with pstd and panic attacks. You have to live to survive not whine and expect everyone else to do your job. They trash their parents for being druggies pot meet kettle they are their parents. I’m so sorry for the way you grew up the way many of us grew up yet we managed to survive

    3. You’re right! I just looked in the mirror and realized that I haven’t washed my hair or my ass in days. Thank you for making me put down the bong and roll my fat ass off the couch. Maybe I will put some damn clothes on my child now, but first I’m going to go adopt another dog or mini pig.

      1. Thank God someone was brave enough to see it, worry about you & your child and tell you the truth (or vent her frustration, that is healthy too). But how did you call the dog?

        1. Do you mean what did I call the dog? If that’s your question, it’s April. She’s a real bitch?. Next male dog will be named Butch, sure to be a rabid leg humper constantly in and out of the pound!???

    4. When you sign up for reality TV and the paycheck that goes along with it, you also sign up for judgment and criticism. You can’t ask viewers of a reality show to walk in the shoes of the people on it before giving their opinions of those people. Simply put, we aren’t being paid to put our lives on display. Obviously, viewers of Teen Mom OG are going to watch the way these people live and there will be opinions…without viewers AND opinions, MTV doesn’t have a show! I wouldn’t feel too bad for Cate and Tyler, Amy…they’ve been on TV, airing their dirty laundry, for a long time…if they cared that much about criticism, I’m sure they would have gotten real jobs (or signed up for public assistance) a long time ago!

    5. This is so funny because these people are literally getting rich for doing nothing productive with their lives and are just trying to keep the gravy train going……your comment is honestly laughable.

      People are allowed to have opinions on public figures. It’s called life

    6. It’s highly unethical for those two to be acting as therapists when they aren’t. Only qualified professionals should be doing this, even if C & T’s intent is to not provide therapy, they are opening a can of worms for people and aren’t equipped to handle it. Their idea is nice in theory but approached unethically and can do harm.

    7. Look AMY, when you put out your dirty laundry for the world to see you expect feedback. It’s ALL of us that has a problem?? No, these two are a mess from all the choices they make. Gee we are too lazy to fix up and clean out house so we will be a new one!! They are idiots! The people who adopted the first child are good people… Do you see them associating with these two ???? Gee, wonder why!!

  14. It was an extremly unprofessional show. Where tyler never shut up and actually let the participants talk. So he thinks he is designer, home constructor, therapist, pharmacologist and with no college… men, the awakening is going to be hard

    1. neither have the education or knowledge to do this type of work. they think they can do whatever they want because they are on a show and are famous as well as delusional. look how they are handled the situation with Carly they were warned to knock of using her name or anything on the show and big man tyler rules don’t apply to me didn’t and he bragged about it. So now they haven’t seen her in over a year great job and of course its not their fault. More delusional is cait who said well when she is 18 she will contact us we will tell her what happened. One not every adopted child wants to talk or find their birth parents two they don’t always like their birth parents. Mtv gives these losers a sense of entitlement and not a clear view of the real world. None of you are celebrities and hope to god you put away some of your money so when teen mom goes or your too old that you didn’t smoke it all

      1. Right on!

        One day when Carly is old enough to make a decision about having a relationship with them, I think the chances will be slim. But I guess it is only natural for the child to be curious about his/her birth parents, but from what we have seen of B&T, they are great parents and they make sure she has a normal life. It would be hard for B&T to see C&T constantly banging on about them on the TV and in magazines. Once Carly gets to see how her birth parents really are, living in squalor with no ambitions or achievements to date, I can’t imagine that she would want to connect with them or know their “story”.

        But hell, Tyler is an adoption expert and won’t ever stop telling his story, regardless of what consequences it will have.

  15. I still can’t get over Catelynn biting her fucking hails while the poor girl is about to be reunited with her birth mother……like this girl can’t even handle day to day stress, how the duck she gonna help someone meet a long lost family member?

    1. That’s so unprofessional and gross. Between her doing that and tyler just being Tyler I can see why it got cancelled

  16. Just watched that tiny clip. There’s no way those two are capable of helping the people who go on those sorts of shows. It almost always has some type of psychological distress for both sides of the party and Catelyn and Tyler have no proper training to handle any of that. Plus I don’t think Tyler is sensitive enough for this type of show . I don’t think he’s as caring and lovely as a bunch of people seem to think he is. He’s such an entitled little b!itchface. I could see him hounding people if they didn’t want to meet the person who is trying to contact them and I can see him pushing the people who wanna make contact if they wanna back out. Plus like a pervious poster said they are a total mess and they look it. I really wish mtv would have treated Tyler the same as the did the other dads and just not shown him as much. It’s not teen mom and Tyler, it’s just teen mom. He’s so arrogant, I hope they don’t give them the show back. Tyler really doesn’t need to be anymore up himself. Nova I hope someone saves you soon.

    1. Also his facial hair annoys me if you can’t properly grow it, then don’t have it. It doesn’t make you cool, it makes you look like a knob

      1. The hair on his head is what irks me. I wonder how much time he spends in the mirror on that mess. Go get a damn buzz cut, you don’t look as cool as you think you do!?

  17. It got cancelled, because they won’t stop disrespected Brandon and Teresa and publicly talking about Carly. And they ripped off the locator…My advice for Catelynn and Tyler is to take baths, get real jobs, because the gravy train is coming to a end. I hope Brandon and Teresa take legal action against them for exploiting Carly constantly on TV after they asked them not to!

      1. I didn’t watch it either lol, but you know that is probably all they talk about. That is their entire story line on Teen Mom.

      2. they did even when told to stop tyler bragged on screen they couldn’t tell him what to do. Well that worked out great they have not seen her in over a year. They deserve what they get

  18. TLC has an adoption show (Long Lost Family) that I watch and is heavy, but typically uplifting as well. They’ve had a couple seasons already. I think the issue is moreso Tyler and Cate were terrible show leads but MTV can’t tell their “talent” that if they want to continue their relationship with TM.

  19. I knew what MTV’s explanation would be right as I clicked on the article, and I was right. “Too heavy,” is their nice way of telling Tyler that it was horribly offensive and inappropriate. These are people’s actual lives, and to have these two prance in there and give advice and their idea of ‘support’ is just so offensive and has so many potential negative consequences. That one episode they tried to reunite a woman with her mom who put her up for adoption, they clearly thought it would be a happily ever after story, then her biological sisters explains the mother was an addict, allowed the boyfriend to rape her, never took accountability, etc. Cait and Tyler are NOT equipped for this and it should not be entertainment, regardless.

  20. They both need to get real jobs and take a damn bath, especially Cait! Bad Kool Aid dye jobs and tattoos do not substitute for hygiene. No one wants to see them in regards to a serious subject matter because they look too damn filthy to be taken seriously.

  21. These fools have no business giving anyone advice. They have done NOTHING but lay around the house for years. No education, no jobs and no appreciation or respect for Carly’s adoptive parents. They are losers and don’t even take care of Nova properly…..their gravy train needs to come to an end.

  22. If there was a reunion in my family, I wouldn’t want him involved. He’s been very aggressive in the past few seasons with matters pertaining to Carly. I know it’s been a few seasons since he posted the Carly video, but it seems like he never accepted why it was wrong and how/why it violated Brandon and Theresa’s rights.
    Tyler seemed to have his head on straight for a few years, but I think the money and the B list fame have gotten to him.

  23. Maybe Tyler doesn’t want to admit that he and Caitlyn don’t have the personality to pull off a show like this. They have no on screen charisma and are awkward in their speech as well as presenting an extremely limited world view. I don’t think they realize that Teen Mom is comedy for some of us.

  24. I could see Tyler potentially biting the hand that feeds him. He has such a “me me me” attitude. He needs to learn to let go and move on.

    1. I agree. I think a lot of it stems from having legions of fans, starting at such a young age. Everyone always praising him for “making the selfless choice” re: Carly, dealing with Butch, etc. Plus his Twitter is FULL of young girls acting like he’s God’s gift to women. I think he has a hard time stepping back and looking at things objectively, because he’s the “good” one as portrayed on the show (as opposed to some of the other guys like Adam, etc.) and it has gone to his head. He’s the same way when he talks about Brandon/Teresa and their boundaries re: Carly. If it wasn’t for Cate, I’m sure they’d have cut him off by now, the way he talks/acts. Luckily it seems to be the one thing Cate will stand up to him on – I’ve heard her tell him to chill about it several times so as not to risk her relationship with Carly.

      1. I’ve always felt that the biggest part of their decision to have Carly adopted was due to money. Specifically, not having any of it. The lack of funds severely limited their options- having addicts for parents and not wanting their daughter raised in that environment, I can 100% see why they did what they did for Carly. I have to wonder, though…knowing what they know now, would they still have done it? If they knew 16 & Pregnant would become Teen Mom, and that they would have had the funds to support Carly, would they have still made the choice they made? I can only speculate, and only based on how I would feel in that situation. Still, I think it would crush me to feel like I gave my daughter up so she could have a better life, only to realize later that I could have given it to her. I’m not saying that it makes Tyler right, or that the choice to have Carly adopted wasn’t the right one. I do have a lot of empathy for them though- I can’t imagine how hard that must be.

        1. I understand what you’re saying, but I think the only way Catelynn & Tyler are any better off is financially. I do not believe a life with them even now with all the money they have from Teen Mom is better than a life with Brandon & Theresa. They’re older, much more mature, stable, both have actual jobs, a nice home etc. Catelynn & Tyler could provide for Carly financially now whereas they couldn’t before, and yes the no longer live with their addict parents but their lives are still a sloppy mess.

          1. Exactly. Just because they have the money now doesn’t mean they are good parents. Cait stays in bed all day and neither are leading good examples for their daughter. Carly may or may not grow up to be a successful, well adjusted adult (she still has their DNA), but with her adoptive parents she will be encouraged to have pride in herself and make something of her life, instead of firing up the bong and whining about all your life’s regrets all day. I thought they were incredibly mature for giving her up, but they also made a promise to make something of their lives. They’ve failed miserably.

        2. They can support her financially, but what else can they really give her other than lots of hats and sunglasses?
          How many of the kids of the Teen Mom’s will end up teenage parents? I don’t think the apple with fall far from the Teen Mom tree. Why should it when these kids have seen what came of it for their parents.

        3. Sarah, you’re right. Cate has said if she knew then what she knows now, she wouldn’t have chosen adoption. On camera Tyler has said that yes, he would make the same choice again, but I think that’s just for show. Deep down I’m sure he regrets it now.
          Their home lives were horrific back then, but now they’re out and on their own, April has calmed down a lot, Butch is still a mess but not as aggressive/mean. No way they don’t regret it, but I can’t see Tyler ever admitting it publicly like Cate did.

          1. Agree- and my GOD, people are so cruel. I never even commented on whether Carly would be better off with Caitlyn and Ty- I was simply pointing out that it may be more painful for them than people initially realize.

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