Joseph Duggar Feuded with Brother Jedidiah Over Kendra Caldwell & Broke Up Their Courtship (Report)

“If anyone needs me, I’ll just be over here, picking up the pieces of my broken heart…”

File this one under ‘report’ kids….

Counting On fans know that the Duggars are all about sharing—but does that include sharing girlfriends!?

The Hollywood Gossip is reporting that before Joseph Duggar started dating his now-fiancé, Kendra Caldwell, she was seeing someone else….Joseph’s younger brother Jedidiah!

On the recent season premiere episode of ‘Counting On,’ fans watched Joseph propose to Kendra during his sister Joy-Anna‘s wedding reception. Since the Duggar and Caldwell families are longtime friends (Kendra’s pastor father even officiated Joy and Austin’s wedding ceremony), the families seemed ecstatic that Joseph and Kendra were engaged. However, that may not be the whole story…

The Hollywood Gossip interviewed a business associate of the Duggar family, who said that Kendra, 18, was initially courting Jedidiah, also 18. The business associate says that 22-year-old Joseph “moved in and bumped Jedidiah out” during the beginning of his brother’s relationship with Kendra.

When you low-key snake your brother’s girl…

Yikes. Talk about sibling rivalry!

The source said there was a period of hostility between the brothers over the Kendra situation, but Jedidiah eventually wrote Joseph a letter, giving his blessing to their relationship.

The source didn’t know the reason for the courting switch but said, “there’s a whole world that goes on [with the Duggars] that really isn’t so. When the cameras aren’t rolling it’s a whole different life.”

How did Kendra feel about being promised to two different Duggar brothers? Well, according to the source she may not have had much of a choice but to go along with it. The source said that it was decided by Kendra’s father who she was to court.

Jedidiah’s unsuccessful bid for Kendra is not the only failed Duggar boy courtship. In 2015, Josiah Duggar began courting 17-year-old Marjorie Jackson. However, their relationship broke up soon after it began, right around the time that Josh Duggar’s sex abuse scandal hit the news.

Speaking of Josh, it’s been long-rumored that he, too, had an unsuccessful courtship before he began courting his now-wife, Anna.

Since Joseph snagged Kendra, he is the only Duggar boy (other than Josh) to currently be in a relationship. The rest of the family’s boys (including Jedidiah) are still single.

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  1. Hard to believe that Kendra Caldwell was passed between 2 Duggar men like a football! So, she had no say in the matter of who she “courted?” Geez! I think their crazy way of meeting, courting for a hot minute and then running to the altar just so they can get laid is crazy AF behavior, along with breeding before they even learn their spouses’ favorite color, but for ANYONE, in this day and age, to get away with telling their daughter which brother in another family they are going to marry is damn creepy and just plain ARCHAIC! I can’t deal with these people!!!! Luckily, since I have a remote control, I don’t have to!

  2. Joseph and Kendra are perfect for each other! They’re adorable together and really care about for each other.
    After reading about Marjorie Jackson Josiah should thank his lucky stars that the relationship ended. He definitely dodged a bullet! He now can court and marry someone who is truely a caring, kind and loving person unlike Marjorie who is malicious and ugly from the inside out.

  3. I highly doubt this is true. Their interaction with the opposite sex is so controlled I don’t think they would have been able to spend time together without it being with the purpose of then entering a courtship and that would have had to have been approved by both fathers.

  4. Could it be her sister? She has a younger sister and they maybe mistook her for Kendra. So maybe Jed has his eyes on Lauren.

  5. Rhythm method does work if you know you body and abstain during the 4 or 5 days that you’re fertile or use condoms. They aren’t Catholic, they are anti birth control because Michelle lost a baby on it.

    1. They also believe the amount of children you conceive should be left to God. So, condoms would prevent God’s will, apparently God isn’t stronger than a piece of latex and His will is easily subverted.

  6. I have read that loving others before your husband is considered cheating on your future husband in Duggarland.
    Yikes, so he wanted her even while she had ‘cheated’ on him with his own brother?
    That is a pretty wild romance (in any land). My whole inlaw family can’t stop mentioning the boyfriend that was lured into a sister switch in a family we know and we are very far from Duggarland. Imagine the scandal when this would be true.

    1. Well from what I have read it seems like Kendra’s father is telling her who she can court/marry and Anna parents forbid her to divorce Amish during the scandal so maybe the really aren’t any females wllling to court the Duggar boys. Just girls who are being forced to do so. Maybe father Duggar pays a large sum to their families (a kind of reverse dowry) to get these girls to marry the boys.

  7. I’m sure the whole thing was orchestrated by Jim Bob because he controls everyone in that family. Like Kendra, both boys probably didn’t have a choice either. No free will in their world.

  8. If these children were allowed to venture out of their duggar bubble, they may not have issues like competing for the same girl. In addition, if Kendra’s father chose her Duggar boy, then that’s just warped! I’m sure the girl is capable of knowing which differ (if any) she loves. Who’s to say God didn’t guide her heart? Why does God seem to only speak through the father’s? I completely support having religion play a huge role in ones life, but when it becomes the reason for every move you make in life, it starts to sound like religion is being used as an excuse. It even starts to sound fake.

  9. Did anyone notice that Jeremy said he and Jinger were planning to have babies in…..5 years! NOT immediately! Yay!

    1. How is that possible, without birth control, the Rhythmic method does not work unless the are using condoms

    2. I think Jeremy has his head on a little straighter than the Duggars. He has a better grasp of religion and the fact that you can be a God fearing Christian and not be so militant. Hunger doent necessarily have to take the pill. Jeremy can wear condoms.

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