‘Counting On’ Stars Joseph Duggar & Kendra Caldwell Set A Wedding Date: See Their Frugal Registry

“Buy us stuff…and stuff…”

Duggar kid is getting hitched this fall!

Joseph Duggar, who proposed to his girlfriend Kendra Caldwell at his sister Joy‘s May wedding (as you do), has announced that he and Kendra will be getting married this October.

That means that Joe and Kendra will have been engaged about five months before they say “I do.” By Duggar standards, that’s a long time, given that some of his sisters only waited about two months before getting married.

Anyway, Joe and Kendra will be getting hitched in Rogers, Arkansas, and have posted their Amazon wedding registry online, in case you would like to purchase a gift for the couple before their October 7 wedding!

Unlike his sister Jessa and her husband Ben Seewald, who were criticized for registering for pricey items like a $439 mixer and a $429 MacBook Air, Joe and Kendra have chosen some very economical items for their registry…for the most part.

Aside from a $375 blender and a $399 tool kit (which someone has already purchased for the happy couple), nothing on the registry is over $200. The registry includes plenty of tools and auto shop equipment (because nothing says romance like a shiny new steel garage jack!), but the couple has chosen inexpensive home goods, such as a $21 bed comforter and a $19 frying pan set.

Here are some of the strangest things found on Joe and Kendra’s wedding registry:

  • A pair of men’s athletic socks (unfortunately, poor Kendra will remain barefoot, as they did not registry for any women’s socks.)
  • $109 men’s shoes (again, poor Kendra will go barefoot…)
  • An electric bug zapper (The happy couple can sit on their front porch and relax while listening to the sweet sounds of mosquitoes being electrocuted!)
  • A transmission and engine diagnostic scan tool (Swoon!)

To check out Joe and Kendra’s full wedding registry, click here!

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38 Responses

  1. Just the fugliest men on the planet . I shudder every time I accidentally see a picture of a Duggar male. They are ugly AF. To have to look at that… yikes.

  2. Call me traditional…but I thought wedding registeries were for like home goods and housewares to start your household…. these people are crazy weird.

  3. Holy giftcards batman! I think even Jesus is facepalming this “registry”. Who the hell needs to eat out that much?

    Whatever happened to just being grateful if one receives a gift..any gift, and leaving it at that?

    1. I was invited to a wedding, on the invitation it said “no boxed gifts please” meaning money only. I almost always give money anyway, but I found that request so offensive

  4. Seems really dumb to register for expensive items that you don’t need and then register for a $19 frying pan “set”. Those pans will be shit and you’ll wish you asked for reasonably priced normal things instead of expensive tools and shoes (?!) when all your food is sticking and burning on your frying pan…. but I guess that’ll be Kendra’s lot to deal with and no one cares about women in their cult so….

    1. hahaha, at least those things will be put to good use, and can be used by both people getting married.

      Honestly, whoever puts stuff like shoes on a wedding registry? These folks are beyond weird.

  5. I don’t blame him for asking for shoes and socks. This is probably the first time in his life he will be able to get something that isn’t hand down or bought in a second hand shop.

  6. Kendra is SOOOO LUCKY.
    Imagine having to look up at THAT face every time they practice making blessings. Red, puffed up with bald spots & a cherub lookiinjbg curl
    What a freakin stunner!!

  7. The question is, how much do the Duggars spend when they attend friends’ weddings? Or do they purchase the nicest set of flatware from Goodwill?

    1. Oh, no, they definitely have pregnancy tests…Michelle buys them in bulk and her daughters begin taking them regularly exactly two weeks after marriage…

  8. Frugal?! don’t think so. Their high priority items are all over $200. They requested a $400 blender. I will give give them that all the really expensive thing are practical. Minus the $400 blender.

  9. Lol. To be fair, Joseph has a bazillion little brothers so Jim Bob probably won’t allow him to take any socks or shoes with him. He’s probably as excited for having his very own socks as he is about having sex.

  10. So I’m no Duggar fan, but they can’t win if they register for expensive things, and they can’t if they register for cheap things.

    1. So…don’t register at all, and be happy if someone buys/gives you a gift at all. Seems like a win-win to me.

    1. Proof they are too immature for marriage! No one over the age of 14 should be shopping at Claire’s

      1. I had too look it up (we don’t have such store here) and I saw it is aimed to girls and young women. Yeah, her mentality is at “MY FIRST TEENAGE CRUSH!” stage. But she gets to marry him. Fundie culture doesn’t even let girls to become women, it goes straight to baby making! Have you SEEN how Jill or her sisters act?! And they are mothers now!

  11. OK so I’ve been to a lot of bridal shower’s and baby showers lately but I have got to say I’ve never not for a single shower seen anybody register for a pair of shoes and I honestly think it’s pathetic that they would or something like that I mean I could see if you asked for a pair of running shoes for the couple so they could run together but even that’s a stretch if you could buy your own pair of shoes maybe it is not the time to get married… I thought their big thing was saving I guess that only applies to them

    1. L’il Dude prob realizes the utter burden of impregnating his wife every goddamn month, he needs smth to come in that doesn’t result in home births and raising the l’il duggnut til age two or whenever they are capable of raising themselves and/or their siblings

  12. LOL but I believe they are waiting so long cuz of her age, it’s strange their date is public too. She still might be knocked up by Christmas tho ugh.

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