‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans Takes a Pregnancy Test on Facebook Live

“All hail the Queen of Taking Pregnancy Tests!”

File this under: WTF?

Rumors have been circulating the Teen Mom World for the last week or so that Jenelle Evans is once again pregnant, but the Teen Mom 2 star but the rumors to rest on Friday when she took a pregnancy test live on WetPaint‘s Facebook page.


Jenelle’s womb has been quite busy over the past 10 years or so. She is already the mother of three kids and has had several miscarriages/abortions, so when Jenelle started to look a little thicker around the middle, fans assumed that she was once again knocked up. Jenelle allowed the rumor to circulate for a few days without responding. (The Ashley‘s sources had been telling her that Jenelle was not pregnant, and The Ashley was happy to pass that info on via Twitter earlier this week.) Finally, Jenelle stated on Twitter that she wasn’t pregnant.

To put the rumors to rest, Jenelle agreed to take a pregnancy test live on Facebook.

“I don’t know why but rumors started circulating that I was pregnant with my fourth child,” Jenelle tells WetPaint reporter Haley Longman in the video, adding that she’s not pregnant because she is using the Mirena IUD.

“But they’re still stickin’ to that rumor,” Jenelle says, as a pregnancy test stick is seen lurking on the table in front of her. “If it is positive, it’s the first time I’d know!”

Jenelle has been known to lie about her pregnancies in the past. In fact, when The Ashley broke the news last year that Jenelle was in fact pregnant with her daughter, Ensley, Jenelle denied it (and called The Ashley a liar, among other things) for months before finally confirming that she was, in fact, pregnant. However, as The Ashley has stated this week on Twitter, Jenelle is not pregnant…this time.

In the video, Jenelle actually admits to lying about her pregnancy with her daughter.

“I understand, people are like, ‘Jenelle lied when she was pregnant with Ensley,'” she says. “That’s another reason people aren’t believing me right now.”

The reporter throws a bit of shade at the oft-pregnant Jenelle.

“I’m gonna give you this,” she says as she hands Jenelle the pregnancy test. “I’m sure you know how to take it!”

Jenelle then scurries off to the bathroom to pee on the stick (as you do).

Of course, Jenelle’s ever-present fiance David Eason is lurking on the side of the camera, but he refuses to answer questions while Jenelle is urinating. After a few minutes, Jenelle comes back, pee-soaked pregnancy test in hand, and is ready to get the results.

Spoiler alert: Jenelle’s test says she’s not pregnant.

“Not this time, guys!”

The ‘Teen Mom 2’ star then informs us that there will be no more Spawn ‘o’ Jenelle.

“I’m done having kids,” Jenelle exclaims. “I am planning to get my tubes tied.”

Sorry guys, that means we won’t get to see Jenelle use her Laboraid birthing tool in action but…we’ll always have this video to enjoy!

Watch the full WetPaint video below to see Jenelle take her pregnancy test live!

(Photo: WetPaint)


  1. David won’t get a vasectomy, even though it is less invasive and reversible, because he’s a big dumb man baby! Also, I doubt that Jenelle is serious about getting her tubes tied. I think it’s just something she’s parroting back to the public. Just like when she says “I’m gonna get Jace back.” She’s just saying what she knows we want to hear. That’s why she’s like “oh, i’ll do it when I find the time.” Didn’t she say the same thing about getting custody of Jace back?

  2. Binging eps from last season of TM2 tonight. Janelle is honestly the most selfish “mother” in all the Teen Mom franchises. Yes, even more so than Farrah. How is it that Janelle can claim mountains of bull shit health issues, but she is so stable enough to get full custody of Jace? I honestly think Janelle doesn’t like Kaiser. She isn’t even kind to him. Why would you want custody of another child when you barely acknowledge the one who hasn’t been removed from your home? How are you going to travel multiple times per months with three kids? I am completely convinced the only reason Janelle pushes for custody of Jace as a way of punishing Barbara. You continue to accuse your mom of wanting custody for the money she receives (is it from filming or child support? I’m confused) she is the one who continues to work a full-time job. Janelle, you are a fairly terrible person and terrible mother. I know I see a fraction of your real life, but the things we see on tv terrify me for your children. Stop being selfish, don’t have more babies, be kind to the ones you have, apologize to your mom for your spiteful behavior, and move on with your life.

    1. watching the “behind the scenes” episode from last season of TM2. I’m curious why Barb hates David so much. I mean, I’m definitely not a fan of David but there must be a reason as to the depth of her hatred of David. Barb didn’t seem to hate Nathan or Kieffer as much as she hates David and I would love to know why.

      Also, I would love to see Brianna totally replace Janelle on TM2. It’s not that I like Briana. I’m quite indifferent to her. I’m just sick of Janelle being rewarded for her pathetic behavior. Grow up, grow up, grow up, or vanish from our tv.

      I’m curious, does MTV financially punish girls for failing to film at the reunion or those after shows? I would imagine these shows are included in the contract but what was (if any) Janelle’s punishment for refusing to film. She refused to film part of the reunion (not her solo segment, the parts with the other girls), and I remember she flat refused to film an after show because Barb was filming.

  3. Did I just hear her say she’s getting her tubes tied and taking the chance at dying going under anesthesia vs LT lurker getting a local anesthetic for a vasectomy. Ok leave your children motherless because someone told you his sperm will get reabsorbed back into his system. Well sperm is something the male body produces, even men without vasectomies has this happen with the leftover semen. Can’t this chick think anything out, or get informed with the correct info. Had she asked a dr any dr at all they would tell her snipped for him is the easiest most uncomplicated way to go. Or is it Dr uncle bad touch filling her head this stuff. They are each other soulmates so he shouldn’t mind not ever ever being able to get another soulmate pregnant again, in case it doesn’t work out with Jenelle, lol

    1. While I agree that the man getting a vasectomy over the woman getting her tubes tied is safer and makes more sense, let’s not discourage Jenelle from getting her tubes tied. This isn’t going to last and then she’ll be on to the next soul mate he probably won’t have been snipped. Her getting her tubes tied keeps her getting pregnant at least 15 more times before menopause with her next 10 soul mates.

      1. So true I apologize wtf was I thinking, lol yes jenelle get your tubes tied, burnt removed whatever is needed for no more unwanted children. lol at least 15 more times before menopause. Great comment.

  4. Jenelle sit the fuc* down!! All of this is nothing to be proud of and putting it on Facebook is beyond swamplandish!! And the one lurking behind her is creepy beyond creepy. I feel bad for the girl doing the interview, I’m sure she has mace in her pocket, lol hell I would.

  5. Can’t help wondering if the interviewer shook Jenelle’s hand after the interview. #tooklassy

  6. I’m gently bringing up to DH that it would be best if he takes this one for the team but the only response so far is ‘yikes!!!!’
    In our case, the risks for me are even higher than for normal healthy women. I know he is not going to let me take this one just because he is scared about the pain or whatever. Dave is a douche to misinform her to get her to do it with her medical history.

    I want to get rid of my Mirena, I suspect it is not exactly helping my health problems. Getting some kind of foreign object around or in your tubes is not helping the health of many women either from what I have read.

    1. I have a Mirena IUD and I absolutely love it! It gives off less hormones than the birth control pill, so I have no more mood swings (at all!), almost no flow and the first day I can’t feel the difference between menstrual pain or a fart that’s stuck, the pain is that light! You know, it’s up to you what you want to do with it, but I just wanted to let people know a foreign objects around your tubes might not be unhealthy for every woman 😉

  7. Omg Jenelle is super trashy, but also super hilarious. I’ve always found her train wreck life the most entertaining.

  8. There’s no chance in hell that Lurch will allow Jenelle to get her tubes toes. Absolutely no way. We all saw his face when she said she was done having kids in the last season of TM2. He’s gotta keep his meal ticket somehow!

  9. I think it’s good that Janelle isn’t going to have more babies. 3 babies with 3 different Daddys is enough!

  10. Not that I think she’s pregnant but it would be really easy to fake a pregnancy test. She could have put the stick in water in the bathroom. She’s so lame.

    1. You never heard about the picture she posted with blood in the bathtub/ live miscarriage news coverage on her social media?
      That was so screwed up.
      Many people say it was faked. She also claims she had a miscarriage before Ensley.
      Did she not have an abortion or miscarriage before Jace? Or was that when she was with Gary?

      1. This comment may get long but this is Jenelle’s pregnancy timeline so it’s a given ?
        1. Pregnancy-abortion. Not confirmed.
        2. Jace
        3. Pregnancy-Courtland (claimed miscarriage but also technically unconfirmed. Gary says she was pregnant but had an abortion and faked the miscarriage for attention/money/whatever.)
        4. Pregnancy-Courtland. Abortion.
        5. Kaiser
        6. Pregnancy-David. Miscarriage. Unconfirmed. Most likely a lie.
        7. Ensly.

      2. Oh my god did she honestly post something like that? No wonder this is no big deal she has no idea where to draw the line

  11. If you lie so much that you have to take a pregnancy test in real time, you really should rethink your life. Also, almost every pregnancy, everyone has been able to figure it out before you’ve admitted to it. What exactly do you expect? For everyone to think you’re telling the truth?

  12. Did anyone notice their reasoning for David not to get a vasectomy? Seems like a whole lot of BS. It’s a bit more risky for Jenelle for get her tubes tied than David to get snipped. Not to mention cost and recovery time are more for her. I would bet that he convinced her that it was more risky for him.

  13. Ohmygoddude
    It’s like you lied about every other pregnancy, like wtf is wrong w ppl ?

    But srsly guys, if she hasn’t moved on to a new creep, she ain’t pregnant. ??

    1. I was thinking the same: why would she be pregnant, she already has a trap-baby with the Lurch.

  14. LOL! She is like watching a live action episode of shameless you think it can’t get worse and just wait it does she would do anything for attention

  15. Yeah, Jenelle, that’s perfectly normal to take a test on Facebook live chat, wth, how much are they paying her?!

    But what really creeps me out is that creeper ALWAYS STANDING BESIDE HER! David is a whole another level of controlling, does he go with her to the toilet too, why does he ALWAYS have to be there?! Yup, perfectly healthy relationship!

    1. I was thinking the same thing too. She can’t take a dump without him standing by the door. Id never believe Chinelle would cheat on him because she never has a chance to be alone. Ever. They are like a violent and abusive Cate and Ty.

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