‘Big Brother 19’ Episode 11 Recap: The House vs. Jessica and Cody

“Things are getting mighty dern stressful!”

Welcome to Week 1 of Big Brother 19. Oh…wait, this is actually Week 4. But it feels eerily familiar to the first week because Jessica and Cody are reunited and have taken over the HoH room while everyone else in the house turns against them.

We also see Josh having a huge fight during the HoH competition and people lying to the HoH (again, just like Week 1). Not since the Rewind Week of Season 16 has the house faced such déjà vu! 

Following the Battle Back, Cody returns to the game and no one besides Jessica is happy about it. Cody’s plan is to listen to Jessica, and she tells him that Kevin and Jason had her back while Josh was targeting her. She also fills him in about having the Halting Hex to stop an eviction.

Jessica thinks that she’s repaired her relationships in the game, but Paul, Alex, Christmas and Josh have to go.

However, Paul rallies the entire house to talk about how they need to target Jessica and Cody again. Paul wants Josh to talk crap to them, but Josh is resistant to the idea. This move from Paul is almost identical to what Derrick did after Nicole came back into the house and reunited with Donny.

The HoH comp is the same as the one from “Big Brother: Over the Top” where the HGs stand and hold a pole against a target. If the pole falls off the target, they’re out, but eliminated HGs get to pick one other person to punish during the comp. Well, most HGs are standing, but because of her foot injury, Christmas gets to rest her knee on her scooter (which the show doesn’t even address).

Kevin literally falls after 17 seconds while Mark and Paul also drop within the first minute of the competition. They all choose to punish Cody, which involves having trash dumped on him, having a big guy yell at him and getting concrete dumped on him.

Jason falls after two minutes and punishes Jessica, who gets spray painted. Elena and Matt also drop in the first 5 minutes and at this point, just assume that everyone picks Cody or Jessica to punish. Raven falls at 17 minutes and Josh falls at 38 minutes.

Then Josh proceeds to verbally berate Cody and Jessica by singing and calling them a “pack of meatballs” over and over again (as you do). It’s super annoying and Paul is encouraging him to keep it up.

Cody eventually falls after almost an hour and a half, followed by Ramses at one hour and 49 minutes. It’s down to Jessica and Christmas. After almost 3 hours, Christmas finally falls and Jessica wins HoH!

That was a stunning accomplishment. Jessica and her showmance were repeatedly punished and she didn’t seem to move an inch the whole time. Later, she tells us that the day she won is the three-year anniversary of her dad’s death, and he is the one who got her into the show.

Paul is terrified that he’s the target while Josh just hopes there’s a bigger target next to him. Jessica promises Christmas that she won’t be on the block and she wants to make sure everyone knows her plan.

Josh tries to talk to Jessica in her HoH room, but Cody tells him that they have no interest in talking to him and send him away.

Matt, Raven, Mark and Elena all decide to play nice with Jessica and Cody, but they don’t really trust those two. And Cody doesn’t trust Mark at all. Jessica’s plan is to make nice with everyone so she and Cody aren’t targets next week.

Paul and Cody have a chat, and Cody suggests they start over and maybe work together. Neither of them believes the other at all.

Cody suggests that Ramses be the pawn because he doesn’t have anyone in the house and he’s not a threat to their games. Jessica thinks that doing that would mean they can’t make a big move and backdoor Paul. But she’s more concerned with making sure everyone likes her and not alienating anyone.

In the end, Jessica nominates Josh and Ramses. She thinks it’s a safe move and says that Josh is her target and Ramses is just a pawn who has nothing to worry about. Ramses is scared because he’s alone and Josh cries because Jessica said he doesn’t deserve to be there.

That’s it! The next episode of “Big Brother 19” airs Wednesday on CBS. For more in-depth “Big Brother 19” coverage, head on over to Buddy TV by clicking here!

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9 Responses

  1. These people are the absolute worst. There are a Cody and Jessica in every high school: pretty, boring and obnoxious.
    That said, Josh is the biggest trash talking cry baby ever. What is his deal with calling everybody “Meatbal”?
    I’m team Kevin. I like Christmas, but I think her foot will eventually get her the boot.

  2. I am SERIOUSLY suspect of the “America’s Vote” for the temptations. It seems very convenient that the ones that won were the ones that needed the temptation to stay on the show. With the exception of Christmas – and who knows how that would have turned out should she not have been hurt – the temptations were designed to allow the people who make for the best TV to return/stay. >:(

    1. Agree. Paul’s temptation was suspect, but it made sense considering how early in the show it was received. Viewers didn’t have time to get to know the other house guests, and Paul already had a strong fan base. Jessica receiving the temptation, however, made zero sense. Alex was a much more popular candidate. It’s a little too convenient how she received the temptation, considering how America generally dislikes both Cody and Jessica and that temptation guarantees they will both stay in the house longer.

      1. It’s equally convenient for Cody to be the one back in the house.
        I thought his challenge was crap because even though the maze was different, he still had knowledge of the ropes and pullies system.

        1. I think the idea was to give him an advantage against the challenging house guest, so that part didn’t bother me too much. It’s been discussed numerous time in the past though that BB helps some of the houseguests cheat in competitions. I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if Cody had been allowed to practice the challenges beforehand.

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