‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Debra Danielsen Announces Wedding Date & Location

“Any unruly guests…or daughters…will be thrown promptly into the shark tank.”

Wedding bells will be ringing for Teen Mom OG star Debra Danielsen this fall!

Deb, who is the mother of Farrah Abraham, announced in a YouTube video posted on Thursday that she plans to marry her fiance (and Farrah foe) Dr. David Mertz on November 5 in Omaha, Nebraska.

The festivities will take place at the Suzanne and Walter Scott Aquarium at the Omaha Zoo.

“This is where we are going to get married, November the fifth, right here with some family, some friends and some fans,” Deb says in the video. “We can’t wait to tell you more details as the date comes closer. We’re really excited.”

Last month, Debra told In Touch Weekly that the wedding will be filmed for the upcoming season of ‘Teen Mom OG.’

Even though Farrah and Deb’s fiance David aren’t fond of each other, Debra told the magazine that Farrah is “always, always invited” to the nuptials.

There is no word on if Deb plans to bust out a wedding-themed rap in honor of her special day but fingers crossed!

Watch Debra and David’s wedding location announcement video below!

(Photo: YouTube)

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  1. She looks like a fish. Speaking of fish, she ain’t letting that one get away. He’s a doctor! A sucky bitch ass one according to Farrah! lol

  2. OMG!! I live near Omaha. I have to say that the zoo is the number one zoo in the country and the aquarium has a really beautiful ballroom area where they have lots of events. It’s gorgeous.
    That being said, do you think I could score an invite? You know, just for the sake of telling The Ashley fans all about it?

  3. The zoo and aquarium??? Sounds like High Ryan’s wedding. I thought they were having a destination wedding in Bora Bora, or something. Good lord, what a hot mess!!

    1. Next rap: Bora Bora went out the doora. Now Debs can tell you so Never marry a broke con you ho.
      Amber-Amber, always had your back
      Should have warned me girl, what the heck?!!

  4. Bets on she wears that ‘Farrah wig’ she was sporting a while back, just to take the creep factor up to ten ?

  5. I’m sorry but, “Some family, some friends, and SOME FANS?” A) who the hell are fans of them and B) why are they invited to the wedding anyway (if they exist). #Tacky

  6. The zoo? It sounds like the PERFECT place for a Teen Mom wedding. The only place better that the zoo would be a circus tent… Maybe for Farah’s wedding.

  7. I hope he gets that unsightly mole removed from his nose. It’s all I can focus on.

  8. I bet Farrah will show up wearing all black, complete with a veil over her face, sitting in the back with her arms crossed, or taking selfies ala Kim Kardashian as Khloe went to jail.

    1. Nah, I see her trying to upstage her mom and either wearing a nasty stripper type lingerie looking wedding frock or a full on white wedding dress.

  9. It’s a little disturbing that Debra’s creepy Colonel Sanders has actually seen — and –commented about her daughter Farrah’s porn flick.

    And Debra wants to “kill herself” because the Colonel and Farrah can’t seem to bond as “father and daughter”?


    1. Meh @ the pr0n. It is what Farrah is famous for. Bitch even has a fake, humpable ass for sale so it is not really creepy. Live by the sword die by the sword.
      I actually hope this marriage works out and Farrah and Debs OG will go their own separate ways. They clearly cannot have a normal happy relationship. Best off just doing Xmas for Sophia so she can get more shit she doesn’t need.

    2. Deb sounded just like an emo teenager. The whole family needs therapy, real therapy with real therapists OFF camera and not looking to plug their business. David owes Farrah nothing! He avoids her because she is awful and he doesn’t want to engage with someone like that. Id avoid her too because she is just not someone Id want to talk to or bond with. Farrah is mad that David isn’t kissing her silicone and telling her how great an entrepreneur she is. This man has a real career that he is very educated in. He doesn’t give a shit about your pet projects.

  10. Bruja where are you???? Your delightful funny but truthful comments are needed on here ?? You never fail to give me a giggle with your words, but you are always correct in what you say

  11. I thought they’d have it at Jurassic Park considering Dr David is pretty much Richard Attenboroughs twin..

    But at least Farrah will feel at home, amongst all of the animals, her own kind. Although she might feel threatened by how smart the animals are.

  12. Whenever my son comes in the room when he’s on the screen, he says “Oh no! Not the creepy Santa guy again!” He’s VERY odd, but kind of like that he calls Farrah on her bullshit. I don’t think they will get married, Debs relys on her daughters money too much to cut her from her life!

    1. What will Farrah wear tho? I believe she will be so jealous her mom is getting married before her that she will wear a white dress regardless LOL.

      1. Debs a complete nut job, but who in their right mind wants Farrah for anything other than a few fks???

        She is horrendous and as thick as shit!!! She cannot make a sensible coherent conversation
        I’ve never in my life hated anyone as much as I hate Farrah!!!!

  13. If I about this guy. He is a little weird.

    I do think that she looks way better than she used to. If she has had plastic surgery she hasn’t gone the bad route. She looks younger but the outfits could be a little more modest for her age

    1. I agree. Whoever did her work did a way better job than whoever did Farrah’s face. Farrah hasn’t been pretty since 2011. Deb’s clothing is quite embarrassing. She dresses like my 18-19 year old neices when they buy their clothes from Forever 21. I don’t know where this sudden change came from. In the early seasons she had that Farrah Fawcett dated hair, that dated blonde, those 90’s powersuits, and now she dresses like a 14 year old who works at the mall.

    1. It does yes, why the down votes for a true comment and it’s not even mean it’s a truthful comment

  14. I’ll be watching just to see how awful deb’s dress is going to be and of course to see Farrah’s meltdown.

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