EXCLUSIVE! Ryan Edwards & Mackenzie Standifer Causing Chaos for ‘Teen Mom OG’ Film Crews: Get the Scoop on Where Their Marriage Stands

Things are NOT going well for the newlyweds…

It’s no secret that the three-month marriage of Teen Mom OG stars Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer is in trouble (what with Ryan getting caught allegedly soliciting sexy time via The Tinder and all), but from what The Ashley is hearing things are way worse between the newlyweds than we thought– and it’s been causing absolute chaos for the MTV film crew and producers who are there to document it for ‘Teen Mom OG!’

The Ashley’s sources tell her that Mackenzie and Ryan are at odds at the moment, and Ryan has fled the house that they share, making it hard for the film crews to get in touch with him. (He did actually film yesterday for the show, though, from what The Ashley hears.)

The gossip is running through the film crew, cast and producers like white-hot lava right now.

“Ryan has blocked Mackenzie’s number,” one of the sources tells The Ashley. “This was going on for a while, even before the Tinder stuff broke. But he has not stayed at home for the past few days.”

Another source tells The Ashley that Ryan has mentioned to more than one crew member that HE is planning to file for divorce. (Now, take that with a grain of salt because, as we know, these ‘Teen Mom’ knuckleheads make up and break up more than anyone else on the planet.)

However, the second source says that Ryan does not appear to be fooling around this time.

“He did not just say it in passing,” the source tells The Ashley. “It was mentioned multiple times to multiple people on the crew.”

Annnnd…that’s not all! The first source tells The Ashley that Mackenzie has made it incredibly hard for the ‘Teen Mom OG’ film crew and producers over the past few weeks.

“Mackenzie requested that MTV pay for her and her friends to go on vacation to ‘get away from it all’ and film, of course,” the source said. “MTV considered it, but yesterday they decided against it and said they will not pay for it.”

Money has been a big issue, both sources confirm to The Ashley.

“The crew has been filming Mackenzie over the last week or so, give or take,” one says. “She has not made it easy and at times she’s refused to talk about the Ryan drama on-camera, but has stated that she will talk if they pay her more.”

(The Ashley has no clue if the production staff has given in to her payment demands.)

Anyway, The Ashley hears that Ryan’s parents, Jen and Larry Edwards, have been trying to support Ryan through all this drama; however they are remaining stern that he maintains his sobriety.

“They told Ryan he could stay at their house while he and Mackenzie were having issues, but they said if he was coming for other reasons, they aren’t having it,” the source tells The Ashley.

It’s unknown at this point how much of this will actually make it to our television screens, but The Ashley can confirm that the MTV film crews are there capturing the drama!

UPDATE! Mackenzie denied that Ryan has moved out when she was asked by Radar Online for a comment. She also stated that, “those are not our plans” when asked if a divorce filing is coming. However, Ryan refused to comment on any of it.

Stay tuned…

(Photo: MTV)



  1. I’m a little late to the party on this one, but, color me shocked. Any fool could see that, at best, Mack should have held off on marrying Ryan until he was healthy and sober. Now she’s surprised that he’s on tinder after spending less than one month in rehab battling what appears to be an addiction to heroin? Give me a break. And I don’t fault her for asking for more money to talk about the Ryan situation. I’m not saying it’s right, but it works about the same way any job works. When you realize your value has gone up, you ask for a raise. Her drama is huge for them and likely worth more than what she’s making to be a part of it. However, if she wants more money she should also be prepared to return her check and walk away should the network turn her down. The vacation request was absurd. Take yourself on vacation.

  2. Karma’s a you know what. Mackenzie got exactly what was coming to her. She married a guy high as a kite couldn’t even drive straight. She “supported” him through rehab. When he got out she took him to a party with ALCOHOL served. Yep, she got hers. I hope Ryan eventually dumps the witch. He needs to grow up and act like a man. His parents are basically the only ones on his side spending time with his child. I really really hope Maci teaches Bentley how to grow up like a real man, not a spoiled, self serving, idiot manchild like Ryan

  3. SHES SO STUPID. Jesus God Leah never did I think I’d be backing up Ryan Edwards but it sounds like he just kinda got roped into marrying a crazy one while intoxicated. You can probably get an annulment if you could prove you were high high high! #TeamRyan 10000%

  4. Mackenzie has 95K Instagram followers & now gets paid to hawk products like flat tummy tea. **rolls eyes**

    Once she loses Rhine – she loses MTV and a LOT of those followers. Most are just there to watch the train wreck, I suspect. She showed her true colors when she sold out Maci’s confidence and she’s only gotten worse from what we’ve seen.

    This marriage will crash and burn spectacularly by Christmas.

  5. “They told Ryan he could stay at their house..

    As if they’d ever tell him no. lol.

    Jen would rather rip off her arms than not enable Rhine. Larry will just roll himself into a nice, cozy couch burrito and bitch about it, then go right back to talkin’ shit about Maci, because of course, everything is her fault.

    There should be a drug use moral clause on the contracts of the idiots. They’re setting an awesome example for our youth. Get knocked up as a teen then get high, high, high! The higher the better, apparently, because even though this piece of shit could have killed someone with his escapades behind the wheel of his Mustang while totally shit-faced, MTV is flinging more money at him and keeping him on the show.

    Lets hope that Ryan, Devoin and Adam can get some time real soon to go on a man vacay. You know they need a break from all that thinking about parenting they do, right? Let ’em drive each other around out in BFE where the only people who will pay for their stupidity are themselves.

  6. Don’t worry Mack. I’m sure Javi or Butch might want to give you a go. Why not holler at one of them between your next session of blaming everyone but yourself for where you went wrong.

  7. O I hope this wannabe famewhore gets it all backfired. No money, no kids, no fame just judged by the whole world.

  8. What production company, MTV or otherwise, would pay to film this miserable matronly looking magpie on a getaway vacation?

    Better question: What viewers would even want to watch it?

  9. So here we are 110 days, 345 556 minutes and 4,444,567 seconds and they’re filing for divorce.
    Plz say it isn’t so!! Who would have thought that you can’t turn a drug addicted cheating fool and a money fame whore wanna be, wishing she was a teen mom og cast member into loving viable marriage?
    Maci what have you done, cough cough.
    Something tells me she is somehow someway going to be put in the middle of this mess.
    Mack you asked for it you got it!! And lol all day long that mtv wouldn’t pay for her girlie friend trip!!
    Your not important enough for a story line!! Mack have a seat, no take two!!

  10. I’m just not sure he’s worth a whole lot, although maybe $30-50K per year (best guess at his approximate salary) skews higher in Tennessee. But even if he does make good cash, drugs are expensive! I doubt there’s much left.
    So putting aside thoughts of gold digging, why do you think she married him right before the rehab trip? Initially it seemed like it might be for some sort of legal reason, although that never seemed to pan out, at least publicly. I’m still just so befuddled as to why you would rush something like that. Don’t most girls dream of a wedding slightly more…ahem…classy than some random park with virtually no friends and family present? The only thing I can think of is that she was genuinely afraid he’d leave her if he was sober. I guess she was right to worry, though, as that seems to be what’s happening!
    But Microop makes a good point, she doesn’t seem to hold him accountable for anything, whether it’s cheating or drugs. We all know he’s a lazy sack of s**t who just goes with the flow…so what’s lit such a fire under his ass to divorce her? There has to be more to this story that we don’t know yet. I would love to be a fly on the wall at their house right about now!
    I try to have compassion for people, especially other women…Mac is so young and clearly she has significant issues, but her behavior just makes it so hard to feel sorry for her!

    1. that’s exactly what I was saying! but a bunch of people were bashing me for saying that $30k (give or take) is NOT a lot of money. so that’s why I assumed it was more for attention rather than money. BUT after she was trying hard to get more money from mtv, now I’m starting to think that I may be wrong and it was all about money afterall.

  11. It’s been known for awhile that the dads are making well into six figures per season, with the moms getting upwards of $250,000 (and that may even be conservative now). I think they got like $5,000 to film their 16 & Pregnant episodes, so no way anyone is making $10,000 now. I would guess that even someone like Mackenzie gets $25,000 – $50,000 for the first season they’re around; then who knows how much for subsequent seasons.

  12. So they ARE filming her without the main cast member, WTF?! Oh, now she will make sure he will not divorce her but instead knock her up so that she will stay a permanent member of the cast!

    But honestly, how many of us suspected that when he sobers up, he will want to divorce? He clearly didn’t think things through on that day.

    1. If she gets knocked up, she’d probably mirror Adams baby mamma Taylor in appearances. Still there, but essentially a non-presence.

  13. Divorce? These two? No way! You mean getting married 2 minutes before you head into rehab isn’t the norm?

  14. LOL their Z list “celebrities”! It is funny how Ryan sobered up and left that middle aged rat looking soccer mom. And who does Mackenzie think she is asking for more money…seriously if I was her I would not film this is her second divorce before the ripe age of 22 what a joke!

  15. Why is this train wreck of a show still on? Maybe the show should be called “adults with too much money and the kids caught in the middle” Ridiculous.

  16. I knew Mackenzie was bad news from the get go. Remember when Maci tried to open up to her about Bentley not wanting to go to Jen and Larry’s? And the first thing Mackenzie did was run to tell them everything Maci said and then some. Mackenzie probably keeps Ryan drugged just so he will stay with her. I sure hope her and Ryan had a prenuptial agreement. But as high as Ryan has been he would probably sign anything. It won’t be too long before these two try and contact Vivid Entertainment.

    1. I’m not a lawyer, but maybe the footage would help him annul it? It’s obvious he wasn’t of clear mind.

      1. The footage of the parking lot wedding may not be admissible, but the fact that he went to rehab may be enough to prove he was under the influence. I’m glad these things are coming to light in regards to this old faced little bitch. If she’s scheming and manipulating this hardcore at only 22 yrs old, how scary will she be by the time she hits 30 and her face hits 45?

  17. I really thought they would last for at least 5 years, since she didn’t appear to hold him accountable for anything, and cheating drug addicts like that.

  18. It didn’t take long for the real Mackenzie to come out….at all….took the girl only 90 days to show her true colors. Who does this broad think she is?? Demanding MTV pay for her and her friends to go on a trip to “get away from it all”…and then demanding more money to talk about Ryan on film…No wonder why Jen was balling her eyes out when they got married. Her son was as high as a kite and to top that off he was marrying Lucifer…

    all that crap Ryan put Maci and Bentley through….smh…they say the Karma of screwing over a good girl is the bitch you end up with…Ryan’s karma for Maci n Benny (and any other girlfriend he screwed over) is coming at him 10 fold!

    1. A Food City gift card is generous. I’m thinking a couple of dented cans of Spam, divided equally with Me Me Hard in the divorce.?

  19. I didn’t think she in it for money because I assumed it wasn’t that much at all $10-30k. I make a $80k salary and feel like I live in poverty.

    obviously I was wrong. got to hand it to her, she’s pretty smart trying to get more out of mtv now. because people want to watch this unfold.

    1. theres no way you make that much and still “feel like you live in poverty” unless you have zero money management skills

          1. I live in Denver, too. I don’t make 80K a year and I don’t feel like I live in poverty. Learn to manage your $.

      1. my job is to manage money. I’m a senior accountant revenue analyst for a multi billion dollar company.

      2. I live in the Bay Area (sf area) and make around that and its HELL. I’m broke all the time. I pay about 2,600 for my studio 🙁 and I have to commute about an hour to work. I love NorCal though.

        1. I think a lot of these commenters are from the mid west and/or have roommates or live with family. bring an adult woman living on your own and not sharing bills costs a lot mote then they will ever know. so we’ll just get labeled as “not being able to budget” instead of getting labeled as someone who goes straight from living with their parents to living with a man. I don’t even think half these women pay for their own health insurance.

    2. why are you being so judgemental? I’m an educated single mom of 2 kids. I intentionally live in an area that has the best school district in Colorado. between monthly rent, utilities, $350 car note (the engine on my last car blew a few months ago), car insurance, health dental and vision insurance for my children and I, and food… my $80k salary is blown. I don’t eat out, I don’t spend $ on clothes or nonsense. the only thing extra I spend money on is $35/mo on a gym membership. taking care of kids and having grown adult bills is expensive.

      1. The average salary of the world’s population is $18,000 a year. People live on a LOT less than $80K. The average American makes around $37K a year. Just saying.

  20. This girl is unbelievable. She says that she was upset that her husband’s drug problem was “exploited” on the show and that she flat out regrets signing up to be on the show. Not only did she sign on for another season but she is demanding more money? Wtf? Girl, do us all a favor and go away.

  21. This is just my opinion but from things I’ve seen on the show and from things I’ve read, I think Ryan still loves Maci and will always love her. All of his girlfriends (Dalis, Shelby & probably Mackenzie) were all extremely jealous of Maci. Ryan even said that they always thought he was going to “screw her.” I think this a big reason why he can’t have a successful relationship. As far as this situation goes….Ryan, get away and stay far away from this psycho aka Mackenzie. If she is demanding more money from Mtv, she obviously has bad intentions…like Matt Baier intentions if you know what I mean.

    1. Oh yeah. Remember when he talked about the wedding dress he always pictured Maci wearing? That really showed how he feels. Definitely still something there.

    2. Word on the curb is that Ryan slept with Maci when he was dating Dalis. People speculated that Maci is the one Ryan cheated on Dalis with when Dalis was out of town beside her dying mom. But I think Maci and Ryan will always carry a torch for each other. Taylor is a great guy but it’s obvious Maci pressured him to get married.

      1. Don’t get me wrong. I know Maci and Taylor love each other. I just know Ryan and Maci had such off the wall chemistry. I think there will always be love between them no matter how much they deny it. It’s pretty obvious sometimes.

      2. Ooooh where’d you hear this? I’ve honestly never heard that before. I mean it’s obvious there’s something there and I wouldn’t be really all that shocked. Was high key kinda disappointed when Maci and Taylor got married. I always secretly hoped Ryan would pull his shit together and they’d ride off into the sunset on Cates therapy horse ?

    3. Also does anyone else think it’s kinda weird that Ryan proposed to Mackenzie so soon after Maci got married?

  22. You mean Mackenzie married Ryan for MTV money? No way, OMG! And we all thought it was true love! (Rolling eyes)

    1. I know right?! That wedding was a true Disney fairy tale ending between a princess and a prince/knight in shining armour, if only simple girls like us could get that “happily ever after!”

  23. She planned on years of MTV money.

    Gotta get what she can before the divorce.

    Gold diggers,eh? She married him knowing he was messed up on drugs. Anyone shocked that her intentions were less than pure?

  24. Only married 3 months and Mackenzie’s true self is showing about being a sneaky gold-digger. Even
    Ryan coming out of his drug haze see’s her true colors and wants a divorce. Mackenzie will hold
    onto this marriage for all it’s worth as long as she can to make as much money and MTV benefits as

  25. Mackenzie is unreal. Making pay demands and wanting MTV to pay for her to go on vacay, it’s not the Mackenzie show. At least MTV said no, but we all know they want as much drama as possible, so they’ll probably give in. Maybe she should write them a letter..

    And of course Jen and Larry say Ryan’s sober.. they believed that when he was clearly pinging and his eyes were the size of dinner plates or when he was practically comatose. They’re total enablers. Ryan’s nearly 30, time to grow the hell up and take some responsibility for your actions. Thank God Bentley has Taylor to look up to as a legit father figure.

  26. Anyone know if he could just get the “marriage” annulled since he has proof he was clearly to high to know what he was doing and getting into with her? Just curious because if he could get it annulled I wouldn’t think she would be able to try and get any money from him or try to take his house (if it is still the one he was buying/bought from Jen and her siblings.) Things look like they will get nasty! Also curious if he could put in a clause in the divorce agreement that she will not be able to sale any stories to magazines about him, like a cease and desist sort of thing. I don’t know anything about divorces really but I’m sure Jen will try to keep things swept under the rug and also Mackenzie will be the type to run to any magazine to give them a juicy story whether true or not, and not realizing it more than likely make her look worse for marrying him when he was high and wanting to bring her son into the mess.

    1. I’m not sure about specific laws in TN but chances are they cannot get it annulled. Generally one has to prove fraud or deception and these are usually very difficult to do so. Things like HIDDEN drug addictions (as in Mac had no idea before they got married that Ryan loved his extra curriculars), incurable impotence ( def not a factor with ME ME HARD) or something along those lines. Basically Ryan would have to have some (me me) hard proof that Mac was after his money or had an ulterior motive for marriage. Proving this is nearly impossible, with actual sources being needed for a fraud judgement. Just my 2 cents.

  27. Maybe it is true that she only was with him for mtv money. If she keeps asking MTV to pay more and send her places it sure fits in with that theory. I think now he’s sober, he’s realised he doesn’t actually want to be with her. I so saw this coming. That’s why you never marry an addict. It’s possible she knew once he got sober he wouldn’t be interested so she forced the quicky marriage situation so it would be harder for him to split. Hopefully none of this sends him back to pills for himself and Bentley’s sake. A month really isn’t long enough to kick a habit and he never had further support of a half way house.

    1. *puts conspiracy cap on*
      That would make more sense for the quickie wedding they had. Maybe Mackenzie told Ryan it would look better for him so he can spend more time with Bentley, but she thought it would be a good way to tie him down fast. After all, he was going to rehab the next day and would come out sober…

  28. Just another chapter in the Gold Digger diaries.
    Gold Diggers who have a bit of class in their ass don’t involve children in their digging. This does affect her child and Bentley.

  29. I wonder if she thinks she missed her chance at fame, given that she was a teen mom too. Sounds like she’s trying to worm her way into the cast…

  30. Ha ryckenzie, the gift that keeps on giving ? She’s delusional, seems like she’s grasping at straws to keep the pretence up. Doomed from the word xanax…

        1. There were 3 Food City Floozies last time I checked. This is gonna get confusing xD Also, once I saw someone use my original name (same name as now minus the Ensley, cause shockingly Jenelle wasn’t pregnant at that time) and it was a little weird for me, have to admit.

          1. It’ll be like real life now. Lord knows there wasn’t only one girl Ryan got all me me hard for thinking about sexy times behind the Food City.

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