‘Teen Mom’ Stars Attend the 2017 MTV VMAs: Vote For the Best (and Worst!) Looks

The ‘Teen Mom’ gang in the audience of the VMAs…

The stars of Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 paraded down the red carpet on Sunday before attending the MTV VMAs in Inglewood, California. The “usual suspects” attended the show this year. (Jenelle Evans and her trusty sidekick David Eason were there, never ones to miss an opportunity to take a vacation. Farrah Abraham was also there, of course.)

However, there were a few surprise additions to this year’s ‘Teen Mom’ portion of the guest list.

Leah Messer attended the show for the first time ever. The ‘Teen Mom 2’ star rode over to The Forum with show newcomers Briana and Brittany DeJesus. Also attending for the first time was Amber Portwood‘s new beau, Andrew Glennon, who got handsy with her on the red carpet as he absolutely towered over her. (The Ashley hears he’s well over 6’4 and her source tells her “he got along great with everyone and didn’t make people uncomfortable like Matt used to.”) Amber herself has become a regular at these red carpet events.

Getting ready to for the #vmas live! #teenmom

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Catelynn Lowell attended her second MTV awards show, bringing a friend instead of her husband, Tyler Baltierra.

(He explained on Twitter why he didn’t go to the event, tweeting “I didn’t want to go. I may be weird, but those award show/red carpet things don’t excite me lol besides I feel like I don’t belong there. That’s the beauty of Cate. She goes with whatever she FEELS great in & nothing is more attractive than confidence. I think she’s beautiful.)

‘Teen Mom OG’ dad Gary Shirley attended the show solo. For whatever reason, Gary was not allowed to bring his wife, Kristina. (Perhaps the rules are different for the show’s moms and dads?) He posted a sweet shout-out to his wife on his Facebook page, thanking her for holding things down at home so he could attend.

“Thanks to my wife I’m able to be here to rep the Shirley squad,” he wrote. (Kristina was watching Leah, in case you are wondering.)

The main cast members who did not attend are Chelsea Houska and Maci Bookout, who have never gone to any MTV awards show. (To find out why Chelsea always declines the MTV invitations, click here!)

Kail Lowry (who usually attends but stayed home this year to care for her newborn son). None of the other dads from the show attended the festivities. (Raise your hand if you are a tad disappointed that Ryan Edwards didn’t show up with his “Food City Floozy” on his arm?)

Now…we must talk fashion. Amber arrived in a long-sleeved, semi-sheer shiny gown that showed her ample bosom. Andrew chose a basic black suit. Jenelle channeled Marsha Brady via her flower-power halter top (which she paired with a black ball gown skirt). David looked ready to boat the swamp in a wrinkled green button-up and jeans.

Look who’s arrived at the #VMAs red carpet! ? Looking fabulous, @j_evans1219 + @easondavid88 ?

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Catelynn styled her multi-colored hair into some sort of 1960s/ ‘Long Island Medium’ do and wore a flowy top and some, um, interesting neon pink bell bottoms.

Leah wore a surprisingly revealing gown. (She usually opts to show less skin than many of the other moms from the show.) Her dress was sheer with strategically placed embellishments and feathers on the bottom.

Briana and Brittany both wore sexy black outfits that greatly showed off the handiwork of Dr. Miami. Briana wore what looked like a men’s suit coat (as a dress…as you do), while Britt wore a low-cut black catsuit.

These pretty ladies are ready for the #VMAs! ?

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As for Farrah (who, as you may remember wore a random Wonder Woman costume to last year’s show), the theme for her and daughter Sophia’s, um, costumes was space. Farrah looked “Futurama”-esque with her high red ponytail, white outfit and over-the-knee gold boots. Little Sophia wore a shiny silver outfit (complete with Jane Jetson skirt) and spacey makeup and glasses.

@sophialabraham 1st @vmas 2017! Proud off my baby! ???

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Here’s a collection of snapshots the cast posted to their social media accounts.


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(Photos: Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat)

90 Responses


    Wtf happened to Leah’s face? I mean her surgeon was a good one, I was just wondering.

    Jenelle. David. Stop it. For all our sakes. David looks like he just stepped straight out of either prison or rehab.

    Amber. Girl. Hire a stylist and pull a Chelsea and start putting your life on a bit more private scale and you’ll be golden.

    The Dejesus girls. MY GAWD. LAWD. JESUS GOD. They’re a mess in every single category.

    Someone please intervene in poor Sophia’s life.

  2. I agree- Amber looked ridiculous. Very unflattering choice. I don’t expect fashion from Cate. Amber fancies herself a fashionista and is trying to sell women’s clothing….

  3. I don’t know why people are so shocked by Catelynn’s choice of outfit? She’s ALWAYS dressed like a 60 year old Florida retirement home granny! Maybe if she spent a little less MTV money on adding to that menagerie she calls a farm and a little more on a stylist, we could all be saved from her usual flowery moo moo ensembles and Pink hoodies with stretchy pants? Hopefully being labeled “worst dressed” at an MTV event (there’s always super stiff competition there) will be the catalyst she needs to host a giant garage sale on her farm and/or burn her entire wardrobe.

    1. I know I am late to this commenting party but what in holy HELL was Catelynn thinking?!!? She looks like she’s about to try out for her part in a remake of the love shack video! Awful! I agree with everything you said Keiffa’s Reefa!!

  4. 6’4 is not insanely tall though. I don’t know how tall American women are, but Andrew would never be “towering over” people here in the Netherlands. My boyfriend is almost 7 inches taller, so I might feel no other man can be so tall to tower over people xD

  5. Jesus Gawd Leah. I’m not trying to make damn racist comments on the Internet. If Bri lived out in the backwoods with Jenelle, I would have made a comment about her trailer. It’s country vs city trash, nothing to do with skin color. Let’s not make a fun, snarky site about that.

  6. Leah looks damn good, good for her…she’s had one of the roughest times out of them all IMO, so I think she deserves a little let go. Turned it around.

    Jesus god (Leah) Catelynn, how did she end up worse dressed than FARRAH?! She looks like she’s one bad service away from “can I see the manager”. Tyler’s comment really wasn’t needed or especially supportive I thought, it sounded to me like “well, she looks like crap but..as long as she’s comfortable I suppose”. I swear she once described her style and bo-ho on the episode where they were setting up their clothing line…think she needs to look up the definition of that style again.

    1. I think Chelsea and Maci would definitely look the best. I always thought those two were the best looking of all the girls on the show.

  7. First, what the heck is Caitlin wearing and why?!
    Second, the worst part of Briana being back on Teen Mom 2 is her sistEr.

  8. Did Amber think this was actually a Designing Women themed costume party? She looked like Did Amber think this was actually a Designing Women themed costume party? She looked like Suzanne Sugarbaker getting ready to accept an award for Best Southeastern Interior Designers 1992.

      1. I’m just glad someone got that reference. I’m really showing my age.

        Catelynn gets my vote for ‘most likely to dress like Bernice (Christmas Tree skirt)’

        Although, Farrah seems to have the same the trademark Bernice “arterial flow problem above the neck.” Plus, she also thinks everyone wants to bone her.

        I haven’t seen an episode of Designing Women in 10+ years. I don’t know why remember these things.

        I wonder what kind of knowledge belongs in the brain space that ALF and Designing Women facts are currently housed in.

    1. I though Amber looked ridiculous. I voted her worst dressed. I’ve come to expect no sense of fashion from Cate and she admits it. Amber is trying to sell women’s clothing yet she can’t pick flattering attire for herself. I know Cate sells clothes too but for kids.

  9. Oh look, David and Jenelle are on vacation without their kids….again. They’ve spent more time away from them than they’ve spent with them so far this year.

    1. Didn’t David get turned away from the movie awards last year because they only invited Jenelle? They should have done the same thing here, and tell them only one of them can come because someone should watch the damn kids!

      1. Maybe he is allowed to come to these things now because he is a proper Teen Mom-baby-daddy now, instead of just being her Soulmate of the Month…

  10. Ok, I’m going to be nice today! I actually think Leah looked beautiful and the dress was classy and glamorous as opposed to trashy (which sheer sometimes can do). I also thought Jenelle’s outfit was fun! It was youthful (but not slutty) and appropriate for an MTV event. Never thought I’d see the day, but I honest to goodness think both looked great! Unpopular opinion?

    1. I liked Jenelle’s dress too!!! Honestly I didn’t hate Farrah’s either, i appreciate that she goes for a theme each time!

    1. I wonder the same thing. Shouldn’t YouTube handle that? Just think, if MTV actually played music videos, Jenelle would be working on the street corner instead of going to LA?

  11. Why are these girls get invited to the VMAs every year, they are famous for getting knocked up as a minor, I know they are on MTV but still it’s not appropriate for them to be there they are not this event is for music not reality television. And I notice that Chelsea never showed up in the VMAs.I believe Kail did last year, and I know she gets invited so I guess Chelsea actually is normal and feels like a fish out of water if she attends.

    1. I think she takes it very seriously indeed. I don’t believe that Farrah has the mental capacity to understand what irony means, and therefore thinks she truly looks and acts awesome. She is a ginormous narcissist, in my very humble opinion.


      1. ANYTHING to get noticed! Exactly right in saying she thinks not looking like she cares SO DOES look like she cares. That girl is twisted for sure.Her only other friend looks like her and is a yes girl

  12. Farrah looked like a lunatic, which she IS, so I see no problems there. Her BFF Amber looked like shit as usual, and I wouldn’t expect anything less from her.

  13. Cait looks like an office manager on acid. I guess she thought no one would notice the top she picked up off the dressing room floor at Walmart if she used the pants as a distraction. WRONG!

  14. I voted for Leah as best dressed but Sophia is a close second because someone finally brushed that poor child’s hair.

  15. I wish Catelyn would get properly fitted for a bra. As a big chested girl myself, it does wonders when you’re wearing a bra that fits correctly. Those pants are hideous.

  16. Interesting that Simon was in Hollywood in a hotel waiting for Farrah. These two are SOOO together it’s not funny. She’s parading around pretending to be single for her next show to hit the air to keep the ratings up. It’s insulting to all the MTV viewers how fake she is and what a fake set-up this whole pretending game is. Newsflash Farrah and MTV – the viewers are NOT stupid. We see right through the Farrah/Simon game. They are paying everyone for fools.

  17. Hair, makeup, outfit, the whole nine…for me the night belonged to Leah Messer. Best I’ve seen her look in a long time. Good for her!

    Sorry, but Caitlyn looked like she flew back in a time capsule and ripped that outfit right off The Mamas & The Papas lead singer, Cass Elliot while she was onstage singing California Dreamin’. No way around it, that one was just a total fail.

  18. Leah looks AMAZING! I’m so glad she got herself together. I know most commenters bash them for leaving their kids but I think Leah deserved this one.

    Jenelle looks nice. Still a shitty person but whoever dressed her did their job very well.

    Amber looks horrible. She looks like she’s in her late 30s. Why did she drag Matt 2.0 with her? How did she manage that but Gary could get an invite for the woman who’s been help raising his kids?

    Cate…I also agree that this was probably he worst outfit I’ve seen for an awards show.

    Briana and Brittany. Why??

  19. Leah looks so happy! She really changed her life around, got sober, stopped dating and I’m sure the right man will come if she is just patient enough! (Too bad she left college tho)

    I hate to admit it but it seems Amber really got a decent guy. That still doesn’t change the fact that she started dating again way too soon. (Esp after everything that creeper of her ex made to her)

    LOL, Jenelle will attend these stuff for life even if she has 665867986 kids and 4576868. boyfriend. David is a creep.

    I don’t even have words for Farrah, it’s not so much her outfit but more the one she made Sophia wear, I mean WTF?!

    Catelynn……I don’t even have words, where the hell did she get those pants?! It looks like they went through a shredder!

    I googled Gary’s “outfit” LOL, he doesn’t give a f where he is and that’s just hilarious, he seems to have lost a considerable amount of weight too so props to him!

  20. Worst-dressed is a toss-up between Farrah, dressed in a 70s view of the future, and Catelynn, dressed for her future 70s.

  21. Did Leah bring a date or is the guy sitting next to her not there with her?

    I picked the golden galaxy outfit as the worst. Is Farrah afraid people will criticise her body, looks and clothes when she does wear a gown? Is all this nonsense a diversion?
    I think Cate just tried something new, think the pants look better/ special when you walk or sit. Very unfortunate when you did not hit the mark at the VMA’s while you own a clothing store.
    I really like how Leah looks (and acts) lately but I just can’t look away from the seams and imho incorrect lenght of that dress somehow.
    I think Amber looks so good, the hair and the dress, I love fabrics like that.

    1. Gesus God Gary! Most underdressed guest.
      Did he wake up like that when he was called that his taxi arrived?

      1. I love that Gary went so casual. It’s like he’s aware that MTV doesn’t actually air music videos and the whole awards show is a farce. Also this is the man who didn’t wear a suit to his own wedding.

  22. Leah looked lovely! She seems happy and relaxed. And although I would literally sign a petition to have Jenelle researched by alien scientists, I really like her dress! It’s very VMA’s and she looks nice it it! Lurch, on the other hand, looks as if he forgot for a second where he was going.

    I saw a picture of Farrah and Kesha, and I wonder if Jenelle got her fangirl moment with her. #runkesha

    1. Nope! According to Jenelle’s Twitter, she did not get to meet Kesha. The gods were smiling down upon Kesha apparently.

  23. Some of the laziest Teen Moms went…Leah just dropped out of college so she has alot of time on her hands. Jenelle and Lurch don’t work and barely have their children so they have alot of time on their hands. Briana and Brittany don’t work or go to school so they also have alot of time of their hands. Amber is lazy no job no education and barely has her child so she has alot of free time. Lets not forget Catelynn let me start off by saying she looks terrible and Tyler was to embarrassed to walk next to her on the red carpet (not that he’s a prize either). Catelynn looks huge and she takes any opportunity to leave her child at home. she makes me sad she had opportunities to go to college and become a productive member of society and now look at her. Their all fucking uneducated, talent less, jobless losers. It will be funny once the MTV money train stops because I see every girl on this show except Chelsea and Kailyn ending up on the system…….

  24. Does anyone else think Tyler’s comment is seriously unsupportive. Saying ‘i think she looks great’ rather than just ‘she looks great’ and that she wears what she ‘FEELS’ comfortable in (note the unnecessary caps lock). That guy can be so thoughtless.

    In other news, Leah looks stunning and so happy. I really hope she’s back on track. But, the Ashley, who is the guy sat next to her??

    And is anyone else disappointed by the naff cinema style seating, hardly luxurious like I had imagined!

  25. Catelyn seriously no, just no. The outfit, the hair just all no. Leah looked amazing. I really do root for her. She looks really healthy and happy here and she’s definitely the best dressed. I actually loved Jenelle’s outfit. I don’t like her and hate giving her compliments, but it looked awesome. Her makeup could have been way better tho. It’s weird to me that they let Amber bring her new boyfriend of what 2 months but don’t give Gary a ticket for his WIFE who is amazing and is basically the real mother to Leah.

  26. Does Farrah realize how inappropriate the vmas can be live for a small child? Why not bring her your sex novel to read if she gets bored?!

  27. Of course Jenlle and Farrah sat next to each other because no one else wants to sit by them lol.

    I wonder why Maci and Chelsea never go?

    1. I’m not surprised that Chelsea never goes. I honestly think that she’s ready to fade into obscurity with her husband and kids and live a normal life.

      I’m surprised that younger Maci never went during her hard partying days, but I think now that she’s getting older, she’s finally maturing and unlike so many of her cast mates, just wants to chill at home with her kids.

      Look at the girls who did go. Amber doesn’t have custody of her daughter, Jenelle only had custody of two of her kids and is constantly pawning them off, Catlynn never has Nova, Roxanne does everything for Brianna, Farrah brought Sophia (??‍♀️), and Leah is the only one I’m surprised about, but then again, the girls could be with their dads.

      1. I think Corey has the twins from Sunday night through Thursday night since Leah couldn’t ever get them to school on time, so the older girls were probably just dropped off early. Leah, despite being a mess of a person, is usually with her kids, and this is her first time going, so she gets a pass. And sobriety looks good on her!

        Jenelle dumping all of her kids again is no surprise. Same with Brianna and Amber.

        Interesting how Kailyn didn’t attend because she has a newborn infant at home. Thought Brianna had one of those too… Reminds me of when Jenelle left a one month old Ensley because she “had” to go to a Teen Mom tapping (which she never showed up to) and then Chelsea revealed that MTV was totally fine with her staying at home with her one month old.

        Maci and Chelsea never really seemed to be quite the famewh*res the rest of the girls are. Not surprised they have no time for this.

        1. Chelsea’s embarrassed about the way Aubree has been actin abf I don’t think she wants MTV filming her screaming at her vrat all day long Then her husband is so immature that he laughs at every thing

  28. Cate’s outfit might be the worst outfit I’ve ever seen on a red carpet or at an event EVER. That’s just ridiculously bad. She was on Snapchat all night talking shit on other people, like REALLY?! Girl you look like a big tragic mess.

  29. Jenelle I feel goes a little too heavy on the makeup but other than that her dresses army that bad or too tissue. Does anyone know if she has extensions or it is her real hair? It looks real but isn’t really done up, looks kind of seperated, unless the girls or eaves fell…

    Leah looks great, usually she wears old women clothes, now catelyn did it to this occasion. Leah looks really really healthy.

    I can’t wait to see what all that plastic surgery will do to Amber and farrahs looks in about 10 plus years. It’s just going to get worse and worse. The older you get and the older your implants are the more things shift and just arnt the same. So they will fix it and fix it up over and over again and they will look completely overdone and it will look like crapola

  30. I am absolutely stunned with amazing Leah looks! She looks gorgeous and those are words I never thought I’d say about her. Amber looked great as well. Catelynn, on the other hand, looks like some crazy, middle aged cat lady from the Midwest who dresses in the same clothes she wore in the 70s.

  31. Typical of Jenelle and Lurch to dump their gaggle of children so they can go on a free vacation. But then again, that’s no great surprise, they do that every five minutes.

    Catelynn looks like she’s brought a bump-it circa 2008 for that hairdo. Maybe she borrowed Chelseas from the early days of TM2.

    But hold up two seconds.. is that Lurch creeping in the background of the pic with Jenelle and Leah?! ?

  32. Leah looks adorable. Catelyn looks like a hot fucking mess. And Brittany’s ass looks as bad as Kailyn’s holy shit

    1. I was going to say something about her butt, She paid for that? Was it free? I’m not impressed with this guys work..

      1. Right? I’ve seen his work on other “stars” & it just looks tragic. Look at Kail!! I mean, she actualky paid money! To look like tgat!!!! Her lips are horrendous. Her cheeks look like a damn chipmunk hiding foid, and her ass is the size of Texas! Girl needs a refund! And Britts ass is horrible too. If she paid for that, she needs a refund as well. Dr. Miami is a horrible plastic surgeon!

        1. im glad I’m not the only one. I personally don’t feel like any of them needed plastic surgery to be pretty, but if they felt they needed it I wish they would have gone somewhere else.

      2. Well they all got it free from Dr. Miami for live streaming on Snapchat, so no refunds to be had..Kail looks ridiculous and is gonna have to pay to fix it but she thinks she looks amazing and is the shiz so doubt she’ll fix that hot mess..same with Britney

        1. so did he do it for free or did they pay for it with the money from child support, or from all of them living in a cramp apartment ontop each other for all these years? Newsflash- you’re not 16 and pregnant anymore- no wonder none of the kids fathers want to visit, they won’t let them spend any time outside of that apartment with all 3 of them glaring at both dads. But ya, what money we do have lets get plastic surgery at 22-23 yo

  33. Leah looked absolutely stunning! Super Star! Caitlyn I can’t tell if she’s just joking or if she actually thinks that outfit goes together. If Farah would just stop trying it would help mke her look less desperate

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