Rumor Patrol: Is ‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood Really Going to Be Debra Danielsen’s Maid of Honor?

“We don’t need a Maid of Honor but we could use another person for the conga line!”

Farrah Abraham‘s mother Debra Danielsen is getting married in November, and a new report is stating that Farrah’s Teen Mom OG nemesis, Amber Portwood, will be serving as Deb’s maid of honor.

Over the weekend, Hollywood Life published a report stating that their ‘Teen Mom’ “insider” has told them that Amber will be standing next to Deb as she marries Dr. David Mertz. The report states that Debra chose Amber to be her maid of honor for several reasons– to spite Farrah (who will not be attending), and to ensure that MTV will film (and pay for) the wedding, given that Amber is there.

“This is Debra’s free meal ticket to a paid wedding that neither she, nor her man can afford,” Hollywood Life reports. “Their budget is so small that they plan to have the wedding at Debra’s house in Nebraska. Debra is very sneaky and Amber is mischievous enough to be in the wedding of her frenemy’s mother.”

The Ashley does her best to dispel ‘Teen Mom’ rumors whenever possible and she can confirm that this report is completely FALSE.

While it is true that Amber has been invited to Deb’s wedding (and that Amber recently said that she will “absolutely” attend), she is not in the wedding party at all.

The Ashley reached out to Debra to get her thoughts on Hollywood Life‘s “exclusive report.”

“None of this is true,” Debra told The Ashley. “Not at all. [It’s] sad someone would make up such evil and hurtful lies.”

“Look on the bright side; there may be an all-you-can-eat shrimp bar!”

Debra confirmed that Amber is attending the wedding as a guest, but stated that her “Man of Honor” will be her hairstylist Matt Feerhusen. The wedding will not be held at Debra’s house, either. It will take place on November 5 at the Suzanne and Walter Scott Aquarium at Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, Nebraska.

She also confirmed that she did not invite Amber simply to ensure that MTV would film and pay for the wedding.

“I am sad anyone would say mean things,” Debra added.

Last month, Debra revealed that she is inviting a few ‘Teen Mom OG’ fans to the wedding, and that they will be chosen via a raffle. She confirmed to The Ashley that Courtland Rogers (the ex-husband of Jenelle Evans) is also attending the festivities because they are friends.

She has also invited ‘Teen Mom OG’ stars Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney but has not heard back from them yet.

(Photos: MTV)


  1. DebzOG, Amber, and Courtland? God I hope they film this train wreck. Also hoping Farrah crashes the wedding and makes a massive scene in true Farrah style, as we all know that nothing is allowed to happen if Farrah isn’t the center of attention. I’m picturing Farrah busting in at the ‘I do’s, Amber tackling Farrah, Michael trying to break it up, and Courtland proposing to Amber with Amber saying yes of course. A whole lot of DebzOG’s completely bewildered face, and our fine Dr. Mertz walking away from all of this for good. This is going to be amazing.

    1. That is a great summary of probably the most likely scenario happening at this fiasco of a wedding. These people are all ridiculous. But i think my favorite part of it all is Courtland proposing to Amber who will of course say yes because why wouldn’t she say yes to a man she doesn’t know at all proposing to her, she has like 4 or 5 times already hasn’t she… She must have the best engagement ring collection out of all the teen moms… she could probably put Leah through college by auctioning off each engagement ring she’s gotten, that is of course if any of them are actually real… which i am not sure if i believe any of them are real or not, of course she was cruising around in a caddy and i’m sure she probably paid for each ring herself, except the one Gary gave her-
      i feel like he probably bought that one on his own. but i could be wrong about that, and i definitely would not put it past her to have bought any of the other rings she “received” lol!!

  2. In yet another WTF moment, Deb invites her daughters haters and CORTLAND ROGERS to her wedding? I’m starting to see why Farrah takes the position she does with Debrah. She has so few people to invite that she has to resort to this low? Sorry but whether you believe Farrah is right or wrong for the way she treats he costars, her mother should not be inviting them to her wedding. Just my opinion, and so strongly dislike Farrah, for the record.

  3. I’m inclined to believe Debra would do just about anything for attention (as well as cash). That includes befriending Jenelle’s ex-husband and fellow drug rehab inmate, Courtland Rogers.

    Clearly, if Farrah never did anything else for Debz, she introduced her to a whole new phenomenon known as “MTV paychecks.”

  4. HAHAHAHA, that would be the best! Unfortunately it’s false. But whatever Deb says, she certainly invited Amber to get her wedding filmed. David (her man, not Jeneeeeeeeeelle’s) strikes me as a guy who is a fame hungry ‘doctor’.

    I heard the rumors that she’s trying to hook Farrah and Courtland up too. I can’t think of a more dysfunctional couple but hey, maybe that’s why they would work!

    Also her grammar is trash, she taught her daughter well lol.

  5. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and Farrah Abraham, one of the most narcissistic, self-promoting, smug, argumentative and classless women that ever graced TLC ( and that’s saying something) is the daughter of the bride! People reap what they sow in life and Deb has a front row seat to the train wreck that is Farrah. The fact that she would decide to invite people to her wedding that Farrah didn’t get along with just to make some kind of a sick statement is really tasteless! Don’t people usually invite people that mean something to them to their weddings? Deb probably doesn’t have many of those kinda people in her life so that’s sad. It’s only a matter of time before Farrah finds herself in the same place as her mother. You can’t go through life circling the drain and not expect to end up in the sewer in the end!

  6. I read somewhere that debz thought courtland would be a good guy for Farrah.. I was like…what??? I do imagine seeing Debra dance down the aisle while her own music is playing. Literally her fiances hair and beard are all the exact same length. And how do they not have money for a wedding,

  7. I’m sorry but you just kind of threw out the fact that Deb is friends with Courtland!!!! What?!? I need an explanation! ???

  8. I don’t believe all of this but I do feel like Deb is money hungry and if she can get a free wedding out of the deal she will I don’t think she or doctor I don’t really want to talk to anyone have the money they proclaim to have

  9. Jenelle’s ex husband Courtland is good friends with Debra? Wtf???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    1. Ugh! I didn’t mean to downvote!! I don’t know how it keeps happening but my grub like fingers keep mashing the thumbs down for people. Also, how in the F did Debz OG and Courtland even meet?!

    2. I had the same reaction! What the? How? Why? The Ashley, we need so many more details than a casual mention at the end that Deb is friends with Courtland. This is brand new information!

    3. Courtland and Jenelle are finally going to get another chance at love!! I am here for this. They are my second favorite couple. My first is Jenelle and Kieffer.

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