EXCLUSIVE! New Details About the Investigation Surrounding ‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans: What the Social Services Reports Said

Last week, The Ashley revealed exclusive details regarding an investigation that was opened up by the North Carolina Division of Social Services (DSS) to investigate Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans, after both she and her daughter Ensley tested positive for THC (an active ingredient in marijuana) at the time of Ensley’s birth in January.

As The Ashley told you, Jenelle used some very clever methods to help her get out of trouble, and now The Ashley can reveal even more details regarding that investigation!

According to court documents obtained by The Ashley’s sources, Jenelle and Ensley tested positive at the hospital, which opened the investigation. In March, a DSS rep reported that, during the months-long investigation, Jenelle and her fiance (and Ensley’s father) David Eason, tested dirty at least one other time.

“Mother and father tested positive for substances during investigation,” the document reportedly reads. (The document did not indicate what ‘substances’ the pair tested positive for. The Ashley assumes it’s THC, but can’t confirm that.)

A representative of New Hanover County Department of Social Services (NHCDSS) paid a visit to Jenelle’s home in March and reported some disturbing issues.

“NHCDSS visited the home and smelled THC and the child [Ensley] was present in the room at the time,” the social worker reported. “Neither parent cooperated in testing additionally when requested to do so.”

The social worker, who visited the Evans/Eason home weekly during the investigation, reportedly set goals for Jenelle and David to follow. Those goals included “to ensure parents do not use illegal substances in the presence of their children or while pending care” and “to make appropriate supervisions for child care, to be more responsible.”

From what The Ashley hears, the investigation surrounding Jenelle and David (that stemmed from Ensley’s positive test at birth) ended around May, so it can be assumed that Jenelle and David followed the requirements that NHCDSS set for them.

In an interview with Radar Online on Tuesday, Jenelle’s mother, Barbara Evans, confirms both Radar‘s and The Ashley’s reports about DSS investigating Jenelle and David after Ensley’s birth.

“That’s a fact,” Barbara told Radar regarding the investigation. “I have Jace, so when something like that happens, they contact me.”

Barbara added that the investigation had a lot to do with why she battled Jenelle in court in May to keep custody of Jace. At the time, Barb did not reveal anything about the investigation.

“That’s the reason we were going to court. I can’t send him over there when that’s happened [Ensley testing positive for drugs],” Barb said. “I don’t want to put him in that atmosphere.

“I knew all along [about Ensley] and never exposed it until the day of court in May,” Barbara added. “And the baby was born in January. All that time I never opened my mouth.”

Barb also confirmed that MTV knew about the investigation but has so far “omitted it” from ‘Teen Mom 2’ (just as The Ashley told you last week). Babs told Radar that she discussed the investigation with one of Jenelle’s friends during filming.

“I said it [Ensley testing positive for drugs],” Barbara said. “Everybody thinks that I held Jace back, I told the girl. That’s the reason why. She said ‘I didn’t know that.’ Well, nobody knew it. I was contacted about the investigation and told about it in court.”

In her interview with Radar, Babs also claimed that Jenelle smoked throughout her pregnancy with Jace. (For the record, The Ashley is not confirming or denying that statement.)

“You should not be smoking weed when you’re pregnant,” she told the site. “She was friggin’ stoned the whole time [she was pregnant with Jace.] I don’t care what it is. It is illegal. She is irresponsible.”

Nathan Griffith‘s mother, Doris Davidson, filed for emergency custody of Jenelle’s middle child, Kaiser, on September 1, stating that the investigation was one of the reasons she feared for her grandson. The Ashley reported that Doris later withdrew her bid for emergency custody, but The Ashley’s sources tell her that there is still something in the works.

The Ashley will have more info on this soon, so stay tuned!

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  1. Jenelle when are you going to get yourself together? Smoking pot when your pregnant??? You better straighten up or you may lose custody of Kaiser and Ensley.

  2. Oh and I can’t even IMAGINE what her house hold is like right now! Lots of slamming doors, screaming matches, and breaking shit.. and of course the whole “poor me” or “why me” bs she’s always crying about. Jesus I’m scared for those kids just thinking about it. God.

  3. Just the fact that jenelle puts on a front, is completely delusional to her behavior in every role in her life, and never owns her shit is telling. This girl will never find happiness and her poor kids are stuck in the middle! Good grief. You would think she would want a healthy relationship with her kids since she claims her and babs never did. She needs therpahy… a lifetime of it!

  4. Anybody else read Barb’s quotes in her voice?…oh an Jenelle is such a loser, and her poor kids each have 2 idiots for parents

  5. Several episodes back, Jenelle was yelling at David because she “had” to make a bottle for Ensley. She then started whining “I need to go to the bathroom”. David told her to go then and she started crying and yelling “I want to go to my bathroom, why can’t I go to my bathroom”. Clearly, she has something in her bathroom that she wants. If you have to pee, you will use whatever bathroom is closest. Obviously she needed to go get high in some form to “deal” with feeding a child she decided to have. She will never get clean and both her and David appear high in almost every scene. I doubt marijuana is the only thing they are abusing. Wearing sunglasses inside suggests more heavy drug use to me.

    1. It was actually a bottle for Kaiser that she needed to make, she was pregnant with Ensley…But now that we know she was doing drugs while pregnant with her, she probably did need to go get high in the bathroom…

  6. I hate that MTV keeps catering to these girls, especially Jenelle. Who cares if Jenelle gets mad? Who cares if she quits the show? She acts like an entitled brat when she’s filming and when she goes to the reunions bc they let her act like an entitled brat and they cover for her. “She’s not feeling well so that’s why she’s not out on stage right now.” And these damn producers who spend all their time telling the girls that they’re right. The reason they don’t report abuse is because they’re there to film, not get involved, but they get in loved constantly when they’re telling these idiots that they’re doing a good job, they’re doing the right thing, their outbursts are sensible, their psychologically unstable thoughts are valid. I HATE that MTV treats these girls like they’re celebrities instead of replaceable trailer trash that hit the lottery.

    1. I know. Mtv is ran by a bunch of pansies. The way they let these people walk all over them is unbelievable. Look at how Farrah and Adam treated them too. It’s digusting. And we all know Jenelle would never quit even if she threatens to. It’s her only source of income. How else would she support herself, Lurch and her army of children?

    2. Shit they always want and CREATE drama, watch the drama UNFOLD AS IT SHOULD by firing Jenelle and Kail. Cut off that money train that is feeding their drug habits and narcissistic behavior. They’re ruining children’s lives. Chelsea and JESUS GOD Leah are doing great. Cut the fucking chord and bring in some actual mothers that actually care about their kids instead of using them as accessories, storylines, and pawns in their twisted fucking games. Preach it sister.

    3. Some people have stated a campaign to save

      kaiser. They are bombarding MTV with letters expressing their disgust for not stepping in when David is mistreating Kaiser along with jenelles behavior. They are also contacting Child Protective services and sending video. Feel free to join them in this effort. It would feel terrible to not speak up and a tragedy occur

  7. She at least isnt using heroin. But largely David should have been a better husband and father. He is same old dirt bag type guy, unfortunately

  8. David is a clear abuser. He shows all the signs even down to where he moved her! He is isolating her from the outside world. He has her and those kids in this house on this land and has her convinced it’s a great thing. She looks like she’s dead inside. On camera David has been very physical with kaiser. Is kaiser a pain… probably! He’s a toddler it’s their job to whine and break stuff. I almost cried when he broke the Christmas ornament and they put him in his crib after tossing him across the floor. If he’s not physically abusing jenelle it’s because he’s done such a good job of emotionally beating her down that she doesn’t go against him. Wait until he cheats or does something then she’ll start telling about all the abuse. Andrew was the dad and a deadbeat UNTIL she wanted to get rid of him totally and then all of a sudden he might not be. Nathan was great until they broke up then he was abusive and used her money. Just give up your children to their grandparent. Get back with keiffa and spend your days getting high in the backwoods

  9. I think it’s a shame that some of these young women on teen moms is getting paid for doing nothing right..Not all but atleast three of them is not role models for our young daughters..Is this who they should be looking up too?

  10. Between this investigation and the stoned Ryan debacle in Teen Mom OG (among other incidents I won’t bother to list), MTV has definitely established itself as complicit in these girls’ behavior and crimes. I wonder how much longer both Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 can, or should, continue as a result.

    1. Precisely why I only read the snarky recaps on The Ashley. I refuse to give MTV ANY ratings whatsoever. I know it doesn’t matter but it’s the principle of it all. MTV is just as bad as Jenelle because they allow it. They’re complicit in her bullshit. C’mon HIDING her drug habit while she was pregnant?! Wtf!

  11. The reality stars make me really value the true and professional “celebrities” Reality stars never donate any of their million dollar salaries or even their precious time to the same people who pad their pockets in times of national tragedy like these floods. All these reality stars do is run amok and act like they somehow “deserve” their celebrity status and screw everyone else. At least a professional understands their civic duty, “For of those to whom much is given, much is required.” Kailyn would probably still get food stamps is she could. She never will have enough money.

    1. Hey now. Remember when Weat Virginia had those really bad floods? Leah, Corey, Corey’s wife what’s-her-face, and I think Jo and Gary flew out there to volunteer and help. WITHOUT cameras filming. Jenelle, Kail, haha Breanna! Would never do that. Ever. Because they’re all self serving. People make fun of the rednecks but at least they have a fucking conscience.

  12. Oh lord can’t you ppl just leave jenella alone she has grown up so much so what she smokes a little bit of pot who doesn’t it’s not like she doing meth or any of those other drugs that’s so harmful and makes you crazy jezzz love life jenella fuck them haters

    1. Not everyone smokes- I personally have nothing against weed. It’s just not for me- and it’s legal in my state. Alcohol is legal in every state but it doesn’t mean you should drink when you’re pregnant… if Jenelle can’t take a 9 month break, that’s a problem. And since she’s a recovering addict, she’s supposed to steer clear of all substances.

    2. To certain degree I get where your coming from. It’s why I stopped reading the twitter haters feeds for a while especially after the cruel way people reacted to her home. And I agree with you that weed is not a big deal and should be treated as alcohol. Like alcohol for some it’s not a problem and for others it becomes a problem. But I genuinely wonder if you actually think it’s alright if a women who has two children who are at ages where they need constant supervision and teaching should be smoking “a little bit of pot” while caring for them? Like alcohol, weed slows down your reactionary time, judgment, and motor skills. Not a great combo with a house in the woods and a pool with no fence. And the litany of smaller problem that she can’t deal with and is potentially going to make her lose her mind like she threatens on the show almost every scene.

      And I do agree that weed isn’t a problem in itself and addictive in the same ways as meth and heroin. But I hate the misconception that weed can’t be a problem.

      Because smoking “a little bit of pot” becomes a big problem if you and your significant other need to put your children in daycare or with relatives 3-4 days a week (this is not an assumption) before these children can even speak despite not having jobs or schooling to attend just so you can smoke “a little bit of pot” and relax. Its a problem when you choose smoking “a little bit of pot” instead of the high of actually being able to stay home with your children and the man you love to watch all their milestones and just growing up and not just for instagram moments, as MTV has afforded. It’s a problem when the only time you’ve quit smoking “a little bit of pot” was when YOUR freedom was threatened, but NOT for your unborn child nor to get the first child back. It’s a problem when the first thought on your mind when getting off probation is to smoke “a little bit of pot” instead of staying clean because MTV has now provided the means to get a good attorney so you can get your child back. It’s a problem when 5 years on from that, your 8 year old son keeps saying you’re in bed sleeping all day on the limited times he visits (davids daughter and Nathan also said this) It’s a problem when all these years later you still could not have custody when the case, almost seven years in the making, finally goes to trial because you smoked “a little bit of pot” and your daughter tested positive. It’s a problem when you can’t stop smoking “a little bit of pot” knowing your under CPS investigation and have potentially two other custody cases looming. And it’s a problem when you allow smoking “a little bit of pot” to continuously distract you from getting your son back with promises of soon and then cloud your judgement so much that you don’t realize how much time has passed while you were smoking “a little bit of pot” and refuse to see it’s both too late and too cruel to take him now.

      So yeah I get what your saying in a sense because for jenelle she’s doing better I guess if the bar is not doing heroin. (Do not bring up her schooling. It was a joke. She attended school for 6 mos and acted like she graduated with an md. And then as soon as she failed the test to get certified she gave up on it instead of studying harder and trying again like a grown up. No she did it to shut people up) I feel you have mistaken grown for grown up. Jenelle sure is grown but she functions no where near a 25 yr old, with her tantrums, inability to put anyone else first, and her safety blanket of smoking “a little bit of pot”. If she can’t do that how can you think she reasonably can function as a mother of three kids?

      And watching teen mom has become disturbing, in part, because of it. If you watch all the scenes of just jace it’s becomes a documentary of how a baby turns into a troubled child.

      (Though I won’t lay all of it at her feet. But yet again you may want to rethink how much you think she has grown up. Jenelle will never and has never admitted her part in jaces behavior. As recently as this summer she released a book which tells a completely different story of how she lost custody from the one we watched on television. From 16 and pregnant on that girl was going out every night and partying. Yet 8 years later, no reflection and no self-awareness, just still wants to play victim and thinks she’s smarter than you and all of us. She thinks she can re-write her past because she can use “editing” to blame. Well MTV never edited her social media and it told a very different story for that and various other stories that are in the book from what’s been revealed. If you can show me, however, one instance where she admitted and accepted full responsibility for her choices, I would be flabbergasted.)

      Anyway hope people far more important than either of us at MTV start having these conversations. I apologize for the length, but had this in mind every time I’ve read a comment like this the last few days. And there are far more than i would have thought. Hopefully didn’t offend, because it really is just my opinion. And what does that matter?

    3. Spoken like a true piece of trash. Jenelle, is that you babes?? Or just someone who is just as terrible as you? Either way.
      It’s fairly obvious that there’s more than just weed here.

    4. She put her life on tv so she should expect opinions good or bad.

      You need to calm the fk down asswipe
      You sound as messed up as jenelle you deluded little chinion

  13. I am with CPS in the state I live in and our standards are pretty low but even we would have removed all of the children in the home if an illegal substance had shown at birth in the mother and the baby.

  14. The really sad part is that Jenelle probably WON’T stop having these poor little defenseless kids any time soon. Just look at her usual pattern of trying to spite Barbara for keeping Jace with “replacement” babies, as well as having them as a desperate attempt to hold on to a man.

    Longtime viewers will remember that she became pregnant with Kaiser to spite Barbara just months after she met Nathan. This was while having so many loud, cop-calling arguments with him that he once even suggested she have an abortion because he seriously doubted they could stay together . Of course, that’s all over now, and apparently so is her use for little Kaiser.

    Enter Uncle Sasquatch David Eason, who she allows to freely abuse Kaiser, by now no more than a “throwaway” kid. She then gives birth to Ensley, who will eventually be a throwaway after Sasquatch is finished with her. That is, if he doesn’t strangle her dumb ass first, and bury it in a mud pile somewhere on THE LAND.

    Notice the only baby she didn’t bring to term was the one with ex-husband Courtland, who she herself was finished with and in the process of divorcing. She very happily aborted THAT one.

    1. She aborted Courtlands baby then within two weeks started trying with Nathan. Remember that? They weren’t sure if the hormones were from Courtlands baby or Nathan’s ? How disgusting.

  15. What the hell is Nathan’s excuse?? All he has is time to be a dad- if that little boy Kaiser is forced to stay in that house of horrors I bet he will grow up to hate his dad even more- why wouldn’t his dad step up and get custody? Why is his mother the one? Cmon Nathan!!

  16. You know, as bad of a mom as Barb has been painted since the beginning(and let’s face it, she wasn’t mother of the year at times). I have a much deeper understanding of how she GOT that way. Something tells me Jenelle has been an issue, a huge thorn, since the day she was born. Not that I am excusing away some of Barb’s own issues, or things she has done, but, I can honestly see precisely how her relationship with Jenelle got to where it was when she was a young teen, and I really don’t think Barb had the biggest hand in all of that. I have seen a similar experience with my own sister and mom, and I know for a fact it wasn’t my mom that brought their relationship to the point it eventually got to.
    I say all of this because, regardless of how terrible her relationship with Jenelle may have been, regardless of any mistakes she made as her mother…Barb is a DAMN good mother to Jace. No, not grandmother…mother. She has raised that boy since the day he was born. She has shown nothing but love for all of her grandchildren, and her son, Jace. Yes I said it twice, I think it deserves to be said as many times as humanly possible that Jace is, without a doubt, her son. She always has his best interests at heart, just as she does her grandchildren…no matter what kind of relationship she might have with their parent(s).
    She could have, easily, outed Jenelle long, long ago. In fact, I’d be willing to bet that most people would have expected her to(and are probably questioning why she didn’t). No, she put her big girl panties on, did what she needed to do, stayed involved in the case, and protected her son, Jace. I say, kudos to Barb.

    Jenelle and David should both be behind bars, and ALL of their children should be placed in loving homes, with their parental rights stripped, forever. I know what happens to children in that kind of environment. It’s why my sister’s children are being raised by my mother, have been for years, and always will be. MTV does a lot of reprehensible things, we’ve seen it play out on the little of it they have aired, which only means the bulk of it is so much worse….and they did phuck all about it. MTV is going to take some serious heat for this, not that they aren’t used to it, it happens all the time..but this isn’t adults they are refusing to aid, to assist, to help get out of a bad situation…these are CHILDREN. Ugh

    1. She admitted in her book that she would do things to purposely piss Babs off. You’re right, Babs isn’t a saint and I’m sure she’s made more mistakes that we as her supporters, could ever want to see but she also stepped up for not only Jace but her other two grandchildren as well.
      You’re right, Babs IS Jace’s mother. She’s provided for him since before he was even born and took care of him when Jenelle decided that going out was more important. Jenelle giving birth to him doesn’t mean anything because it takes more than that to be a parent.
      Part of me wishes she let her secret slip because it’s what Jenelle deserves but I’m glad she didn’t. But also at the same time, what else is she keeping a tight lip about? What else have these two shitstains done and Babs is keeping it a secret until they go to court again? She said she is scared for Kaiser so does that mean she knows something even darker than what’s going on with Ensly? Or is she just saying what all of us are thinking? I don’t like pointing fingers and projecting blame onto people but MTV needs to be held accountable in some way. Babs is only doing what she legally can so she can try and protect Jace but she doesn’t have a relationship with Kaiser or Ensly. She can’t do anything to help them the way she is with Jace but the producers have seen it. I know it must be a hard job but is it really worth seeing these kids be neglected like this?

      1. I completely agree. I’m sure babz wasn’t the best mother at all times. I mean she was a single mom raising her children and working to support them. She told jenelle how she stayed in an abusive relationship just so that she could afford their house and her children wouldn’t grow up on welfare. Staying in an abusive relationship isn’t a good move for a mother to make but she truly thought she was doing the right thing. Maybe she’s misguided with things but she’s doing things for the right reason. David moved jenelle out to the middle of no where and she seems like a shell of a person unless she’s attacking her mom with him videoing or talking over her.

        1. She can only work with the hand she’s dealt and do her best. Best of intentions. Jenelle however only cares about herself, her drugs, and whatever man she has at the moment.

          1. Its one of the shittiest things to me about how Jenelle treats her…when she was going on about her mom saying “Dude she fucking works at Walmart” as if that is something to be ashamed about when that job is putting a roof over your kids head and food in their stomach…and was good enough to do the same for her…such disgusting trash.

          2. Seriously ? that Walmart job is putting clothes on Jace’s back and food in his stomach. Has been for the past 8 years now. Jenelle isn’t even paying child support!

  17. In Arizona you can report anonymously. As a teacher, I did so several times out of fear of retaliation. I’d be willing to bet most states have an anonymity clause.
    So producers could have reported to CPS and we just don’t know, or (more likely, I’d guess) Viacom ‘strongly discourages’ them from doing so out of fear of alienating the cast. Sad.

  18. The thing that makes me mad is there are parents in this country as we speak having their kids being taken away by CPS for the most ridiculous things(PTSD diagnosis, vaccinations, going against medical advice) and here is this woman smoking pot while pregnant and having her dysfunction on national tv and CPS doesn’t have a legitimate reason? I’m a foster mom myself so I understand keeping mom and kids together is the goal but seeing what I’ve seen in my foster experience and seeing children taken for uncalled reasons..this makes me so mad! I’ve had kids come into my home Becasue mom could afford a specific treatment and had to wait for the next paycheck before undergoing the treatment and kids were taken.

  19. Well ALL can see the children are fine! They’re NOT deformed, not mentally retarded,maybe a little hungrier than normal? leave these ADULTS alone……perhaps teaching them to use CONTRACEPTIVES should be the issue here!Three kids……ALL DIFFERENT FATHERS!!!!

    1. Contraceptives aren’t the issue when you are intentionally trying to get pregnant. Kaiser and Ensley were planned, and I don’t believe for a second that Jace was an accidental pregnancy. Jenelle’s believes pregnancy is relationship insurance.

  20. I didn’t know a parent under investigation could refuse to submit for a drug screen. I have always thought when DCFS is involved you must step in line with all of their demands in order to keep custody. I know DCFS doesn’t like to remove kids from the parents as that can be super traumatizing for a kid.

    That said, I wish Jenelle and Lurch would lose custody of those poor babies. I saw the most recent episode before I read this article and had to chuckle seeing Jenelle storm off furious after losing at the custody hearing. How delusional can she be, thinking with a DCFS investigation and a newborn testing positive for THC, that any judge in America would remove Jace from the stable home with a stable guardian and place him in Jenelle’s “woods” of horrors?!?! I applaud Barbara for putting Jace into therapy. I applaud Barbara for raising Jace and for caring deeply for his well-being. In all the episodes aired I have never once heard Jenelle offer a reason for wanting custody of JACE that wasn’t 100% selfish. Barbara, on the other hand, has always said she wanted to keep Jace because she worries about him when he is with Jenelle. That’s a parent. Giving birth doesn’t necessarily make you a mother. A mother is made through countless selfless acts and putting a child as your highest priority. I just wish poor Kaiser had someone who loved him enough to keep him away from Jenelle and David.

    1. That’s what I thought. If they’re going to allow people under investigation to deny a drug test which was the whole reason the case was opened to begin with, then what was the point in keeping it open for so long? Why were they able to keep their kids?

  21. I wonder what Dr. Drew is going to say about this. Is he still going to argue that David is a good, consistent, calming force in Jenelle’s life? I think he’s mistaking, I think weed is the constant in Jenelle’s life. And is he still going to argue with Babs that’s jenelle has proven herself and should get more Jace time? Let’s see what kind of a Dr. he really is.

  22. No matter how you slice it, these kids are all screwed. Even if CPS takes custody away, the lasting damage inflicted by each parent is going to require lifelong therapy. Jace has been abandoned by both of his parents since birth. He already has violent tendencies and lacks empathy, while Maryssa bites her fingernails like crazy each time Jenelle and David start arguing in front of her. You can see she is just waiting for her father to backhand Jenelle, a scene she has probably witnessed countless times throughout each of David’s disastrous relationships. The only time Kaiser gets any attention at all in that house is when he is getting abused by David for his resemblance to Nathan, or when Jenelle needs him for a photo op for her Instagram account. Nathan seems to love him and is proud to call him his son, but is an angry drunk and can’t get his life together beyond spending time at the gym. Ensley (and at least one other future sibling) will be favored by both of her parents until the inevitable breakup, quite possibly ending in a murder-suicide scenario. We are all terrified for these children! MTV really needs to stand up and denounce Jenelle’s actions immediately, fire her, and set up safety nets for the future to protect these kids.

    1. Good call that MTV should set up a safety net or a trust for those kids which the parents can’t touch. Jenelle’s kids in particular, but really all of them. Most of the parents are idiots – why should Adumb have received an MTV paycheck when he wasn’t paying child support? Those wages should have gone right to Aubree, not to steroids, monster trucks and Corvettes. Kail buys or leases expensive cars and goes on pricey vacays all the time – who knows if she’ll have anything left in a few years. Leah probably has no financial sense although she seems to live the most simply and little Ali needs a safety net since her medical bills will be sky high for years to come (although Corey seems to be a good provider).

      Ugh and Nathan – what a turd. He knew his son was in a bad situation and though he seems to genuinely love his son, he seems more preoccupied with the gym, probably steroids,
      getting drunk, aggravated assault and chasing girls. Wake up moron – you’re in you late 20’s – get your priorities straight and be there for your mini me. Maybe the brain injury from the war has something to do with it – hopefully his mom gets custody of Kaiser.

      Poor Maryssa – to think courts decided David and Jenelle provide a better home that her mother. How bad must her mom have been – no wonder she’s a nervous wreck and according to Babs is aggressive like her old man.

      I’m totally ashamed to admit that I probably wouldn’t watch this craptacular trashfest anymore if not for Jenelle’s antics. Chelsea and probably Leah grew up during the show and learned from their mistakes, but Jenelle is still as awful as she was when she was a teen. The only difference is she has money now. Money seems to have made Kail a worse person but she seems to be doing something right with parenting – at least on camera her kids are well cared for and sweet.

  23. Jenelle once wrote on Formspring (tbt) that she smoked pot while pregnant with Jace. When people gave her flack about it she claimed that her doctor recommended it.

    1. I remember that! It was in like 2010-2011, and she was defending it saying it didn’t hurt Jace and just makes babies “more active” in the womb when people were calling her a bad mom for it.

  24. Sigh – Jenelle and David are huge losers, but the biggest losers of all are those poor children. Heartbreaking. And Jenelle keeps hurling them out of her loins as quickly as they get removed. These characters are too selfish to consider adoption (that goes for Briana and Luis too) even though there are thousands of families that would adopt those kids in a heartbeat. I don’t care what civil rights groups have to say about it – Jenelle, David and even Nathan are exhibit A for forced sterilization. At least Adumb is now sterilized.

  25. After all this came to light, I understand kailyn a little more as far as not wanting some aspects of her life to be filmed. Why the hell should she be so open about her situation when MTV is going out of its way to hide drug abuse while pregnant by jenelle? Kail has a horrible personality and big time relationship issues, but as far as we know, takes extremely great care of her boys and has never put them in danger.

    The girl who should probably take this as a slap to the face, and who I feel the worst for is Leah. They held nothing back when it came to her and had no problem putting all her struggles on the show, which they very well should. But why does jenelle get this treatment? She should be put on display just as much as Leah, who, while I’m sure she was abusing prescription drugs, I believe was really going through hard times because she also had major relationship issues. And Leah, I believe, really does love her girls and has taken the measures to better herself, especially really being single (after t.r. of course).

    Jenelle doesn’t care about her kids. She didn’t start really going after jace until Nathan came along, kind of shut up for a while, then David came and added kerosene to the fire. She only wants him because her men tell her she should want him and because she wants to have a “win” over barbara. I guess she forgot ALL the times barbara was the only one there for her after all her failed relationships. #rantover

    1. MTV never aired the dirty tampons on Leah’s floor or the kids eating cheese puffs off a nasty floor. I think there’s a lot that they filmed with Leah that never got to air.

      But I think the main difference is that now they get to decide what “their story” is going to be.

    2. I felt like Leah was able to get MTV to hide quite a bit. She was allowed to spin that bs about she just had anxiety issues and that her going to rehab was really some anxiety therapy spa. They never actually came out and said she was popping pills. Instead, Leah openly demonized Corey and Miranda for seeking custody of the girls.

      They also hid her live-in boyfriend and how horribly neglected the girls really were. Leah was absolutely allowed to portray herself as an overworked, stressed single mom even though we all knew she was on drugs.

      They don’t want to reveal the full extent to which these moms are dysfunctional. They want a little drama and hints of abuse/neglect, but, no real scandals or hardcore issues.

      1. I agree with everything you said, especially about the corey/Miranda thing because she really tried to deflect on them and make it seem like they were out to get her and saying she was an unfit mother over nothing. I’m just saying, in her case, MTV let the footage speak for itself, as they did with Ryan. No matter how many times Leah said she was “stressed” and had no help and was overwhelmed, we all knew she was abusing drugs, because they didn’t hide the footage of her falling asleep while holding a baby or putting the girls to sleep at midnight and getting them to school late every day and the horrible diet she had them on. They showed all of that and her dirty home (who can forget that garage?!). And Leah, even though she never admitted to anything and hid her boyfriend and went to some fake rehab, did change. She’s a better mom, seems to care for the girls much better, and seems to get along better with the dads. And, of course, we don’t know everything, but these girls have no dirt that The Ashley can’t dig up, so I’m sure Leah really is doing better. But with jenelle, they are not only hiding it, but COMPLETELY IGNORING it, and seem to be HELPING jenelle in antagonizing barbara, with the whole restaurant thing, knowing she had been investigated for something much worse. That’s all I meant.

        And I love this show, and love watching the kids, but I agree that now that they have the power to control what gets on the show, what’s the point? Cancel it.

  26. How are you not annoyed and tired of your own shit by now? What an exhausting existence to be a conintuous disappointment.

    1. Someone with some digital art skills: please make this happen! I would love to see that sigil! xD Unfortunately my skills are as good as The Ashley’s “Microsoft Paint tears”

  27. you notice how Jenelle said he had to sign over Jace because she didn’t have money for a lawyer, but she has had money for a lawyer every other time she needed one…

  28. I not watching this trashy show anymore first Maci drinking while pregnant and Jenelle doing drugs while pregnant why have none of the producers reported this. If these were any other “mothers” they would not have custody of their children. Oh and Maci is not a good mom if she was she wouldn’t have risked her child getting FAS so she could party pregnant! Her and Jenelle are trash period!

    1. That’s what I don’t understand as a teacher I’m a mandated reporter and I just wonder why NONE of these producers felt like they needed to step in for the safety of the children

    2. Maci is ridiculous. I used to like her but once she tried to act like she found out she was pregnant after Taylor proposed I lost all respect for her. You clearly knew you were pregnant and that’s why he proposed! It took two pregnancies to get him to propose so good luck with that. Also, why do her kids go to daycare when she said she was quitting her job while pregnant with Maverick becuase it was “too much”?

      1. I always wondered why Maci is always dropping the kids off at daycare if she doesn’t have a job? The kids are so young to be at daycare if you aren’t even working but at home all day pounding back coors light. I mean how long does it take to stitch those colorful pockets onto a t-shirt? And what kind of job does Taylor have (Im not counting the vanity line TTM as an actual job)? They are both home all day and the kids are being watched at daycare because MTV gives them enough money not to have real jobs.

  29. I would pay to get this bitch sterilized…What a waste of space what “mother” allows there creepy ass boyfriend abuse her children. Then she does drugs while pregnant and MTV is still supporting her. Jenelle is trash and she’ll never change…Those children would be better being adopted by Kieffer!

    1. Well said. He seems like a pure asshole. Its a mother’s job to protect her children in and out of the womb. She thinks because she is on tv she is untouchable and can do what she wants…what she needs to do is stop having kids get rid of that looser and get off tv and parent her children alone and learn to be a better mother. And for god sake stop having kids with multiple men. If she wasn’t on tv her kids would be taken away and provided by us the tax payers.

  30. Jenelle again shows us why she’s mother of the year.. fecking trash she is!

    I really hope Doris pushes and gets custody of Kaiser. But even if that happens, I doubt Jenelle would want to “fight it out in court” to get him back or start singing the “when I get Kaiser back” song.

    I don’t understand these dumbasses on social media that constantly praise Jenelle for turning her life around and now having the fairytale life.. telling her that she’s a good mother and that Barb is the Devil. They must be watching a differen show!

  31. For the love of God, can someone PLEASE take her kids away! She’s proven time and time again that she doesn’t give two shits about her kids! She can’t stay sober to save her life and there’s proof of that! I don’t understand how there can be an overwhelming amount of evidence showing how neglectful and unstable she is but yet her kids are still with her. Well…for like a day or two until she’s off on another vacation ?


    1. Oh my gosh you’re exactly right and I never even thought about that it’s not about her having kids and then taking care of them and loving them for who they are it’s about her knowing they’re hers and that’s all she wants

  33. Really not a good look for MTV to omit this. Obviously they have a problem with it yet they keep her on the show. Not cool. Jenelle and David are druggies. They look like it. They act like it. They are disgusting self centered and uneducated. I feel bad for both of their kids. MTV should not allow Jenelle & her freak of a bf to be on reality tv if they are going to cover up the reality. Everyone knows Jenelle and David are horrible parents and everyone knows they fight constantly. It is disgusting that they allow these two to be on tv pretending to be something they are not. MTV shouldn’t treat their audience like they are idiots because they are not. This stuff should be shown or they shouldn’t be on the show. You can’t have it both ways. Jenelle and David shouldn’t have custody of any child. It is disgusting. Those poor kids! They will never have a chance. The fact that MTV allows these two to bash Barbara repeatedly on the show really bothers me. Considering these two are druggies, I find it in very poor taste that MTV would allow this to continue. The episode where they went after Barbara for having a glass of wine was pathetic. Allowing these two to act that way on tv only emboldens them and they start believing their own lies. Barbara was doing nothing wrong. Jenelle and David are druggies.

    1. Totally agree. What’s interesting is that they had no problem showing janelle on earlier seasons when she was nodding off on heroin. Why now do they choose to censor so much (just for her)? I’m guessing it’s because she threatened to walk if they aired her dirty laundry but I can’t believe they actually agreed to not do it.

      1. Unfortunately, her drama is the biggest draw. She is the cast member who is the most polarizing. Her fangirls defend her vehemently (despite all sound logic) and get all riled up. They are probably afraid that Jenelle is the reason most people tune in to Teen Mom 2 and they’re probably right. Kail, Chelsea, and Leah’s drama can’t compete.

  34. First of all these girls consider themselves “stars”.

    I actually see stars when I read that ridiculous statement.

    They are not stars. They are teen mom’s who have gotten themselves into a situation that very few can handle at that age.

    Second they have way more money than sense. This show promotes the glamour that money can buy when you are a teen mom

    What teen mother can buy a brand new house, car, designer bags etc., when not one of them (well maybe one) has ever had a job????

    They show them sitting on the couch with blankets over top of them discussing how bad they have it.

    Jenelle is a psychopath that screams profanities at her mother. Jace is headed for the big house (jail) if someone doesn’t step in and get some help for that child. He is angry and has a temper which I know he is suppressing. God help that child. I wish that csb would take the other children from her also. She is a mess. Actually they both are. Lurch and her.

    Aubrey’s mother Chelsea continues to talk baby talk to her and make ridiculous sounds when she comes in the door or when she addresses her. Stop the baby talk and clean your house. It’s a mess.

    Kailyn is hateful and irresponsible. She is mean to everyone and has a huge chip on her shoulder.

    I can’t even address Brianna. The pathetic way she pronounces words (ax for ask and Luuu isss and whatever dialect she has is chalk on a chalk board. Stop re producing and then getting upset about it. Who goes to a club and bangs the first guy you see. Didn’t you learn the first time?/ Oh lord that mother and sister never get off the couch either. What is it with the couch and these girls.

    So in closing , I wish they would cancel the show, and let these “mothers” get real jobs and show people how difficult being a teen mom actually is.

    1. Amen ! You hit the nail on the head . This show is a joke , far from what it started off as . These girls don’t know what a days work is .

    2. The show is a victim of its own success. I remember when “16 and Pregnant” showed teen mothers actually struggling, working long shifts at dead-end jobs, struggling to make ends meet, even ending up homeless. Now they all have beautiful new homes, nice new cars, tropical vacations, and they still mostly have no real jobs. Becoming moms as teens has been utterly eclipsed, as a defining force in their lives, by the fact of becoming reality TV stars during that critical transition from child to adult.

  35. I live in NC and this is certainly making our DSS system look like a circus side show! I’ve never had to deal with them so maybe it is! LOL!

    1. I live in NC and I’m a teacher. I can honestly say DSS is circus side-show! They’re all overworked and underpaid. Our DSS worker has like 100 cases from our school alone. It’s insane!

  36. Don’t be so hard on her. After all, being a felon ain’t illegal!
    Aside from joking, both Kaiser and Ensley should have been taken away. She smoked weed and drank throughout all of her pregnancies, neglects the kids and I’m pretty sure David physically abuses the boys. She’s the worst piece of shit mother there is.

      1. Me too! And the goblins down voting all these comments have to be Jenelle ass kissers from her Instagram account.

  37. It’s aggravating how MTV chooses to protect Jenelle over the kids…I don’t know what else to say about her. It’s all been written/said time after time, and yet… “Dude, the truth will come out!” And she is always proven to be a liar,with a slap on the wrist. She is a grown adult, stuck with a 14yr old mentality. She has Major Emotional/mental issues..etc. Everyone Except Barb, has failed those kids. The whole situation is sad..a

    1. i was thinking the SAME thing!!! where are all the pets she’s had. they are disappearing then suddenly a new one pops up. then that one will disappear and she’ll get a new one. that’s actually a common symptom of borderline personality disorder.

  38. Barb never said a word about the investigation, yet sociopath Janelle stalked her down at the restaurant screaming that Barb was drunk. I think Janelle was afraid going into her court case and that’s why she and UBT came up with that insane idea to hunt Barb down and video her to discredit Barb in court. I hope Janelle loses custody of all her kids and MTV cancels the show

    1. Very true. Barb could have exposed Jenelle right there, but didn’t because Jace was standing there shocked and scared. This just prove who Jace’s real mom is.

  39. I honestly do not understand how she gets away with behavior like this she’s walking around like she’s above the law one day reality will hit for both David and Jenelle and all they will have is each other

    1. Honestly all I keep thinking about is that scene with her mom when they were videotaping her thinking it was going to make them look good instead it made both of them look psychotic and I wonder how high they were when They whipped out their cell phones to videotape that poor woman who is taking care of Janelles child because clearly Jenelle cannot do so I really do hope that it comes back to haunt them because it makes them both look unstable and higher than a kite if they think videotape can be looked at and thought of as anything else

  40. Weed isn’t the worst thing in the world, hell it’s legal in some states. But the fact she was smoking while pregnant is wrong.

    1. I understand what you are saying… But she should NOT be smoking while she is babysitting her children either. She clearly hides herself in a room and neglects the kids.

      1. Dustin can literally get anyone out of trouble…if it wasn’t for him Jenelle would be serving way more than a few days in jail

        1. On the upside, think of all of the free advertising Dustin got from representing Jennelle on MTV through all of these years. Not only that, but he’s never going to lose her as a client. He’s got it made.

          1. Jenelle actually left a Google review for Dustin a few years ago, bragging about how he had 23 out of her 24 charges dropped. I can only imagine how many additional charges he has gotten her out of since then!

  41. Janelle was so scared going into that court room on last nights episode. I like how her lawyer told her that barb had stuff up her sleeave. Poor barb. This should shut down Janelle saying her mom only wants jace for MTV money bc barb could of spilled the beans about the drug test months ago. Janelle and creepy David are realliy in the midst of their whole house of cards crumbling.

    1. She should have been scared…the lawyer talking about it coming at a good time for her was about the DSS case getting closed out before the court hearing….also the case ended up going to mediation instead of a full blown hearing…Jenelle finally agreed to mediation that Barb had been asking her to go to for over a year. She ended up getting what Barb had been suggesting all along but Jenelle had been rejecting because she would not agree to anything that didn’t involve her having custody back of Jace. She basically opted to get what she could (meaning what Barb as his legal parent would allow) versus risking not getting anything at all. She really thinks that if she gives it a year or two she can file again and have the court take away Barb’s parental rights and it just doesn’t work that way.

  42. IT WOULD SERVE HER WELL IF SHE LOST CUSTODY OF HER REMAINING TWO KIDS! Honestly she needs to learn a lesson although what she would get from this would prob be “be knocked up by David asap again to ensure people I am capable of raising children and get my kids back” Oh yeah, I forgot poor Maryssa is in this mess now as well. Who the f*ck gave those two knuckleheads custody of her, is her mom really worse than David?! (such a scary thought)

    I hope they take them away from her and get a much better home and Kaiser stays at Doris’.

    1. They take them away and she will be pregnant again. It’s a cycle. She sees nothing wrong with what she does. And that’s disturbing….

  43. Jenelle being irresponsible,say Whaa? Jenelle got off with just a slap on the hand again. None of this is a surprise. When is she ever going to get in trouble and have to face the facts for what she’s done? Apparently never…

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