Farrah Abraham Says Her Daughter Sophia Won’t Allow Her To Talk To Simon Saran or Attend Debra Danielsen’s Wedding

Sophia isn’t playing around…

Farrah Abraham once stated that her eight-year-old daughter Sophia is the boss of the Texas boutique that bears her name…but apparently that’s not the only thing the little girl is in charge of. In a new interview, the Teen Mom OG star revealed that Sophia also gets a say in who Farrah is–and isn’t–allowed to talk to!

Farrah told E! News that she has remained “cordial” with her ex, Simon Saran…but that Sophia doesn’t let her to associate with him anymore.

“I’m not allowed to talk to him because Sophia doesn’t like him,” she said.

“Don’t make me tell you again, Simon: GET OUT!”

Sophia seems to run a tight ship. In the same interview, Farrah stated that her daughter doesn’t want to continue to have a relationship with her grandmother, Debra Danielsen, but that she’s trying to convince the little girl to keep Deb in her life.

Farrah added that Debra’s upcoming November wedding has driven a wedge between Sophia and her grandmother.

“Sophia doesn’t really want a relationship with my mom but I’m still trying to make sure that she is around and keep that relationship is surviving and alive,” Farrah told E! News. “With my mom’s wedding right now it’s made Sophia not want to be around her. I’m kind of stuck in the middle trying to have everyone get along. Sophie is not approving of it but I am happy for [my mom] and supportive.”

Farrah has made it well-known that she doesn’t approve of her mom’s fiance, Dr. David Merz, and has stated numerous times that she’s boycotting their upcoming wedding in protest. She stated that Sophia refuses to attend as well.

Even though Sophia isn’t so keen with clocking hours with Debz OG, that hasn’t stopped Deb from accompanying Farrah and Sophia on trips. Debra is currently in New York City with them watching Sophia do a runway show for New York Fashion Week. Farrah revealed that Debra would also be going to Italy with them in the coming weeks.

“We just try to keep it cordial,” Farrah said, later adding, “I think my daughter and I are having the times of our lives together right now.”

(Photos: Instagram, MTV)

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  1. How sad that Sophia is aloud to have the last say in so many things. Of course Farrah isn’t wise in her decisions about a lot of things. The whole family has mental issues.

  2. Farrah is so delusional. And who allows a 9 year old to dictate who they can and cannot associate with. That child in five years is going to be a hot mess to deal with.

  3. Total BS, we all know Farrah wouldn’t listen to anyone. yet again not taking responsibility for her own decisions/behaviour *eye roll*

  4. It pains me to see the language used to describe Farrah. ‘Whore’ and ‘slut’ are the ones I see most often. Guess what? It’s 2017. A woman gets to decide how many people she sleeps with. No one else should get to decide what’s too much or too many, because the number is different for everybody. If the woman is comfortable with her choice, you should be as well. So no one, let alone another woman, should be using those words. Our culture is sexist and misogynistic enough without us ladies contributing to it!

    The only reason she gets called those names are because she starred in a porno. Again, her choice. Is porn problematic? Yes. But I would never, ever decry another woman her CHOICE to star in one. Much less the fact that she used that money to start a career as a businessperson and an entrepreneur.

    Is Farrah unstable and generally horrible to be around? Yes. So harp on her for that instead of for making a choice about HER body and HER life. And don’t use words that are harmful to all women, words that promote sexist culture and the idea that sex-positivity doesn’t exist for women.

    1. Oh get bent. This idiot is one of many that will set feminism back 4 decades. I can’t wait until the Miley Cyrus brand of feminism has been squashed and we can all go back to being sensible humans. People hate Farrah for her attitude and for being a shit human being, not for her gender. Her gender is generally the only way she gets attention hence the plastic surgery and selling her vagina and anus on several occasions. You judge us, so we can judge her 😛 See how that works?
      People are just tired of folks not taking the credit for failing and only accentuating their so-called wins. This idiot only cares about money thanks to her shitty parents and blissful ignorance that allows her to learn nothing. Her sister is proof it was not the only outcome. Farrah is just a vessel waiting to be filled by any jackass with an AmEx Black card. If she had more respect for anyone else in the world, then maybe I would have some sympathy, but she has literally had every opportunity to chill the hell out and raise her child and refuses to do that.
      You do you though. Drive drunk, diddle kids, and do enough drugs so that your family loses their house and retirement funds to make you better. Those are great ideas all devoid of judgement…

  5. I’m trying to imagine a world in which Farrah is the one in the middle trying to make things work the a fun autocorrect had that as trying to make things”worse.” Even autocorrect knows she’s lying!

    1. You know Farrah would be fighting tooth and nail for him to NOT see her…that whole crying jag about him dying is fake as hell. I cannot stand that. She exploits that because if we remember she wasn’t even going to tell him she was pregnant!!

  6. I see Sophia as a Corey Feldman or a Drew Barrymore. I see Farrah as a Casey Anthony or a Jody Aries.

    Bless their hearts. Something’s not right.

  7. Nope. Not cool. Doesn’t matter what you think about her mother, but Sophia looks like her dead daddy and the way she behaves is a product of her environment. There’s hope for her yet if she gets taken away from Farrah.

    Unlike you, whose heart and soul are so ugly that you feel okay insulting an eight year old.

    An eight year old who can read and use google to search herself, I might add.

    Be a little nicer. It might make you feel better.

  8. Who the hell does that little brat think she is? Telling her mom who she can & cannot talk to. Sophia needs to stay in her place as a little girl not her mothers boss. I mean who is the parent here?? Before we know it she is gonna be 20× worse than farrah. She will make farrah look like an angel hell she is almost there

  9. Sophia is a child and can’t make decisions for anyone. Farrah is using that as a smoke screen. Also Sophia is a child being raised by unstable, ignorant people so there really is no hope for any of them and Sophia will grow up to be a scarier version of Farrah.

  10. Farrah was probably around age 8 when she started screaming and cussing at Debra and Michael and telling them what to do.

    So for me, she’s just passing the “impudent little brat” baton over to Sophia.

  11. Sophia is slowly becoming Farrah 2.0 (hopefully w/o being a teen mom but lbr, she prob will be!), give her a few years and she will be just like her. I always wonder how would she be raised if she would go through two homes (cuz you know Derek and her would never be together still regardless of what Farrah says) and if Derek would be the sane parent. Unfortunately we will never know and this girl is doomed.

    LOL Debz is getting married just for MTV, I see her divorced in a few years.

  12. You guys remember when Sophia used to realize Farrahs behaviour was why Debra and Farrah had a strained relationship? It’s been 8 years now shes basically a farrah junior, give in another 8 we might see her on 16 and pregnant Season 11 episode 1, with Sophia yelling at her mom from across the room. Honestly, can’t wait for the day Farrah gets the same treatment if not worse.

  13. In one sentence she says she’s happy for her mom and supportive – in the next sentence she’s boycotting the wedding in protest because she doesn’t support it. Ummmm………

  14. As entertaining as it used to be to watch these train wreck teen “moms”, their behavior is becoming worse and worse and more extreme. Time for MTV to pull the plug. They are just enabling these girls at this point, and contributing to their mental illnesses…and the kids are paying the price. Stop already.

  15. Either Farrah is trying to capitalize on all of the flack that Jenelle is getting from putting David before her kids, by “proving” that Sophia comes first, or she is finally ready for the straight jacket.

  16. She has some dissociative traits too. Watch her during interviews… she avoids the question, avoids eye contact, seems to have impaired memory. Both her and Janelle are textbook narcissists as well.

    1. I’m a PhD therapist (but please don’t lump me with Dr. Drew), and she is clearly a very bad case of Borderline Personality Disorder, as is Jenelle. Considering that this diagnosis is actually very rare (although it is starting to become the diagnosis du jour like bipolar or ADHD), I find it somewhat frightening that they managed to find two for the same franchise.

        1. I think Kailyn claims the same and it appears accurate for her as well. I’m on the fence about Amber; her’s seems a little less severe/extreme than Jenelle and Farrah’s. They are really hardcore, textbook examples.

      1. thank you for your insight! Ive been wondering for years because as much as I want to make fun of her its deeply disturbing how clearly sick she is. I dont think Ive seen her ever have a normal conversation with anyone. Is there meds for BPD? therapy? How has no one suggested this is Farrah

        1. Mess don’t really work for it. It’s a complicated illness that is one of the few that seems more attributed to environment than genetics. A type of therapy called dialectical behavioral therapy is generally recognized as the only way to address it HOWEVER the patient has to put a lot of work, commitment, and consistency into it, with motivation to change. And of course, it is not typical of someone with BPD to want to do so 🙁

      2. I love how Farrah slams Amber for having a diagnosed personality disorder…as opposed to an undiagnosed one.

  17. Way to use your 8yr old as a scapegoat but on the real – does anyone else think that’s sophia could pass for Luis’ kid?! Just sayin…

    1. That should be a family motto for them or something.

      House Abraham:

      Sigil – A dildo.

      Words – “This Is Not Normal”

  18. I would understand respecting your Daughters disdain for an ex (especially when your ex is actually the worst). But I really think they should just go to Debs wedding. She knows Farrah doesn’t approve. Not going isn’t going to change Debs mind. As family you support them on the day, and you wipe tears later if it doesn’t work out.

  19. Such bs. Blaming an 8 year old for your actions and behavior? Nice.

    Sophia seems to be fond of Deb and has called out Farrah for being rude and mean. Naturally, Farrah told Sophia that she’s wrong and that if she’s rude it’s because Sophia is whiny.

    Sophia can be bratty, but no way in h*ll Farrah would actually pay attention to what Sophia wants.

  20. Ok Farrah, we totally believe that….Anyone else shocked that Sophia is walking in fashion week?? How did that happen?

    1. there are always a lot of low rent designers in fashion week. Sophia can easily get a get a gig from one of the unknown children’s clothing designers in a tent down the street from fashion week. they would get a lot of exposure if it were on teen mom. it would be a really good move on their part if they would hire her to be in their show.

  21. Why is Farrah such a freaken fruitloop?!

    Five minutes ago she was the one saying that she wouldn’t allow Sophia to attend Debz OG’s wedding and didn’t want anything to do with her.. but now Sophia is calling the shots?? We all knew Sophia was going to turn into a mini Farrah, but this is such a load of shite.

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