Jenelle Evans’ Wedding is Back On! Get Spoilers From the ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star’s Big Day! (Exclusive!)

“Soulmates again!”

Jenelle Evans is getting hitched today, despite having a enormous fight with her husband-to-be David Eason last night and declaring to bewildered Teen Mom 2 crew members that the wedding was off!

Sometime in the last 15 hours or so the couple made up, and they will be marching down the aisle later today.

“Everything is okay now,” Jenelle told Hollywood Life after the fight. “I’m good.”

The Ashley‘s sources have provided her with some wedding details, and The Ashley will continuously update this post throughout the day as more info comes in: Time: The wedding ceremony was supposed to start at 3 p.m. EST, but has been pushed to at least 3:30 p.m.

Ceremony: Despite the chaos of last night (and the fact that very little had been set up for the ceremony and reception on “The Land” less than 24 hours before the wedding was due to start), the ceremony site is ready to go. It is “very simple,” according to one source. There is a very basic wood archway that is sitting in front of some trees. The guest chairs are lined up traditionally, with an aisle in between them.

The Ashley’s source tells her that to one side of the guest chairs, though, is dirt. A large bale of hay will be used to spread across the aisle.

As The Ashley already told you, the officiant will be Jenelle’s ‘Teen Mom 2’ security guard, Andre.

Reception: The reception will be just feet from where the ceremony is going to take place. The black and white dance floor arrived early this morning, and a service staff of 16 (servers and bartenders) are due to arrive at 4 p.m. (The Ashley still can’t confirm if Olive Garden is the official food caterers or not!)

Jenelle and David had their first dance as man and wife to a Sam Hunt song.

Kids: All of Jenelle’s three kids attended, as did David’s daughter Maryssa.  (Jenelle had to fight her ex, Nathan Griffith to get their son Kaiser there, as it was not Jenelle’s weekend with her son.) The kids were all in the wedding and all walked back down the aisle together.

Festive Wear: Jenelle is getting ready to go currently. Her bouquet will include all different types of flowers, in pink, burgundy and white with lots of greenery.

Jenelle’s dress was white with a very long train. She wore her hair down with a veil.

David wore black pants and a white coat. He walked up the aisle wearing sunglasses (as you do).

Guests: None of the other ‘Teen Mom’ girls were in attendance. Jenelle’s estranged mother Barbara was also not there.

UPDATE: The first photos of the ceremony have been posted to Snapchat and Twitter!

Jenelle with her ‘Teen Mom 2’ producer, Kristen.

Jenelle dancing with a guest at the reception…

Yesterday was magical. ?❤️ #EvansToEason #ForeverAndAlways

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My bubba did such a great job! He carried our rings to us very safely! ?✨ #RingBearer #Wedding #EvansToEason

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Thanks for baby's shades ♡♡♡ #evanstoeason

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cheers!! #weddingready #evanstoeason

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Stay tuned– The Ashley will be updating this post all day!

(Photos: Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat courtesy of @Cozmix)


  1. It makes me mad that Nathan gave in and let kaiser be at the wedding. For people who are trying to gain custody of that child, it doesn’t really help prove your point if you willingly send him there unsupervised on days when she has no right to him. Then he walks down the aisle barefoot carrying the rings that will cement his mother to the crazy scary man who has recently punched him in the face! Seriously Nathan? It’s not like Jenelle could’ve pulled the whole “my entire family will be there, it will be nice for Kaiser to see the extended family, it will be sad if he’s the only family member not there, wah wah wah,” because she didn’t invite any family!

    1. Someone suggested that he’s trying to help his mom win custody by showing the court that he’s being the reasonable one. It did upset me too but I’m also holding out hope that they were right and it’s just apart of Nathan’s and Doris’ court plan.

  2. It’s deeply upsetting to me that two hundred and fifty three thousand people ‘liked’ that picture of her walking down the aisle. How the f are that many people a) aware enough of who she is to be liking her Instagram, but b) not aware enough to realise she’s a psychopath who emotionally & physically abuses her children and pets?

  3. It is a miracle the roxy dealer was let out early. Guess they paid bail from the wedding fund since bondsmen don’t take Target gift cards. Go get em you two, have a neverending pasta bowl or two and then it is off to the Chevy Trailblazer with some foil. Sounds like American Pie reboot.
    “Drove the Chevy to the levy but the levy was dry
    Smoked some pills off aluminum foil and then had a fight
    Saying DFACS is a better parent than I
    DFACS is a better parent than I”

    1. This reminded me of a skinny version of Sugar Bears wedding on Mamas weight loss show lol I’d forgotten his 1st television wedding

  4. Every single photo, every single person in them, could be mistaken for candid shots taken at Walmart. This wedding could only hope to be tacky, it was pathetic.

  5. Hey fellow Ashley readers! We need a group name, like a gaggle or a flock. A coven? An ostentation? (that’s peacocks, btw) A parliament? (owls) I’m going to go with coven…

    Hello to the Ashley coven!
    Pastoral weddings in the backyard can be beautiful, and I thought their cake was really cute. I liked how the tiers were varied in size.

    But I have a question:

    If you’re doing rustic chic in what amounts to a swamp, wouldn’t you wear a relatively simple dress, and have your groom wear a casual suit? Although David’s mismatched pants, shirt, tie & jacket certainly aren’t formal, so he seems more on-theme than she does. It just seems really uneven in tone, especially her dress. Although perhaps it became more ‘rustic’ as the evening wore on and she picked up a metric ton of mud in her train.

    So what do we think, should she have toned herself down to fit the theme, elevated the rest of the event to match her dress, or was it fine the way it was?

    Much love to the coven! I always love reading all of your comments!

    1. I agree she should have found a more “simple” dress. I mean, her dress was beautiful but I don’t think it went with the theme. Something more loose fitting would have been nice.

      1. I have to say that the one of her and Jace was actually really cute. I am glad that it was just the two of them and David was not in it.

    2. Agree the tone was off on many fronts. Jenelle would have benefited greatly from a wedding planner. Chelsea & Cole’s wedding pics seemed much more coordinated and on-theme.

      In no particular order:
      – The dress was too shear/no appropriate undergarments
      – David’s ensemble was a shit show though closest to relevant for the theme
      – The dance floor would have looked 100% better in wood tone
      – The cake was the saving grace
      – The isle runner seemed dangerous
      – The time between events as noted in the program was oddly long. 90 min for pictures in the swamp w/family? What family? How long can that take?
      – Jenelle’s costume change into some unidentified black thing and a bathrobe? SMDH
      – David’s odd playing with the knives…
      – Drunken grinder dude was a gem. MTV should hire him as Jenelle’s next soul mate.
      – Barefoot, shirt off dude?

      I’ll stop there. It’s staring to sound cruel. (pretending I care :))

    3. I think it so Jenelle to deck herself out to the nines because that’s all about her looking and feeling good and then let everything else be a shit fest because things like decor and food and a floor that isn’t mud are all things that are primarily for the guests’ enjoyment and she cares only about herself.

  6. I can’t help but notice there are no pics of her with her kids. It’s a big difference from the candid snaps of weddings I’ve been to where the couple had kids. Pics of the bride (or groom) holding the baby, the bride dancing with the oldest son, the couple laughing and having cake, surrounded by all of their kids. Everything about these candids seems sad and detached. Nice cake though.

    1. I think it’s her bathing suit with some awful robe cover up because their reception was also a pool party with that death trap they put in with no fence or pool alarm with 4 kids living there at times and 2 of them are a baby and a toddler!!! Freaking moron white trash druggies ??

      1. I don’t think them being white has anything to do with it. Like it infuriates me you saying the words white trash.

      2. I see black trash and white trash here. Nbd. They could of done so much more to make this wedding better. Even a typical bride is running around like mad before a wedding, not getting pampered by the only people preparing.

  7. There’s nothing wrong with backyard weddings. There’s nothing wrong with rustic weddings. But this looks like a shit show. They got engaged in February and had so much time to plan it, it would have been so easy to make it look nice especially with their theme being so simple. Am I the only one absolutely DISGUSTED with the fact she made Jace walk her down the isle and give her away to the man he’s completely terrified of??

      1. Like that’s the biggest slap in the face and I feel like it’s more of a taunt because literally everyone knows how he feels about David.

        1. I wish the judge who takes up her custody case could see this. There is no way she should be granted it after what she made her son do.

          1. Right? Like am I missing something? Because I cannot for the life of me, grasp onto the fact that she STILL has custody of her kids and isn’t behind bars.

  8. Not about their wedding but does anyone else get super annoyed in the teen mom episodes that jenelle and David always call each other babe? I legit think it’s because jenelle doesn’t remember which guy she is talking to. No joke

  9. That is the cheapest wedding I’ve ever seen. No class and just a bunch of tacky guest that they probably don’t even know. A seetrough weddingdress is just nasty and so are sunglasses.

    1. I’d say that David would not allow any other man come to help set things up or finish the yard….bc it’s weird that only he was doing it and didn’t hire someone. I’m also thinking when they fought and called the wedding off and Janelle left she prob went and slept w some other guy. I’ve read stuff like that about her on other websites. Just a thought though.

  10. I find it so sad that this guy was able to warp her brain so much that she didn’t invite her mother. Yea I’m sure babz has her faults but if anything she’s just making mistakes out of love. If she didn’t raise Jace the jenelle would have no visitation because he would have been adopted out years ago. I don’t blame her for the David situation either. MTV can alter tv but those kids look at him with fear

    1. That’s right. She can blame editing all she wants but jace does not feel comfortable around David. Hopefully this marriage runs its course quickly.

      1. If she really loved Jace or any of her children, she would get the red flag that Jace doesn’t like him cuz he is scared of him. He is already abusing Kaiser (some people speculate cuz he remind him so much of his father), God know WHAT they are doing to Ensley but you can see early signs of neglect. Jace looks like Jenelle and he’s not around much so I hope he didn’t do anything to him but you never know. And poor Maryssa is with them too despite him SAYING on TV (but it was cut out) that he would beat her if she dropped his phone in the toilet. She always manages to get away with pretty much anything and so does he now that he is with her. MTV is enabling her and it’s scary what they would do for their “star”.

    2. What makes you blame David? Jenelle is responsible for her own behavior and as soon as she got with Courtland, she ditched Jace and her mom to run off and get married so they could use drugs.

  11. Hey TheAshley, i was on a sub Reddit thread and someone posted that an incredibly reliable source is saying That Jenelle is pregnant again and due in January. Do you know anything about that by any chance??

      1. Her dress was pretty lose around the waist and stomach. She’s so into working it was weird she didn’t have a fitted dress to,show off her body. She stays pregnant.

    1. I’ve heard the same. In one of the wedding pictures, it definitely looks like a real possibility. For the love of everything holy, I hope it’s NOT true!

  12. This is the same person who went into court saying she would win full custody of her son and her mother would never see him again,and came out with minimal visitation and convinced herself she would, so yes,I’m sure she thinks her wedding will make the society page of the New York Times.

    1. Yeah she went to court, and settled in mediation. Didn’t put up much a fight, but putting an act on for the cameras. I get so tired of Jenelle’s poor me attitude.

  13. I think their relationship dynamic is going to change, he got her down the aisle…
    His true nature will start becoming more obvious. He isn’t the boyfriend anymore, he has more power and weight to throw around.

    She probably didn’t sign a pre-nup, and she tooknows his name. Honestly he should have changed it to EVANS since she is theasy breadwinner. Here is hoping he doesn’t seriously hurt her or theven kids, there is something off about him.

    1. My first husband didn’t hit me until our wedding night when he said I had paid too much attention to the best man_who had been my friend since third grade.) We made it through the honeymoon,went home, he hit me again and I was out of there. It was as if the marriage made me his property.

      1. I’m so glad you’re safe, Judith. It takes a lot of strength to leave a marriage, even an abusive one. Not everyone makes it out, I’m happy you did!

        1. It was a long time ago, and I didn’t have any kids,which may have made it easier,though I think it’s more critical to get out if you do have kids, both to protect them and teach them”This is wrong!”

  14. OMG, I was on the teen mom subreddit thread and in between all of their posts about Jenelle’s wedding there is a coupon for $5:00 off when you spend $30.00 at the freaking Olive Garden!! They run random ads on the threads and I can’t believe the ad was for Olive Garden. I’m freaking dead!

  15. I will say all the work she had done really was worth it. She went from a regular trailer park to a double wide on her own acre kinda transformation. You go Tammy Lynn, now go change your babies diapers that ain’t been changed since noon.

    1. I think a year is way too generous! You must have more faith in their amazing, story-book love that has been written upon the stars than I do! ?

  16. Question for you all:
    So this looked like low budget shit to anyone with eyes. Do we think Jenelle will wake up in the morning and have a massive meltdown over how shitty this turned out, or in one of her epic delusions, will she think they pulled off Will and Kate’s royal wedding? I think it could go either way.

    1. Considering Chelsea outshone her every step of the way…ignoring the weird antler/baby number blanket because that thing is a monstrosity, but I’m thinking of her pregnancy announcement, the little clothesline they did for the gender reveal…Jenelle is going to lose her shit when she sees how crappy it all turned out. Unless their wedding photographer also happens to be an actual wizard and it all comes out rustic-chic fabulousness!

      Funny story…my mom said she knew my wedding photographer was the right man for the job when he told her that if armed bandits happened to lay siege to the ceremony and demanded his camera, he’d swallow the SIM cartridge prior to handing it over!

  17. I will say her dress is pretty and the kids looked adorable from what I could make out but the rest is very blah. Rustic weddings are so easy and so nice but this doesn’t even come close. It just looks unfinished, sloppy. They’ve had months to plan for this and they’ve been laying sod since they moved in. Idk I just don’t care for the overall look of this.

    1. My thoughts exactly. I went from “Is she wearing a see-through wedding dress?” to “Is she wearing his jacket because it’s cold?” to “Is she wearing a bathrobe?”

      I’m sure that’s just the sort of running commentary every bride hopes for when one views their photos.

  18. The wedding is very simple….it looks nice, but very simple….I think Jenelle knows this isn’t gonna be her last wedding and didn’t want to splurge, because she didn’t go all out for their big day….at all.

  19. So, I don’t like Jenelle, I don’t like David and I don’t support this marriage (not that it matters what I think) but I have to say I really liked the cake concept and it was well executed.

  20. Another divorce for Jenelle I guess. Do you guys think there will be an arrest before they divorce? I definitely have a feeling one of them will get cuffed before the end of the year.

    1. It’s not true love if you haven’t been in the clink for fighting with your beloved.

      I think my grandmother has that stitched on a pillow somewhere.

  21. I will never understand wanting to marry a man that honestly looks Drugged out of his mind that doesn’t look like a man that is happy to be married Or at all remotely enjoying the Celebration with family and friends I’m not even going to take bets on how long the marriage is going to last I’m just gonna start taking bets on when He will come down from his high

  22. She probably should have let David work on the yard instead of throwing a tantrum demanding more attention because this wedding is a hot mess.

  23. These girls kill me. She has a beautiful, and certainly expensive, dress, and can’t be bothered to get the correct undergarments. She normally has a cute shape, but some Spanx around the middle would have done wonders.

  24. Jesus God Leah…jenelle and I had like the same cake tooper at our weddings… never thought I would relate to that train wreck.

  25. Just saw video. Thanks Jenelle for making all white people look like white trash,red necks,and stupid.

  26. She looks very pretty and her dress is lovely. And the cake looks tasty.

    And that’s as complimentary as I can be. I’m sure they have already had an argument tonight because he’s probably getting drunk with his buds and not paying enough attention to her.

  27. O.K. I have nothing to add because I agree with all the comments here. However, I have to admit I like her dress and that’s about all. One question, how tall is David?? She looks so tiny next to him.

  28. Well congrats to UBT touch he made made Jenelle Mrs Eason so if she leaves him will get half and child support, Congratulation!Now the real fighting will begin. MTV must not have paid for her wedding like they did with Maci and Caitlyn and Tyler. Jenelle would have had her wedding in Paris under the Eiffel tower if it was on MTV’s dime. Oh well, a low rent wedding, for a low rent couple is fitting.

  29. A huge, embarrassing fight just before a wedding, where the bride tosses back the engagement ring and the groom tells reporters from Radar that he does everything while she sits around on her lazy ass.

    Sounds like a marriage made in heaven. Let the angry shovel pounding, screams of “leeeave me alooone!”, locking the kids outside in the hot sun, and daily cop-calling begin.

    1. She needed a girdle. The dress looks like you can see she has on a thong. The top is pretty but white?

  30. She looks pretty. The close up of her face looks tense. At least she got over her fit so she could play family wedding…lol. Imagine the fights after they all start drinking and partying.

  31. You have to be right because nobody in their right mind would marry a train wreck like Jenelle. If my fiancé threw a fit the night before the wedding and humiliated me by announcing the wedding was off, that would be it for me.

    David is a scum bag and so is Jenelle. They will make each other miserable and they both deserve that. I just feel bad for the kids who have to be around this type of disfunction and turmoil.

      1. Who actually wears sunglasses while walking down the aisle?!? I got married in the Dominican where it’s bloody hot and sunny, and not one person wore sunglasses. No one even wore them that were guests.. David is such a tool

        1. He had to wear them to hide his tears of joy from finally locking down the legal rights to all her money and possessions. It was a long, hard battle, but in the end, a victory for Lurch!?

          1. I said it on the other thread and I’ll say it again, you are killing me with your commentary, 600!

            I’m expecting you to live tweet the remainder of Jenelle’s marriage. You can spare 20 minutes, right?

        2. He’s wearing shades because his future is looking bright ?

          A future bright with Jenelle’s MTV money lining his pockets.

  32. Trailer trash with money wedding. I feel so bad for Kaiser and Jace. Jenelle is a terrible “mother” who allows her children to be abused by this piece of trash. She really needs to sign all her children over so they have a chance at a descent life. Maybe Chelsea and Cole are looking to adopt….

  33. What a way to remember what should be one if the best times in your life. “Hey honey…remmeber we broke up the night before our wedding.” Such trash. If you can’t get along the night before your wedding, there isn’t much hope for the rest of your life….

  34. Looks like they had way too many chairs with no one sitting in them. A lot of guest are wearing jeans and ball caps?. This doesn’t look SPECIAL, and we all know she needs to feel special?????. The only thing that can save the day is her precious Olive Garden. I hope they end up beating each other in the head with endless bread sticks!

  35. This is pretty much what I predicted last night, with the wedding being back on and THE LAND being half assed prepped! I think it’s funny that her dress has a long train that she’s going to drag through mud and hay????. Another brawl will break out before the end of the night. I wonder how long it will take the cops to reach THE LAND? I’m sure lame ass MTV will fail to film anything good and try to make it look like some kind of magical romantic forest wedding. They’ll probably go back and “recreate” or fabricate a scene or two.

  36. She has no education, no employment history, a rap sheet as long as the Nile, co-dependency issues, self esteem issues and a substance abuse background, so she clings to any man that will have her. I am just a dude on the internet, but I really do wish her well and hope that she gets things together, but that is not going to come from being in a relationship. Poor Jace obviously wants to be with her (sans soul mate of the month) and she will realize this and feel awful about it some day. Please get it together girl.

  37. Okay ladies and gents..

    Let’s start taking bets now on how long it lasts!
    Or how long it takes until they have a huge fight in swamp city and there’s a murder suicide.

  38. OMG dude, here we go again! Get the fuck out of my face and leave me aloooonnnnnaaaa dude! Oh wait… I love you babe! You are my soulmate! I love the fact that we nevet really argue! Lets get married! Oh and by the way, one of your/mine court date is coming up so lets have another baby!

  39. OMG dude you really did it. What a joke. Jenelle married him with no family there. No mom, brother, sister, father,and Kaiser. Money,Money,and more Money.

      1. But case and point being if Doris is true to her words and it would be the court ordered custody and its Nathan’s weekend then she should be protecting him from the dangers of the Land and David.
        So I’m glad that little chunk of love isn’t there. #FreeKaiser

        1. Trust me, I’m thrilled any time Kaiser is away from both Jenelle and David. This is just a great example of what a terrible mother Jenelle is. She doesn’t even care if her son is present for what is supposed to be a major day not just for her, but her kids, too. But Jenelle is a selfish a-hole so it’s all her her her. Don’t worry, Kai, knowing your mother, she’ll get married at least a couple more times.

    1. This does not surprise me. If she had to pick between having Jace or Kaiser at the wedding, of course she would pick Jace. Gotta look like she’s trying to get him back and be a good mom. If only Jenelle hadn’t burned every bridge so the people kind enough to take care of her kids would have been willing to make a schedule work so everyone could be there. What a repugnant wench.

      1. Here’s what I don’t get…neither of these two assholes has a job, so why not just pick a different weekend when you know all of your children can be there?

  40. I had absolutely no doubt that the wedding would be back on. There was no way David was going to let her not go through with it.

  41. Shout out to @TheAshley for the awesome meltdown updates. One question I always ask myself is… Is that the way David’s face is shaped or does his beard just make it look like that.

    1. Of course not. She’s his cash cow. He’s already got her 18 years on one kid, now he needs that marriage – sans pre-nup – and probably a year of time to make it all official and co-mingle assets, ie get his name on any and everything Jenelle might have which is worth a damn aka: mtv money – officially and just reap in the money and luxury for all he can take until he leaves with as much as he can take and then a few cash lines via his offspring, he’s got one now and I’d be very, very surprised if he doesn’t try to more A). for more money ties to her and B). for a son. He seems the type that feels boys are more important.

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