‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans Calls Off Wedding One Day Before Saying “I Do”: Here’s the Latest (Exclusive)

The wedding is off…at least for now!

UPDATE! The wedding is back on! Here are the latest details!

Brace yourselves: It appears that the Teen Mom “Wedding of the Century” may be off– for good! Just hours ago, The Ashley gave you the exclusive details of Jenelle Evans‘ wedding to David Eason. The festive backyard affair–which was to include plenty of hay and even some Olive Garden– was due to take place tomorrow, but it has just been cancelled.

Radar Online broke the news on Friday night that Jenelle had called off the wedding and stormed off “The Land,” where the wedding was to take place. Now, The Ashley has more details as to what went done and what may happen next.

According to one person who was on “The Land” earlier today, much of what is in Radar‘s story is true, but some of it is a little off.

“It is legit madness right now!” the source tells The Ashley. “There is a very large crew in North Carolina right now, and they had been filming at Jenelle’s all morning. All was good…until the crew broke for lunch, and all hell basically broke loose.”

According to The Ashley’s source, it was around this time that Jenelle and David got into a huge fight. (The source said that Jenelle claimed that David wasn’t being nice to her, which is in line with what Radar wrote.)

The crew had no clue what was going on until Jenelle told the producers that she was no longer filming.

The source tells The Ashley that two things may have contributed to the big fight. The first is, again, in line with what Radar wrote in its article, stating that Jenelle was upset that David was spending so much time working on “The Land” and not pampering her the day before the wedding.

The source says that “nothing was done” in the backyard for the wedding, even though it is less than 24 hours away.

“The grass wasn’t down, the dance floor for inside the tent never came,” the source says.

“David was laying sod in the backyard and building the wedding arch for the ceremony,” the source says. “Jenelle told him she wanted to help. She put down about one or two pieces of sod and said she was overheating and went into the house.”

Jenelle then allegedly began to scream at David, stating that she “needed to relax.”

One other major issue was that David allegedly sold an “exclusive” to a tabloid without Jenelle’s permission. (This is in addition to the interview he gave to Radar just now, and the deal that both Jenelle and David made with another tabloid previously.) The Ashley’s source tells her that the reporter and photographer from that tabloid showed up to get their “exclusive” and Jenelle had no idea about it and began to flip out.

The Ashley’s source tells her that Radar‘s story is off in that it claimed that the big fight all went down during the rehearsal dinner while guests were on The Land.

“The rehearsal dinner hadn’t started when this all went down,” the source said.

Unfortunately, cameras were not rolling during the big fight, so sadly it will probably not be shown on ‘Teen Mom 2,’ at least not in its entirety.

So where does that leave the wedding? From what The Ashley’s source said, this does not appear to be a stunt for attention.

“The producers and crew, after seeing what happened today, really believe that the wedding will not happen,” the source said. “But, this is Jenelle so literally anything could happen!”

After the news broke, Jenelle posted video to her Snapchat showing her and some kids swimming in her pool.

From what The Ashley knows, if Jenelle does indeed cancel the wedding, she will lose a lot of money. She has put down plenty of non-refundable deposits, and signed on to give at least one tabloid exclusive access to the wedding. If the wedding doesn’t happen she will lose out on the very lucrative deal, in addition to one other deal that The Ashley is working to confirm.

UPDATE: Click here There is now video proof that Jenelle did, indeed, call off her wedding the night before saying “I do.” to watch footage of Jenelle and David’s epic pre-wedding fight!

(Photo: MTV)

78 Responses

  1. I literally can’t wait for like a 10-year “where are they now special”. It is going to be the best disaster on television.

  2. Janelle wants her mother there. Without Davids exclusive pampering she is adrift emotionally. Its why she digs him. Ps his mj addiction and hers will cost hercustody of her kids. Cp does not like a cloud if smoke hovering the house and kids.

  3. !!!!!!!

    We all called it. I was starting to think it was happening though since we were so close. But, this is Jenelle after all. She never disappoints ?


    Go “relax” Jenelle

  5. Nothing says “this is a healthy, functioning relationship that will be able to endure the stresses of a marriage”, quite like calling off your wedding the day before and then changing your mind like nothing ever happened the day of the wedding.

  6. I really hope this is true for Jaces and Kaisers sake. David is abusive and controlling. I’m almost positive he abuses Jace and Kaiser. What’s sad is this loose bitch will just be on to baby daddy number 4.

  7. After years of dating drug users, deadbeats, criminals, and abusers, she’s going to cancel on David for… laying sod?

      1. I don’t know why Jenelle would need extra affirmation from David…we all know the most romantic thing a man can do is laying sod! Be still my beating heart, thy dashing Romeo! Just grunt your response of love!

    1. Lurch must have been up all night, kissing ass and laying sod and hay, instead of his usual howling at the moon.

    2. Can you imagine the smell coming from the swamp land. It’s suppose to be in the high 80’s today.

  8. I can’t stand Janelle and hope she loses custody of all her kids, but if Janelle has half a brain left in that narcissistic head of hers she needs to RUN away right now from The Land and Lurch the abuser

  9. As much as I do not like jenelle’s behavior. I’m going to point of the fact that she obviously has some real attachment issues. I would say borderline personality. She does seem to push people until they snap and is so needy. She won’t ever be happy. I’m actually sad for her. She wasn’t born so awful, but created. Babs screaming is no good.

  10. She hasn’t posted on snapchat all morning and we aaaalll know how much she loves attention. She’d be posting every second of her day.
    Anyone need popcorn? ? ??

  11. I actually thought she will get married this time cuz I was sure David will make her get married. But I guess this is the start of the end for them (and poor Ensley will be in the middle of it). Sorry David, find a real job! (Oh sorry, back to his day job, Jenelle always insisted he had one LOL)

  12. Shocked, speechless, and stunned beyond recognition. Said no one ever.

    With a huge FORECLOSURE sign on the North Carolina mud pile also known as THE LAND, this time next year Jenelle will be waging Custody Battle # 3 against Uncle Sasquatch over Ensley — and ready to squeeze out Baby # 4 while planning another bullsh*t wedding to her next “soul mate.”

    No doubt, that one will be catered by Taco Bell, who I hear has a much more lenient refund policy for dumbass weddings that never happen.


  13. MAN, I thought they would at least get down the aisle for Jenelle to try and prove that she has the fairytale ending.. but this? this is so much better. And in typical Jenelle fashion, when she isn’t getting the attention that she feels she’s entitled to, she has a meltdown and storms off. Fecking idiots, the pair of them. BUT, if the swap shit show really is done and Lurch is hitting the road (which he wont, cuz, ya know.. MTV money..) who’s the one who will step in and try to help Jenelle?? Barbara. She may be a bit of a fruitloop at times, but whenever her dumbass daughter falls on her ass, Barb is always there for her.

    Meanwhile, I hope Kaiser made it off the laaaaand safely and was able to hitch a ride to Brandon and Theresa’s.

  14. Does anyone think it will be back on at the last minute and they’ll get hitched with no sod, no hay, no tent, and no Olive Garden? Everyone will just be wading around ankle deep in mud, and she will insist that the camera crew not film anyone below the waist. I kinda think it might still happen.

  15. I think I hear Barb cackling all the way from North Carolina! “Well Juhnelle, I hear ya cahlled off ya wedding!”

  16. Well of course she did this. No one wants to watch a jenelle wedding special that goes off without a hitch and drama free. Jenelle try being sober, you’ll find the drama starts to dwindle . Just a thought ??‍♀️

  17. I thought they would last at least a week after the wedding. They didn’t even make it down the aisle! Wow. Jenelle needs a mental evaluation and those poor kids need to be saved immediately.

  18. Goddamnit MTV. You had one job! ONE JOB! I can’t believe they didn’t get ALL OF THIS ON FILM. Ugh!

  19. Oh, the wedding will go on. All out of spite and the need for money. She has something to prove but yet she proves all her “haters” right. It’s actually funny.
    Let’s be honest. They deserve each other. Let them continue to ruin each other’s lives vs. Ruining more lives. Let them live on their Land, get high, alienate themselves from society, take all the kids away (give those kids a chance to succeed) and give them a his/hers gift certificates for tubal ligation/vasectomy. I’m over her… Because she is not willing to seek help and acknowledge she is in the wrong. She can just go f*** herself.

  20. Her snapchats from earlier today she looked totally fine and the snap from an hour looks like she’s having a pool party with the kids.

    1. Yeah, because she thinks she can deceive people by trying to make her life look like a family out of a 1950’s sitcom on her social media. She thinks people are stupid and believe that crap. It’s actually funny.

      1. The sad thing is people do believe it! I’ve seen people post about how happy Jace looks when he is with her and obviously isn’t scared of David based off her Snapchat. ?

        1. The people who believe that shit live in trash cans and only come out to make appearances on Maury and Jerry Springer.

    1. While money is a factor, from all I’ve gathered from the recaps and comments is he’s an abusive dude. And, frankly, Janelle, with her idea of a “fairytale” relationship/wedding is an easy mark. Even though they have a kid together, once they actually get married – all bets are off (bc I assume Janelle isn’t smart enough to get a prenup, or Lunch convinces her otherwise). At least in my state, he’d be entitled to half the value of “the land”, plus whatever MTV plays to film him/Ensley. He’s a grifter, and Jenelle needs to get her $hit together because now she’s a mother of 3.

  21. Jenelle has got to be the angriest non-chill pot head in America….after so many men, theres a common factor here….and its her….

  22. I’m shocked it they lasted this long…I’ve lost count…but I just hope she doesn’t make a baby with soul mate number 16?….

    1. Plot twist. Janelle is going to call the wedding back on after the big name reveal to get the attention back on her.

  23. If only that were true. Sorry I don’t believe it. Everyone knows she can’t have her perfect wedding and not get high out of her mind after the wedding with a custody case and drug test coming up. DUH!!! I wish she would give up custody of all her kids then she can do whatever she wants. That pool is a death trap.

  24. And here it is…the payoff we’ve all been waiting for and knew was going to happen. The Swamp Weddin’ Spectacular! Now for the drunken, high hillbilly fights!

      1. I want him to swing into the the swamp Tarzan style and rescue her?

        Nah, I want her to stay with Lurch cause they were made for each other. I just want the kiddos rescued from there!

    1. They’re both insane but I much prefer Amber over Jenelle. I hate Jenelle! She’s worse than Farrah but Farrah is still harder to watch. They just need to end both Teen Mom shows.

      1. Agree. MTV needs to end all the Teen Mom shows. Look at the egotistical monsters they have created. I blame MTV for continuing these shows.

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